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hey everyone welcome to my channel day today's video is going to be all about what I am packing to Hawaii so basically like a pack with me video and making sure that I have like everything checked off and I don't forget anything because that is the worst when you're on vacation and you forget something hate it so in this pack with me it's basically not gonna be just my skincare or my makeup or my haircare it's gonna be all three so hopefully it's not too long so first off I have this carrying case right here and it just carries all my toiletries in there I really love it Dole got it for me for my birthday it was one that I really really wanted it holds a lot of stuff and I like the fact that it hangs on the door alright so the first thing that I packed up is my body wash and this portion of the video is actually sponsored by Olay as you guys know on Instagram I have been checking in each week doing the Olay body wash challenge I've been using the Olay Moisture ribbons plus body wash and Blue Lotus they actually have four different scents they have blue lotus lavender oil manuka honey and peony blossom so they have amazing scents definitely over the weeks I've seen a huge difference in my skin and I've been really wanting to get prepped and ready for Hawaii because I'm gonna be self-tanning I want my self-tanner to go on smoothly and plus my skin just looks a lot more hydrated than it was before this body wash is actually three times more hydrating than the best-selling body wash on the market which is a big thumbs up because you can see a huge visible difference in just two weeks absolutely amazing and I'm actually packing this with me to Hawaii because as you guys know being in that Sun your skin gets so dehydrated and I'm like I still want to keep that moisture going so I packed up a little bit in this little travel case right here that I got from Target this thing is so cool you can easily like squeeze it in I didn't spill it all it was awesome and I'm so stoked that I found this at Target so that way I can pack it along with me to Hawaii okay so quickly moving along I have my toothbrush I actually keep this one in my travel bag I have my own sitting there so I don't have to like change toothbrushes and these things are so awesome they help keep the toothbrush sanitary when you're traveling and putting in a travel bag you can actually find these in the travel area at Target or like CVS so I love that and then of course I've got my toothpaste right here and then I have some skin care products so the first thing that I have here is the Tarte friction stick I really like this for traveling because it's on the smaller side and I don't have to worry about it spilling and I can exfoliate my face while I'm out and about so I packed this guy up it's really nice because it's just like a little stick and you just go like that and then you're exfoliated I love that and then I also packed my boggy medical cleansing dirham MD which I use for spot treatments Joel uses it too we love it it literally zaps a pimple or a blemish like instantly it's amazing next up for my oil since my total one is not gonna last throughout that trip so I need a pack of new one and I don't have a backup of it so I'm packing the derma e essentials radiant glow face oil this is also a really good affordable face oil you definitely say huge difference with moisturization I use it on my face at night and in the morning and I really really like it so I just packed up a new one I'm keeping it in the box because I just don't want to risk it accidentally breaking I wish I had a smaller version though so I could pack it cuz it's kind of big but then I also have my Dermalogica special cleansing gel which is a really nice simple cleanser so I have my travel version of that and then from my plunging balm to help make sure I get all my makeup off I have my LMS pro-collagen cleansing balm and this is a travel version and then as a pre cleanse I use the Dermalogica pre cleanse right here I love this is an oil and it breaks down your makeup it works just like a cleansing balm but I just like how it's a very condensed so I have a travel version of this and it really breaks down makeup so so well I put a little bit on my hand put it on my face I'd make sure my faces or my hands aren't wet first and I just massage it and and then I take a wet washcloth and I go around because I can't get my eyes cuz I have flash ascensions and it just breaks everything off and then I go in with my cleanser so highly recommend those and then at night when I get done doing my oil I actually top it off with the Ren ever calm balm right here and I sleep with this it seriously makes you look like a grease monkey at night but honestly when you wake up in the morning your skin is so smooth and hydrated and just looks like glowy so I love the stuff definitely bringing out with me and then for my eye cream obviously it cosmetics confidence and an eye cream this is one of my favorites and I also wanted to bring a lip balm so I'm bringing the Kiehl's a butter mask for lips right here this one I already had in my travel case honestly I would not recommend this one because it literally tastes like greasy popcorn on your lips it really doesn't taste that great but it does moisturize them really well so I just had that in there so I'm just gonna keep that as well so I can use that one up and I'll be done with it and then of course I need some contact solution because I wear contacts I use the bio true this is my favorite kind I actually get like really weird with the other ones like they just don't work well for my contacts and this has been like the only solution I've been able to use for years and then of course some deodorant my degree clinical protection 5 and 1 love this stuff it is life-changing like it seriously is the best deodorant I have ever used I know it's not natural and it probably has aluminum in it but it really keeps you from smelling so I like it and then I also always travel with a micellar water this is the Garnier micellar cleansing water it's like one of my favorites I always go in at night when I'm done washing my face within my solid water to make sure that I got everything off and then I go in with it in the morning without washing my face I like to keep everything very simple and I've noticed that's what's helped my skin the most so next up in this little top portion up here I have like all my little pads it's like makeup removing pads I have some waterproof like eye makeup remover in here this one is the Sephora one and then I have a little Dior one that I got from like with my points and then I also always bring sheet masks so I have my pathology 1 right here which is the flash mask by minute facial this one's really good it's illuminating like this is something that I would totally use like when we're being in the Sun all day and we want to get ready for dinner I'll put this on for 5 minutes and then take it off massage everything and let it soak in and then go in with my makeup just to really rehydrate scan from being in the Sun this is another good one for that this is the cucumber breeze from bio Republic and also the aloe rescue which is a definite must it will help soothe the skin especially if you might have a sunburn so these are all packed up in here all right so when I'm traveling the one thing I hate carrying is shaving cream I found this little gizmo that I love and I only travel with this now so I have it's Venus it's like the little venus thing right here it's a little holder for the razor and I use the Venus spa breeze right here and they actually have shaving cream on the ends right here so you don't have to carry shaving cream with you you can save so much more space in your travel bag and you have to risk it like exploding in there either which is like the worst thing ever so I've been doing this for the last I want to say year-and-a-half with traveling and all I do is just pack a new head I pop it in and then I use this while I'm on my trip and it's amazing and also makes shaving really fast too so I love this I don't like using this when I'm home because I just don't see it as being necessary and it's not the closest shave but it gets the job done when you're on trip and then I also have three rubber bands packed away with a new contact case and the makeup remover towelettes from Neutrogena sometimes I like to just go in with these really quickly as well I've got a lot of makeup removing products but you know what I don't want any makeup on my face when I'm sleeping next up I have my fragrance this is Marc Jacobs this is their daisy rollerball right here which is awesome I love it super easy that's all I need for my perfume got that good to go alright so that is everything in my toiletry bag now we're gonna go ahead and get into my makeup bag and I'm actually very very proud of myself right now because I actually packed everything that I need in this small little bag and this might be big to some of you but this is small to me I usually pack like a ton of makeup but I'm trying to be really good to not over pack this time even though it might be over packing to some other people but whatever I'm doing good okay so this is a little bag that I got from tweezerman and I love it it's such a good bag so you just unzip it even like a mirror inside and then this is what is inside of my bag I'm only bringing one palette and I really love this palette from Tarte this is the Aspen overed one unfortunately I don't even think this is available anymore but tarped has some of my favorite travel palettes I also love in bloom that one I usually travel with all the time I kind of want to throw that one in this bag I'm kind of bummed that this palette does not have like a pinky transition like color in here unless I want to use the blush I could totally use that blush actually that could totally work but I love the tones in here I actually like to keep my makeup very neutral especially if I'm out and about like on vacation I just want something quick and easy to do and honestly in Hawaii I'm probably not gonna be doing eyeshadow all that much like this look wreck all here on my eyes right now is probably as bold it's gonna get when I'm in Hawaii because during the day I probably won't wear any eyeshadow but for dinner is when I will probably be applying it but I love it that it also comes with a blush and a highlight in here as well so these colors are just so beautiful and neutral and I love it so I'm packing this with me of course I'm packing my Marc Jacobs bronzer the big reason why I'm packing this guy with me is because I actually do my makeup every single day with this mirror this mirror is amazing so gotta bring him and then for a foundation because I want to keep my foundation on the lighter side since I'm gonna be in the Sun I'm only gonna be bringing my aqua foundations right here and I'm gonna be a self-tan when I go but as I'm in the water myself 10 will start to wear off so I'm gonna have to make like little mixes and stuff so I'm bringing my tan shade which is 143 that's when I'm self tan and then I'm bringing my fair shade which is zero one two so I'm gonna be all set for those another thing that you can not forget when you're going to Hawaii and you're gonna be in the Sun a lot is sunscreen and this is my favorite favorite sunscreen this is the super goop unseen sunscreen SPF 40 it's like a makeup primer and it's so good and it doesn't break me out which is huge you guys so I love this stuff highly recommend it and then of course I have to bring my first Saudi oil because I love using an oil before doing my May my foundation and then for another primer I have my Smashbox even skin tone one which I just love so I packed that and then since I'm gonna be going in the water a lot I need a waterproof mascara for my bottom lashes and so I'm bringing the milk makeup cush waterproof mascara this is really really nice I've been using this a lot lately and it's not like super hard to get off either which is like amazing and the bristles are awesome on it too and it doesn't get clumpy on the eyes I was kind of like skeptical for my bottom lashes because I like to use more of a smaller brushes for that but this has been applying it just fine and I really really like it okay so the next part that I'm packing it's my Charlotte Tilbury powder this powder I love to set my makeup with especially if I just want it very lightweight so I'm just gonna pack this up like then this is called the airbrush flawless finish and I use the shade fair it honestly is like a translucent for another powder I have the Too Faced Born This Way ethereal setting powder which I really like this one I'm going to use if I need to be able this one I'm gonna use if I need to set my makeup a little bit more like at night for concealer I have two different ones here I have my Laura Mercier flawless fusion ultra long wear concealer this one is more lighter weight and it's very hydrating so this one I will probably be using like everyday like during the day and then at nighttime I will probably be using my Tarte double duty Beauty concealer this one is a little bit more fuller coverage but it's a little bit heavier and during the day I want to keep it very light on my skin so I have two of these and then I also have two pot concealers because I just love concealer this one I really love when I am fair I actually use this to cover up any blemishes if I don't want to wear foundation because it matches my skin color perfectly it's the NARS light two vanilla soft matte complete concealer and I think this is like my third one of these but this one I love just to kind of blend perfectly into my skin another one that I love to use is my glow skin Beauty oil-free camouflage in the shade natural right here I have been through probably like 20 of them I love them they're amazing the only thing is is that they match my skin perfectly so I can't just wear it on its own but I love to carve out my brows with it and I like to cover any blemishes with it if I'm putting a foundation on top then it works perfectly because this one covers the blemishes the best and then of course I got my brow pencil I'm gonna be keeping my brows very simple so I'm just bringing my benefit precisely my brow and shade to I live off of that it's amazing and then for a highlighter I actually packed this little guy this is the Becca opal one and it's just really cute and little so I was like you know what I'm gonna pack this one even though I think I would totally be fine with the Tarte one in there I don't think I need this I'm still gonna owe and then also for setting my brows I'm using the milk makeup cush fiber brow gel this one is in MJ right here I love this so I've been using this to set my brows over the last few days so I'm gonna bring this along with me to keep them in place and then I love the lip balm you guys this is the milk cush lip balm in can atonic and it looks like this right here I have been using this a ton and it just brings the perfect like shade of your lip color but better on your lips and it's super hydrating too so highly recommend these these are amazing I really like those alright so for lip pencils I'm bringing my Laura Mercier one this is in Rosewood this is really pretty it's more of a pinky color I love that one and then I also wanted to bring more of a nude and so I'm bringing in my Pat McGrath labs and supernatural which is right here so you can see that was like a darker nude that one's really pretty if you outline your lips and then blend it in and then you top it off with a clear like lip gloss it's gorgeous and then I'm gonna bring my NARS orgasm is if they're like lip or lip tint oil infused lip tint it's both of them so I'm bringing this along with me I really really like this guy it honestly just kind of stains your lips and it it's just perfect for like you know if you're going out into the Sun and you really don't want like a heavy lip color on so I'm bringing this one with me so I'll probably keep that one like in my beach bag and then I wanted to bring some lip glosses because all about the lipglosses right now this one I actually got in my Ipsy glam bag Plus this is the Tokyo melt Margot Elena Elena and you guys this lip gloss is beautiful I am like obsessed with this lip gloss right now it is so stunning it's got a light pink tint to it and it's just so lightweight and beautiful like uh it just gives you the perfect juicy lips so I really like this one and then I'm also bringing my new one that I just got which you guys will see in a future PR haul I actually bought this one this is the Laura Mercier risque I honestly who needs so many clear lip glosses but I guess I do but I love this one I've actually used one all up and then I was able to find it I thought they discontinued it but I found it on their website so I repurchase it so I'm packing this one along with it as well so I'm just set I'm set on the lip glosses and then I'm only gonna be bringing one lipstick and because I honestly don't see myself really wearing a lipstick I just might line my lips and then do the glosses on top but I'm bringing the YSL rouge but pure Couture in number 10 and this is the best shade ever I'm like obsessed with this lipstick right now look at it it is so beautiful it's a really pretty pinky nude so I'm like you know what only need one lipstick so I'm bringing this one and then of course I'm bringing my tweezers right here which these ones these they're M fara brushes and oh my god these are like the best tweezers ever but if you accidentally get your skin it hurts so bad so be careful with them but they are like the best most precise tweezers I've ever used so yeah that is everything that I'm packing in my makeup bag alright so kind of thing on the makeup topic I'm not gonna really go end up with this but I'm packing my brushes right here which I'm actually going to throw this case I think I'm gonna soak it in my big laundry sink and then dry it out because it is so dirty it needs to be cleaned really bad but it's from bdellium tools and I get so many questions asked about this brush case this thing is the best you guys so you just unzip it and then I like fold it over and then I have all my brushes inside so I'm only bringing a few brushes and honestly it's just like foundation brushes highlighting brushes powder brushes blush brushes eye brushes concealer brushes that's about it only like very small amount because I know I'm not gonna really like be doing dramatic looks or anything while I'm there it's gonna be more just simple so I'm just bringing that but I need to wash this up and clean those brushes that is my goal for tomorrow I'm going to be doing a brush cleaning day and I'm gonna be cleaning this up but love this case you guys and plus I like it the fact that it's travel and it just sit and holds your brushes up which is awesome so it's perfect alright so last but not least I have hair care and it's all in here this is a cute little bag that I got from Garnier and it's from that brand called Stoney clover I actually really really like their bags you guys I have one over there that's a big one that I got from Too Faced but it's like bigger than what I wanted to bring to Hawaii so that's the one I usually carry all my makeup in but I'm like no we need to condense so I convinced that other smaller one but this one I decide to use for all my haircare products being a little extra with my haircare products to be honest but it's just I don't know what I'm gonna want to do with my hair while it's there I don't know how the humidity is gonna treat it I don't know what's gonna get what's gonna happen to it so I'm just being prepared okay so I'm also gonna be packing my straightener and my curling iron but I'm not gonna be packing a blow dryer because usually they always have a blow dryer in the hotel for you so those are just like the two hair tools and repacking but first off we always have to have dry shampoo so I'm gonna have my igk first class chuckle detox dry shampoo in the travel version one of my favorites and then also I have my little travel wet brush right here I love the wet brushes they are amazing if you have longer hair that likes to get knotted it literally saves your hair when you're brushing it when it's wet so definitely pick up one of these I got this at Target and then for my shampoo and conditioner I have these travel sizes right here from living proof these are their anti frizz shampoo and conditioner so it's blocked humidity gentle cleansing and no heavy silicones or oil and it's color safe so I thought that this would be great in Hawaii where there's humidity so yeah I have the shampoo and conditioner which I know Joel is gonna use and then I also have my intense hydrating mask from rock and oil as you guys know I love love love this hair mask so I figured I would just use this as well while I'm there to keep it hydrated and not crazy and to like kind of tame it and then I have a few travel products from rocket oil there's a lot of Moroccan oil in here but I've been really obsessed with their products and I had a great assortment of travel sized products from them so I packed them up the first thing that I have here is a Moroccan oil beach wave mousse for texture so I figured this would be good if I didn't want to blow dry my hair one day and I just wanted to use my natural wave and curl that I have so I could just throw this in my hair and boom it's done so I have this as an option another thing that I have an option is the luminous hairspray so say if I do curls and I'm like I want them to hold and stay spray it with some hairspray the next thing is the dry texture spray which is also really good if I'm curling my hair or doing like this type of curl I can get a lot more texture and lot more like volume with it by using this guy and then of course I need my protect and prevent spray which if I'm using any heat right when I take a shower spray this in my hair to help protect it and then I also pack the Moroccan oil treatment which I really really like it's a great little like oil just to put in your hair to really make it sure that it's hydrated and then last but not least I have my Sun lotion here for Moroccan oil it's an SPF 30 because you need to bring sunscreen so I've got this one all packed up right here for us I'm obsessed with Moroccan oil I'm sorry you guys I just really yeah okay so that is all my haircare my makeup and my skincare that I am packing for Hawaii I hope you guys enjoyed this video another huge thank you to Olay for sponsoring a portion of this video definitely check out the Olay Moisture ribbon plus a body wash you guys you really do see results in just two weeks it makes your skin so moisturize I'm so hydrated and they smell so good too and they're super affordable so I will have a link down below for you guys if you want to do the body wash challenge but I highly recommend it and I hope you guys enjoy this video if you did please give it a thumbs up and I will see you guys in the next one bye


Madison Miller · May 14, 2019 at 8:13 am

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