No. It won't work better a second time. Transport Fever Peninsula #25

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I tell you people as much as I make this look effortless there are half a lot of occasions where you look at what you've recorded after you're finished it's anything and just kind of go ah no oh what did you do so yeah in between setting up audio correctly setting up video resolutions correctly and then editing spot-on properly there are an awful number of places that you can completely hose this stuff hello friends I'm Colonel failure this is transport fever Peninsula today actually showing you the full video rather than just a snippet of it I apologize for that I'm going to put a checklist down somewhere that we do before recording anything to ensure that we get a slightly higher pedigree of quality going on I am I'm disgraced with myself what I'm disgusted with myself I'm disgraced in public anyway last time around you will have seen some of me building the route out from hurricane to city 17 which is now done and I was hoping that we would get a train here too to be able to ride along the last leg of the route because it's really quite a splendid beast and and it's yeah it is a splendid base and what I've done is I've extended the route to now hid city 17 as well so the full route goes Emerald City ministereth Wow minister hill valley kind of in between and then Arrakeen and city 17 obviously it's not done yet we've got some double-tracking to do throughout we've got tons of double-tracking to do throughout there is a goods line that needs creating but the final piece of the puzzle for now is going to be to roll forward to alpha complex and a new buses available along with the LMS corporation called a corporation coronation I will learn to read and be back shortly after the bombastic intro okay I say shortly after the bombastic intro I mean immediately after the bombastic intro anyway here is the the journey that I wish to take and we're heading out to one city 17 now you can gear see there's a plane in the sky which is nice that's possibly a ship or an island maybe both that's definitely a ship but we're coming in via the the green bridge winding mechanism of I mean look at this for a view this is this is a really good view I know that I read I routinely do views that can be described as pretty good but this one's great and and we come in here onto the onto the perilous subsidence risk track area here and what are we looking at as far as passengers concern there's – yeah that's that's not gonna save me any money three four five six seven eight eight passengers waiting okay right well something I suppose we made six point nine K from that that's not ideal now is it now we briefly flirted with being profitable on this route a couple of years ago since then we've not flirted with profitability at all simply because we're not filling out in terms of passengers so if we look at the gen 2 mainline here we've got a hundred grand in the red at the moment less than ideal the Asguard to arkham route is also burning cash as is rapture to Elmore but both of those are really old services which means they're going to be a bit slow so their demand is not going to be a top peak and yeah and that's that's the problem there we need to have we need to look at that sooner rather than later on the plus side however the the big hitters we've got a lot that are doing 200 grand plus I mean you could possibly say that food transfer down there is is a 200 grand root so that's that's good we're easily carrying the unprofitable routes at the moment but the goal of course it has to be no unprofitable routes yes on the subject of unprofitability I'm gonna need to come through here for this track to do the next leg and that's very dumb and there's no way describing it other than it's going to hurt now then what should we do I think we'd go up that side like so so if we assume that we maintain a straight line there the destruction level is is well as significant and that's in itself is well it's it's not really what you want but more concerning is going to be being able to connect both sides of the town together afterwards because there isn't a lot of real estate to play with here so going under or over whichever seems to be the the optimum there's no there's no there's no guarantees that either will actually work and I might end up having to do a level crossing which is something we don't like doing unless we absolutely have to and I think this may be one of those cases but the fact that we're going to be taking out pretty much this whole street is well it's it is what it is anyway before we get to that I think we'll probably start at the other end now we've been doing this for a little while now so so we're already at the point where where we've done it for quite a bit well AdWords that wasn't reductive sentence but I did hopefully once I hit alpha complex we can then do something interesting with a freight line running down there as well before turning ourselves and our attention to a slightly different project and I imagine it may well be turning back to shipping again but let's not talk about the future in the present let's talk about the present in the present and how we're going to make a rail station work in a sea now here are your choices as I see it there the question is where is alpha complex going to connect to in the future I think a rail line to rapture is not a Goa to to bigger bridge more bridge than I am strictly speaking comfortable with and therefore well that's you know that's that's a that ruled out however a route that comes in may be Zion a or more and then wines its way round into a station could work quite nicely the obvious one is going to be Raccoon City and mega city one and whatever lies beyond that and then I think we branch from Raccoon City to Caprica as well so what would the reason for kind of pontificating on this point is which way do you want your station pointing their chief and honestly not entirely certain if we have modular stations now it would make life a lot easier but I'm feeling kind of here may well be the the waiter the waiter rock and roll now it's going to be it's gonna be a bit pricey although I could knock this building out and use that as that as the foundation point for this I'm gonna knock this building out underground thank you good then pause the game so that the game doesn't get any funny ideas I've got four million in cash and then a further four and a half million in the bank that's easily enough to get us started here so we'll start out by just gentling this a little and then we'll get ourselves a station and see where we go from there now I'm going to want a a freight station at some point do I want it here or will it be more exciting right alongside yet will it'll definitely be more and more exciting right alongside the oil well here as our well or refinery it's a refinery right alongside the refinery here no that's the well right alongside the oil well here make your mind up we can go either way with this and and then and then what well never mind that for now yeah there's the refinery look that's the oil well yeah I know you've played this enough that you should be able to tell the difference between the two right okay so here's the the station placement that we're going for now I've introduced all of the varying mods that I've collected over the year over the years of playing this and I'm going to be honest with you here most of them are never really tinkered with that much because they kind of go like here's an arrow pointing at a line this one is an arrow pointing at several lines ooh good I suppose maybe hmm yes fantastic that's that's clearly what I'm gonna need this one it's got two crossed arrows Oh trouble so yeah I could spend the time of pokum and figure out exactly what they're all about but who's got that kind of time all right okay so we're going to go with traditional but I'd quite like the old bendy platforms are switched on which which don't appear to be effect at the present time bendy platform no mate no Betty platform for you I'm also studiously not electrifying any of this now I started out doing that going I'll add electrification later if it's needed but partly goes like well actually could you get away we're not electrifying you ever and just running diesels it is quite a long road and therefore you're gonna want some some relatively high speed Diesel's to do the job but high speed Diesel's do exist so there is that I will you've just come on now that which were you pointing and point in the wrong way okay right well point the right way yeah but then I'm not pointing the right way for any of these future connections that you want you know what you want here don't you want a bendy station all right okay well let's go generic what's that a progressive a counter curvature station crumbs no where do speak to me of the generic station and don't you dare crash thank you right so use planner no thanks why don't you use the planner because I'll have to learn how to use the planner and I I just want to get on with it right number of tracks let's go with five the reason for five is is that will then afford us a couple of terminals a couple of terminating tracks a long ways at least at least the opportunity to whistle through it now then where where you went way too far there and right so if you're coming in here right which is the straight line from city 17 then it really doesn't help for Raccoon City which is going to be our major on would thrust Elmore toontown's I on that kind of region will come in probably straight through the mountain area here so it's less unhelpful there yeah but I thought we're gonna go with a we're gonna go with a bit of a bend put a bit put a kink in it no you're gonna want more kink than that how much kink that's that's more like it and then of course we can we can now spin that in the direction that we want this is this has taken a turn for the pricey all of a sudden and also you know it's maintained at the same turn of that it's not going to work right platform Athens oh two sixty I want a 240 platform Oh logs this is this is gonna be expensive and then what well we're not using the planet right if you bet that that slope source menu no I don't want any source thank you I just want a platform roof length do we want quartic narrowest extremity width dunno what does that even mean I mean don't assume for a second that I've got a degree in maths you know why because I haven't we're just gonna I just want a bendy Station right I I don't need to you know further my career with a anything right thank you let's now speak with this and then let's ease it back out a bit let's try triple three here and then I will vote no no Caroline okay all right so that approach will work it means that most of these platforms are going to be term and I the other thing that we could do wait for it is something like a triangle station knows a half triangle station yeah you're playing with fire let's have a look at what stick down two hundred two hundred seem to be quite pronounced good right I say that but you know maybe not no leave you going straight as an arrow there and then this one we want to go good right ideally at the other end just you know just if that's if that's something you could see your way clear to doing I mean I can I can work with this but we're going to want to point this over that way right so if we align this like so then we've got our seventh city 17 inbound curve there Ashley this is probably gonna be the better way to go and then we can just do a bit of smoothedge although that does not look long enough if you want to 42 or what what we can do something else with C all right well a seadoo more been ditch or okay well good right okay now I need a flatten this turkey nicely I need to make sure it's long enough which it isn't and then he said right let's all nice good except I don't need it that long so so Cheers platform length a 240 meters yep platform length B 240 meters right common radius part length percent yes can I just opt-in right okay there we go how's that looking that that's looking okay so these two straight ones that we've got here they're going to be terminal the the bending track that we've got there is not going to be terminal but everything is largely pointing in the direction of Raccoon City so that's what I want what I really really want and now we're going to we're gonna just just goose the hillside a little in order to make that work right do so a little bit more in a flattened direction and you never know your luck right and how's that come on there you go thank you yeah yeah yeah no no no no no so what what we're searching for here is where are the areas of track-laying that are causing asked the consternation at the current time see I feel like that should work so that we got steep edge I can't even point at it I've got any point at the screen with my hand alright so you're a steep edge up here that we want to erode and then we've got another one there that we want to erode but I feel like that's going the wrong way it's that's a bus stop goddamn fact it's the same bus stop use Bruce Lee right there we go now how much there we go we've got it you've done it you're you're in business you could just take that I could possibly save a couple hundred grand though yeah but you won't though will you you'll just no no out on you ass but you oh it's getting a lot cheaper alright did this was worth a wiggle I take it all back you're a genius and sold ready yes taking it yeah cool now it's maybe a smidge more modern a station than we'd like in 1942 but it would wear got a choice there isn't anything that comes close to that at the current time now that we need to get roads in and we can probably given the lack of things that I've bulldozed we can get the game rolling and and that will provide us with sufficient slush fund äj– to make this work right now if you go down to the woods today don't you go over there and a bit of this this would be nice there's a bit of a bit of a wiggler in there I can see the ramp from here but that's okay I'd said to be honest I'd rather have the connection at the moment we're going to fix that when we decide to spend 200 million on on doing nothing but fixing up difficulties with Road if I keep you flat yeah there we go I said and then you come straight through there like nuts that's looking right so what did I say well you said many things these to a terminus is termini whereas this one is going to legend tits way up to what we've got going on there now in order to do that for some reason I decided it was really clever to have these pointing directly at an oil well mmm so smart however ah oh oh the opportunity that affords us is is to maybe split out a Goods line here to do just a gentle kind of a little tiny little station there that holes the holes unrefined oil over to the to yonder refinery oh that that would be exciting now you don't want to do so much that you cannibalize your existing very highly profitable route but but in order to up the tempo a bit that could be quite exciting or we could mothball this one entirely and do the whole thing by train now I have experience parenting off-camera with running a train from here to there let me tell you it doesn't work well it does work you can make it work but but what it doesn't do is doesn't make you any money at all in fact it costs you an absolute fortune because there's there's no discernible distance between the the source and the destination and so it doesn't make any money yeah I know that's that's a thing apparently so so yeah so we want to avoid doing that yeah you've chosen the wrong track here what you want to do is just put a bit of track in there are we going up or down well it's coming through so it's it's tough to say for certain well what if you were to back it up a little now the reason for sticking this in it's probably quite obvious is to ensure that I get as close as humanly possible to the edge of the of the oil well here and then we then will snap that to the to the left-hand track as we look at it now some likely I'll be able to afford it straight away but if we do that 610,000 the speeds good – actually that's that's not so bad and then we could do the right track alongside and what we don't do then is have any trouble in terms of clipping but the side of the refinery right let's take the money out no not repaying I'm borrowing it all again the bank manager goes whatever just you know I'm I'm here to fuel your progress there bolt capitalists and therefore you do what you what you mean constructions not possible shut up constructions not possible flipping is double track that right and get over here you grab go no can't be done why not look I accept that occasionally I build things that are somewhat challenging to get done but in this case you're gonna meet to give me a clue let's take it to there why is it slow down to 28 miles per hour because it's it's deep clipped there look right do that and do that still D clipped know is it is quick it is it is attached what right that's more like it a terrain alignment collision with the tunnel right well that's you know that's familiar territory we can we can do something about that and often the solution is just to come the other way although this time I don't think it's going to be so chipper what do you know fixed it see game all it takes is a little bit of perseverance and and to do things in small segments in order to make it happen I think we do still have a 28 mile per hour segment here let's call up the speedometer yeah yeah now here's where I get dicey with myself as we go well you could delete it and then see if you can lay it properly a second time I don't yeah but you haven't done anything differently there you go if you take that bit out as well Casey I had a I had a feeling that that might be what you ended up with their curse you incredibly convenient modded station I point their finger squarely at you for this ah hold on no it's colliding you can't do anything like that yeah good old 31 better do you want to give me an advance on third no you don't want to give me an advance on anything oh well at least it's got a kink in it now means that you know there is some some value to it all right we're just gonna accept this and then pretend it didn't happen I see I hate everything right take it back can I have my little 28 mile an hour piece of track again please yeah I know it made me unhappy but not as unhappy as not having it connected at all that does hundred eighteen all right and that's that doesn't do anything no it doesn't should've left it alone if it's working it's working why can't I get 28 miles an hour we don't know do we we've got no idea okay right Plan C delete this side of the track do the other side first all right Plan C let's face it is Chauncey right good yeah make sure we're all the way there we are okay do not inadvertently click on the station since when have I ever done that like once every two episodes on average you miss click there we got 58 slowing to 58 is acceptable what compared to 28 is anyway especially since whatever service it is is either slowing down or accelerating at that moment therefore we will accept it now I would very much like to put a crossover in here but to do so would be both madness and folly at the same time folly madness right you rock along there now I'm thinking your freight station lives here and then we run it up the passenger line now I know you're all like aghast at such a horrendous notion or okay alright if we don't like that we put it we put the station in here and then we go under just about everything to emerge at our point of exit there now that's far less fun but at the same time probably far more profitable yes right where's my station stations there now we can either maintain our heading and go this side of the bridge or we can take a swerve potentially ruin fewer people's lives and come out on this side of the bridge instead and the way we're going to go with that is largely going to be decided by by the next course of Terror formance here right if you come out yeah that's quite a lot of embankment and we're going up we're taking a steep downhill now we've got another bit of hillside there which is more or less at the same altitude we are now elevation I should probably say rather than altitude you've gone through that I would have I would have gone for a tunnel to be honest might look quite pleasing do we have that we don't okay well then it's just going to cost what it costs 184 K to do this badly isn't it's not so bad at all well we're on a separate Ireland which means I'm going to use a different style of bridge 124 yeah or 75 no steel bridge box pillars don't know wooden bridge stone pillar no its we're a little bit late in the day now for a no for a for a wooden bridge I might stick one in later cuz they look jolly good the problem is that the game rattles forward as you carry on doing your behavior and and your past an era where where it makes any sense modern metro for Hamburg stuff Hamburg we're nowhere near Hamburg it's a lovely town but we're nowhere near it no no you always end up using the flippin brick bridge use this ugly concrete rubbish though you're really selling it to me oh no no no don't use this brick stuff with green hand railings they are green as well right that's top speed are you satisfied with this angle yes and I think this means that we're going to go to the left of the road bridge okey dokey off we go now right you maintain your altitude to stay as a bridge so the road can get underneath alright the roads not gonna get underneath while you're pursuing this somewhat acute angle so let's let's knock that back rail takes precedence every time let's rock there you go yeah so about there now then how's that as an altitude difference I thought you were going to use the word elevation from here on in I just like altitude you know it's it sounds like it's more like an aeroplane yes still gouging I see yeah we are still gouging but that's okay gouging is life and and fury and so forth okay now then yeah okay all right we'll go for about here now I'm making this angle a little bit angly just cause at the moment now I need to put the road in before I resume operate on you operations are still rolling you need to put a road back in now all right well because I like it I'll even upgrade the road a bit if I get the opportunity let's let's have a look in fact I'm not entirely certain anyone's using this road so why on why I'm giving a map a splendid new multi carriage system beats me collision knots of collision okay now I see when you've done that all you need to do is is make this road make sense so that it doesn't look like you know you've just gone a gone like I as a bridge coming right knock our hole in something Jolly Green no stop it use something else that's horrible all bit of a good a bridge view for your main road I mean it's expensive i I'll grant you but but it looks alright we'll go with that yeah that looks dreadful it really really does it looks absolutely horrendous we'll we'll give that another go there you are why have you got gaps I think don't want I don't want to be able to see through the bridge don't make me in bank you you're in banked there you go STM bangle looks pretty good right okay and then do something similar over here to make this this makes sense though do this now I mean this is expense that I can probably I could probably avoid but I'm not going to avoid it we're going to go make this look sensible there you go no no see we've still got this flipping grass Bend going on there but you know it's that's a that's a detail also what are you gonna do about now well firstly we got no we've got no room for dirt roads in this bold vision of the future so will it's a bold vision of the past at the moment that's as may be but we are working towards a bold vision of the future a smidge steep one might say and and one would possibly be correct to say so that's all right now next job is going to be to build this bridge I don't know if five millions gonna do it but we're certainly going to give it the good old solid college try and five million will just about do it on cheap terrible bridge does it have a ford us sufficient chuffing space for a for a ferry of some kind to get underneath it does you've also finished your route there just a little bit low down so if we were to go a smidge further now I mean this this the life of this building here is forfeit anyway so Thames there's there's no getting away from the fact that I'm gonna nuke it yeah you know what would be good here is some kind of bridge Road mod now in the where are we here we go wait of you press the uvula you went a button almost too far there get off that bendy bridge we do have the really rather splendid and incredibly attractive and likely to make your game crash bridge pillar collision special here and it's great it's it's absolutely it's fantastic to look at I just remember the number of times I've crashed a game trying to place it in the past so there we go we've got a quick look at it we're not gonna use it right what are we gonna do well the other option of course is to snap to the bridge that is the other option then that's actually a smart move because that's just saved me a good chunk of money the only issue is that that is is that now triggering these yellows or were those yellows they're already where you can get rid of this to see if you turn this on no the yellows were not there so potentially you would be killing your your your sea route we don't want to kill the sea route that's a bad thing all right let's sir let's go again go from here over to there now I'm gonna model why have you suddenly put the price up what have I done – well you're building it a lot higher for starters all right okay well if we start down here there you go don't put the price up on me that's just gonna make me call you rude names I think that's not quite tall enough but that it might be this they see the it's it's creating yellows everywhere I go I think I mean we've definitely got a green path there and that one certainly looks like it might do it I'm not going to build the bridge like this just you know you can relax it's okay we are gonna try and maintain the same height as this disgusting stone texture now close up you know if you're playing a first-person shooter or something and and you had a stone texture like that it would barely register it would look fine in he go yeah a stone wall and it guff but when you've when you've got a lot of it and you're looking at it from distance then it's it's slightly more obvious I might use the box girder bridge I might not because that's just ramp the cost up to eight million I might use something else that is not the box girder bridge Green railings for sir it's nice I would love to be able to manage to stay at the same height as the road bridge though I thought that by slapping to it because roads you can snap rail to Road with relative ease you don't that road does not snap to rail but rail will snap to road they go that appears to be matching the altitude their elevation shut up height let's say height oh yeah Oh brick and green in perfect unity there the bricks a bit pay off for my taste but I think we might take we might take that either that or I could just continue mucking around with this for the next 45 minutes what do you think I think we I think you commit to something and just make it happen and hope that the ships can still get through yeah that's that that's the biggie though isn't it right I'll it's just become more expensive because I've increased the the cost of the the material that I'm using you've already got max loan that's unfortunate it's six now million where are we June 30th oh we're about to hemorrhage another million right up a tempo right bull just will ride this out so we've got the cash now shouldn't take too long we're making at least a million in profit a month so it really shouldn't take that long and if we manage to scamper in just before the end of July then that should work out nicely in fact all it really requires is for one ship to arrive and and dispatch its cargo and we're frisky so let's say we get on it's the 10th and we've got five and a quarter million in the bank yeah I need a bit more than that six and a half is what we're looking for five and a half and it's the 15th okay good I hope you're on the edge of your seat I'm going to make reading out numbers sound thrilling five point eight and it's the 19th ten days to go six point three we're going to make it 22nd 23rd 24th 20 2015 but right good expensive yes necessary arguably not but have I built it yes I have our ships getting underneath it for some reason they are array for us and all who sail in us that's that's come off like a treat and that's going to wrap it up for today so that's the pricey bit done because all we need to do from here is that which is like hundreds and you've got a bit of a slowdown here we can maybe address that with a slightly different angle of attack to reach the station approach there but that's okay now all that remains is the is the bulldozing cost at the tail end of city 17 and I think I managed to reduce that a little so we're still going to go through this crossroads which is around us but then coming out of there we actually get to go across this unoccupied area which is good because maybe if I were to then throw all caution to the wind bulldoze this lot lay out a grid to give them as much space as possible to build in we could make that work there's a lot of may be going on in there I agree anyway that's it for today I've been kernel failure let's have a look and see if the new passenger line is getting any closer to being profitable it is it's now only half a million in debt per year rather than 1 million so we're getting there slowly but surely we are well lastly with the weekend a reasonably good place a few more trains on that line will sort it out but I want to get one more connection in before we turn it into you know a mega dinosaur type thing I mean calafate thanks for watching I'll catch up with you next time cheerio okay almost there almost connected up the Minecraft Island with alpha complex and then we'll look at making a Goods line work and that should take off quite quickly now the thing with the Minecraft Island is that the main reason that we're here in the first place is for stone now the distance to the the stone manufacturer is it's still quite some way to go but we can at least make oil work and fuel work in the short term which should iron out the kinks in terms of routing because I've got freight trains and passenger trains shearing lines on occasion and that's that's going to lead to mischief I can assure you so there may be some needs to expand later on or widen let's say but there but the island isn't going to afford that in very many places which is what makes it really interesting because I'm gonna have to I'm gonna have to you know try some try some novel approaches to make it work anyway next time around I'm pretty confident we'll have that completed passenger route and I'm a I'm a whizz it forward enough so that I've got the cash to put a couple more trains on there yeah I'm not thrilled with the Zephyr but it's doing a good job at the moment but I think maybe replacing it with the red arrow nice electric that's no good I don't know we'll we'll have this discussion next time maybe


Joe Gragg · July 27, 2019 at 4:11 pm

Hi Colonel I figured out that you can change views in first person mode on the vehicles, using the page up&down buttons

Antaguana · July 27, 2019 at 4:11 pm

@colonel failure are you going to update the mod pack?

Shawn Clark · July 27, 2019 at 4:11 pm

Mrs. Migginoupolus sounds hot but probably has a lot of baggage. With all of the recent destruction and loss of property value.

Ian Whyman · July 27, 2019 at 4:11 pm

Can we crowd fund some mod lessons for the Colonel?

Frank Spencer · July 27, 2019 at 4:11 pm

"I could spend the time to play poke them…but whose got that kind of time"
That's a good chat up line, isn't it lol.

Al Copley · July 27, 2019 at 4:11 pm

Oh I wish you'd made the bridge a bit more fancy.

David White · July 27, 2019 at 4:11 pm

So possible & very exxie. U can do it CF.

Brandon Sawyer · July 27, 2019 at 4:11 pm

Change video title to playing with Bendy stations

j Walster · July 27, 2019 at 4:11 pm

the thing about diesels vs electrics is that electric locomotives in tf tend to give higher power and speed with less weight compared to diesles. So when I do small routes, I find electric trains can have too much power compared to some small diesels. There is smaller electric trains but generally I'd do electric for high demand routes

Desmond Blenio · July 27, 2019 at 4:11 pm

You have chosen the way of…Pain!

Nick B. · July 27, 2019 at 4:11 pm

You can put crossovers in a tunnel and it doesn't look horrendous

Retail Warrior · July 27, 2019 at 4:11 pm

Deliberate start date? 12/07/1941

Johan Thunberg · July 27, 2019 at 4:11 pm

This was supposed to be the series with the steam trains. Add vehicles to your profitable routs, stop doing roller coaster traintracks so you can afford some nice post 1900 steam trains.

Sgt. Gunslinger · July 27, 2019 at 4:11 pm

Some things I hope that is in Transport Fever 2: Have the ability to have day/night train lines only or have it so sometimes the line is unused, as in the train stays idle. Have a way to maintain trains where you could save by having an cheap to maintain train run on a slower line.

CrazyShark Gaming · July 27, 2019 at 4:11 pm

36:01 is it me or did the ships just go through each other?

Obelix van Syntax · July 27, 2019 at 4:11 pm


Tsass0 · July 27, 2019 at 4:11 pm

Replacement suggestion for de Zepher, – DB VT 12.5 | Class 612 available in 1953

Vaporised Air · July 27, 2019 at 4:11 pm

You build the bridge on the wrong side of the island, you could have done a wiggle around the houses on the left side and then build the bridge in the exact opposite side of the existing bridge.

BreakCoreGivesMeWo0od · July 27, 2019 at 4:11 pm

Somebody should make a 3rd/live rail mod for electrification!
Altho it might look weird with those pantographs.

Martin Müller · July 27, 2019 at 4:11 pm

… bulldozes a house, then puts the station in Alpha Complex in a completely different location. In other words, business as usual.

ELECTRO HALO8 · July 27, 2019 at 4:11 pm

Sonic from movie: no matter how fast I run

I cant out run the pain

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