Oct 17-18 Voting Locations: Kent (surnames L – R)

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Hi everyone, I’m Daniela Palmer, I’m an RA in Evolutionary Biology. I’m Chaz Lee, and I’m a TA in Music. We’re here at Kent Hall, because this is our voting location for the union election. Last names L-R will be voting here. Kent Hall is located on the NW corner of the Quad, it’s directly across from Swift Hall the Divinity School. And it’s also right next to the middle of the Quad. There will be signs all over campus next week to tell you exactly where the voting locations are. So we are at Kent 114, this is the specific room in Kent at which people with the last names L-R will be voting. Once you arrive, you should expect to see a Board agent, one union observer, and one admin observer. They’ll ask you for your name, and maybe your department and address. They may also ask you for a form of picture ID. So don’t forget to bring your student ID. A government-issued ID would also work. Once you check in, you’ll receive your ballot. If you’re not at your designated voting location, you’ll receive a challenge ballot. So we strongly encourage all members to vote at their designated locations. If you haven’t done so already, remember to sign GSU’s Vvote Yes petition. And make a vote plan with your departmental organizer. Ready to vote!

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