Oman Road Trip (Part One)

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We had a great day diving yesterday, it was a fantastic start to our camping trip in Oman And then we wound our way down to Bandar Al Khiran last night and camped at this stunning bay, a really really nice spot there’s a few other people here as well, and we’re glad that they were because they woke us up about 11 o’clock last night to tell us that our tent was in the water Made a little bit of a mistake on where to pitch it Today we’re heading up the east coast towards the UAE and then we’re gonna cross into the UAE tomorrow and head towards Musandam in the north The goats have arrived We were in two countries yesterday we woke up in Oman, had a picnic lunch at the beach in the UAE, then we crosse back into Oman just before sunset We’re now in Musandam, which is an area of the country which is separated from the rest of Oman and surrounded by the UAE It’s about 500KM north of Muscat so we drove it in two days camping along the east coast of Oman on the way up, it was quite a nice public beach and we arrived at this beautiful spot last night We’re gonna spend about a week here, exploring some off-road routes and doing some short hikes, maybe even getting in the water? I would say so. Pretty excited for the week to come! This is our camp spot for tonight. A lovely wee bay, a rocky beach there’s nobody here, so far anyway just some fishermen off the coast, it’s lovely We camped down at this famous fjord in Musandam last night the view from the top was absolutely spectacular there’s a road curving all the way down and you can see the fjord going out to sea. Really really nice But when we got down here the ground was really rocky, hard, not the best place to camp and it was really really busy with people set up for the weekend for fishing and such like I think this will do nicely Today has been an absolute highlight of the trip so far Amazing mountain scenery, driving that was fun for you, rocky for me And we just saw those camels back there! That was amazing, we came down from the road and they were just having a little munch on the acacia trees, that was brilliant This is spectacular! Here’s our camp spot We just have mountain views and this wadi stretched out in front of us Absolutely stunning What an amazing sunrise, this has been one of the most incredible wild camp spots that we’ve ever stayed at, not just in Oman but anywhere in the world but time for us to leave the mountains now, we’re gonna drive down to the coast Yeah, we’re heading to Khasab, we’re doing a dhow boat cruise today cruising around Musandam’s fjords we’ll be doing some snorkelling, relaxing on deck and enjoying the day basically BUT, how long do we have to get there? We’ve got an hour and a half and I think it’s about a two hour drive yeah, on mountain roads so we have to get going. Right now. We left Musandam this morning, we spent about a week there in the end it was superb, loved it We’ve crossed back into mainland Oman now after driving through the UAE for about 3 hours we crossed at the Al Ain border and now we’re heading down to Wadi Damm We’re gonna camp there tonight and explore the hidden swimming pools tomorrow, which sound fabulous I absolutely love this country We’re just out exploring these swimming pools in Wadi Damm and we come across these rock carvings, MORE rock carvings It’s just amazing. Like, this whole country is just amazing Today was a good day We woke up at Wadi Damm, walked up to the secret swimming pool up there which was absolutely gorgeous we were quite a few hours there so as usual we were racing to get to our destination before sunset Which is here! But we’ve just arrived, we’re here, where is here? We are at Oman’s Grand Canyon and we are camping literally at the very edge of the rim it’s brilliant And that’s Jebel Shams just over there, which is the highest mountain in Arabia So we’ve got the great spot over there, it’s getting dark, let’s go put the tent up and get dinner started That’s it for Part One of our road trip we’ve spent the last couple of weeks largely exploring the north of the country, Musandam and around there Next up we’re heading all the way down to Salalah, we’ll be there for about a week and then we’re heading up the east coast, all the way back to Muscat So you can catch that in Part Two, but for now we have a very long drive ahead of us all the way down to the south and we’ve still not packed up, so we need to get cracking If you’ve enjoyed this video, you can give us a like, drop us a comment below if you’ve got any questions about this trip, or Oman in general Subscribe to our channel to see all the videos and don’t forget to hit that bell Gotta get those notifications We’ll see you in Part Two. See you in Part Two, bye. Bye.


Mustafa AlRahbi · February 8, 2019 at 6:27 am

Perfect 👌 waiting part 2

Dawid Vector · February 8, 2019 at 9:33 pm

Great video

S M · February 17, 2019 at 2:19 am

Great video! How did you manage to get your air drone through Oman's customs? 😀

هيثم عمان · February 22, 2019 at 5:51 pm

Thank you for the video and the tour in the areas you need days in beautiful places in some states. I watched the video well and any service from the citizen of Oman Maqazr and this is a duty in helping and guide the guests of Oman to some places. The Baptists are known for their kindness and generosity and for helping others

Lifetime Travelmates · March 25, 2019 at 9:29 am

Wow, what a journey you guys. We never heard of Musandam but it looks amazing! The sea looks so clear and clean! We really love how you shoot, different angles, perspectives, and storytelling… Superb!

The Ageing Athelete · May 2, 2019 at 11:09 pm

Wonderful! Am heading there in a month’s time and will definitely be trying to catch some of the sights you’ve visited. Where would you recommend getting a car from and also are there any restrictions with regards to camping sites?

شهاب الجنيبي · July 29, 2019 at 7:37 pm

13 say jabal shams is th highest in arabia its rong.. jabal shuaib in yemen is the hights and south of saudi mountinant is higher than jabal shams

Archibold Clutterbuck · August 23, 2019 at 1:47 pm

Hey guys what is the book you're reading at 4.10?

Yasser Alsairafi · October 1, 2019 at 6:31 am

Beautiful ❤️🌹

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