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gentlemen Antonio here okay this is part two in my packing light series I talked about I showed way I was carrying in my suitcase and in my luggage usually when I travel for a week two weeks at a time I will only take a carry-on I like to travel light like that when I land be able to leave not worry about lost luggage so what do I carry and I know there was a big hole there there was like Antonio you didn't talk about any year grooming products you didn't say about what you carry in your you know when it comes to liquids and how you get it you know what about your shoe care stuff so let me go ahead I'm going to show you guys very quickly what I have in there and I'm going to start off with let's go ahead and start over with the docket so I've got this dog kit right here this is by Sky roll this one I have not used and I'll talk about why it's still a great company great actually piece of luggage but I'll talk about why I don't usually use a dot kit that's this large not usual and here's the top of the dot kit that I normally use now this is actually made by genius pack and I use their luggage quite a bit I also need to recommend and talk about I've used to use them quite a bit actually my son has stolen the stock kit and it's made by blue claw company go check out that one as well I'm gonna have a have links over to it everything down below so why is it important which Dopp kit you choose it's important because we will fill up if you've got a big docket you're going to fill it up if you've got a small Dopp kit you're going to be restricted by how small it is so larger dockets I usually try to only take if I'm going to be taking you know traveling by vehicle traveling by car my wife will throw things in there as well but for traveling light I go with the smallest dobkin I have and that's going to be the one made by genius pack so let's go ahead and talk about what do I carry now I always have some deodorant basic deodorant I use I know some of you guys don't always use deodorant I don't have a small version of the deodorant I used to but that's probably the bulkiest thing I would say that I bring everything else is get you're going to see is a lot smaller and I'm going to show you some larger versions and how I minimize those as well so deodorant after that I also take care of my teeth so this is something you guys know I've talked about dazzle crow good company I use them to uh to whiten my teeth if I wanna be traveling for two weeks oftentimes I'm speaking an event I will take one or two whitening kits this allows me to whiten my teeth before my speaking engagement I've had a few you guys ask me how often do I wipe my teeth usually only once every three months unless I'm going to be speaking then before then normally don't be doing a lot of video then I try to wipe my teeth before then but we're on teeth of course I take a toothbrush now I have other toothbrushes I have a some some that or you know what you call it powered brushes I don't take those with me I'm traveling light I want a toothbrush I can go in that in addition my toothbrush I don't normally carry in the dobkin I actually carry on the outside of the luggage because I will sometimes brush my teeth when I'm traveling if I'm going to be in the airport for a while when it comes to toothpaste usually I've got three options every time I travel to a hotel I always ask them for their free toothpaste kit the reason being they usually give me these small ones or sometimes I'll get one of these and if you go to a store they're going to charge you a dollar for this sometimes even more and I've even seen them sell these but what I like about these is I can take quite a few of these or one of these and you know I keep the what is it how many ounces is this point eighty five ounces why that's important remember three point four ounces is about the max that you can take on an airplane I haven't really had anyone stop me when it comes to toothpaste and I always figure I can buy more but I'll try to pack pretty light when it comes to toothpaste I have been using a smaller one this one's 4.1 ounces with technically breaks the 3.4 but I've been using this for last couple months and have had no one stopped me so hey you know toothpaste again is one of those things I don't mind if it gets taken away I can easily purchase it there at my arrival in most hotels especially if they're nicer are going to have free toothpaste replacement I also take a pack of gum like you know just something if I'm going to be speaking or any you know I'd like to be able to do if I can't brush my teeth be able to refresh my mouth alright and up small travel floss I got this for my dentist so just ask your dentist curfew those usually that they'll given to you okay so that's going to be it for teeth now let's talk about some other items which don't most people don't carry I do carry my own emergency sewing kit I've gotten this because I've simply asked hotels for them to give it to me probably got 10 of them floating around here at the office and I take my own because I've noticed a lot of hotels don't always uh don't always carry those anymore okay this right here is simply going to clean my ears q-tips now you don't always get them this is again I got this from a hotel I simply asked for it so I collect these and I'll bring them back with me so I can take them up you can simply pack five or six whatever in a ziploc bag I do like to put them in plastic though because otherwise they'll get torn up a bit also I bring a lip balm so I've got one in a fancy container like this again this doesn't always travel in my in my dot kit but I'm going to put this one in there I like to use one that has natural ingredients I'll recommend some of them down in the article which will accompany this and I also take with me some deodorizing wipes if I'm traveling internationally this is something it's nice to be able to go into the bathroom and kind of wipe yourself down especially in the armpit area or maybe around the neck around the face and if somebody again I don't always carry these in my dog kit I've got them usually in my briefcase so that if somebody spills somebody spits up and traveling with my kids believe me I go through quite a few wet wipes or in this case I got these from niche for men they sent these to me pretty cool deodorizing wipe so let's talk about and this is all going to be within my dog kit I like to keep these things together because I want affecting my clothing but I will take a basic neutral polish and I like a neutral polish cream because it also it kind of basically it will help nourish the leather and because I can use this on brown or black I really like it when it's when it's in neutral polish I also use take a small brush with me horse hair and this allows me to shine my shoes used to be a lot of hotels had shining kits but most of them don't nowadays I also take this small shoe board this was actually get every time you order a pair of shoes from Paul Evans they send you a really nice authentic shoehorn so I take that with me now let's talk about how do I not take certain things I usually don't take clippers with me and the reason I don't take Clippers and this is by Samberg this one of their Solingen basically one of their travel kits very nice okay here apparently afforded up to four inches but I don't like to risk this especially when I really like my scissors and they may actually say that this is you know this is probably they may say this is dangerous I don't know why but if I'm going to take anything when I travel it will be Clippers Clippers are perfectly fine you can take them in your carry-on now if you're going to be packing luggage I guess you could take something like this or you could take the larger set again I got this over from zambra my favorite set my wife loves this set I love this set and I love it so much that I'm very careful about when I travel with it so to avoid doing that I always cut my nails before I travel usually if I'm willing gone for a week perfectly fine I can get away with you know up to ten days without cutting my nails and the same thing when it comes to trimming my ear hair my nose hair my eyebrows any of that stuff you guys know I've recommended this Philips Norelco shaver it's got heads on it you can inject you take care of all your hair before you leave I also take extra shoelaces this is something I like to slip in there I have had it so I have had my shoelaces break when I travel and I like to have that with me I also take basic medicines everyone use depends on who you are you've got your own medicines I like to take a little bit of extra pain reliever just in case I get sick when I'm traveling some advil to reduce down the fever so I have to go out and buy that stuff usually a lot of hotels that won't i won't provide you with that okay so let's talk about shaving now what I do not take even though I do love my grim blade from straight razors calm I do not take this they won't you I can't check it I could check it underneath but again I'm carrying everything on with me in addition I'm not taking a safety razor whip again because I would have to you know you're not supposed to take these blades on that with you so what does that leave me with cartridge razors or with an electronic shaver and I can tell you that what I will take is just a regular cartridge razor a link below over to the article which will have exactly what brands I recommend now let's talk about shaving cream I do not and I don't take anything like this this just isn't going to make it it's 11 ounces it is not going to make it through security so over the years I collected a number one of these from I asked shaving kits from nice hotels they give me ones like this these shaving creams but what I really like are shaving soaps and because I take these shaving soaps with me this one's by the blades Graham luxury shaving soap exported to take a travel size you know shaving cream or a lot of the bigger creams like this one you know grooming lounge their beard destroyer this one's five ounces so technically it would break the three point five or three point four and I'd rather not lose it so I focus in on III taking the small travel ones or I'll take a like a this looks like a bar soap but is actually designed to be you be able to shave with it so that's why I do like shaving soaps those mixed with a nice little brush right here boom I can put it all right in there okay now what about with creams so again we've got to be careful of that 3.4 ounces so brickle is a company I really like their lotions but the problem with this one is this is four ounces they have some much really small ones like the one ounce ones and that's going to be what is this an aftershave I could take this but I don't like to take one container of lotion I like to be able to use it on my body so there's a few other ones out there the grooming lamp so they've got this mug moisturiser honestly if you can use it on your face you can use it on your body as well often times my and my arms right over here are going to get dry my hands will get dry in the winter I find that if I'm traveling to a warmer area I can get away with not using this as much and I also like these smaller containers this ones is Bickle's eye cream but they've also got a moisturizer Tong I use their facial cream as well but I do not travel with it here it's made out of glass one of my favorites I really like their facial repair formula and it's only two ounces but again it's made out of glass it's heavy and whenever I'm packing light I maybe I'll learn this in the military but I look at every single item and I think is there a smaller way am i taking exactly what I need perfect example is okay American Crew I mean I bought this a couple years ago guys I bought it because I wanted the one liter it looked like the best deal and it's a great you know I've used this many times but I still have you know I don't know like a coy like I won 1/6 of this left whenever I would travel I would take a small container and I would take the lid off it and had to make sure the lid was big enough I would squeeze it and then I would pour that crew American crew into it and then I would let it out it would suck it in so that's what I would usually take with me and in a week I would maybe use this you know so I could take that but what I really want to point out is Aaron Marino you guys know good friends with Aaron and that over the last few months I've been using his products basically P&P Pete and Pedro the pomade this one's you know it's pretty good but I really do like his pastes his clay I'm a big fan of and the putty which yep the putty I'm using right now on my hair and I'd have to say the putty the paste and the clay those are my three favorites out of Aaron's products all of those are well below I think one of these two ounces yep two ounces so with their well below the 3.4 so I could take one of these and just pack it in there and it's you know I'm going to talk to Aaron he needs to get a travel size this could be in my opinion could be a little bit smaller so what do I use to brush my hair Chicago comb so solid-steel beautiful I'm going to link over to a great company and I love just using this comb when I travel I don't usually use it here at the house I've got brushes lying around and I'll use that but that comb right there is perfect when I travel so that's pretty much it if that in there you can see all of that is pretty much zip up there is my dog cat when I travel light and so the key points to take away gentleman or anytime you can reduce something don't throw away any of those like little small containers you can reuse them yourself whenever you try to buy something think about that 3.4 ounces is it going to be able to travel also try to combine things my shaving soap I can use that as a bar soap if you're traveling and if you do not have what you need call the front desk ask them a lot of times the hotels they're going to have certain things that they can give you you got to be kind of careful I notice the Vegas nickels and dimes you for everything when I stay in Phoenix or I stay out in California usually I'm treated pretty well we stay in Chicago the hotels are pretty nice there it also depends on what level of hotel you're staying at usually some of the nicer hotels are going to take better care of you and have nicer products other ones yeah not so much yeah I forgot my razors and I've got these cartridge razors where they can tell you it's painful to use stuff like this but don't forget unless you're traveling to a part of the world that's not going to have any of the stuff oftentimes you can make purchases for your dot kit when you arrive just make sure you give yourself time maybe ask the taxi to stop and you can jump in and grab what you need there at a pharmacy versus buying at the hotel I find that those things again Vegas and nickel and dimes you for everything trying to charge you you know $3.00 now it's like $10 from the hell clippers it's crazy so hopefully you enjoyed this guy's I'm going to link over to the other video in which I talk about my packing tips and hopefully you enjoyed this and again remember you can get more information over at real men real style I've got all this broken out into an article and you can check out some of my other products check out the personal image system really proud of this course we just put out it's got the personal image formula the personal image blueprint the personal image League the personal image course and the personal image coaching for men that want to learn how to use the science of style to control their image to increase their earnings to increase attraction guys take care I'll see you in the next video you


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A pair of toenail scissors, which doubles as fingernail, nasal hair, and eyebrow, clippers. Yeah, a toothbrush and your favourite toothpaste. Shoe polish and a shoe-brush, you never know, you might be invited to some posh event; I always carry a suit and a decent shirt and tie in my luggage. A good razor, obviously. Oh, yeah, cologne; good for freshening up old clothes when you've missed the washing cycle. Personally, I always pack sunscreen, but this probably isn't essential. Everytime I see the sun I develop a new mole, which is a bit of a shame, as I love trpical climates.

Manu Sudan · July 30, 2019 at 8:16 pm

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Tom Tobin · July 30, 2019 at 8:16 pm

I used to live in Las Vegas and there's a whole community there that most visitors don't know about. One mile east of Bally's, there is a Target and a Walgreens where the residents shop. You can get your stuff there for a normal price.

The Dapper Man · July 30, 2019 at 8:16 pm

As someone who travels for work I always check my main bag. I do use a bag that will fit in the overhead bin. I find my travels are much easier when I'm not lugging around luggage. My bag has never been lost, but there have been a handful of times my bag has been delayed but it would be delivered to my hotel within 12 hours.

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I worked about 24mo total at a low end chain hotel in metro Orlando FL. I was asked by hotel guests for such items as: irons, nail clippers, cork screws, diapers, condoms, hair curlers, hair dryers, shower caps, q tips(cotton swabs), breath mints, mouth wash, razors, tweezers, flip flops. I've also had guests request flatware(knives, forks, spoons), batteries, bleach, laundry soap, fabric softener, dryer sheets. Some requests were reasonable, others were like a super Walmart or Sam's Club. A $50.00 USD a night hotel is not your butler or maid. Be realistic when you travel.

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Saint Levy · July 30, 2019 at 8:16 pm

Main Bag:
1. (Small) Deodorant
2. Gum/Mints
3. Lip Balm
4. Nail-Clippers and Set
5. Small-Shaver/Safety Razor
6. Small-Shaving Cream
7. Floss & Small MouthRinse
8. Comb & Traveling Brush
9. Small Cologne
10. Face Cleanser* Cleaning Pads

Traveling Bag:
1. ToothBrush
2. ToothPaste
3. Floss
4. Q-Tip*
5. Shoe Polish*
6. Brush*
7. Electronic Shaver & Safety Razor
8. Body Wash/Shampoo/Conditioner/Soap
9. Shaving Cream
10. Gel
11. Deodorant
12. Cologne
13. Showering Sponge
14. Face Cleanser
15. Whitening Strips
16. Face Cleanser

tweevers2 · July 30, 2019 at 8:16 pm

buy cheap plastic small travel bottles at the dollar store to put all lotions,potion,elixirs,paste,soaps,moisturizer,shampoo,conditioner and any other fluids in…easy enough

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Once again. Awesome advice.

Ron B · July 30, 2019 at 8:16 pm

Two options that I have used in the past are to use a shaving stick and no brush using your hands to lather for shaving and if you absolutely want to use your safety razor mail a couple blades to your hotel ahead of time and pick them up at check-in.

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