P2P Brooklyn: from apartment to shared flat, restaurant/club

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Oakland and New York City are quite clearly expensive all over the place for us the goals are really ambitious being that places are so close together in spaces or just as small let me to find a place in New York where you can play music and you can host people that's that's a lot to ask we had to find some place like this where basically the rent was made for one person but we decided to kind of be a little creative with the space and make it so two people could live there so once we came in it was just a big empty space and but we spoke with the landlord and let him know that the two of us would be living here and that we'd be building some walls and the terms were you could do whatever you want as long as you don't mess with the floors so we put up this wall this wall and then a wall between us when we first moved in here this was just one big space we kind of recognized like alright maybe we can have really tiny tiny bedrooms and then allow ourselves the opportunity to have a really big living room and expand the kitchen and so we could still host and have our friends over and since we saw that there was the potential to play music and we wanted to find a way to make it work so eventually we built up you know we lofted our beds in each of these areas and then we built the framework for these walls and then we put up the sheetrock and insulation before that but for a while we didn't have rooms we were just sort of camping out on the floor Adam was able to cleverly designed these rooms where they're super tiny but they feel really open and comfortable particularly when you're on the bed it's about seven and a half feet by seven and a half feet it's it's exactly so I had a queen and you had a double full yeah so it was exactly big enough to fit each of our beds so all this blue brown and white wood we were looking on Craigslist a lot to find some sort of wood to use as a veneer for the stairs for our desks and for above our beds and we found this guy on Craigslist at a 53-foot shelf that he'd deconstructed and he was looking to give away the wood for free and so we applied it above our beds to the stairs and to our desks and both our bedrooms it just happened to have all this character which is great these rooms are sort of designed so you're most comfortable in bed feel free to come on in you can see I mean I have like I design it because I like to like watch TV in bed or read books in bed so I have all this stuff right here and each of us have like a little custom shelf like this because for us we're really going to be in these rooms when we're going to bed so we wanted to design around what we want to do just before going to bed so from here you know I can read I can watch TV I also had like the window outside I have two windows to the inside so it it feels bigger when you're up here it makes it cozier but at the same time it's completely comfortable like I'm never like about to hit my head or you know like I've plenty of room to move around again it's designed to be very comfortable around the bed now and so it's the tiniest room I've ever lived in and it's the best room I've ever lived and it's so comfortable and it's designed around our needs and everything's like where you want it everything's like an arm's reach away you know so so these are really like bed rooms you know I don't want to I don't want a bigger room you know this is perfect for me my head's at this end the opposite end of Adam which also maximizes the soundproofing between our rooms just but by way of our bodies being physically further apart from each other for me it feels like I'm laying in the cabin of an overnight train or in a boat especially with like the white and the brown and the blue it feels very nautical which there's something very comforting about that it's easy to stay in this bed for way longer than I should it's very cozy the size of this room it's kind of remarkable because it's smaller than I've ever been in but it's the most comfortable room I've ever been in I don't need expansive space in the room that I'm sleeping in you know I really think of it as this is my bedroom it's the room for my bed and my other room is the kitchen and that's the room Omen most of the time my waking hours most of the time so yeah I mean this is just exactly what we need I don't have a TV I have my computer and I I tend to watch cooking shows before I go to bed although I'm trying to read before bed more got some books here yeah I mean you know I have my laptop and I often sit up and I don't usually in my boots on but actually do computer work here and how do you send an email you know I mean it's a nice little slice nice little makeshift desk right in my bed at least all these little metal clips here holds up my laptop and it's nice it's a good angle I can I can type out it's actually very comfortable to type phone I feel like this whole apartment and particularly the rooms feel like they fit like a glove down stair here is this standing desk but then we also have these stools which I made previously a few years ago these are shipping pallets the wood on here was found were big on found materials the windows both windows were found the door was found all the the colored wood you see here was found anyway we were trying to do it all in a budget so we used to what apply for the framework of the bed and for the shelves and for this too and for the stairs I guess for safety but also just for look we installed some LED lights in them so they actually have like a little bit of like a dimmer now even like the little storage inside of the stairs too for things like laundry detergent and stuff with the desks we decided to just make storage for all our excess kind of stuff on the side but again tried to keep it very minimal and sleek same thing for all my clothing I tried to cut it all down and then here the drawers where I have like just like shirts and shorts and socks and you know all that stuff kind of here behind there's just like a lot of excess junk like suitcases and random boxes and that kind of stuff underneath here I've got several guitar cases which are really bulky items and other large items like my camping bag and Wow see all that space under the bed ton of space and yeah if we hadn't lofted the beds we would have had to find a place to put a lot of these big things so this really created a great great space for them it's really the bare essentials you know I've got this little desk I mean you know the way Adam designed the beds this would have sort of been dead space if we hadn't capitalized on it as you know a desk and storage space so it's really nice you know when I needed sent an email and I wake up I come down here and I'm able to stand or I can pull stool and sit on it and yeah down here's my office II sort of things like scissors and hole punchers and my checks and envelopes it's a sliver of a space is liver space but you know with the you know vertical height of it you're able to get quite a bit in there under here we've got you know our hanging stuff or shirts and some jackets and then you know socks underwear shorts with a lot of dress shirts a lot of plaid shirts a suit or two we just tried to decrease the amount of clothing we had and so we created these tiny closets for ourselves but again it kind of expands out up into here where we have some sweaters hanging and then these are bigger coats in the hallway so here we have in essence kind of our walk-in closet hallway which was sort of created once we put these walls up because we actually built these these walls – built these for a room and so as a result of putting these walls here we created this hallway and once we created the hallway we were like well we gotta have hallway lights and so we rerouted this lighting over here and added a little switch over here so we have hallway lights the idea was this would both be a hallway but kind of our walk-in closet so we have like our shoes and random things all over here in winter we keep our coats and stuff over here we try to account for the using these like IKEA expedite shelving and we use them all over and we want to allow for enough space so that we could still close our doors and we just barely you know have enough for that we tried to make our doors do this full swing so that the hallway itself could be open this parts kind of Evans stuff so it looks like books basketball home it's a lot of stuff you know but yeah I needed extra storage for books you know I have some my camping gear here some water bottles and you know a little propane fuel tank lot of shoes a lot of shoes you know I keep my I got here we took some of our old clothing we used it to insulate these walls actually so we bought real insulation for the wall between us and for the wall between eben in the living room but then in here we actually just used a lot of clothing and stuff the walls with like shirts and shorts and that kind of thing to try to sound insulate we did two layers of sheetrock on each side we did legitimate insulation inside and then we also have this wood veneer on top on both sides so there's really a lot of material layered between us we also have like this like air purifier here which like makes a little bit of white noise too we really don't hear each other we wanted it to be really well sound insulated and it is hey Evan okay see it's pretty sound insulated Evan we definitely thought about very specifically what we need not like we spent a lot of time outside so this is just like we didn't need a huge huge bedroom at all we just really needed this you know you couldn't really take it up a lot more room fit of it better until the smallest I feel like the kitchen itself is bigger than both our bedrooms combined yeah I think think it is that's right sweet yeah I mean this is where I'm living most of the time when we moved in the kitchen was pretty sad and as we lived here Adam and I would stand here and just call it dreaming and we just sit here and imagine injury should we demonstrate we do do this something like this and we'll just stand here for a long time and just you know I had a vision for and I was seeing online that in Europe a lot its standard to have a dish drying rack that's above the sink and drips into it and I'm so brilliant because I hated taking up counter space which is so precious in New York with a drying rack and Adams able to execute a bill on this design we hacked apart IKEA drying racks is a very custom job where to get clips in like join things up here we use painters here then we cut holes in them and so but it works really well and you know and I wash something and I dry it and it drips to the same you know you put a plate away it dries and lives there in the same spot one thing we've started to really appreciate living in a space like this is seeing walls as storage because this is all if you're not hanging things from here it's all dead space that you're not using so why have to shove these things in a drawer and use that pressure space when you have this wall and you can hang it and not only that makes it extremely convenient to grab the things you need you know when I'm you know I have my baking stuff hand organized where I'm using my my stand mixer when I'm making cakes or muffins or whatever and you know and I can just reach here and grab a measuring cup to grab the whisk you know I have it all organized above the stove where I need these tools I have these tools waiting for me and it's super convenient when you be able to place out while you're living in it you start to add you start to add things that you realize you need from you know atom necessity you're out of you know your desires you know or in the kitchen we're constantly adding shelving and adding things because I start to realize like oh this would be really nice right here having all the dry ingredients right here people would do a spot where we can both reach based on how tall we happen to be you know I can just I could just get without going on my tippy toes just but it's also high enough that this door can still open and you know it not be an issue you really start to mold the living space around you around your needs and that makes it feel particularly rewarding to live here so you cook just for fun or do you do it for work I would call it a serious obsession of a hobby again you know I really mostly do it for fun although we're starting to host more and more dinners seriously there's some websites out there that allow you to host supper clubs for strangers that's another thing we're trying to do is combine our skills and see if we find other ways to decrease the rent here and so as a result we've gotten into this thing where basically we're hosting dinners and we're cooking meals for people were hosting them in this space in the garage so here's the garage these are the dining tables both these tables and the benches to match we use shipping pallets to make them over here is kind of like a workshop area the middle area is kind of our dining space where we host those meals and then the back area is kind of like our performance space where we have the drums and piano and can play music we added these big sound insulating panels on the other side of this is the street but we've insulated the room well enough that we can play whenever now that craigslist post they didn't even mention they mentioned there was a garage and that was it they didn't feature it and I think it's because they figured most people wouldn't really use it I think the guy before us was fixing his motorcycle in here and and once we really made our rooms as tiny as possible it created even more space for all the things we want to do I think we're trying to capitalize on our skills and what we can do and find ways to decrease rent as a result of it we really try to you know make the most out of a space like this by creating you know sort of DIY performance space and restaurant you know within it and so we invested all this work and time into making this space great and now we're trying to find creative ways to sort of benefit from our combination of skills and this apartment and decrease the rent even more in odd way it's sort this whole space is like both of our giant laboratory like he can experiment with all of his cooking ideas and kitchen related ideas and I can experiment with all my construction and design related ideas and they all just sort of fuse together in this space this is how it's going to go up with exactly like that so can you hold on to it for a second yeah so we don't put it up like that yeah all right one screw right through here I'm through this together with just a bunch of extra wine bottles we had so maestra plywood we had okay you should be able to let go now how does that feel how's your electrical work YouTube it's not rocket science that's pretty good we both learned a lot just from living in here and doing the things we do just sort of trying experimenting yeah this we kind of threw together with like some extra plywood like scraps extra wine bottles there's another thing I just sort of like had in my mind and I just wanted to build it it's nicer bathroom is so boring before there's a lot of when you have a space like this that allows you to have your tools and do cutting and make noise like enhances our creativity a lot of this stuff is like the furniture I made when I was first starting out it's all made from salvaged shipping pallets around Brooklyn everyone else's trash yeah we just threw these together and like a day made a plywood stained them and so they fit our bikes and you know the things we need like our bike locks and all that kind of stuff and our helmets it's exactly what we need my dad was visiting New York City for one day and he's been here a bunch and so we spent the whole day my dad and I we built these two bike racks and he said it was the best day he's ever spent in New York City so these I made a few years ago and the goal is to make them into basically guitar stools I want I there was three of them and I wanted to make them so you can play three assorted chords and then you can sort of play music if you sat with three friends like a G chord a C chord and a minor chord I'm in this like I mean but you know these are guitar strings I installed real guitar tuning knobs onto them too just look kind of big fun experiment just the soundtrack to our lives I get these ideas and then I just sort of have to build them and see if they'll work you know that's another thing I didn't consider is like the way you played is you gotta like you know I don't know it just looks kind of strange to just looks odd you can also play from the side here too and it's your favorite song there you go this whole thing has been our project for many months but like the benefit of this is we get to live inside the project so we were always just surrounded with our our efforts and then reaping the benefits of living in a well designed space and doing it ourselves we're just like filled with a lot of private we didn't hire you know guys to do it we figured it out ourselves and it was just really rewarding and then you want to hear a good goofy name I just got an email from somebody and that doesn't leave we kind of feel that every day yeah


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Loved their honest simplicity, in order to create room for the rest of their deeply experienced lives!

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