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it's time for a packing video I love a packing video I feel like they're very Marmite you love it or you hate them personally I'm in the former yeah got that right still feeling a bit not well all over the shop but it's cool I'm definitely in the former camp I love them not only are they very practical for me to make I get to pack for it awesome I find them really relaxing to make and relaxing to watch as well so that is what I'm doing for you today and this is a little bit different to normal because I'm actually going to California for three whole weeks three weeks back in for a three week trip that is quite mixed in its weather and we've obviously been checking the weather for the various different places that we're going to and we're doing a three-week round-trip road trip around California so we're starting in LA and then we're like going into the national parks coming up then going into kind of wine country dance San Francisco and then back along the coast and we're sort of taking in different weather environments as part of that and also very different activities obviously what we're doing in LA is gonna be very different to what we're doing in new seventies I'm kind of having to pack partly for like a trip where I want to look nice and wear cute dresses and that sort of thing but then also pack for a trip where I'm gonna be wearing like leggings and hiking boots and doing stuff like that so I'm not gonna lie it's been quite tricky one it's a pack four but if you're doing a similar trip or if you're just going away for a really really really long time this is my advice for how to do it and try not to over pack really thinking very practically about what you're taking that's what I've been doing and yeah just try it downsize in any way that I can I'll show you where I've got to and then I'm going to show you me packing it all in my case this is what we're working with and this is everything but I want to take with me and fit into that suitcase this is an away suitcase it was in a limited edition rashida Jones color I absolutely adore it but they do do a pink one normally and this is the medium size it's not the largest one they do it's the size below that and this is everything I'm going to try and hopefully fit in so I've sort of got electricals here toiletries here my jacket and then all of my clothing shoes so I've actually pre packed these two packing cubes these packing cubes but also from a way they were also part of that with Sheila Jones collection away actually do much better packing cubes now because they've got mesh on the top so you can see what was in each one and I haven't packed this packing cube and I haven't packed that packing cubes I thought I would show you sort of how I do that so this is all hopefully gonna fit into there then down here I've got my plane outfit ready to go and then like my carry-on bag I'm taking with me I thought I would show you what is in my hand luggage this is a standalone tote bag this is why I always always take for hand luggage on the plane I actually have a wood gray bag on the way to me it's like a massive straw bag I saw my friend Monique use it when we were in India and it was brilliant and it's slightly bigger than this and so hopefully that arrives in time and I'll be able to use that but in the meantime in case it doesn't I've got this good to go so I've got my Bose noise cancelling headphones these are the best if you're a nerdy flyer like I am this is what I'm reading at the moment the woman in the window AJ Finn yes I've read the articles about him I've got this as a gift from a viewer thought it would be rude not to read it about that to go on the plane I've got my empty water bottle got a memory foam neck pillow this one is amazing I'll link it down below if you just got it from Amazon this tote is that for many reasons but it has got a little attached purse which is great I've just got like my keys my passport or my S or information and my purse I'm gonna add my vlog camera in here obviously but I have got my film camera that I've been using a few of you have asked me about this it was marked first-ever camera that he got it's the Canon sure-shot bf and they no longer sell it but you can get it on eBay for like 20 quid it's not too expensive these little bags I keep packed all the time these always packed and ready to go and this one is like plane travel essentials but on liquid my liquids go in here my no liquids going this one I've got a battery charger I've got a phone charger I've got a spare pair of pants I've got some medication in here like paracetamol pepto-bismol travel sickness let's blister Foster's compression socks and I mask mints tampon sack up headphones in case these ones run out of factory tissues a tide pen oh my god these are amazing Mike impede like blister stick which is great more societal relief earplugs and a pen and then in here I've got my plain essentials that are liquid based I sometimes get stopped this is from Space NK sometimes I get stopped to put this in like the little sealed plastic bag but I'd say maybe nine times out of ten I don't just depends on the airport depends like what's going on in there it's no hassle to move it over if I have to and but it is quite nice to have it in this just so easy to get to I've got a mini mitchum in here I've got some cotton wool and a nail files and ear plugs and care extras like and back for my hands Bioderma just to refresh my face about having to go to the loo and this is brilliant this is the Vics first offence my nose gets really dry on planes and so this I just shoot that out my nose it keeps it nice and moist lovely toothpaste and many toothbrushes it's just one like on a fly it like keep will you just get through just brilliant because you can use it on your hands your arms your face I've got a Willie two lip balm a mini tiny teeny Jade roller sometimes I use that sometimes I don't the deep sleep pillow spray from this works I don't spray this like around but sometimes I will spray this on something mini eye cream Josh Rose Brook hydrating accelerator like Dee counted out again I don't spray this around I just spray this on a cotton pad a mini mouthwash and this is the main lindström blue cocoon love having this on a flight and that I've got some touch a deep hydration I mask and then the unique shower sheets which are brilliant if ever you get delayed it feeling really hot and sweaty forgot to say two things number one I've got a packing list on my blog there's like complimentary to my book and edited life I will link down below for you that packing list because that's what I've used to pack today it's why I use pack every time and then as I'm packing I mean it's currently Thursday we're not leaving until Saturday there's always like a couple of last-minute things that you need to add so I always just make a little list on my phone this is on my Notes app and I've got list for my main bag and then a list for my hand luggage so here's the case like I said it's from away and it is their medium-sized I quite like the fact that it's not massive massive because that forces me to really streamline things and not go too crazy with the over packing I'm gonna focus on this side first which is where I tend to put my toiletries shoes electricals and things that don't squish down as much this is very purple my clothing and just like the little carry-on that I've got from them and it has like a compression system so you stick all your clothing in tighten it up and it just works wonderfully works so so so well so speaking of electricals i've got three things and this is just a pouch that has various different charges in this is from GHD this is the travel hairdryer that they do i came out in most places that we go to you will have a hairdryer but just in case I like to take that with me sometimes I don't travel with my hair straighteners but I feel like this time I am I'm doing a book event in LA I'm gonna want to look nice especially when were in the kind of main town so just sticking that up the side we're gonna put some bags on this side as well so I've got the however you say it feel feel for your Raven I'm taking this with me because that would just be so handy when we're like hiking it's just good to have a very easy to use rock back and then I really wasn't sure what bag to take with me I was like actually this is the lower they puzzle I finally worked out how to fold it flat look at that it's not what Breeden folds up so small fits in its bag perfectly actually it's not a shedload of other things to go on this side I've got some kind of small things I can slot in I've got sunglasses an umbrella tote bags so these can just like slide down the side always really happy to take tote bags with you town fun brilliant then let's talk beauty bits because this is where I'm very very very excited in fact I'll zoom you in close for this so I found this and I am so so so excited to share it with you I basically been able to fit all my makeup all my skincare all my body care all my in this one bag sure is it heavy yes it is it's extremely mobile and I can basically just put this on like any surface I can find and it flips up and has everything that I need in it this is all that I need to grab out my suitcase for the bathroom basically this is my box I keep my electric toothbrush in so that is that this is a little pouch that I have got some jewelry in I've got some jewelry in there just to kind of keep it all in one place so like earrings necklaces and then I couldn't fit this in this is my Sun cream and I couldn't fit this in as well this is just mozzie spray people have been like you don't need mozzie spray for California I don't think I will but just in case I read up about Yosemite apparently some places can be a bit mosquito heavy so just in case I brought that in this that's kind of additional overflow in here this is from Space NK and this is normally used for brushes but I use this for cotton wool cotton buds muslins in the back of also got a nail file so that's just really handy to have that there one thing to note before we dig it in the little straps on the side kind of pants so I've had to hurt a little bit of a leopard print tie this is actually from a dress that I own it just to kind of tie around and make it easy to open and close because the little Colt beautimous fell off straight away however the rest of the bag is brilliant and it is really really light like the bag itself is very light so it's very heavy because everything i've added in there you go so it comes with these dividers that you can move around and so I've just added in one small divider one long divider and I've basically cut this down into skincare additional bathroom bits and then habits let me take you through this back pocket first this back bit has a wet brush with some hair bands on it also has a little razor and then rub a dry texturizing spray brilliant a perfume this from commodity and then these I got off Amazon I'll link them down below for you know they're not vibrators it's so many things about that one of them has in shower gel and the other one has in shampoo there's like little side pocket the side is a bit miscellaneous in it I've got a Susan Kaufman body oil I kept really dry and really dry at the moment so I quite like the fact to call quite a big bottle of that this was gifted from Chanel I think last summer and it's just a little spray that they've got like a self tanning spray I've got a mini Mitchum deodorant and then this is from fur and this is their ingrown hair solution I'm testing it out I just got it from cult Beauty when I bought this and it's really really tiny so that's really good fits really well in there the biggest things I have are in this pouch and their skincare I like to travel with all my usual favourites so there's quite a lot in here I have got a facial razor in there I've also got a pair of nail scissors an extra pair of ear plugs I like to have a lot of ear plugs with me and also my rubus tweezers so that's kind of all the usual suspects and then in here I've got the Blasi a milky Jake lenser Clarins I makeup remover Josh Rose brick hydrating accelerator glossy a super bounce serum May Lindstrom Youth G love em all this is nice and new this was give different Clarence this is their invisible Sun care gel – oil SPF 30 all my word so juicy so glowy SPF 30 really been enjoying that I bought this the other day this is from milk makeup and this is their cannabis hydrating face mask and I know I poo pooed on the milk makeup skincare but actually have use this a couple of times and it's really nice I like the idea of having a face mask that could be good for like decongestant I tend to get quite congested when I travel tan the faith facial Tanner and then I've got mini Peter Thomas Roth pumpkin enzyme ask really love that roto eyedrops and then I've got minis of the drunk elephant vitamin C glycolic and the ieaves those just kind of sit on top and then I've got the Clarins waster replenishing lip balm love this and then my eyelash curlers and you might be thinking wow I don't know that's brilliant is that it no it's not because over here houses all of my makeup so there's like a lot powder for brushes in I've got a buffer brush my eyeshadow brush a big powder brush and then there's like mini so either blender I've also got this cuticle clearing out tool this is what I missed when I was in New Zealand so I'm very happy to have that in there the Chanel highlighter and then I've got my mini gnar's i primer the glossy a bomb in cake I've got the NARS tinted moisturizer in there that's what I'm taking with me for my face Charlotte Tilbury concealer I've got the heroine make curling mascara it cosmetics brow power my blackhead clearing tool and then if that's not in it if you open up this pouch at the back I've got slightly larger flat items I couldn't fit elsewhere my soap brows I'm loving my sight brows I quite like this actually well it's not the internet the Marc Jacobs bronzer also brilliant it's got a massive mirror so looking forward to using that glossier concealer I love it and then max groundwork Paint Pot so that sits down at the back here very easy to get out very easy to use I've road-tested this for my friend's wedding day bridesmaids get ready with me up there in the corner and it just worked so well having it one in one place look at that so chuffed so here's my work out I've put all my toiletries stuff at the top and actually I've sort of move things around so I've got a big space here which is brilliant because I can put my boots in there and any sort of additional space that I will have will no doubt be filled up by Sephora so onto the other side and as I mentioned I've got these packing keys which is just absolute brilliant because I can basically just like pump them in and they're so easy to take in and out and all when I've got them out I can just sit them open get what I needed and put them back in without cluttering things on this side a really handy addition if you're doing a road trip or if you're doing a trip where you can never really unpack in your hotel room so this one has pajamas in it very boring just a couple of pairs of pajamas some big fluffy socks in case I need them I like my fluffy socks a nice big hoodie as well and probably halfway through our trip maybe when we get to San Francisco or maybe Lake Tahoe depending on the laundry facilities where we're staying I'm going to put that one at the top this one has pants and socks and swimwear in or maybe I'll just put that there for now so what I'm going to try and pack now isn't going to try and pack all of my active way into where has it gone here so I've got one long sleeve thin top this might actually just be able to be put in at the side it's from Uniqlo and it's like a little mini down jacket I think I took three pairs of leggings – sports bras there they're two tops and then I've got a pair of gloves just in case we go to like the summit of somewhere and this is what I didn't take with me to New Zealand and massively regretted so I'm just going to pop up there I've got some socks again I can pop that there a hat I really don't want to wake up but just in case I need it all more socks and then this is from Mike and it's just like a waterproof number again really really handy for hiking so let's see if I can squeeze this all in so the only things I couldn't pin to that were my socks are my gloves and this little thing I might be able to squish it socks in here actually now it's closed that's brilliant great so throw that in there I can kind of configure those as I wish in a bit and this would be quite handy to have it aside anyway and it folds down really small it's really good just to have in the car so the final packing cube is the rest of my clothing so I'll talk you through what I've got and I got to catch me jumpers again that might sound a bit crazy but along the coast like it could be quite windy I've heard that San Francisco can be quite windy so just be good to have Lakers shirt wise I've got four shirts I've got my oversize under the story shirt this is from equipment this is like mobile and one holiday shirt this is from Topshop and a couple of years ago now it's just like a wrap top that they've got I've got my long sleeves his an Blackshear and then I've got my frame black short sleeved shirt so I've got a couple of options there of long-sleeve short-sleeve different colors so five shirts in total two dresses both are from Realization part this is from Realization par this is their may only wild things skirt and can wear this with any of the top half options they've got more options for top half just because you tend to obviously change that around more I've got a black Topshop t-shirt a white Topshop t-shirt and then a black Topshop crop top and then the only other things I've got are two pairs of jeans so wearing a pair of black jeans on the plain that I've got exactly the same from redone but in like a blue wash and I've got these white jeans from Topshop so I've got a blue jean a white Jean and a black Jean that is plenty of jeans and then I've got a pair of shorts these are from girlfriend I don't know if I've got too much three types of t-shirts two jumpers two dresses two pairs of jeans one pair of shorts one skirt and then five shirts I mean I'm going away for three weeks I think that is alright if I can fit all of this in here I'll be very impressed of myself I'm not sure that's gonna happen but we'll see what we get to although I'm sweating Wow that is tightly packed that is more than I would like to fit in a packing cube normally because obviously you don't want it to be a pain in the butt to do back up again however once you take off the two jumpers and then the two t-shirts on this side you can actually see everything which is really really handy the one thing I did take out is my under the story's oversized shirt it's actually quite big to fold and I just didn't have enough space for it and I thought actually I'm sure I'll be fine with what I've got three weeks I won't miss there that would be cool tonight you basically play Tetris with your packing cubes so I'm just gonna put my biggest one in first so I can work around that pop my underwear down sides so it's quite nicely this is the one that has my outdoors kit in it and this is the one that has my pyjamas in it ah it's almost like they were made for this suitcase so this little down jacket I think I'm just gonna pop on this side here I think I might actually put my other shoes there as well they're really flat really small so they shouldn't take up too much space I'm gonna take four pairs of shoes at me I'm wearing my vans on the plane and they just basically gonna be like my everyday flat shoe doing loads of walking I'll be wearing my fans I've got these lock sandals and these are gonna be mine kind of all going somewhere fancy in the evening I want to look a little bit more dressed up and then I've got my Sam Edelman leather woven slice I'm just gonna put those in a bag and they can go on top so hopefully they'll still be enough space there my boots to go on top and the final thing I've got is my leather jacket and when you're going away for such a long time and you obviously don't want to take a lot of stuff with you you basically have to pick your jacket and be cool with it one jacket that's what you got and B I'm gonna take my under the story's leather jacket I think what I'm going to do is my this although there's not a lot of moving space I'm just gonna lay this here's get will creased compressing that down I actually don't need to add anything on this side so this this side completely packed on this side I've got a couple of things to add but hopefully easy-peasy all done one back three weeks let's do this oh look it's me I'm still here I'm not gonna lie I've had a very productive like couple of hours making this video I packed I've used up some leftovers but made myself a lunch I'm very very excited so hopefully you enjoyed that video safe travels to any of you who are traveling anytime soon and like I said the packing PDF is up on the anima edit and it has lists for both short haul and long haul trip so that should have you sorted however long you're going wherever you're going but yeah Rock to California I'm so so excited so keep your eyes peeled on Sunday for the first vlog that's gonna be the LA leg of the trip and then the one next Sunday is gonna have Kings Canyon Yosemite Lake Tahoe Sonoma and I think that's it and then the final installment will have San Francisco Big Sur and Malibu so I just I can't stop thank you so much for watching I hope you have a wonderful week and I'll see you soon bye


Lucija Nared · May 15, 2019 at 12:08 pm

i love the brows!

hannahlouiiise · May 15, 2019 at 12:08 pm

OMG WHEN YOU FIT EVERYTHING INTO THAT PACKING CUBE I WENT WILD😂 My boyfriend asked me today "when is Anna's blog post about her California trip coming?" haha, you have taken us through many a successful trip! Hope you and Mark have an amazing time xxx

fairydust · May 15, 2019 at 12:08 pm

Please please please tell me you're putting the Loewe bag in a dust bag!

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Good job on the packing, Anna. How much did your suitcase weigh?

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Anyone knows where I can get the case for the electric toothbrush? I didn’t know they had one and I think it’d be really handy to travel with 🤗

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Very impressive 👍💚

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Really learnt a lot👌

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That makeup/ skincare case is the stuff of dreams!

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Lisa K · May 15, 2019 at 12:08 pm

This is so helpful! I‘m going on a 5-Week trip to the USA in September and also doing the same roadtrip as you are! But my friend and I decided to put her suitcase into mine, which is a bit bigger, so we only have to pay for one piece of luggage for the first couple of flights! So I have to pack my stuff into half of a suitcase 😂 But I‘m so excited I already have a packing list, propably doing your 10item method😄

Elsemieke · May 15, 2019 at 12:08 pm

Love seeing packing videos 😁 could you do a follow up (here or on insta or in a vlog or something) on what you used or didn't use?

Helenes Cookie · May 15, 2019 at 12:08 pm

You will not regret the jumpers, when I was in San Francisco in July, it was not warm I spend most days in a jumper or a jacket 🙂

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I freaking love packing videos, man

Liz Neale · May 15, 2019 at 12:08 pm

My husband and I did four weeks in Europe out of a carry on suitcase – and the size of carry on you are allowed in Europe is so much smaller! 😂

Liz Neale · May 15, 2019 at 12:08 pm

My husband and I did four weeks in Europe out of a carry on suitcase – and the size of carry on you are allowed in Europe is so much smaller! 😂

Louise Alexandria · May 15, 2019 at 12:08 pm

Glad I’m not the only one taking cystitis relief with me, and antibiotics! 😂

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Packing cubes are cool but I hope you are bringing an iron?!!

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master packer! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

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Have a loveky time, Anna. Did the Pacific Coast Highway in August 10 years ago. San Francisco was nippy. The Pacific does not have a warming current like the Atlantic.

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