PARIS TRAVEL GUIDE 2018 – What to do, top tips, and how to do it on a budget PARIS TRAVEL SERIES 4/4

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hello and welcome to always a Friday this is our fourth and final video about Paris and in this one we're going to be giving you a lot top tips information and recommendations about Paris so let's get started first up is transport and that is how to get to Paris and how to get around once you're there as well I mean I guess a great thing for us is that coming from the UK Paris is so easy to get to yeah absolutely it's just so close from where we live in the UK just outside of London so we actually ended up getting the Eurostar to Paris from a place called Epps V which is in Kent and you can also get it from London st. Pancras and also ask for it as well I'm so super easy to get to and of course in Paris there's a massive International Airport so if you're coming from further afield you can always get flight in or anywhere else from Europe trains are still a great option we love travelling by trains whenever we can because we just find the whole experience so much more stress-free so tickets for the Eurostar coaster 65 pounds each that's 130 pounds in total and you can take two bags yep two bags on at no additional cost that is really cool I like flying I know so good but we of course we only took our backpacks that didn't apply to us but if you carry more than that spent actually and it is a direct train two hours straight into Paris what more could you ask for it's so easy but I best advise with the Eurostar is to book an advance to get the best prices and the best seats and stuff yeah prices can be really really cheap as we said it ended up being like 30 pound each way for a single I mean there aren't many places in England where you could take a train to get somewhere like that so really really affordable but make sure to book as early as possible with that one now when you're actually in Paris and want to get around the best advice for a month is just walking we love to get to a new city and we love to walk and to explore because even if you're going from you know the Eiffel Tower to the north road arm everything you see in the middle is part of the adventure and part of exploring in a new city and you're always going to see new things and stuff that you haven't even heard of before so we love that recommendation of just walking around but of course there are gonna be some times when we went up to Montmartre where the walk was either too long and we had someone specific to get to in which case the metro was actually really cool it was one euros 90 for a one-way ticket which comparison to London for us is okay amazing so not too bad at all I think you can buy tender 10 10 trips to any trip tickets which save you a little bit of cash but to be honest I think we only ended up buying 6 or 7 tickets in total so we didn't need to use that one you're a 90 each way not bad ways to get around Paris next up is accommodation because when you're in Paris you've obviously got to have somewhere to stay so when we travel we always love to stay an air B&B we've just found it the cheapest and most comfortable and for what it offers it's exactly what we want from a trip as well so we stayed in Paris for three days with Airbnb we come to 156 pounds so why Airbnb was about 10 minutes walk away from the opportu triumphant Rumble is a which for us was a great location as we said we like to walk around the city so being nice and central is a massive bonus and we loved the kind of place we stayed in it was just a studio apartment but it had a kitchen which of course means you can do all of your cooking and have breakfast there which saves a lot of cost as opposed to a hotel and it had a nice comfy bed I think it was a little TV in the room yeah the bathroom was lovely actually and it just had everything you would want in one little space it was really really cool they had a little desk as well so you could work on your laptop and yeah we found that IBM B to be such a great little place and we really enjoyed our three nights there yeah but of course Paris is still one of the most expensive places to stay even with Airbnb but it is still cheaper than staying in a hotel yeah absolutely so we did a little bit of research into hotels in Paris we always do really even though we're pretty sure we're going to end up in an air B&B anyway and for a half similar location or just a good location in general but even for a three-star Hotel it's still going to set you back like 80 pounds a night minimum which is you know nearly double the price of the air B&B ended up costing us and you know when you can stain an Airbnb and have cooking facilities all of that stuff we just find it so much the quality is just as good as a hotel exactly exactly and even we actually ended up looking at hostels and because that was something I did when I first when I was 18 I traveled around Europe for a month I stayed in hostels of the times I was the cheapest place for me and when me and Rebecca first went traveling around Asia I thought that's where we may be spending most of our time but air B&B is just still worked out to be cheaper especially when you're traveling as a couple so we had a look in Paris and it was still 20 pound a night each so it's going to be 40 pound for both of us to stay in a 8 bed dormitory in Paris and I don't won't pay any extra 10 pound of night if you go from an eight-bed dormitory to our own rented a studio yeah so usually if you're a couple half the time hostels are going to be more expensive and even if they're just a little bit less what you definitely having be it's just recently and remember we're going to drop our heavy of the referral code in the description below so if you haven't used Airbnb before and you want to give it a go use our code below and you actually get some money off your first day which is pretty cool next up we are going to be talking about our favorite places the places we feel like you cannot miss how you go to Paris now the first one you've probably already guessed iconic but you have to go there if you go to Paris and that is the Eiffel Tower yeah it was amazing just to see it I think what you said to actually just see something that you've seen in films and movies more and time is so cool so definitely Eiffel Tower can't give that a Miss however also shrimp DeMars which is the kind of garden area park area behind it we chilled out there for a little while got some great pictures from their location as well and also in regard to great pictures and great footage we got from the Trocadero which is where we started our video when we were at the Eiffel Tower and from there you got an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower so definitely start there across the bridge and just had an amazing time Eiffel Tower was amazing however if you're gonna go up it's quite expensive it's over 25 euros each 27 I think and that's maybe just to get to like the middle tier more and it was super busy as well so we would recommend going up the Arc de Triomphe I knew it was 12 year old yeah well and the view was incredible you could see the Eiffel Tower it was and all of the roads on Trumbull is a yep so beautiful and so after we went up first thing since it opened it wasn't even that busy no we didn't really have to queue so we definitely recommend doing that if you want to go up and see like an aerial view of Paris yeah there is Montparnasse Tower as well that we had a look at and but again it was more similar timeful Tower prices we haven't done that but for our recommendation definitely going to the top of Arc de Triomphe we were not disappointed and it is the cheapest and when you're in Paris of course you have to stop off for a coffee and cross on just thinking about it I really want and B I just felt so Parisien I was just so happy sitting outside a cafe it was so nice it was expensive obviously it depends what Paris you get it from but we paid about 17 years just two copies and two concerts but to do it once for us was worth it not the money do it every morning and every afternoon we can't complain it was an awesome place to go and get coffee and do one of those things and of course fresh croissants they're amazing but you can also get fresh croissants from somewhere else and that is the lovely R'lyeh restalls that we found all over paris and of course staying in air B&B when we can pick up our own stuff and take it back to the apartment that's great we've bought so much super art it is a norm like that was like really expensive again but it was like never even seen bread like that he stripped everything so those little boulangerie stores were awesome and you'll find them everywhere you can get you know some cheaper ones but there are also some really expensive places as well but we definitely recommend trying because you do not know how good a cross-table is until you've had it in Paris we also love shot into Lewis but it was just so beautiful big park lots of the perfect place to relax really well we've been walking around there was shade and lots of chairs and benches it was lovely with a blue sky as well it was so pretty fountains and it's just it's it's quite popular but because it's so big then you've got so much space there to just go and relax yeah absolutely and that was the park kind of at the end of Shambhala day and leading up to the Louvre now we didn't actually go into the room when we're not that kind of way we love an art gallery but in Paris we just had so much more stuff to do and I've done the Louvre before once before and did it when I was on a school trip in Paris but of course if you're in Paris it is one of the best places in the world for our galleries you've got Pompidou the Louvre music Dulce so many places there's so much art there so if that is your kind of jam which we know it's a lot of people's then definitely Paris now next up our final kind of best place that we visited in Paris was Montmartre it was so pretty and actually just the walk up it just felt you know they say Paris is the most romantic city in the world and there we really felt it we really did it was just perfect we'll Karpin in the actual the building itself took your breath away and then you've kind of had was the sacre coeur the second yes the building so yeah you had the sacre coeur behind you you turn around and you had this view over the top Paris everyone was just chilling out having picnics and just yeah that's where we had our picnic as well and then at that second video these where we had our little picnic on the grounds of the sacre-coeur and that view as well was just I mean I think it's the highest point in the city one mantra so definitely if you're up for a day walking around kind of more the old more older rustic Paris that Montmartre is a great place to do it you could easily spend a whole day there definitely and of course just what we've all talked about just now if you haven't watched all three of our Paris videos then make sure to check them out so we've got one two and three all in those locations and make sure to go and watch them so next let's talk about the cost of Paris Paris is an expensive place it's like London New York there are tourist prices everywhere like when we mentioned earlier getting a coffee with 17 euros dance habit and but it's all part of the experience and we do recommend doing it but at the same time Paris can be done on the budget yeah it can absolutely it is a great place if you've got the money to go and spend it and live a bit lavishly for a little while but we were able to do it on a budget pretty successfully yeah so in total our actual four days that we spend out there costs – I think about 200 pounds and that's like all the food or the activities we did so for that it's not that bad it's fifty plan a day for two people in comparison it's it's not too bad now of course actually getting there on the Eurostar was 156 pound no not if it was the NBA the Airbnb cost was a hundred fifty six pounds getting there was 130 and again remember this is for two of us for a couple so I think in total for like a long weekend trip in Paris it cost us under five hundred pounds now when you add it all up that is expensive but in the great scheme of things it is just completely doable it's 220 pound foot you know person if you're you know in the UK and you've only got a couple of days holiday and you haven't been on holiday this year or you just need some time to relax then you know 250 pounds 500 pound for a couple you know lovely weekend trip in Paris yeah I think what's important is to say that we didn't miss out on everything we spent 250 pounds and we did everything we absolutely and stayed in a fantastic location a great place and the Carribean beard well it's not like we're slender yeah so you can do it on a budget but still get like the best of Paris yeah absolutely coming to the end of our review I think one of the most important things we can ask is would we like to go to Paris again definitely 100% yeah if you fret you know for a weekend break maybe not straightaway there's still loads and loads in more places we want to visit as in our next video we're going to be taking you guys to Hamburg which we're really looking forward to but yeah we can break if you're in Europe as well it's such an easy place to get to because it's very central I've definitely go back there's so much more we do and didn't see it again will the art galleries levering went to if there are fresh croissants you're always gonna be but also more of France maybe yeah go check out more of France it's as I said before it's a great place to spend money if you've got money but also as I think we've hopefully shown and you know you can do it on a budget as well I was impressed to how it could be done so well on a budget yeah absolutely yeah and of course it is called the city of love did you find that to be true yes definitely is one of the most romantic places we've been to and such a nice place to travel as a couple yeah as a couple it was brilliant yeah and just as well to be in Paris to see some of the most iconic buildings you will ever see I said I just can't believe I haven't been to Paris before and just see that Eiffel Towers oh just incredible so if you have any more questions about Paris or maybe you've been there yourself we'd love to hear your experiences and your tips too and if you have any questions just leave us a message below yeah absolutely and if you haven't already please subscribe to our Channel and push the bell for notifications that you get notified whenever we upload a new video and if you've liked this one make sure to give it a thumbs up below as well and of course go back and watch all of our other Paris videos if you haven't already make sure to check them out and of course give them a thumbs up if you like them as well now in our next one we are going to be going to Hamburg we're really excited for that it's the same thing we're going to do again I think two videos and then like a review kind of information top tips video after that as well so we hope you're looking forward to that one now that pretty much wraps the end of this video we hope you've enjoyed our Paris travel video series and we will see you in the next one so let's travel together


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If you go the first Sunday of each month a lot of the museums and art gall are free entry. A lot of restaurants in St Michel have €10-15 set menus. There is a fabulous restaurant la tavern de montmarte which is super cheap and so tasty. The eiffel tower is cheaper if you walk the steps to the first level and you can pre book tickets. The Parc at buttes chaumont is fabulous

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