Odisha Tourism revamped website launch

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unveiling India's best kept secret ELISA soon to be on every travelers bucket list spiritual experiences intricate art an immortal architecture play for dance and drama pristine beaches stunning landscapes and formidable wildlife Orissa treasures are innumerable the untold untouched and unexplored is now ready to embark on the world stage undaunted with its new digital present launching Orissa tourism govt I am repurposed rejuvinated restructure and revamp one-stop solution for end to end planning simplistic and clean three-step navigation 1 discover answers the watts and the web to see or visit experienced answers the while you are there by highlighting the coveted and assorted activities and things to do plan answers all the wells howls and whose about planning your trip here's what a typical digital journey would look like on Orissa tourism govt dot I am engaging homepage the many sections in citing call to action that pique the users in chess to proceed further it was fine a massive and iconic imagery five extraordinary reasons to visit Orissa showcasing the state's best prepackaged trails filtered by duration and categories engaging list of activities and experiences featured events that one can attend during their stay planning and booking tools like finding a local specialist travel agent locating experiences on the map travel advisory and booking eco tours under the travelers exceptions these are sure the user of the websites end-to-end planning capabilities and compel the users to stay on to give an insider's point of view actual traveler experiences in the form of blogs vlogs and photo blogs are listed by giving the user and insight into local flavors on dishes which are a feast for the eyes the users invagination is catapulted to their holiday in Orissa uh navigating to each of the destinations and cities the user finds well bucketed information these include top experiences in that place nearby attractions already reckoners of do's and don'ts cold essentials cheat sheets to make the user confident on logistics a list of hotels home state heritage properties and nature camps in and around the destination also appears the specialist travel agents and prepackaged trails which feature the destination also make planning so Swift and handy the plant section is the final stage of the users digital journey fully equipped with a trip organizer containing details of many trails travel agents and accommodation the trails too are quite detailed citing the places cover a day wise itinerary inclusions and an upgraded gallery section the plans section now allows the user to complete his digital travel journey by booking accommodation cabs buses and prepackaged trails for this the Department of Tourism Arisa has tied up with our homes odbc hotels an eco-tour ELISA to bring booking on to the eraser tourism portal making it a seamless one-stop platform Department of Tourism brings a crowd-sourced portal where travel agents to update their packages and trailer for Vitellius to update their information and deals and offers for the user to be able to bookmark their favourite destinations trains and booking information and view it in a seamless storm travel agents can now register online and get online approvals for becoming a do t recognized agency via the police our tourism portal New Age travelers heavily rely on an insider's perspective from a fellow visitor who has traveled the destination before to cater to this the Orissa tourism portal now has a dedicated section called insider stories via travel logs any traveler can publish their trips and experiences via blogs blogs and photos using a very simplistic and unique contribution portal equipped with a smart tutorial another key highlight at the website is its foray into the relatively few yet trending concept of virtual reality of BR tourism an interactive map adorned with indigenous art forms of orissa like patta chitta allows the user to view multiple tourist attractions in 360-degree views at virtual tours no trip is complete without souvenir shopping and taking back a little piece of the place with you for this very reason Orissa tourism's website is doing a pilot implementation of an e-commerce platform for Orissa handlooms and handicrafts by promoting Bonica and earth Kalika on our website this will enable users to shop for authentic souvenirs from elisa log on to elisa tourism dot govt dot IM for your virtual visit to Orissa and unravel India's best kept secret you

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