OUR FIRST TRIP TO JAPAN! | Senso-ji Temple Fortunes & treats.

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Hey Guys! My name is Rupert. And I’m going, to Japan! [Music] Hi! So we are going to Japan today, specifically Tokyo. Uhm, we are in Toronto right now and our flight leaves in about an hour. Stop laughing! HEY! *Explosion sounds* Anyways. So we are going to Japan. Uhm, we are going to be staying first in Oshiage which is near Tokyo Skytree. We’re staying there for two days at [email protected] hotel. Then what we are going to be doing after that is we are going to be staying in a really nice penthouse in Asakusa! And I am really excited for that! And then we are going to be staying seven days in Ueno. Like a poo. Like a poooooo. *fart sound* [Music] Hiiii! Hi Uh, we just landed in Vancouver and then we are going to be going to Japan *weird excited squeal* to Jahpaaaaaaaaan! *squeak toy sound* But it is going to be like a 10 hr flight We are going to be pretty tired Can’t wait… I don’t want to put any makeup on but I really should because I look like a grundle-chode but Rupert looks handsome! and so do you! *kiss sounds* [Music] So right now we are staying at the [email protected] hotel in Oshiage and look at this view! Tokyo Skytree is right outside our window and it looks so amazing We wish you guys were here to see this with us. Wait where is the poo building? Where’s the Asahi poo There’s the beer, but I… OH! The poo is behind it! Oh you see the poo. I see the poo! I see the Golden Poo. *chipmunk laughter* Look how polite the toilets are Buh-bye HULLOOOOOO! Uh-oh… [Music] So one of the coolest things about this hotel is that it has a rooftop terrace and you can come up at morning or even at night and you can have your breakfast they also serve drinks as well which is really nice so you can just sit, relax, and enjoy the view. Unfortunately, for the first 3 days in Japan I was sick, so we only got to enjoy it the morning we were leaving the hotel. So now we are headed to Asakusa, to meet my little brother at Senso-Ji Temple. [Music] When we got to Senso-ji we decided to try drawing fortunes. and how you do that is you place a 100 Yen coin into a slot and then shake a metal box to get a stick with a number on it for your fortune! You got it?! Mine are all stuck together! This one So this is the fortune Marriage and employment are both good MARRIAGE! …alright Do you want to try now? Yeah, sure [Music] Oh, what did you get? My fortune awaits. Patiently… Regular fortune?? *fart sound* Aww, that means it is okay What a waste of my time Very nice… The person you wait for will come, but late Are we having a baby? Wait is it 200? Ahhh, S**t! Alright, it better be worth it What did you get? The main one… the big boss Shiba Oh my god… OH MY GOOOOOD OOOOOOHH MY GAWWWWWD Oh, I’m going to cry What did you drop? YOU DROPPED THE SHIBA?! No, I dropped the flag Shiba flag I’m throwing this out because… waaaaaaaaaaah Alright round two. Which one is this? *shock* I think I got Goku going to the gay club [Dance Music] He got his hair did Yo he is ready Tell me that’s not true [Sexy Music] He ready to get some No it’s not! [Music] So while shopping at Nakamise we actually came across a stall that sells Ningyo-yaki which is a bread type of dessert that is filled with either bean paste or custard Is it good? Well it has red bean It’s like a super soft pancake Yup 2 for only how much? For a dollar …100 yen I’d buy again and I’d buy a whole bag and eat it like popcorn [Silly Music] I’m about to eat… a pigeon I think that is what these are supposed to be like a little soft chicken Oh he is coming back, look! He knows It smells like a cupcake Like a vanilla cupcake That’s really good! I never thought like… the red bean would taste so good warm because we are so used to having it when it is cold It is very sweet [Cute Music] This guy right here Oh it’s so cuuuuuute! *baby cries* Doesn’t look like it is going to do much damage You might get an infection An infection? From being around you? [Sexy Music] Hey guys! We hope you enjoyed our FIRST video Make sure to hit the LIKE and SUBSCRIBE button if you want to see more Well, see you next time when we go to Ueno Zoo! [Titanic Recorder Music]


Andrea Lozano · October 8, 2019 at 1:51 am


Twon Games · October 8, 2019 at 2:27 am

It's Antonio, Glad to see you two are having a great time! Also great job on the video loved those edits. This just reminds me how badly I wanna go to Japan myself, maybe one day…

D-Unit · October 8, 2019 at 4:45 am

That was so fun to watch. I would definately watch a travel show with you as the host. Great job.

Isa Franco de Campos · October 8, 2019 at 3:36 pm

Lol I love this soooo much 😄😄

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