Octopath Traveler Let's Play – Part 2 – Tressa / Cyrus Chapter 1

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all right items store feeling grapes oh they are slightly more expensive have 15 I did end up using more plums than I would have realized but that was a boss fight so it's okay here of poison I feel like that's gonna be useful I like to have three of most status failing effects and then five later on Oh Phoenix sounds I usually like to have ten but these are called all lives of life grapes plums and olives are the restorative plants in this world all right iron spear son lands a spear okay oh I can get a new bow already damn that's a big upgrade okay so this upgraded would be 64 this rig is already 34 and it only costs us enough about 30 pretty close to a third I think it's worth this will be a nice stepping stone item and we can sell the previous boat a buoys unless there's some reason to keep old Beau's don't believe we'll find out later but either way it's the junky Estelle possible so whatever and you had black ice higher which I am broke now so don't even attempt any of that carbon where is the quest income I might get more pepperoni pizza oh she's reading the book okay Tressa forgot time and read every one of his adventures this world is brimming with two that is a valuable treasure I know what I'm searching for it's out there somewhere so I'll set sail for the horizon and the great big world beyond that settles it it's time I see the world what I'm going to leave ripple tide and become a traveling merchant see the world and have customers from every corner of the realm oh just think about what you're saying Travel die won't happen you're not even a stationary merchant you need at least two more years of stock in the store and three years of working the shop phone that's five years before you're ready to go anywhere sorry mom nope I had a feeling you'd say that there's no point in trying to stop you now for us you have my blessing oh this is our little girl you're talking about I know the height of feeling this day would come is her father's daughter I'm gonna turn the music down a pep in the end being a good merchant boils down to experience that's just what you'll find out there go and see the world treasure till your heart's content I understand but I can't help but worry Tressa don't take care of yourself out there won't you be strong and may the secret play light your path thanks MA thanks MA I'm sorry but I'll come back one day and you'll see just how much I've learned we wouldn't know what to do if you didn't after all you're our number one employee could say East out of town whoops off we go danger level one seagulls everywhere y'all thoroughly filled half the pages the other half is still blank yes I'll just have to pick up where he left on I'll write down everything I won't leave any stone unturned from the next chapter on this will be my story I'll travel far and wide journey on until every last page is filled I don't know what lies beyond there's only one way to find out see a ripple time pace do you think it'll switch characters now this is a chapter achievement I'm not setting out in search of dot dot dot before you continue your journey and cross source Tara there are seven others who await you why not venture out and find them together you can defeat even the greatest foes so I can go north or south evidently hmm I can be a nerd a cleric and a hunter or a warrior and a dancer looks like Rams up do you have a healing grape to spare that'll be 50 gold hello kit looks just like ramzes a squire or a night maybe see a kit there are people who need your help all across horse Tara help the people of the realm using the power of path actions which is merchants stuff for me Tony I never knew you were so strong there may be more than one way for you to solve their problems he obtained 1500 that's so much more than 50 that means I can go buy black attire if that makes any sense to do let's go take a look fiz deaf plus 20 but there's no comparison really does that mean I don't have anything equipped leather armor is plus seven okay does that mean you can't use it 20 is obviously better but if she can use it did I just do this to myself yeah well now we're good sweet maybe I should have bought more grapes let's see north or south warrior and dancer seem kind of fun nerd cleric and hunter or the other way I do come on just to see what they did first dollar hide himself more like gonna die in shale actually an entrance you're cut by surprise Oh miss do you guys like winged attacks I am they are just punching me I think the idea is to stagger the breaks that's what I was not doing before oh crap well said because the other one is stunned how much JP do I have now 59 even after a boss fight Wow right in front of a book see how it is get Lance continually continually Lance until such a time as you are dead I see treasure for define nut excellent East Atlas damn flats Tressa spotted 182 the fine nope just finds money all these dummies keep leaving money behind ooh frog man a flatlands froggen frog in the League of Legends player let's dope he's okay with spirit which is good my bow is way stronger oh I get it cuz she's a merchant five hundred oh I already know your weakness frog man never stood a chance that's a sixty-nine job points I think it did excellent game so far by the way very much anything here I go and Christine please can I reference the world map I can transport yourself instantly to any time you as I did before select place you want to go with the person then press a can only Chester all the cities town the villages festro may be unavailable tend to play in person juice so cited cyrus the nerd is here okay and thus my cows are my priority I'm just gonna buy everything rest sure yeah oh yeah that's a bargain hi ho very well then many scholars come here oh yeah you got something to buy hi-ho I think hit the other button hello sprite in the earring speed +10 seems worth insta because I do not have any accessory anomic need fast AF we let's break in oh I mean purchase goods this is a robbery to keep saving habitually books Oh children an egg you say I'll gladly buy this egg and a dish for the king we were to discount I am curious now let's try and sell this 200 that's way less than I paid for it AIDS Wow I'm a sucker I buy my crap anymore well that what he gets I need it about time how do I talk to that guy how do i how do i I can't I literally can't get on it okay whatever hello there the royal palace I wonder if that nerd Cyrus sings okay interesting components Issei until I know what components are not up just south of here lies the castle town it's a lively place since I was just there empowering hearing only 400 yes I think I know who stole that tone perhaps as you got a little chat with him just make sure we all understand one another I don't know what he is talking about Venus iris needs a scholar this is Houston nestled on the fertile plains of the flowering system many studies named Dave bring the weight of knowledge to the royal family and to all the relevant passage days in the halls of the great library devouring tomes to his heart's content I think that means he's reading them and not eating them is in the library where he learns of a grievous theft to certain that one of his fellow scholars is the culprit Cyrus sets out alone to confront the man in this shadowy subterranean study you'll need wise allies on the path he is chosen find comrades and add them to your party seek out your fellow travelers and they will ask you for your help complete chapter one of the story and they'll join you on your journey after chapter one you can change your party members at the tavern take Cyrus along fool absolutely hear the beginning of the tale yeah man your reputation in Atlas hasn't so it was that Atlas dam was founded some two centuries ago scarf down a piece of pizza before we begin Cyrus indeed our fair city state is among the longest standing on the continent of austerity but there was another city-state with a history as long and proud as our own that came to a tragic ruin only eight short now who can tell me it's name now about you Therese I think it was no no no there's no shame in not knowing an answer so long as you have a desire to learn the answer is in your textbook go on now look it up yes professor I believe it was someone market that is correct Hornburg was ruled over by a royal family said to be descended from priests of an ancient and long-forgotten religion on the other hand our fair Atlas dam was founded by one of the original clans that inhabited the flatlands who can tell me how many clans lived in the flatlands at the time your highness The Histories have it that aid cleanse did live in the flatlands in those days correct you are your highness it was a time of great strife here in the flatlands as the eight clans waged a long and bitter war change would come when the armies of granite hated these vans some two centuries ago at the time the rulers of Grand Port sought to exert their influence over territories inland ironically this compelled the warring tribes to put aside their differences and unite against their common foe a-hole but look at the time we'll pick up where we left off next time don't forget to read chapters three and four before our next lecture and be prepared to answer questions on any of the material within yes professor thank you for another most stimulating lecture professor Albright hello splendid brings nobody that you do you're alright your highness the truth of the matter is but of course indeed what did they worship very astute of you the truth is with pleasure I thank you this guy's sprite kind of looks like squall indeed aha good day farewell of course yes hello I wasn't done robbing this place yet boom look at that heck yeah hello and I'll check the throne room just for good measure I walked into a planter up alright folks I think I am actually gonna call it a night

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