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where are we going this morning Vancouver Island Home Sam’s home today we are kicking off the trip that
we’ve been wanting to do for a very long time a road trip across the length of
Vancouver Island Sam grew up on the west coast but moved away when he went to
university and I had never been there so it was high time we both visited to make
things even more special when our dads heard we were traveling to Vancouver
Island they both decided to come along so we embarked on this road trip as a
gang of four also I need to mention that flying from Vancouver to Victoria we
experienced our shortest flight ever 11 minutes in the air across the strait of
Georgia it was pretty cool your attachment my business well hello hello guys and
Vancouver island vancouver island this is where I grew up I was born on the island
and I lived here until I was 18 born and raised and when was the last time here oh my gosh
it was 2007 and before that 2002 so basically in almost the last 20 years
yeah I’ve only been here twice visiting so it has been ages since I’ve been here
like way before I met you as last time I wait here and you know what Sam has been
talking about wanting to come back to Vancouver Island for years yeah so this
summer we finally planned a road trip we are doing a two-week road trip and
partnership with trover trover is a cool travel and Photography app where you can
find geotagged images of cool places to visit and like discover new things to do
so we’re going to be exploring the island and using the app to kind of find
new things yeah I’m so excited because you know even when I lived here there’s
so many things that I didn’t actually do especially touristy types of things and
so I’m really looking forward to visiting some like some really cool
small towns checking out some cool different restaurants doing some hike oh
my gosh I’m just so excited to be back here I can’t believe I’m actually here
it feels a bit surreal and I’m super pumped to be here for the very first
time and also we have two special guests our dad because he says I’ve been in
Canada for 50 years and have never been out west the vancouver island yeah and
your dad and my dad because he basically he’s lived a third of his life out here
on the island and so this is uh this is a homecoming trip for him as well so
it’s gonna be great to rediscover the island this is gonna be really my first
time to see it kind of with adult eyes well we hope you guys will join us for
the road trip we’re gonna be filming lots of videos as we travel the length
of the island and yeah let’s get to it Vancouver Island guys we had a bit of a drive ahead of us to
reach Mount Washington which would be our base for the next few days so we
decided to break up the journey by making a few stops along the way
first up the town of chemainus which has managed to transform itself from a
former logging and mill town to a tourist town thanks to its numerous
murals visiting chemainus is like walking through a giant outdoor gallery
with paintings that help tell the town’s story it’s a place we would definitely
want to experience with a bit more time we then continued our Drive north taking
a little detour along the way to see the natural wonder that is cathedral grove
next Macmillan Provincial Park when we were looking for places to visit on this
drive heading north one of the places that we found on trover is cathedral
grove where you have old-growth forests and just giant towering trees these
beauties we’ve just entered the trail and we’re already like cathedral grove is part of an ancient
douglas-fir ecosystem with trees that are around 800 years old some of the
trees stand 75 meters tall and measure 9 meters in circumference with a trail
network that weaves through the forest we arrived just before sunset so it was
pretty magical seeing the sunlight shine through the hanging moss and danced
across a carpet of ferns so we have arrived at cathedral grove
the place i had been most wanting to visit yeah MacMillan Park it is
impressive size of the trees here it’s just unbelievable and they’re just
behemoths you cannot describe this in words it’s amazing they look like
they’re fake it’s so big they’re maybe one of the greatest free attractions
we’ve ever been to it’s great no no fee what I want to say about this place is
that if you leave a sight a good sight like this alone for a long long time
it’s gonna be called old growth this is old growth this is a Douglas fir and
then we also have some massive cedar here too okay
it’s a beautiful Drive it’s so cool so close to Port Alberni
the good thing is that they they were preserved for the future generations to
enjoy because these to cut this it’s just a crime against humanity that’s the
way I see it these things like this cannot disappear from this planet
remarkable we need to preserve this need to preserve them we have a bit more
hiking this is what you would call a max forest
and what I mean by that is that it’s been left undisturbed for so long that
it’s come to this you know this these are the the cedar and the fir are the
two max species that occupy here there’s hardly any underbrush is just a few
sword ferns maybe everything has been left like it is and if you do that then
you get what you call the highest level of the forest and this would be a max
forest right here Wonderland it’s going here Wonderland yeah without Alice alright guys so we’ve arrived at our
accommodations here in Mount Washington thanks for driving all day we’re up the
hill not down the creek yeah we have the paddle you know no problems getting up
here yeah we’re able to stop at the grocery quality food store and get
whatever we wanted this is what we’re having for dinner like a little indoor
picnic bass yeah yeah do it your cheese reaps veggie platter
lots of meat pumice and some presen presen bread and we have wine from Spain
Cheers yeah we decided against the cooking a
meal tonight we are so tired looking a long day 11:30 hour of Toronto 830 3 hours
less but we are we’re under goal from what four o’clock this morning yeah we
were up at 3:00 you have to get up earlier than everyone and past midnight
inside your tents it was our first day so what were your first impressions of
the island stunning it is beautiful oh my goodness
like we must have driven about three hours today heading north and we went
through forests and like these winding little rows I really love that I that
area with the air mature forest is the the Colossus of the forest when they
told me all their huge I figured well you know like a man you think of a big
tree but to assert the next BAM but when you go and you see a three that is a
thousand years old and you can’t even see the top it’s no I some of them are
like 75 80 meters tall that’s a big tree I’m impressed beyond you know my wildest
expectations anybody that goes there that wasn’t a tree hugger before they’re
definitely gonna be a tree hugger after even though they can’t wrap their arms
around the tree take three or four people to join together so yeah you have
to give it a group that’s a great start to our trip and we’ve got a two more
weeks so stay tuned so we’ll see you guys tomorrow yes we are well instead
Cheers cheers to you and that’s a little taste of her first
day on the island this was mostly a travel day but in the next episode we go
hiking with friends and Strathcona Provincial Park we spot our first black
bear and we get stuck on a ski lift so we’ll see you soon with more Vancouver
Island adventures you


Pranav Kumar · November 2, 2019 at 2:02 pm

Nice Video Samuel and Audrey

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graziaelianna · November 2, 2019 at 2:23 pm

Great trip!!! Daniel is right: We have to preserve the forest…. BTW, love your shirt, Sam!!!

Paul Wheelan · November 2, 2019 at 2:25 pm

Wow. Amazing film. Sam…So good to see you touch base…. Loved it x

ozza26 · November 2, 2019 at 2:30 pm

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Yeah. Lovely place Victoria Island that i always thought of visiting.
Heard about it from my parents years ago.
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Me encanto vuestro video , maravillosos los arboles. Paisaje excepcional. Pero muy corto. Saludos Familia.

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I am working in Washington state and want to go to Victoria. Do you have any particular recommendations for the city of Victoria including restaurants, places to stay, or things that I can do on foot? As I won’t have a car

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Hi Sam and Audrey watching your video from Saigon Vietnam Love this beautiful country Love it BUT I needed to watch my Canadian friends explore Victoria Island Great video

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Looks like you’ve done it again!!!
Your road trips are the best!
Really enjoy seeing the towns, what you eat and accommodations.
Wouldn’t be the same without the dads!!
Poor Togi—-he would love the forest.
As always, your photography is exquisite. You capture simple things in such a beautiful way!
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