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hello guys we are doing another vlog today thank you so much for all the love you guys I showed me on my vlogs it's making me so happy that you guys are genuinely excited to see what I get up to in today's video I'm gonna show you guys how to pack for your holidays I hope you guys watch this video I'm gonna be pulling back from Mexico so make sure you follow my Instagram see all the latest pics and all that stuff via now but I have my sister here today hello she's back and she is gonna be helping me pack for this damn trip cause your girl is so bad at organizing you guys know the deal I'm a messy ass bitch so this morning I tried on all my outfits with the shoes and everything and I basically put in bundles alright Emily now looking all sexy what are you watching so we're packing today I've separated all the items little separate corners and I managed to pack up three little cute bag oh my God look how neat and tidy and look like that's over here that's over here still what up this color shade is so cute nice you wanna get I think you should get new yeah it does it but I got black like a basic bitch and it doesn't look as nice so these are from Amazon and I got these from eBay but I would probably get these ones she's got a lot of variety of different clothing and it gets messy if you don't know where things are so we've separated into dresses yeah two pieces swimming suits hats and in tops so so far we've packed away her dresses yeah she's got a whole stash up in here so a girl is showing legs arms everything yeah it's so good as well because sometimes I'm like I want to wear a dress but I can't find anything but the key the secret to be able to packing these cubes you need to fold them a certain way although you guys haven't heard of the Marie Kondo way that's the way to fall but everything is like little short and compact you can see everything and the way we've kind of showing all the fabric and if there's any sort of texture you put up top so if you want to choose a specific color you can say I want yellow bam-bam-bam mmm yeah I like it okay so now my sister's going through my swimsuit and your gal loves variety okay I need a swimsuit for least every day maybe even two a day cuz you girls gonna take some cute photos for the gram you know okay so when you get a pack you only get a few of the cubes unless you know you're bowling and you buy a couple packs you know but we only bought one because we're cheap asses so we are prioritizing these packs for all of the good stuff at the jumpsuit there's justice and stuff and then all the other stuff can just be thrown in the luggage you know okay so my sister's gonna show you the proper way to fold because I even can't get this technique down like is so hard but my sister is such a pirate this is a very big top and normally you're offended when you fold it in a standard suitcases you just literally put in half like this and you just layer it but how we're gonna do is we're gonna do it the Marie Kondo way of doing it so firstly you need to lay it flat down then you need to fold it 3/4 of the way because these got arms you're gonna fold the arms back on itself so that a small compact and then the other side would do the same thing back on itself and then you just fold it like this so that it becomes like a small little compact cube and then it's perfectly once everything all fits in here it will look very nice and tight so my sister's gonna go through and just put all my swimsuits in there I'm gonna show you guys how I pack my makeup and my skin color okay so this is a new skin care bag that I just brought from Amazon I'll leave the link down below in the description box if you guys want to get one yourself so when you open up the skin care bag it looks like this no it's not my singing so inside you guys can see I have hella skin huh if you guys haven't seen my nightly skincare routine it is on point okay I love me some skin gets especially because I'm always away from work I need my skin to be looking hella snatch while I'm away okay so this is all the skin can I bring a way with me and I actually leave this in here all the time so I never take anything out these are all that travel size stuff I always just refill them and these are the items that I use all the time I always that D count stuff but in smaller bottles so that I can carry more stuff I really ever bring anything full-size so if I really like something I'll do counting or I'll buy it in a mini size and that's how you get away with having a little bit everything you know so I actually really love this bag because you can put really tall products like hairspray in here which is really good cuz some of these skincare bags you have to lay them all flat like this and then you're literally constantly rubbing around so it was really important for me to have everything standing up so if I want condition I could be like man there's my conditioner you know without having to rummage around in here first off I love my LMS cleansing bump how cute is this mini though I am obsessed with minis and I just got this in the other day you go does not need to cleansing bombs but I'm hella extra so I thought why not bring two I've got a space for it you know I also have to have my hairbrush this is the hairbrush I use guys got mini it is and it's like all flattened and everything is actually quite crusty making a racket over are we I have my shower gel that's deep put it in a little Muji bottle this is my Palmolive 99p shower gel is my favorite one and whenever I use it while I'm away it makes me feel like I'm at home so I have to have this at all times all the time I have to have my body radiances by Melanie Mills it's so important for me to use body glow products while I'm away because I always want my skin to look hella glowy especially when I take flash photography it looks so nice it looks like your skin's airbrush I'm actually doing this fancy body lover with me as well in the shade trophy wife because I've got all my cotton pads in here some cotton buds and also my retinol capsules as well my drunk elephant minis guys look how cute this is it's a baby little pseudo cream honestly I am a sucker for anything tiny so this just caught my eye when I was at Primark I also had some really handy pockets on the side as well which I love so in this side I have some of my body glow I use this to put on top of the body cream to make my shins extra glow in the center I also have some hair powder in here to fill in any bold spots you know with a brush on this side I have all my toothpaste and tweezers and all that good stuff in here I also have a little pack or face wipes for emergencies you know I never ever use face white but I also have some sheet masks in here and then on this side it's for the lady emergencies you know you got your extra shaving kit here your pads and some extra tampons next up we have my makeup so this is a makeup bag that I bought from Amazon it's a medium sized makeup bag I had this in the small size and it wasn't cutting it I going a bigger size it was too big and medium it's just right just like Goldilocks ok so inside of the makeup bag well we have all of my makeup here this is the makeup that keep solely in this case I never take anything out of here I have doubles of everything I really really like so that I can bring it with me whenever I'm traveling I also love mini products as you guys can see I get sent these little small baby samples and I'm like perfect for my makeup case so I love this makeup bag so much because at a top here I put all of my eye pencils and all of my tweezers and lip pencils and stuff like that and then my brushes go in this little pouch here this is from Make Up For Ever I love it because it stands and then you could also roll this down as well so you can let you see all your brushes I need a good wash stat before I go so I have loaded these steal a magnificent metals cuz these aren't so nice to bring a holiday it's such a quick way to add some glam a lot of times I go on press trips and we need to have like an hour to get ready for dinner so it needs a really good way to change it from day to night time I also have a little kills SPF as well because it's so important to wear SPF every single day when your way and then I also have my little mini fix Pass which is a must for my eyeshadows to make my face not look really really dry and cakey while I'm on holiday I also really love this palette here I got it from beauty base from our CMA and it's the Shinto number one and I went to makeup by Mary masterclass and he used this brand for foundation and also apparently makeup by Ariel lovers as well I have a ton of lip products in this little corner here it's just niche all nudes but girl can never have too many nudes you know I'll let you have that one red lipstick in case I've been a bit soul seed at night you know my foundation of choice is the jus a essential high coverage foundation this is so good because you can really like share it down or you can work by itself a full coverage and I also love the luminous silk foundation by Giorgio Armani this is it shade number six is Michoud a perfect shade because it's so nice and olive and when I wear this my skin is so skin like but it just looks so flawless my moisturizer of choice is la la retro from drop elephant it's just so nice whenever you're putting on foundation because it's super creamy but it seems right in I always have my Beauty Blender my sapphire one this is iluminati highlighter by artist couture i just put in a little container because i don't want to carry the full thing and i also have all my lashes in this one box here it's gonna look like spiders eye in here guys all my lashes in here I just let you stack them up on top of each other the wretchedness is real guys so this is a little palette from ty actually made this well I didn't make these too close on the side but these cuz in the middle I added a black and I made my own like highlight in a corner shape you know the struggle is real to try to get the perfect little pellet I have my benefit bad girl bang mascara it's not only mascara that I use it picks up my bottom lashes like crazy and I let you have no bottom lashes if it picks up anything your godsend so in this night I have loads of little minis of stuff I have my touch of silk canvas in a mini size which is so cute I have a little small size fancy baby highlighter in hustler baby I have a little mini hoola highlighter that has my initials on it which is so cute and then I have two hood a Beauty easy break powder in another little container that I decanting and then this one I have my powders this is my go-to powder I've been through like five of these honestly they're so good this is the Too Faced primed and poreless pressed powder I much prefer the press over the loose I love the Charlotte Tilbury powders as well and then I also have give me Sun by Mac which is a must-have it's the one of my favorite bronzers ever that this drives me nuts the fact I had to rummage around in here to find a nude but I need to find a better way to store my lipsticks because it does get annoying but when I have it like this it's just so easy tonight pick out a powder put it back you know stay nice and tidy and organized and this is your job next girl Alena to clean these brushes at the moment this is how I travel my jewelry guys it gives me anxiety it makes me not want to look through here and find what earrings I want to wear so the solution that me and my sister came up with is to buy these little bags here so I glitter got these on Amazon there were five pounds for a pack on 100 and I try to measure up my earring so that it will fit perfectly so I feel like these hoops I don't have good representation it's not too big not too small and it fits perfectly in this bag and it's not too long and floppy at the top so now this you're gonna go through all the earrings I find all the pairs and put them together okay so these are all my earrings it's a little ziplock baggies and I can let's just pull them up and I try to do it like color on this side and like gold and rose gold and silver on this side so I'm not gonna really try to keep them all together I remember to put them in little Ziploc baggies I just had to also change the bag because this one was a little bit taller so this one it's on cult beauty I still have so many earrings here as I'm also over there but these are the ones gonna be going away with me so this is how I carry my sunglasses when I'm away I actually double up on them so there's two sunglasses per pouch this is from kee Australia Jaclyn hill so this is my pouch I carry every single holiday I never take anything out from here it's disclosed to me everywhere I go so it has all my electronics in here so I bought this that comes with me everywhere it's got loads of USB slots and also plug sockets as well so all the time whenever we travel anywhere we just use one adapter and then we can use loads of clubs and loads of USBs and Grammys in charge of this whenever we are way he sets all the charges and everything plates cameras they also have some power banks here as well which is super handy always need that I've also got our electric fans I'm always gonna need this on holiday because you go don't want to be a sweaty bitch you know I also have some GHD hair curlers I can use this anywhere around the world and it won't blow I have all of our chargers and there's some adapters as well so this goes all in here packed for every single holiday I also for I'll show you guys this here this is my carry-on skincare for when I measure on the plane and it looks hella extra some people might actually take this as a skincare for the holiday but this is just for the airplane guys that's how actually this bitch mr. BAE okay so this bag is actually from pixie and I really like this it folds out I've got my sunglasses for when I get off the plane and I'm looking hello raptured I've got some makeup wires I've got a I might as well which I have to use it I must because yeah girl need to sleep in pitch blackness and it has my name on it as well it's just so cute I also have some chewing gum because your breath nice tanking on a plane got a hair clip and some cotton pads and then on this side here I have all of my onboard skincare so everything is in this bag I don't know about anyone else around the world but in the UK everything has been this stupid little bags so it's so annoying I want to like I think all nice and displayed here but it's so annoying because they tell you to put everything this back even though it's very clear anyways I don't know what the difference is but I've got loads of little mini skincare at micellar water from simple I've got an element little facial oil my touch of essence I'm a little bit concealer as well I use the Maybelline age rewind I've got a mask as well which is from Clinique and there's some deodorant and yeah all that good stuff for the plane we need a lip balm do juror and water spray I got you girl okay so now I'm gonna pick everything a suitcase at least you just got a brand new one my last one literally broke so banded because the taxi driver just let you through it on the road how satisfying this is from the brand HP London and you can get them all customized and everything so this just says my initials TL and then grant also has his initials and then we also have matching little small carry ons as well which is so cute and a lot of fat it's got a built in luck and it's also expandable as well I cannot use any suitcase that's not expandable because your girl has to pack what hello makeup and I sick stuff so I need it to be able to open up and expand to make it really really wide love the fact as well they will so smoothly and it's got eight wheels as well so this ain't no basic picture with four wheels it's got eight bitch and what's also really good about this is it's divided into half normally you get one sort of suitcase that goes really deep in and you literally have to dig under well this is split into two you can separate the item they can have your clothing yes can go there because they don't actually use these little flaps here do you ever use these flaps good idea and what got this cute literally perfectly so now that I will put in my black cubes oh god these packing cubes literally make effortless so organized no only thing is I wish that it has like labels or something I might have to whip up my little label machine so I know where every single thing is cuz I know it is mesh but I know that's jumpsuit so I don't know that's dresses you know not gonna like cuz I have so much makeup and skincare this is gonna spill over into Gran's little luggage here now if you are going to hold it down with your boyfriend and you not taking up his luggage space are you even together it's one of the perks of having a boyfriend you know you can take up all their luggage space this is after every time using there's nothing give pretty effective guys yeah so I would HIGHLY highly recommend it and the way you fold it fit you so much more compact and so much more organized and you're just like up and go yes I love it now lock it in so it doesn't move all around here bgp everywhere oh my god that's perfect done and dusted whoa we are packed okay guys I'm like a head up busted crusted and mustard we'll think of another word for caustically okay so we just packing and everything it was so long I'm so tired it is 9:00 p.m. early I feel like we've been doing this all day so make sure you stay tuned for my little trouble blog that's coming up when I'm at Mexico we're gonna have such a good time while we're out there me and grout are extending our trip so we're gonna actually have a holiday as well it's gonna be late hope you guys like see what I pack for my troubles and I hope it helped in any way possible I love watching these kind of videos if you like these kind of casual love to me my sister I've done two other vlogs on my channel or maybe three I don't know what my sister has always featured on my channel so make sure you subscribe if you guys haven't followed me on all my social media platforms it's just extremely odd snapchat Instagram and Facebook yeah yeah again and I'll see you guys in the next video say bye to the vlog then excited for Mexico let's go oh no time yeah yeah bruised up July liberal robots in their Bryza how disgusting is this so whenever bruiser comes home after seeing Coco his ear wax will clean up the chopper so much don't see my dogs a little trap you guys I saw you wax guys do not get the eBay ones get the watch on Amazon look how nice these ones fit in there and then while I look at all busted or what I might even square anymore fine I'm gonna post a for Instagram chat touch her milk nope this is silk bitch gonna end of logout oh I don't know what that fight with my guys make sure to follow me on my social media home exile Instagram snapchat follow Catalina as well is aleena Oh Oh his money will catch up the next


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