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welcome back we're doing a little revised packing video of these toiletries because now rather than just packing for a regular weekend domestic trip I'm actually going on an international trip for 10 days since I thought that the contents would be a little bit different I wanted to go ahead and show you how I would pack this exact same toiletry bag for a longer amount of time with different needs on the whole this entire pocket stays packed I'd switch things out occasionally as they run out so for instance I just put this new dry shampoo in but things that I usually keep in here are contact solution dry shampoo the Rosario milk reparative leaing leave-in conditioning spray cotton rounds 4 toner and I got this little travel belief toner in a recent Sephora kit and q-tips I reuse and refilled this thing all the time every single time I curl my hair I use a texture spray afterwards just to sort of give it a little more grit and a little better hold and then I have a soy face cleanser from the brand fresh the next compartment over here is where I keep makeup brushes I've tried to wipe this down a couple times and it's not coming completely clean so we're just sort of rolling with it so I typically like to pack my brushes and my makeup that goes in this lower compartment all at the same time and do it in order of me putting on my makeup so the first thing that I put on is moisturizer so I've already got one here this is the Ola her skin C rush brightening gel cream I also use an eye cream during the day and so the one that I'm currently into right now is the origins ginseng refreshing eye cream to brighten nd puff then I go in with a primer this is my favorite primer with the current foundations that I have this is the Becca backlight priming filter so then I would typically move on to a BB cream CC cream foundation something this is the winner these days this is the Misha perfect cover BB cream in the shade number 23 this does not require a brush or a Beauty Blender I like how this applies with my fingers the best so this is the perfect travel companion so next I put on concealer so this is the easiest can to travel with I actually went out and bought a brand new one specifically for this trip and this is the Maybelline instant age rewind and I believe mine is in the shade fair it's so easy you don't necessarily need any sort of beauty sponge or anything to spread this out it works perfectly when you just use your fingers after that I typically set my under eyes with some type of powder this is the Evie Beauty highlight and contour palette and this is the setting shade that I've been using so this is going to come with me it's sort of excessive because it's the only powder that I use but I don't have any other at the time and setting my under eyes is a little bit non-negotiable for my oily self so and to set my under eyes I typically use this brush from ELF this is the elf small tapered brush next step for me is to use blush now I think the best course of action is going to be for me to use this elf palette this actually has two blushes a bronzer and a highlight so this is the perfect travel companion so to apply my blush I used this one from Real Techniques it doesn't have a name on it but I'm pretty sure that this is just called the blush brush my only gripe with these are that the handles are so thick and you really have to wedge them in here don't love that this is what I've been using for bronzer lately it's the elf blending brush it's just the perfect thing for getting the perimeter of your face so I've really enjoyed that in its small so it fits nice and there and then this is typically the brush that I use for highlight this is the elf angled blush brush this is my favorite travel palette of all time this is the Too Faced natural eyes I really love how small and compact this is I like that it's ten because it doesn't get beat up easily and it's just super natural it has everything that you need I use this or this shade as my transition and for my transition shades I like to use this brush this is by Malley then I move on to like a shimmery shade all over the lid that's typically this shade this shade or this shade and for those I like to use a brush like this this one happens to be the royal and langnickel bomb 40 shader brush so next I would use one of these darker shades on the outside of my lid and for that I really like to use this brush by elf this is the elf contour brush for the outer corner and then lastly I used this shade right here as my like brow bone highlight and for that I like to use the elf eyeshadow C brush I have the travel version of the Laura Mercier loose setting powder and the big version once you run out of this purchase the big one and then just refill the small one with it every time for that I like to use this Real Techniques powder brush to apply that next step for me is eyebrows this is the Loreal brow stylist shape and fill and then next I do liquid liner only on the top and so this is the NYX epic ink liner and then lastly I put on mascara so I'm bringing both of these does the Rimmel scandaleyes this stuff makes my eyelashes so long so voluminous it really does hold up to the name so I have to put this on to like make my lashes go big and voluminous and thick and long and luscious and then I have to put this on top to prevent the transfer that's everything for daytime skincare routine and makeup so now we got to move on to nighttime skincare routine what I typically do is cleanse my face so I have this belief creamy cleansing foam moist foaming facial cleanser I'm actually gonna be traveling with my free Oh Luna fofo and I do like to keep it in this case but it broke so I've got to figure out a better way to transport this but this will be going with me to be used in conjunction with this cleanser after I cleanse I typically tone and as we saw up here I have my toner and my cotton pad ready to go for that and then after I tone I typically like to use some sort of exfoliator now this is my favorite kind this is the Paula's Choice skin perfecting 2 percent BHA gel this is 3.3 fluid ounces so I could fly with this because the limit is 3.4 but because this bottle is so big I just don't know if it's gonna be worth it to take this with me after I exfoliate I typically put on a facial oil this is the Lancer Omega hydrating oil this you just put like 2 or 3 drops on your face and spread it around let it soak in and then you follow with the nighttime moisturizer and eye cream here's that eye cream I've been using this the belief moisturizing eye balm and then we have the nighttime moisturizer I'm gonna bring the Paula's Choice resist barrier Repair moisturizer with retinol this is only 1.7 fluid ounces and we should all be brushing our teeth so another thing that I have in here is floss I'm currently working with this Colgate enamel health fresh mint some other thing is lying around in here this is this Bed Head mini masterpiece hairspray not my favorite hairspray I'll be totally honest contact case definitely necessary it's always good to throw an extra pair of contacts in your toiletries just in case swimming around in here is also a disposable razor and then I also have ponytail holders here if I want to pull my hair back something that I think will be helpful especially if I just want to refresh and I'm not wearing much makeup is to pack some of these cleansing cloths these are the elf hydrating cleansing cloths and I think I'm actually gonna put these with me and my backpack in my carry-on because for the international flight I don't want everything that I used to be packed away in my suitcase and not easily accessible I want to go ahead and put in this face sunscreen as well I'm currently out of my natural deodorant and this is what I already had in the stores so I had to switch back to the traditional for a second and this is the secret calm birch water deal and then these are the clips that I use when I'm doing my hair I think in general it's a good practice to bring fingernail clippers along and this is what I use all the time every single time I wash my face to hold my hair back so that can squish into very small places so because again this is an international trip I wanted to go ahead and show you some adjustments that I'm gonna make to my toiletries to make my life on the plane a little easier I typically keep my contact solution in this compartment right here because I want to take my contacts out on the plane to sleep overnight I'm gonna go ahead and remove this contact solution that's a little less than half full and replace it with my full one so that I have a filled one to last me the rest of the time of my trip and again I think I only need to bring one contact case so I'll go ahead and put this in my backpack with me one more thing that I've usually packed very specific to me would be my retainer so I can just go ahead and place this case in here this is ready to be completely packed into my suitcase so now that I've walked you through the big toiletry case that's actually gonna be packed with me in my suitcase this is the toiletry bag that I'm gonna pack with me in my backpack and inside you can see that I've sort of transferred some of the things that we talked about packing into this bag one thing that I realized is that we actually have two days on our own where we're staying at separate Airbnb s so we went ahead and packed this is conditioner body lotion body wash and shampoo for those air B&B s– and you know worst case scenario we lose all of our luggage or something on a weekend shower I guess another thing is deodorant this is probably something that I'm going to want to refresh on this is aloe I actually think I'm gonna transfer this to my big toiletries I put a little ferio face washer in here as well in case I wanted to wash my face on the plane this is the Olin edge lip sleeping mask these are makeup removing wipes that I can keep with me just in case I don't have a bottle of water or something to use to wash my face with this this could get the job done a face mask just in case I want to do that at some point on the trip and then I have contact solution and a contact case here back here I have my toothpaste and my Sonicare toothbrush is going to be packed separately and then a lip balm with SPF so yeah this is everything that's going to go with me in my backpack for me to use on the plane


Linda S · May 15, 2019 at 3:04 pm

I’m so glad I’m at an age where I have left all that superficial crap out of my life.

Lisa Gaunt · May 15, 2019 at 3:04 pm

Where did you get your cosmetic/toiletry bag? I'm purchasing an Away suitcase and love that you have every thing in one nice size toiletry bag. I have TSA clearance and usually don't get stopped. Thanks for the video!

Sarah E · May 15, 2019 at 3:04 pm

Try Oxi-Clean on the makeup brush compartment, full strength, rub it in, let it sit for 15 minutes, then wipe it clean. We have a super strict airport, if it's not in a quart sized bag that's see through, they throw it away at the gate. But I've been to other airports that don't turn a head when you walk on the plane with bottled water

KewpieGirl · May 15, 2019 at 3:04 pm

where did you get that cute black pouch? I can tell its from lesportsac but whats the designer name?

Tressa Nemcik · May 15, 2019 at 3:04 pm

Spray the bag with Krud Kutter.. let it sit and stick it in the washer and hang dry. Should come out

kaia naturals · May 15, 2019 at 3:04 pm

There's something so satisfying about watching packing videos!

Bertahan Luxing · May 15, 2019 at 3:04 pm

I enjoyed your vid. Subscribe to my videos too. Thanks 😛

Martha Pomilio · May 15, 2019 at 3:04 pm

I don't understand how you can carry on this bag through security? Isn't it a requirement that liquids/creams/gels be placed in a quart sized see-through bag?

Jenna Rose · May 15, 2019 at 3:04 pm

Great video. Fair warning – I’ve found international security to be a lot stricter about liquids so you might want to be prepared for your return flight with a quart size bag for all the liquids.

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