On Location: Back to the Future (1985) Film Locations!

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(exciting orchestral music) – We’re headed to over
30 years in the past to visit some of the
most amazing locations and recreate one of the
greatest scenes in film history. So buckle up, hang on, as Beyond The Backlot
goes Back to the Future. You know, when I think about
the all-time greatest films, it is impossible not to put
Back to the Future on that list. I mean, it is timeless
in its storytelling. The characters are compelling. The music was chart-topping. Now this movie was filmed
all over Southern California, literally in peoples’
front yards and back yards. In fact, we’re right here where Marty, as he jumps back to the past, discovers that his home development, Lyon Estates, hasn’t even been built yet. And he begins walking down
this road and he’s left wondering now just where
he is, but when he is. And this is where and
when our journey begins. (bright orchestral music) This is the place where time
travel became a reality, where Doc falls, hits his head, and the flux capacitor begins
its journey to get created. We know these homes as The
Gamble Homes here in Pasadena, which serve both interior and exteriors for the Brown family home in all of the Back to the Future movies. So now we’re gonna head
to the high school, the high school where Doc
and Marty, back in 1955, go together to try and
right what is all wrong. (soft, dramatic music) Glamorous side of shoots, getting to just clip this thing on here. So we just pulled up and parked here at Whittier High School, which is really Hill Valley High School. And right here to our left is the ramp where Marty gets thrown into
the trunk of a Cadillac, meets the band, and ultimately
goes through those doors and ends up onstage at the
Enchantment Under the Sea Dance. Within moments of pulling in here, we’re right on top of some
of these really famous scenes here at Whittier High
School, so let’s go inside and see if we can catch a few more. When you watch these
films, you get this scope. And really, no sooner
have we pulled in here, we got checked in with the great staff here at Whittier High School. It’s a quick turn corner, turn corner and all of a sudden you see all of this stuff, just right away. Like right here is Doc and Marty as you’re kinda looking down the hallway. Just do a quick left turn
and we get this corner where the Enchantment Under
the Sea Dance poster is, and down that hall is where George McFly gets kicked and tripped. And there’s some additional changes. You’ve got drop ceiling
instead of the open ceiling, obviously new paint and stuff like that. But it’s all right here. (upbeat music) You know, in sort of our
journey with these films, you find that usually the exterior doesn’t necessarily mean the exterior shot matches up with the interior shots. But Whittier Union High School was both the exterior and interior shots. Little bit different
places for the gymnasium, but when it came to the school itself, the hallways, it all happened right here. So if you can imagine
Whittier Union High School saying Hill Valley High
School, it’s right here. – It looks brand new.
– Now, remember. According to my theory, you interfered with your
parents’ first meeting. If they don’t meet,
they won’t fall in love, they won’t get married,
and they won’t have kids. – Stuff changes, right? But the roundabout here is where Marty’s driving Doc’s car here, and it pulls around and
parks in front of this tree, which is a little smaller,
but this is the spot where things start to get right, where George finally grabs
his fist and punches Biff, and he’s able to take
Lorraine by the hand, defending her honor, bringing them back into the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance. So obviously we’ve got the
high school right here, but what’s really funny is you start to get a little bit more of the proximity. Because if you just look
over here to your left, you got the home of Principal Strickland. I mean, what principal lives two houses down from his school, right? (laughs) Strickland, keeping an
eye on the slackers. Hey, Strickland! (laughs) I’m just sure the people who live there get slackers! (laughs) (men yelling)
(guns firing) (bright music) Well, with a little more house hunting, we find ourselves here in Pasadena at the tree and the home where Marty rescues his dad from being hit by a car, but in effect messes up the
whole space time continuum. In fact, he gets hit by a car, he lands on the pavement, and when his head hits that pavement, there is that infamous,
kinda gut-wrenching sound when Marty smacks his
head against the pavement, not once, but twice.
– Dad! (horn honking)
(brakes squealing) (dogs barking)
(head thuds loudly) – I really don’t wanna hit my head. Oh! (laughs) Ow! Aw, crap. I totally hit a rock! (laughs) (groans) I really don’t know how he did this. There’s no way to softly drop your head. Oh! (dogs barking)
(head thuds) (dramatic orchestral music) We’ve been on a great adventure so far and seein’ some great spots, and hopefully tonight we’re gonna get behind the wheel of a DeLorean. But right now, we are headed
to the Marty McFly home. Okay, so it’s at Arleta,
California, right? Is this it? We’re gonna head down this street here. Oh, (mumbles). Yeah, so heres the street where
you see a falling DeLorean. Oh, I see it! That’s gotta be it right here. There it is, right there on the left. (laughs) That’s so great! That is awesome. So the more and more
places we get to visit, and we find ourselves
in the actual locations, you show up and things
just start opening up. As you drive down the road,
the canopy of the trees, even the way the sun is right now, you start to realize you are right here at the McFly Home and neighborhood. So standing in the driveway
of this home, right? You are reminding quickly of all the things that transpired here. I mean, not only do we
get Marty walking in, and the wrecker, and the wrecked car, walking through the doorway, but then later on he walks out and there’s where the Toyota is at. And then when the DeLorean whips
in here for the first time. I mean, these are all things that happened right here in this home.
(bright orchestral music) So we’ve seen some great locations so far, some really special places that make this movie come to life. And really, the magic
starts to happen when… Oh, thanks, Daddio. The magic starts to happen
when we see time travel happen, so I think it’s time we
head to Twin Pines Mall to see how we can all
go Back to the Future. Oh hey, thanks. Perfect! (laughs) (gentle orchestral music) That’s crazy. Oh, yes! There it is. (soft, dramatic orchestral music) Come on! Puente Hills Mall, or as
we’ve come to know it, Lone Pine Mall or Twin Pines Mall. This is the place where it all happened, where to got to see time travel for the very first time on the big screen through one of the most
iconic vehicles of all films, the DeLorean, the
time-traveling machine itself. Now, if you had told my childhood self back when I was eight or nine years old that I would be standing here today where all this happened, I’d literally have to go
Back to the Future myself and tell myself, this
actually is going to happen. Here we are. This is it! And our hope is to be able to create that time-traveling scene where we get to see the car, we get to see Einstein, all of ’em, go Back to the Future. (chuckles) Did not change that much. I mean, it has been like 30-plus years. When you come over the crest of that hill and you see this parking lot, and you see that car sitting there, man, it takes you right back. In fact, (chuckles) you don’t even need a time machine to go Back to the Future when you see stuff like this. Takes you right back. Right back, time machine or not. You get to see these
locations, you’re right back. And I can tell you the amount of time I dreamed as a kid of being able to crest over that hill and see Doc Brown and Marty McFly standing there about to zap back into the past. Unreal. – In you go! Sit down. Let’s put your seatbelt on. That’s it. – Come on, Einstein, let’s go! Come on, hop in. Let’s go! Come on, hop in. Come on! Come on! (laughs) Aw, okay. (laughs) We got Einstein, we got the
DeLorean, we got the mall. Let’s do this! (car whirring)
(brakes squealing) (triumphant orchestral music) (whooshing)
(brakes squeal) (gentle, mysterious music)


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