NZTA: Building a Digital Transport Agency with Google Technologies

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early signs of showing that trans it's going to be decentralized in the future what we want to be able to do is enable private providers to actually share their information in an easier way so we can actually build new applications on top of it and absolutely what we use in Apogee for is to create essentially a marketplace of of different transport feeds so what we're starting to do really is building a digital transport agency and using GCP Appaji and other tools like tensorflow to allow us to do that we used Apogee a couple of reasons really the name one that it's easy to use there's lots of capability in our development communities in New Zealand who understand it and I'm very competent in it and also the cost associated with it and the ease the ease and the speed that it takes us to deploy that particular platform is far superior than everybody else's products like a pudgy and GCP it's actually helped make us more attractive to the development community and any type of product is only as good as the developers that you can attract and retain so when you can actually know that they're going to be you working with modern scalable tools that are easy to use and help them to continually improve their knowledge base and competency becomes a much more attractive value propositions coming working government was previously probably using a an on-premises type environment which has been there for 20 years you know the gas to reboot here a couple of days a week you're not going to attract the right type of people that we need to really and transform transit which is going through a major change at the moment we're using GCP for firebase for kubernetes to really deliver some applications for us at the moment in Auckland unning Queenstown so we have an application called ride mate and which is an Auckland based mobility application which has to be very scalable we currently have about four and a half thousand connected devices moving around the marketplace they could be taxis buses trains what that allows our customers to do is see where all that transport options are in one place across all modes and the ability to pay for them so a fire base is really important for that now because we want to make sure it's scalable in the future as it continues to grow and also kubernetes is also very important for that so we can actually do a much more continuous integration and about products and actually have a high call a high quality development team within the organization to sustain those platforms for our customers in government it's a fantastic place to be because you never actually have to generate profit all you've got to do is make it to your customers and if I go and build a great product it's my loved ones and your loved ones that are actually going to benefit from it and that's the real the why for me

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MOHSIN KHAN · May 16, 2019 at 8:54 am

Sounds great

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