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What’s up everybody, this is Master Ian
Gamer and today I’m going to talk about a type of frequently added Overwatch content
that I don’t see being brought up nearly as often as it should in the Overwatch community,
and that’s new maps. While new heroes and events are certainly
exciting, I find that a lot of people overlook just how big getting new maps can be. Not only are they the setting of the video
game itself, but oftentimes they can be the greatest source of Overwatch lore and backstory. They give us a literally playable image of
the Overwatch universe, which is why in this video, I going to go through the Top 5 new
map locations which could not only add great gameplay, but also further expand on the story
of certain heroes and the world as a whole. Be sure to leave a Like and Subscribe if you
enjoy this video, and without further ado, let’s jump right on in. So coming in at #5, we have the very heart
of the original Overwatch organization, which is the Swiss HQ. Destroyed shortly before Overwatch’s dismemberment,
this massive complex featured staff housing, training facilities, offices, hangars, science
labs, and more. It met its demise at the hands of Jack Morrison
and Gabriel Reyes, who during a conflict at the facility, set off an explosion that leveled
the entire headquarters. Beyond this, we know nothing of what has happened
to the facility since, and even the exact nature of the explosion itself remains a mystery. One of the only real images we have of the
facility prior to its destruction comes from the Uprising comic, where we get a look at
a number of it’s rooms and corridors. However, the map itself if it were to be added
would most likely be set in the present, and therefore the facility would be in ruins. There might be some standing structures remaining,
but presumably the majority of it would be rubble. And this is what would help to make it a unique
map. Most of Overwatch’s maps are set in either
an active city or some kind of abandoned region, but none of them feel like true disaster sites. The closest any of them come would be Eichenwalde,
but even that is more of a “derelict” location as opposed to a “completely destroyed”
one. On top of all this, the old Swiss HQ would
be a perfect setting to reveal backstory on many of the game’s characters as well as
the Overwatch organization as a whole. Perhaps some of the still standing structures
or rooms could contain various clues and details, either in the form of physical documents or
computer displays. Additionally, this could be supported by the
game mode, which I suspect would either be Payload or Hybrid. The attacking team would be trying to retrieve
a payload containing some kind of valuable information from within the facility ruins,
and the defending team would be trying to intercept them. All in all, an historically important location
that could add a lot of great lore to the game. Moving on to #4, we have Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Now, we of course already have have this location
in the form of a Lucioball Arena map, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be further
developed through being added as a standard game mode map in the future. Especially since Rio de Janeiro posses some
unique characteristics when compared to the game’s other maps. First and foremost of these is the story significance
it has with regards to Lucio and Symmetra. Both of these heroes have some of the least
developed backstories in the entire game, so getting a map which is set specifically
in a location that both of them are connected to is a great way to show off more of their
lore. Whether it’s getting to see the favela in
which Lucio grew up, or perhaps Vishkar’s base of operations which we can already see
from the Lucioball arena, there’s a ton of potential to expand on here. Maybe the map would be set specifically in
a district of Rio which underwent Vishkar’s redevelopment, which could give us a better
idea of how exactly they managed to subordinate the Brazilian populace. Beyond just the story significance, Rio de
Janeiro could also fit a so far underused Overwatch map climate, being tropical coastline. So far the closest thing we have to this in
game right now is Dorado, which is located on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. A tropical map could feature bright sunshine,
sandy beaches, and various tropical foliage and scenery. We might not get to see too much of Rio’s
beaches and jungles if the map is predominantly set within the city itself, but nonetheless
it would fit the tropical vibe, thus making it a great location for both story and aesthetic! Moving on now to #3, we have South Korea. Just like Rio de Janeiro, it technically already
exists in the form of the Busan Lucioball Arena, but who’s to say that the standard
map would even have to be set in this exact same location? There are plenty of possible map locations
in South Korea, both real and fictional, which could both make for great looking maps while
also building upon the lore of its native hero. If we recall back in August of 2017, the Sydney
Harbor Lucioball Arena was released with that year’s Summer Games event, and then later
that month at Gamescom we got our first look Junkertown. Both Australian maps released back to back. So, having another map set in South Korea
seems perfectly reasonable. Now, as for what exactly it would be, I think
the best thing to go for regarding D.Va’s backstory would be to focus the map around
MEKA. The Mobile Exo-force of the Korean Army, being
a government funded unit, would likely possess its own facilities to manage MEKA operations
and store the mechs when not in use. Given that their primary role is to fend off
the giant kaiju-like omnic which repeatedly attacks from the East China Sea, it would
make sense for this facility to be located on the coast, if not on the sea itself in
the form of some kind of offshore platform. What I’d like to see regarding aesthetic
detail and lore for this map, would be the kind of stuff you’d expect on any kind of
military forward command base. This could include rooms with all kinds of
sensors and battle plans sprawled out across screens, a number of external battlements
armed with massive guns and other defensive measures, along with some form of a garage
or repair bay for the mechs themselves, possibly appearing similar to the second defender’s
spawn room on Junkertown. Maybe we’d even get a look at the troop
barracks, where we may get a glimpse of D.Va’s room or perhaps some reference to the other
MEKA pilots. Having all this suspended above the sea on
some kind of raised platform might also allow for quite a bit of boop potential in any outdoor
areas, and overall could offer a rather unique map layout, depending on how Blizzard might
want to design it. All in all, yet another unique map idea that
could provide some desperately needed lore for one of Overwatch’s fan favorite heroes. Next up at #2, we have the hard-light city
Utopaea. This map has been one of the most speculated
new map locations since basically the start. Located in India, it was constructed by Vishkar
entirely out of hard-light, and now serves as the corporation’s home base. Beyond this though, there is very little that
we know about it, including what it even looks like. Going off the design of Symmetra’s hardlight
turrets and teleporter, it won’t necessarily have to look much different from a typical
city, but it’s certainly a perfect opportunity for the design team to get hella creative. Given that its name is a play on the word
utopia, I’m expecting it to have a pretty fantastic appearance if it ever gets added. Beyond just its look and layout, though, like
the other maps on this list it would offer a ton in the way of story potential. First and foremost would be Symmetra. Maybe we’d get a look at her own office
within the Vishkar HQ, or even the academy where she studied and trained to become an
architech. Beyond Symmetra herself, a Utopaea map would
be the perfect opportunity to reveal more about the Vishkar Corporation as a whole,
including Sanjay and his mysterious ties to both the organization as well as Talon. If he were to in fact become a future hero,
this map would be a great way to build him up. But moving on now to the #1 possible new map
location, we have Control Point Galapagos. First shown during Blizzcon 2017, this map
was one of many old Overwatch map concepts shown during the event. While many of the others shown clearly evolved
into maps we have currently, Galapagos stands out not only as having no ingame equivalent,
but also because the map itself is located at least partially underwater. Presumably located near the real world Galapagos
Islands off the coast of Ecuador, it’s unknown whether the facility portrayed in this concept
art is supposed to be a Watchpoint, Ecopoint, or is entirely unrelated to the Overwatch
organization. What we do know is that it looks awesome,
and the devs themselves have even acknowledged this. Back in March, Principle Level Designer David
Adams replied to a forum thread discussing new map ideas saying “Lots of cool ideas! We always talk about the Galapagos map, because
the concept art was awesome and we really wanted to do an underwater map. Maybe someday.” This alone seems like the strongest indicator
that we’ll one day end up seeing Galapagos as an ingame map, or at least get a map based
off the same underwater theme. Either way, some people might disagree with
this idea solely on the principle that swimming simply isn’t a mechanic in Overwatch, and
thus having an aquatic map would prove problematic, but that’s not true at all. Presumably the portion of the map on which
we actually play would be within some kind of air filled dome or facility, just like
with the Horizon Lunar Colony. But, in order to differentiate it from the
moon map, I could see them going for a Control Point mode instead of Assault. And most importantly, this could allow the
devs to place three separate locations within one map, which could end up working incredibly
well for a map design like this. What if one of the three Control Points was
underwater in a structure similar to the one seen in the concept art, but then another
was located on or an above the water, possibly in the form of an ocean platform like what
I suggested for the MEKA base. And then the third of the Control Points would
be located not on the ocean, but rather on the tropical coast of the Galapagos Islands
themselves. Thus, within one map, we would get locations
located underwater, on the water, and in a tropical beach environment. This could potentially offer the most aesthetic
diversity out of any map in the entire game! Now admittedly, I’m not sure how this could
tie into any aspects of the game’s story. Perhaps it would be one of the Ecopoint’s
that Mei visits after waking up from her cryostasis? Regardless, I think this is a map that would
likely focus on being aesthetically interesting and unique over expanding the lore, but regardless,
it seems like a cool possibility that even the devs themselves are interested in making
a reality. And these have been the Top 5 likely new map
locations we could be seeing added to Overwatch. Did you like any of these ideas, or do you
have your own that I didn’t mention? Either way, be sure to leave your thoughts
down in the comments below. Don’t forget to leave a like if you enjoyed
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until next time, have a great day!


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