PALCS Extended Trip Program – Going Abroad

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Hi! My name is Emily Intelicato and I’m in charge of the extended trips committee at PALCS. We offer a variety of Middle School and High School trips. We typically offer them once a year, We travel over spring break and typically over the summertime. Some places that we have gone, with high school are England and Scotland, we’ve also done Ireland and Asia. We’ve been to China. It’s awesome, and a lot of fun! I really think it gives them a global perspective. They can see first hand how other societies work, how other cultures work, besides ours. It literally does get them out of the United States, because our society is much different than lets say, a European society. With my particular trips, they’ve been to totally different realms of the world. So with South America, we did Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. The students were just awed with the numerous species of animals that they saw. I mean, you had a sea lion that literally came up and kissed you on the mouth, so you know that experience is one in a million. And then you go to Auschwitz and its a completely different somber, reflecting type of experience. As much as your history teacher tries to explain what it was like, and as many documentaries as you can watch just the sheer vastness of, just that one particular place is just pretty astounding. You know, even with the Galapagos Islands, we were able to hike up a volcano. It’s pretty amazing. And typically what I try to do is communicate with the parents daily by sending them a collage of whatever we had done that day So the parents are always in contact with me throughout the trip, so they can see what their kids are up to. I really and try to hound make sure you take pictures Because you are going to remember these moments. It’s very enlightening, I think. I hope to see you on our next trip!

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