Our Perfect Combo – Road Trip Australia Podcast 3

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hi guys welcome to the next episode in this little series we got going on today we're going to talk about why we chose the caravan and why we chose the Navara but about to make array let me give you some nice celebrate so Amy why did we choose the Navara so the Navara was my daily runaround I purchased it when I was a second year apprentice and you know this is my daily runaround walls an apprentice through my apprenticeship and then it was just yes it's capped ongoing when I became a trainee I joined a company which had a company car so it has a little bit of a rest it wasn't needed as much but so use it on the weekends and after work talk about how you wrote it off and then in my fourth year when I was working at a tunnel in Brisbane there was a massive hail storm came through and we could see that we could see it hailing from the tunnel and yeah went up and to the car after work and there was how they made y'all on the roof from the bonnet so from there the insurance company wrote it off so it was never fully company more they wrote it off as fully comp and then I had the option to buy it back and it would only ever be insured as the party so yeah it sort of owes us nothing and yeah yeah cuz how much you buy it back for so they've wrote it off for six six or seven and I bought it back for two one or two so yeah it's realistically the Nara and the bar right now is only worth two grand looks so yeah so it's worth more in parts than it is anything else yeah because carat was looking we were we would weren't originally gonna take one of our are you were looking yeah I was going for the Ford Ranger 2010 ish models or the BT 50s just for a bit of an upgrade for myself but when I started looking into this navara I was a sigh I looked up the details and it can tow three ton I was a slight whoa didn't expect them after tow three-ton but yeah it says it can do it perfectly fine so if diesel always been a fan of diesel diesel is bloody fuel-efficient towing we get between 17 to 18 litres per hundred KS that's bloody good for a tow vehicle and two years on it's still going so I don't know how that thing's still gone it's been gone for two years I don't know how the bloody things still go on I'm surprised all right originally I thought the chassis would snap in half because that's what these Nevarez are renowned to doing but the thing hasn't snapped in half the engines still go and the engine hasn't blown up on itself with we're thinking it could be the second engine not the original engine because it should have blown up by now and Azen I don't know what happened in its previous life before I owned it so when I got up when I got under it when she first showed me the Navin looked like a mess there was mud in the chassis it's just it wasn't really a car that I would have recommended to buy but knowing what I know now it's putting surprised the hell out of me yeah I just ticked all our boxes to like we want to drill cab so he put rusty in the back yeah that's a good day yeah we wanted to obviously try so we put the canopy on so it has ticked all the box there that would be stupid not to I mean yeah we'll go we've talked about in our budget video how we had it sort of kitty if something went wrong with a car but we haven't needed Brian or the car yeah bloody survived another point as well – we'll drive this is four-wheel drive if you're doing a lap of Australia you need a four-wheel drive yeah you can do it in two-wheel drive but you miss out on some of the best places in Australia so just get a four-wheel drive yeah they're a bit more expensive but bloody hell it's worth it yeah definitely yeah so I just wanted to yeah elaborate on that because that's a big point when people looking at these cars touching on the car real quick yeah it can tow three ton but there's no way I would put three ton behind us now so looking at towing limits and all that don't see three ton and go yes I'm going to buy then that's gonna be three ton always give yourself that little bit of play because you never know what will happen you know you might someday put more in the van or put more in the car and stuff like that so yeah never just be careful with them high-end figures why the caravan jeez this is a big one yeah well we just we had a list of what we wanted we knew we wanted a caravan we wanted a caravan we should touch on why we wanted the car yeah yeah why do we want why did we pick a car that yeah we wanted a caravan because we knew would be on the road for 18 months plus so we knew we wanted a home sorry a bit more cozy than a tents or a swag or a camper trailer just something that we could just pull off set off in ten minutes on my step another reason we got the caravan was safety safety for us and safety for rusty safety for us you know once that doors shut someone's really gonna really be smashing into it to get to us and as well all of our stuff all of our possessions and stuff are safe we have never had an issue with security in the caravan so we love that for rusty we don't like leaving rusty outside chained up there's nothing wrong with that but for us we've heard stories of people doing it and the poor dogs have unfortunately passed away from snakebites and stuff like that I can't buy dingoes oh yeah attacked by a wildlife pretty much yeah attacked by wildlife and subject-to' the extreme elements of extreme colds and heat so for our comfort and hers we'd rather her being inside with us so she's just a mini child that's why we see it she likes her love curious yeah bloody spoilt princess another reason is we knew we were gonna probably pick up some work along the way so we wanted to have our own accommodation on our home so we could have that to offer we just thought it'd be good to have a caravan so if we're working go somewhere someplace to come home to out of the elements out of the weather and it's got all the creature comforts and cider that we love yeah especially especially on the station it came really Andy yeah because there was some yeah they got station dogs on the station so it was good that we could isolate Rossi from them every now and then if we needed to and yeah it was the accommodation and the caravan was a little bit better than the accommodation on the station and if you work on a station you'll know what we're talking about so you're probably thinking why the Carmel are these guys last night what they're doing we had no clue what we were what Caravan we were gonna get or what brands we simply just had a list of things we wanted in the caravan and then we just started looking around from there yeah yeah we had absolutely no idea what we were doing first Caravan we'd never bought a caravan my parents don't have a caravan parents hate towing Xand they've never had a caravan yes we were just winging it clueless yeah and and yeah it's like home he said we had a checklist and what was on the checklist he remember what was on the checklist it had to be tandem for safety it had to be an off-roader obviously it had to be a pop-top because of off-road reasons we wanted to get in places and not be restricted by the high top also with the pop-top it's better economy I'm towing as well and to touch on that when I'm telling this thing sometimes I don't even think I'm towing it it's crazy and what else we got the tapered rear end that kind of wasn't in it but it definitely should be included because that has helped a hell of a lot yeah that rear end ensuite Oh princess toilet and shower I was the princess and I thought if I'm gonna do this 18 months I want a toilet and shower I've done the camping you know I'm peeing in a bush digging you all that sort of stuff so one of my requirements for the toilet jar yeah I've definitely come around to that idea as well I like there's nothing worse than in the middle of the night you have to go outside and go to the toilet or you know you're in the middle of a caravan park and you have to go to the caravan park toilet to everyone watching you while you're in your jammies and stuff like that I know it's stupid but it is pretty luxurious when you think about it in that respect so and it's opened up camping a bit more because we can say in like self-contained sports self-contained camps yeah so it's sort of helped in that respect as well we can say in those I'll be friendly sports yeah so after we knew we wanted the caravan and we had our little checklist we started looking around online going to Caravan dealerships on the weekend sort of you know just tossing out what was out there Jesus what is out there Wow there are some shocking secondhand caravans out there we saw a couple there was one where the toilet it had just been made out of silicon it must have leaked like a I got saved you know it was crazy and the weight it would look so heavy as well that same Caravan and that was you know was a supreme caravan we looked at yeah look beefy from the outside but yeah yeah a lot of the ones we were looking at were quite heavy and that was a sort of turnoff yeah like the the Jayco discovery outback bloody thing yeah that thing that's the equivalent to this was like 2.6 tonne or something like that and they certainly like 2.2 or two-ton you know so even the new J cows were bloody heavy I mean yeah it got more few more water and stuff like that that yeah we looked at the jegos we looked at gold stream gulf the gulf we really wanted why I really wanted the Gulf it was only single tandem but that thing looks wicked you know you got the outdoor kitchen and all that look there it's small as well MBC's MDC's we were so close with them as well but we knew the hole made in China imported over here for caravan it was just a bit too risky because we knew were going on these extreme roads and if that thing was weak in any way possible it just would have fell apart so we pulled the pin on the MDC as well and then when we found this guy we had never even heard a CoroMill never had a car mal night how do we find it good we went to a private dealership it had just been traded in so I wasn't even cleaned it was someone who's come and traded it in for whatever reason I've seen it I drag cut into a sir look at this one what about this yeah and yeah we we often I'll about it for a couple of weeks we went a hundred percent sure on it it's a research but yeah the more we researched on it the better it became and then it just ticked all our boxes the only box it didn't tick well as it was slightly out of our price range we had a target of 25k that makes me want to spend on a caravan and this sucker noon on a second-hand car van and this one was advertised for 30k so Kurt will tell the story on how it came to be ounce so we bought it from a dealership and I walked around it and there was a lot of things I didn't like maintenance wise like the baffle and the stuff in the gas and the battery was completely dead and rock they were just it was rotten stuff like that so it looked like it's never been touched since it was bought out so I have the expectation that I'm gonna have to replace everything that needs that's gonna be worn like this the absorbers that pop the roof up and stuff like that you know so I expected a lot of money to be spent there so that's how I handled them done and I handle them down we pay 27 grand for it yes that's how much you pay back our bin and yeah so we have them down to that I mean realistically we're happy with that like the caravans beautiful yeah I did spend oh in the body the gas tank so we got two gas tanks non-lethal one 8.5 liters and they were both the originals 2005 ones and gas tanks only last ten years before they got to be Rhys tempt so I don't know how that passed safety bloody thing that a dealership would have to do I thought that would have to be like a number one thing you know anyway I'm not whinging but your safety concern it needs to be tagged yeah anyway say yeah that's it really that's how we go the carriage yeah and then I'm there we just started modifying it a little bit yeah I changed up the interior I might have up lights in it yeah change the lighting obviously yeah just bit the mana mods to get it ready for our big guy yeah probably only cost is like a grand or maybe two just to get it the way we want it like restore everything and all that so yeah yeah it's definitely worth it I don't know how he flew to it but yeah we think we've got the best off-road caravan yeah crazy for the price so there's a lot of talk about towing something telling a caravan towing something big and just using your car for example a lot of people get scared because it is a scary thing when you got something so heavy behind the car and then you got wind gusts and stuff like that so and it's just a whole nother ballgame when you pull into sports when you're turning a calling on yeah yeah it just changes obviously it's completely different to just having a call you've got a walk tracks to make sure you can turn the caravan round or you can reverse you know yeah we haven't really gotten anywhere where we've been in a situation where we've had to freak out and do some crazy stuff to get out because we don't put ourselves in that situation we always look see if it's doable if it's not doable we don't do it and we find another can't spot nearby yeah I think definitely though your confidence in towing your yeah yeah I mean if you're not confident in towing there's so many courses out there and I think dealerships now they demand not demand they require a towing training course behind you before they will sell you the caravan because there's too many people going out there buying a caravan never towing at all in their life and then off they go on the open and then they end up rolling it or smashing into something and yeah so there's always ways getting through it you know and if you don't like Tom well yeah you just don't tell you really there's plenty of other setups out there yeah for ASCO its confident to a stone towed bike trailers all sorts of trailers through his life for me personally most of all and tips the Coast Guard and octobots like launching and retrieving them in the boat ramps and driving them around the town so oh I'm not saying the confidence Toa but if something happening occurred I'd be I can happily tell you that thing wrong yeah yeah yeah and I have done like just on long draw it's got needs a rest or yeah yeah so I think that's a big thing like you need to be semi confident if you're gonna get a caravan and towing and obviously not saying you know we're talking ourselves up but confidence is a big thing especially when you're going off-road knowing your capabilities your limitations as well that sort of stuff yeah yeah so about pretty much wraps this little episode up to be honest yeah we touched on as much as we can like it said if if you've got any questions or comments just leave it in the comment section below and we'll answer them hopefully you know giving you a bit of an insight on why we chose the Navara and why the Carmel Caravan yeah we got plenty more of these to come hopefully one mini episode firstly so stay tuned and uh thanks for watching and awesome cheers guys have a good night nothing still gone ed yeah this'll guy lupis this traffic part of the McCanns lot guys


Brad Thurkle · May 15, 2019 at 3:14 pm

Fantastic video guys. Very informative. We bought a 2018 21 foot jayco silver line.I think it’s like 2.6ton from memory. We tow it with our STX Navarra with no probs. We Definitely don’t go chucking that big girl around corners. You hear of and see so many caravans rolling over from just to over loaded or not distributing the weight properly. It’s life or death 💀 ya gotta get it right that’s for shore. I’ve done a tour of our Jayco on my YouTube channel go have a squizz lol 😂 again great video guys.

k horder · May 15, 2019 at 3:14 pm

Not to be a negative Nancy or say your overloaded but one thing to think about, empty weight of the nav is 1895kg, gross combination mass is 4850 so off the bat it can't legally tow 3 ton with someone at the wheel plus once you load it with 2 people canopy bullbar etc. your decreasing your capacity even further. The nav can take 1025kg load so you can only legally tow 1930kg at max vehicle weight. Scary to think that slot of grey nomads/travellers like yourselves doing the big lap, either don't know or do know and don't care. It's not the fact the vehicle can't do it, I've seen where you've been, but the insurance side of things when an accident occurs, no matter who's at fault, the insurance company will work out your overloaded and essentially say get stuffed. I only have a Subaru Forester and my work requires me to regularly tow. I will say a tandem is heavy when it's let alone full, so I just drive cautiously and make sure the trailer brakes work very well.

James Eastham · May 15, 2019 at 3:14 pm

You guys need a show. This shits all over the weekend shows hosted by flogs haha.
You're real, no bullshit, and funny.
And not driven by sponsors.
Love ya work legends

steve berg · May 15, 2019 at 3:14 pm

Thanks guys.Wish I had thought about walking the track before having to back my caravan back about 70m through sand after finding a low branch blocked my path. 🙂

LandTourier · May 15, 2019 at 3:14 pm

“You’re dead right about the gas bottles Kurt…..good vid thanks 🇦🇺”

stuart watson · May 15, 2019 at 3:14 pm

thx guys as ive said before i have a prado na a 16' van towing exp 10 years semies not to worried about towing a van as such.

Western Australia Now and Then · May 15, 2019 at 3:14 pm

We have been through more rigs than I really care to think about over the years and a 4×4 and caravan (with a boat in our case) is the most versatile kind of rig. For long term travel it was hard to beat our old bus because we could carry everything we needed but that was when we were travelling and working. For just touring I think a right similar to yours is pretty much perfect for most people. Having said that, we no longer have a caravan 🙂

Brian Boys · May 15, 2019 at 3:14 pm

Is that dog wearing a top

Ozzie · May 15, 2019 at 3:14 pm

Great session guys

retry tobuy · May 15, 2019 at 3:14 pm

I reckon you done the right thing getting that van. It’s such a peaceful oasis when the bad weather sets in too. Off-road, tandem, tapered rear and pop top are the four main things I’d be looking at also. I think the females traveling Aus with there partners in tents and the equivalent, genuinely don’t know what they’re missing. 🤙

Sue Sclater · May 15, 2019 at 3:14 pm

Is your van fully self contained for camping at showgrounds etc? I note you leave the van in free camp spots while you sightsee. What security measures do you take to ensure it is still there when you return?

Benny Banger · May 15, 2019 at 3:14 pm

caravan? wooses – like me! Let's start a wooses club! I love living outdoors, but setting up a tent or a swag – definitely over that, plus you have the option of doing all the outdoor stuff when you choose. Great value van guys – perhaps in hindsight, but has clearly worked out. I think if you are touring, there may be times when the caravan or camper should just be parked and secured as you guys have done. If you are going away just for a couple of weeks, then yep, I see the value in a roof top or a tent/swag, but two years travelling – that demands a home base IMO and a good camper or caravan like yours is ideal. As you said, different strokes for different folks.

mick tebb · May 15, 2019 at 3:14 pm

Another great video guys, keep enjoying life 👍

TechStories79 · May 15, 2019 at 3:14 pm

How many klms on your Nav? mine only has 44k lol

Mick Cameron · May 15, 2019 at 3:14 pm

I was having a chuckle listening to you two. I agree with Kurt that the bottles should have been restamped or replaced. Too late when you are on the other side of the state if something goes wrong. You are a good pair, you are a balance for one another. Easy to see there is always discussions continually going on. Love the video. Bravo from Victoria Australia

cameron smith · May 15, 2019 at 3:14 pm

+1 for the d22! For their price, they're the best bang for buck, no spending $40,000 on a ranger. I'd never tow the caravan (can't be bothered), but each to their own and you guys have a great set up and look like you're living it up!

Jamie Baumgarten · May 15, 2019 at 3:14 pm

Great Video again! 👌
Hey what's that song in the intro?

Dave Clarke · May 15, 2019 at 3:14 pm

Hi Guys fully enjoyed the podcast very interesting. Thanks

budget diy · May 15, 2019 at 3:14 pm

Great video guys. Really good tips for those wanting to travel.. had you got the mdc you would probably be on the third one by now what you guys put that van through 😂. Awesome legends 🤙🏼

Rusty Gypsy Roving · May 15, 2019 at 3:14 pm

I have the nissan trade ute petrol. I had to replace gear box. Engine still going at nearly 500.000 km. The answer to your question. Just over $200. On the high banker can recycle in a 20ltr bucket but need 30ltr due to water in pipe.

Aussie Boomer- The Turton Crew. · May 15, 2019 at 3:14 pm

Great video. What is the best modification you’ve made to the van and do you have any other mods planned for the van?

Benny Banger · May 15, 2019 at 3:14 pm

a 4WD and a diesel – towing will cost an arm and a leg with a petrol. Now if we had a good charging infrastructure it'd be electric 4WD for the pulling power.

Hugh Jazz · May 15, 2019 at 3:14 pm

First and well done guys
The D22 is a strong unit, heaps stronger than a D40
The crank in the D22 is almost twice the strength of a D40 crank
I have traversed the Simpson with a mate in his D22 + Canopy and i'm seriously impressed, the thing flys! He had no trouble with our Landcruisers and Ford Rangers
Every bit as capable. Think of a D22 like the older Toyota Hilux, it will just go and go and go.
Nothing wrong with wanting a shower and toilet either, this isn't just a weekend away and we have evolved

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