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exclusive yeah yeah always seems to be different yes this so today we're gonna be covering all your questions about traveling in New Zealand so if you do have an email shoot it but then in the comments right now and I just join enjoying the fun in planning your trip to New Zealand but why are we helping plan that you can use it and why us well this is Robin and I'm Laura and we're the team behind backpacker guys dot NZ which is New Zealand's largest role guide and it's a hundred percent free for you guys to just have a browse and it basically answers all your questions to do with travelling in New Zealand but if you are the sort of person that actually prefers to watch videos rather than reading loads of text then this is the perfect place to come our live Q&A session every single Sunday at 8 a.m. New Zealand time so you guys can come onto the live chat and ask your questions about traveling in New Zealand but if you are wondering what time that is around the world that is in the US on a Saturday afternoon at 4 p.m. est or 12:00 p.m. PST it is in the UK in France on a Saturday evening at 9 p.m. or 10 p.m. and in India that is at a kind of annoying time of 1:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning so throughout the week we take your questions also through our various social media channels so that we can also answer those questions for you during this live Q&A session as well so if you do have questions throughout the week just add a comment to any of our YouTube videos and I will add that to our pool of questions you can also send us private messages on facebook if you just search back like a guide and said and you can search us on Instagram backpacker guide and sent and send us a private message there oh you can't give us a mention on Twitter at VPK guide but we kind of go aunty Robin will check that for you so it's nice to just go on YouTube and ask your questions there in the comments as I live chat yeah for sure YouTube is the best way to canalize quiz question that's that's clear good morning zubayr we doing pretty well actually it is really cold today in New Zealand it is you know in the heart of winter right now so it is really really freezing and yeah it looks like ice fish is gonna snow is that cold so yeah what about you how are you doing is it warm or you're from or you know we're waiting from tell us tell us time tell us why you guys are you know we always that would like to know that now what you guys are gonna warm up with some questions about traveling and usually then we do have a bunch of questions that you sent us when you know doing a week when you watch our videos and you know question pops up you just type it in the comments that's the best way to ask a question as Laura mentioned I always forget to check out make sure to to plan your questions in the YouTube comments but we are gonna be answering a question for mr. James Scotney that asked all right so James asked on YouTube which New Zealand mobile phone network is the most reliable in terms of getting a good signal alright so that is a question that we actually get really often because well New Zealand has a very uneven coverage right so before I even start talking about all the different type of you know different network that we have in their coverage and everything the first thing I want to point out is that all of them would claim to cover 98 or 99 percent of the places where Kiwis live and play right so here is us New Zealand right now the animal so Kiwi / QJ q is live and play mostly in cities right and they are only a handful of like cities and a handful of places where where people even you figure out that is a lots of stretches of New Zealand which have no that many people there and this comes the great way for money for network account we like you know what we cover you know a lot of places by salon places where they are people so if you're planning to like do some hike so I would stay in some more remote areas like on the west coast a is a lovely town come karemera which has the or you know which has some beautiful opera arches which is definitely worth visiting it's amazing there are 20 people living there yeah so you know you cannot just scrub that from the map and that's very easy for almost for networks you cannot claim that they still come by 1990 till 99% of something but it's 98 or 99 percent of places where people live and play and just keep in mind that half the populations of it in Auckland so any pretty good to kind of cover half the territory right here when you actually just use this terminology so I just wanted to put out straight away just to kind of you know make it clear that you're not gonna have coverage everywhere in using and even if there is a massive label saying ninety-nine percent you know coverage oh and you say that's just look at the other other small lines right here so so yeah just want to get started with this one because it's just something that caught me off guard when I arrived in New Zealand and they still do it to this day which is quite crazy now for the four that were close in are now three runs right there on yeah so we have two degrees Vodafone and spark then the main three ones but that doesn't mean they're the only sort of networks that you can join there are other type there are the named networks as well for instance skinny and warehouse mobile just one point out so that's the three network and you have but that's not the brand of mobile phone you get like right off of subscription you can be doing the other brands that you're gonna hear they are using those three networks so the actual physical network that's the three ones yeah exactly just what he said so yes so there are three main network right so as no I say that's two degrees that's the light turquoise blue one before that phone the bright red one and spark which never seem to find a color for themselves all right you stay change they change colors on time so that's the three D Phi Network now they also some different food companies that you'll be able to subscribe and to be fair if you look up the article that we got a link in the description below while we cover compare all the phone networks in New Zealand you will find that we talked about all the brands and we actually recommend some other brands so they are warehouse mobile there is a brand called skinny as well so there is plenty of other ones we actually use and for all phones we're using skinnier and get to that later so that for the actual phone network from best dog from worst to best it goes two degrees for that phone and spark right two degrees doesn't have an amazing coverage around the country that very often have to use other companies tower to try to relay some network this is going to be the company where you're gonna have the release even coverage around the country and when you're gonna get some places you may get frustrated and just don't have any coverage they brand themself I'm actually being the cheapest but they actually knots if you compare the prices and we link to an article below where we actually compare different plans and all different prices but the way they get customers especially traveler is that they offer free SIM cards but you know anything that comes free always comes a little bit with a catch and that's what it should agree for network does it gives you a free sim card but then after it's not that cheap and it's not that great but you can pick up a free SIM card at the airport it's usually with this re for magazine yeah you you know the SIM card is free but you still have to pay for the calls and everything that the SIM card is never more than like four dollars from your friend it's one dollar so I don't think it's definitely like I don't think it's worth going for a free nothing basically that's worth nothing to not be on this best network so I just hold upon this one out the second one is to put a phone so for that phone in sparkly to kind of best ones then both have a really decent coverage and it will depends on selected areas you will have coverage with with a foot but not with spark and some other areas you can have coverage with spark and without for the phones and you can't really rely on them up to be very accurate you know where they cover the coverage map on their website is just appalling so I have tried to prepare for this question I've tried to look at the Swap and everything and it was very maybe hard is just kinda like by experience so they look fun you can actually have some real calls that gonna tell yo you is for the phone yeah yeah yes so you can have coverage here just doesn't work okay well they just know it and that's basically it so yeah so that that that's person to like kind of main network now for more experience to infer that phonons but we find that the internet and gets much faster we spark it's based on not much data at all it's just really kind of how we find it out we've been with both and we used in both we use them both and that's what we've figured out and the spark network actually is quite handy because there is a brand called skinny then use the spark network in the cell kind of a prepay plan much cheaper than what you usually get with the name brand so I think with skinny ad woman's you can get unlimited callin texts and 1.5 gigabytes of data for like 26 bucks a month and it's prepay so it's actually as 1668 16 dollars a month and it's free pay so that means that you buy a voucher like 20 bucks you put it on your on your phone and then after you you buy this little combo which lasts one month it cost you only 16 dollars and you have no contract enough and it's so handy but the little caveat right here is that the SIM card doesn't work with every single phone because they use a slightly different network yeah so so if you're bringing a phone from home then you do need to check whether the phone actually works in New Zealand and we do have a really handy article on backpacking guidance end which actually goes through a process of how you could actually check if your phone from home works in museums and if it doesn't means it can usually work with any of the different SIM cards in New Zealand but first of all if your phone's not gonna work in New Zealand then you are going to have to buy a local phone and like Robin said that there's some phones that are you know locked to certain networks but other ones can be open so yeah once you arrive in New Zealand it might just be best to buy yourself a phone like a cheap phone just for your trip and along with the SIM cards and basically get this off package deal where in that you then know that the local New Zealand SIM card is going to work with the phone that you've just purchased and so yeah that's a good way of doing things and you definitely need to have if you are wanting to make local calls in New Zealand and you are it is best to actually have a local phone number yourself and people don't usually want to speak to people that like do roaming charges and something stuff from overseas so yeah anything else you want to add to that no so basically so you do the test you know if your phone is gonna be working but for some people that come to New Zealand for a little bit longer not just for our months but if you come for more than a month it might be worth actually getting yourself one of those cheap dumb phone because they're really easy to set up they're very easy to use and they cost like 20 or 30 bucks and so yeah so if you don't cost you that that because also what I like about those phones is that first they have a much longer battery life than than or smartphone everything this last fall day right you take one of those dumb phone it lasts four week yeah so that's really handy I really love that when I travel and the other thing is that when we go for a hike on when we do anything anything else and you know like anything a big epic and you cannot like ah you know I don't wanna just turn my photo oh yeah that doesn't matter yeah it doesn't matter I can destroy my mind my father $20 I can destroy one a month it's never gonna amount to that we've seen so many people that have brought their like you know the latest Samsung Galaxy phone and you know how expensive they are and you know you do it something a little bit more adventurous than what you're used to back home like caving or you know you just have your and when I say caving just doing like a little bit of like rummaging in some of the free caves around New Zealand and you have your phone in your pocket you can easily fall out because they're so big anyway and then that's pretty much it it just cracks and breaks so yeah it's definitely with the amount of and I like the amount of actual and adventure activities that people do in New Zealand because that's what continues even far it's probably better to have a phone that you don't care that much about so yeah so those are our tips and like the best networks in New Zealand as well we have plenty of links for you guys in the description below we some of the best networks New Zealand the how to choose your pre-planned prepaid plan and also how to test to see if your phone is going to be working in New Zealand so everything is in the link in the description below you just have to scroll down a little bit click on the little arrow to open the description and you'll find everything on the top right for you if you find out useful you can click like and you can subscribe to us it's always helped us a lot so you know we put a lot of work into those videos and on top of that you'd be notified next time we live which is quite awesome and yeah thank you very much for watching this one now let's go back to online chat what is happening I also say other naked people in New Zealand yes mostly in their shower or bedrooms Subbaiah says his Foreman jesse was awake is awake at 1:30 a.m. go to bed what should we run oh my god wonderful wake so late he says the way essays in which city snow falls must there in museums so there's not that many cities per se that will have snow but it's mostly gonna be like smaller town which are gonna be close to the ski fields yes so bear in mind that most of New Zealand cities are actually on the coast and usually snow doesn't fall near the coast so like Robin says it's more like the small towns that that actually gets snowfall once that spring to mind and Queenstown that's a really popular place to visit and it is surrounded by ski fields and snow doesn't actually father that often it's usually yeah usually in New Zealand the snow actually more falls on the mountains and then the lower levels like most towns are quite low lying so that means that yes no it just doesn't get cold enough really for and you know the conditions aren't always correct for snow falling in the town so is probably gonna be like a very small chance that you actually do see snow in towns and but you can go up to the mountains yet to see snow if you come into New Zealand to see snow by the way guys if an E and a B D and subbaiah why you coming to New Zealand are you coming to see snow are you coming to see the white life what attracts you to New Zealand anyway let's get back to it yeah so you get to you get to see plenty of snow up in the mountains for sure but not necessarily in the towns but Wanaka yes goes around this wanaka yeah that's another another town which is surrounded by ski fields so yes sometimes just get snow as well and then if you think in the north island is you the small villages around and the central North Island volcanoes so there's a small village called fraca Papa there's also a small village called national park village they sometimes get yeah they probably get some snow as well but one one or two days out of the year if it does snow in those towns but yeah there's a there's some names of some talents for you at least yeah actually hunger Springs sometimes get some snow because it's on the south end and hundred spring get some snow in there massive hot pools over there which is quite cool yeah it's a good combination yeah chilly day you can go and relax noise alright so Eve Eve honey he says hi for me she's from Brazil or he's from Brazil he said has funding in New Zealand awesome are you going to visit them soon cool he says i watch your channel to improve my English that's nice well you know that you you don't learn it for me because originally I'm from France and my English is pretty bad boys from the UK so she can teach you a bit of english ABD al-rahman says he's from Saudi Arabia which is quite cool at least you don't have the same problem the nurse in Saudi Arabia I'm pretty sure you're pretty warm right now Mehmet says do we do eat with working holiday visa you can order it yes you can work and drive for over eight if you want to you will have to register with the IRT which is the Inland Revenue Department which will you know then you have to pay your taxes for everything you earn which is normal in your bank accounts and everything that and you have to go through all the screening process for Luba because they know they can ask you a few ideas and almost count things I don't know how that works if you don't have a local ID because obviously we never tried that but I know that Google and now there is there's a lot of security checks right and then the security check very often masking you copies of your IDs so if you burn New Zealand's where you will have to register to do it in New Zealand as ask you for UID and you show an ID from back back home when you are let's say from the UK or from USA Canada Singapore or wherever you from that may not pass the screening test because you know they'd be like why do you want to eat hey if you don't even have a local ID also I think is sending for the driver license so maybe that may be the case that you need to get yourself in using an ID and we have an article on the website for that so if you type how to get a New Zealand ID on Google or even just on the website that package I don't NZ and you'll be able to find out how to do that but that's how I would go about that but if you are just asking if you can although each definitely you can all database everybody is always happy to take your money first and ask questions later yeah so if you guys have any questions like like like minute make sure you put them in the description below in the live chat in the chat yeah we have to answer your questions so make sure to just fire your questions in the meantime we're gonna keep going through the question that we got from you guys over the week just submit to make sure that you you know they get instant yeah enthusiasm yes okay so me ask Shh I'm sorry for pronouncing your name wrong it MINIX Sun sorry me on YouTube asked can you please tell me about the public transport in Invercargill I am planning to study over there Nicene look at you it's a really cool town so if you guys don't know in Vacaville is kind of at the bottom of this happen it's often described as one of the southernmost city in the world yes by the fact that a salad will city someone chili yeah alright so let's go to the Styles premier transfer these daily planes they're good okay can I get myself it's actually one of the cheapest airports to go to locally within New Zealand says I see so many deels for going from Auckland or Queenstown to Invercargill I think they just want to you know push more of the end you know people actually flying down there cuz it's probably a little bit less visited area but it's still a really awesome place to go to and so yeah you can take flights down there pretty easily and pretty cheaply and also Invercargill is a really good place to actually take flights over to Stewart Island which is New Zealand's third Island which is just on the just off the south coast of the South Island it's amazing for its wildlife and stuff like that so if you do fancy yourself a day trip for a couple of days going to stu island you can definitely do that from info goggle as well but let's get back to some public transport all right it's about I've already transpor they are some taxis you know about the same cost than anywhere else in New Zealand and we're gonna be linking in the description below with a whole article about taxi cost trends and taxi customs and everything on that in New Zealand so it's just down there below there is really no nothing really specific for that but know one thing which is really specific to in value are bus networks there are there is actually a public transport bus network in Invercargill they specify that the town is really not that big but the public transport is very simple and very cheap so it's quite handy let's start with the price the price is for anywhere you want to go for money points I mean lines anything is three bucks three dollars that is it so it's that's pretty good that I do I do like that I think it's you know I think it's very clear I hate when they have like different sections of different zones they do that in Auckland Christchurch you never know how much it to pay and it's just nonsense now there are four different lines of person yes you heard me right there's only just four so that's pretty short I have them right here for you so there is WL which is the Y Kiwi link-based WC which is for Wizard comet there is the H s which is hydaburg star and is case e which is the Q connection so that's the four different lie that you can have on one in Vacaville and that will cover the majority of all the places where you're going to go for go to and yeah the perfect word free County frequents some of them might be like 15 minutes of them I every hour will depends what time of the week you're taking it without the day you're taking it but they you know the network's actually quite quite comprehensive for such a chief network in such a small town which is quite quite good so so yeah so the burst is actually quite new then it's not like when the old buses and everything and that so you know it's a to pretty you know it obviously it's really designed for such a small it's just one of the smaller city in the country it's really desert now bus wise there is a bus card which is called the best bus the bus smart card foo it's it's really cold this morning guys it's really cold so there's the bus smart card and that give you a discounted fare and if you are actually using it so it's one of those card on you to be known so you basically get the card and you basically load let's say $50 elites and every time you swipe it and with the duct from the money that you have on the car so it's kind of a prepay kind of system that instead of paying $3 per bus ride when you have the best mark on you only pay $2 which is quite good now the one catch is that you can only you can only reload this card selected amount of places where you can be loaded and just be finest or not so you can reload this one are we the first driver you can ask them to top-up so that's very simple the minimum is $10 or you can reload them at the council the council kind of building with all the network and the best network over there aints 101 x desc street so that's why you can you can reload it so it's not as convenient as they say no plan where you can go to so many on the convenience store to be about you window cards and everything so there is a bit more I like the fact that you can do the bus drive and that's the most ideal scenario right you can do that yes that's actually quite so yeah so and to pay for that at thus leave the post rather you can only pay cash though it's you know Holly home facilities Louisiana so yeah that's pretty much it aside from that you can definitely use your own car running for Cargill and you can also use a bicycle there are few bike lane it is not like you know you can really you don't have a proper by playing for yourself everywhere so it's worth keeping in mind yeah that's fun to use that and yeah and lastly for the fall fall so if a public transport another way to get to in the country is to use the national bus network like into a calculon's has one main national bus network called intercity and this is basically your way of getting from A to B on probably the most cheapest transport possible which is taking the bus so yeah to get also other ways to get to an imp ACOG ill or if you're based in Invercargill and perhaps you want to go to Queenstown or Tiano maybe one of the surrounding towns the best way to get there would be with intercity you don't have your own transport yeah all right so that's our take on the public transport inning of a car you know there's not that much to say about it because it's such a very simple we trust most you know for bus network for for bus lines and maybe for three bucks if three bucks if you don't have to count two bucks if you have the car then boom you sort it yeah so I found that really a greedy support so we do have a guide of Invercargill with all the accommodations and other thing to do around the city and everything and that and we put that in the description below and it's really awesome place to visit it's a place you really love and to spend some time in if you're the work there is a summation check this one out and obviously like we can subscribe always forget to say that all right get back to life Chad this I say it's not you guys for media I love you for New Zealand even Issei how many money can I have for one month in New Zealand oh it really depends on what you want to do it depends on you art activity listen everything but you know let's say you traveling and you know if you're going to be traveling driving all runs in a nun count between five and six hundred bucks for gas for food that accounts 30 bucks per person per day so that'd be if she traveling just by yourself that would be nine hundred dollars because you know you're gonna want eat out and sometimes you don't do any charts about you know I don't have that much context so I can go with that if you do I want to do some activities that tivities they range from like 20 bucks – 300 bucks so I'll have about 1,500 dollars worth of activities so I now have you know some flexibilities around here and if you want to rent a car really gonna depend on the time the year so if you were to travel in using and eat locusts which is coming up soon you probably would be paying about 50 bucks a day yeah so that would be $600 no that's no this room extender so 1500 sorry I'll just bright and then I make nothing what doesn't five-minute the rest for care until before tradition you probably gonna want to stay in a few different places so fuck'em Edition I do an extra it's 80 bucks a day so that would be Y a formalist 24 $2,400 then you have like the little extras here and there to pay for the ferry for is a boat back and forth and all those coming so you may want to have an extra thousand dollars for that so yeah that's basically it so in short I think I went up to about $10,000 but it really depends on who you may travel much cheaper you may you know you days days just so many yeah I mean it obviously depends on your lifestyle as well you travel for much cheaper than we I mean we've traveled New Zealand we've always gone we've always stayed in hostels we've always done like the backpacker things so we try obviously make our way on New Zeeland quite cheaply but that's not the style of everyone other people that might want to stay in hotels they might want to eat out all the time and do some like you know expensive activities every single day or maybe just how happy to do hikes which are free so there's a lot of things to consider but we do have a video on YouTube which is how expensive is New Zealand this would probably be the best video to watch but it gives you an outline of the typical prices there are four everyday items and four activities for transport so definitely check that out just type just type in the search on YouTube how expensive is New Zealand and you'll see our bases and just click on that video there oh click on another video if you don't want to see us talking about it destroy your name every time so sorry what is the worst thing in New Zealand are there previous events such as earthquake volcanoes or flood in the past and what is the level of security in New Zealand oh that's a bit of a gloomy question good mood right now so yes there have been some earthquake in New Zealand very famously in Christchurch which had casualty but if you consider earthquake in one of the largest city in the country that's that's very limited casualty so one of the thing in New Zealand is ain't super safe from you know even like you know earthquake even you know when there are there are crazy people doing crazy things New Zealand is very very very safe so the level of safety New Zealand's is well it recently has been voted the second most peaceful country in the world so here you go and yeah it's always on the top of the safest countries in the country for earthquake they have really good prevention that tell you all the time what you supposed to do I'm not going to say because I always do a mistake when I say it's what you do when there is an earthquake you stop you don't drop you to stop you get another table that was very funny anyway so news and it's very safe volcano wise yeah there are some volcanoes in New Zealand and yeah it may happen again happened every thousand years no you in May you know you will be really unlucky there but when you're there yeah and you should be fast so and also like the volcanoes um there's not any major cities built up around the volcano so you're like staying somewhere it's if the vodka if a volcano just erupted there'll be sir there would be perhaps some ash in the sky and things but there's a whole like you know and also don't try and breathe in all the volcano and yeah just it's not good unless you're doing the tongariro crossing and you know that's obviously some places you don't want to be so I mean that's life volcano that at least yeah inherent risk in traveling in you see never you know like these vary due to theft you know like one time I Lucy forgot our bags was like GoPros and drones and and our money and folds let me clear that and listen like three or four hours later just move back and you were still there you know it's just to tell you like people are really nice and and there's a nice safe you solve using sage here yeah Zuba insane lake and mountains I tracked me the most New Zealand oh I love everything about New Zealand they usually have some pretty decent about the landscape New Zealanders have an amazing landscape so that's definitely a good reason to come and visit Charlie asked where do you guys live in New Zealand we don't like to give too much specific but we do you mean Central North Anna days pretty awesome we just don't like to just per to address everywhere you know it's not that hard to find us to be quite honest but yeah we somewhere in central North End's and yeah sure if you're coming on for hike or nice and then just send us a private message on facebook what if you had that and uh we're all guys something this size says can we work in New Zealand if we have the visitor visa and visitor by car in New Zealand you cannot work in New Zealand with a visitor visa there have been a couple of very small exceptions in the past and sometimes when it comes to fruit pickings when it's a very specific of the year and they're very specific conditions but in short no you need a work visa to work in New Zealand you can't look for work in New Zealand if your visitor visa you can only visit New Zealand enjoy and being a tourist right if you want to look for work of you on the work you need to a work visa to come to New Zealand it's as simple as that there's no leeway around that you cannot search for work you cannot work in New Zealand if you're the visitor is a visitor visa is for visiting purposes only as a tourist enjoying the country but can visitor by car in New Zealand you can definitely buy a car in New Zealand there's no problem at all so you can buy a car and then set it at the end of your trip some people do that you try to save some money the thing is visitor visa usually have a pretty small leeway on how much time you can spend in New Zealand and buying and selling a car can take quite a lot of time so it's not to say the most fun things to do you know if you have to buy your car you know it takes you a good week to sort out you know between paperwork finding the right car you know so payments doing that and then sending you car you can find buyers and everything will be about two weeks I'd say so I think that's quite a long time on of the trip that may be a couple of months at most yeah I mean if you're I say if you're if you're visiting New Zealand for three months then it might be worth considering buying a car and I know some visitor visas allow you to stay for six months in that case that would be worth buying a cab but if your visitor visa only allows you to stay for a couple of months or something or one month in it then it's definitely probably better to rent or just travel around by bus yeah yeah charlisse is nice what is your favorite mountain to climb in New Zealand um I really like to work on rock it's Carly's lonely mountain but it's it's oh it's down near lumps then which is south of Queenstown sois and the lower part of the South Island and yeah you kind of go through some really awesome landscape and you see the whole southern out ran it's really fantastic it's a great place to hide use it's a martini issues it's what an amount or here I don't know what it is but I ain't giving any amazing view and that you see the time and there's so many mountains it using then it's hard to pick it's hard to pick one but maybe it's kind of cheating but I was gonna say ma troop a who but half of the mountain to climb is taking chair lifts but then you can start driving from there as always and around Montana key you get some really awesome views as well and which is quite a summon you can climb both in summer and winter by winter you better be the guide there's only one company that guide you down there so yeah it's a it's not cheap but it's quite fun to do as well yeah yeah so yeah that's a nice for the mountain climbs which one is your favorite because we know that Charlie's from New Zealand you we know you around there tell us which one is your favorite while we answer the question of someone else oh no wait then you say I need specific license required from New Zealand to driving cars a visitor actually that's a good question so when you are coming to New Zealand with you own driving licence from your country back home if your driving licence is not fully in English you need to get yourself an international driving permits or IDP so you need to get that paperwork every country has different ways to get them how do you get yours in the UK what can my driving licence you ID be you international driving licence and I never needed to get one since I'm from an English speaker so inference you kind of have to go to the perfect rate or like one of the council buildings and then you have to retake all your pictures and your fingerprints and everything like that and then they give it to you but I know that in the u.s. you will need to go to the DMV for example to get it so it really depends so yeah so you use your driving license and then you get you get an international travel permit with that you'll be able to drive for three months in New Zealand in the country if you plan your training for more than three months in New Zealand if you have a working holiday visa in Italy and that you can get yourself New Zealand driving license which is also an awesome souvenir to get it is yeah so you can do that you can do that here now how do you get to New Zealand when licensed quickly well that's pretty easy you just go to an an AAA office there's one in Auckland and possibly some post offices as well but I'm not sure if you can do it there either we do have an article on backpacker guys ed which lists all the places you can go but basically it's a simple form to fill out you also need to provide your driving license from back home as well they'll need to take a photo of you for your New Zealand driving license and do the a test as well yeah lights on the side yep so they do a bit of an eye test as well so it's a pretty quick process and then you just need a few days for them to process your application and make up the little card for you and yeah then you're pretty much ready to go sorry it's got um a simple process but yeah here you go I hope that to your questions is I just learners know a firm base and you follow up minis a key saves my favourite to climb he's hairy to to rock because it's easy that's New Plymouth which is in the Taranaki region which for more context that's on the North Island on the west coast and so New Plymouth is one of is one of the largest cities on that area and yeah parity rock is really easy to access from the city and it's this huge rock which I think has been left from volcanic activity yeah and yeah it's got some pretty awesome views from the top there and yeah it's it's um one of the free and cheap things you're doing and you're pretty much they say it's just when yeah I just really it's a nice thing to do we actually have a video about it so you can parry to to rock on the channel on the search bar you find out video of us climbing it and you see me with a very very awful haircut because the day well we did this one my head got shaved anyway it's quite funny and then Charlie says his favorite is Mount tasman which is the second highest mountain in new zealand and if that's your favorite mountain to climb then you must be a pretty insane Mountaineer so yeah will you actually climber charlie bitch be real with us right now did you actually climb on tasman yeah because it's you know I mean this is nice this is like yeah this is a good wages of a sly in like slide in like oh yeah – what's your favorite mountain because mine is mine I think I actually think the first man Hillary used mumtaz man as training to train himself – really I'm of Everest Batman cooks nice to tell you like what kind of dancing yeah that's in the our rocky mount cook national park which is the place in New Zealand on the South Island which has the highest mountains the longest glaciers it's basically where you find the most dramatic mountain scenery and among all that scenery is Mount asthma which is the second highest mountain and yeah alright so Patrick says hey hey how is New Zealand for vegans um New Zealand the vegans is okay it's better for vegetarians but with vegans I'm sure you guys know that there's usually a little bit of work you need to like you know you do need to ask some questions you sort of know what you can and can't eat so I mean vegans is always a little bit of a challenge only in the major cities can you find like actual vegan cafes and vegan restaurants so we're talking like Auckland Christchurch maybe yeah Wellington as well they're going to be the region on her so as well it's oh yeah really – oh yeah so so in the main cities and towns like that the probably the towns that you've heard of there likely to have vegan cafes and beacon restaurants and stuff like that but when you get more off the beaten track if you go to some of the smaller towns it's usually you're like standard cafes a lot of them will have them little icons on their menus to show you what is vegetarian what is vegan and but yeah just be prepared to do a little bit of asking and a little bit of like you know yeah ask what what ingredients are used if you're unsure in supermarkets though you will find everything that you need to make your own group on your shelf Swiss yeah so yeah we do also have an article on backpacker guide and said if you search in the search bar on that website and vegan we do have a web an article about vegetarian and vegan eating in New Zealand so there's some more tips on there if you're interested so that's and then in the search bar you just find the word vegan and you'll be able to find an article straight away charlie lives in New Plymouth and Minnie Zakir all right Patrick says way is the best way see best to exchange money in New Zealand and where should you not exchange money you see them it's like everywhere don't exchange money at the airports they're gonna take advantage of you and that's gonna be really expensive you're probably gonna be landing in Auckland so if you go if you're going winds tweet next to I'm gonna find you a dress I can tell you which one is the person the country oh yeah yeah oh yeah I do know which one is the cheapest that's for sure let me just find me to find you the address actually I know the address of the shop nearby Bell tell you okay I'm intrigued yeah just give me a second so it is it is on the same side and kind of close to a hundred and five on Queen Street they forgive shop with a small booth it looks like there's a back alley on the side and a small booth in there my guy does the money exchange and I always always get the best rate over there so that's the one that would comment but yeah so don't exert ammonia at banks as well if you exchange money and banks they usually charge you a fee and and it's it's it's real pain with where we live right now in New Zealand we don't have money exchange facilities so we usually have to either pay a fee to be back it can be quite high so romantic as $25 last time just as a fee on terribly the exchange rate was good I was very annoying and and sometimes we do have to do it at the airport because we just fly from an airport to another Airport it's really like we can very very much feel that we are missing out on some money so at the moment for other personal I think I know you don't care well that's no matter right now we actually have to use those worst section this worst option sorry but we we actually like used to get all those cheap things and we can very much feel the difference right now especially when you look on the internet you know you look at the exchange rate and then what you get offer then you like off so I definitely think that you should plan to exchange your money when you're in one of the biggest cities like Auckland's or if you're arriving in Christchurch but remember that once you leave those cities the services to find like currency exchange bureaus and stuff like that it's gonna be really hard to find so it's best to sort that out like quickly when you arrive and you see them yeah when you're near some cities yeah you get it get it over and done with and also also like one of the easy thing to do is if you're travelling for short amount of time right is to use your credit card in the ATM yeah if you go to an ATM so as those big electronic machine you put your card in you put your think oh that what's gonna come out even if your bank account is in studying pounds or euros or us the last it will come out in Museum dollars so the rates are not that great but you also lose you note you have to carry too much cash um so it's kind of is you cannot have the convenience right here so you can just do that and you say you don't want I think it and I do that twice twice doing my trip and I will sort it and take a thousand the live retirement and you're good so that can be kind of an easy one to do every single ATM in New Zealand will accept all the pieces and MasterCard quite a decent chunk of them will accept Amex American Express Diners Club very you know if you have Visa MasterCard which almost everybody has you should be sweet with that so yeah so that's another cut up easy one to to go for yeah all right this I say why you guys not coming to India and you have great places to visit that in you guys like the Himalayas and Kerala and many more states um just because we haven't had a chance to go to enjoy just yet I mean we pretty much specialize in using and right now but yeah we never said we don't want you to come to India so yeah yeah imagine going to the Himalayas I've the awesome yeah Charlie says you clamp on to last year and next name is going to Morgan Hui and topple is totally ways year to climb than Perry to tree honestly it is wrong it should be called about it is a attained new is that there's two different routes you can take you can take the longer but like you know more and sort of casual route yeah or you can take the hardcore quicker route which is much much more strength of a mountain a little bit more like parity to rock so you probably like that one yeah and that you say sketchy later have a great day thank you thank you for stopping in alright so we have to tell you guys just just so you are aware announcement so we are not going to be here next week oh my god and so we have we obviously have to be on the go quite often to be able to and they it's you guys bye what what is happening in you sinner and explore the areas and everything of that and so we are going to be on we go for about mums we have gonna have we're gonna have a couple of Sunday's where we're not gonna have access to internet because we know where we're gonna be going and we know it's gonna be absolutely atrocious connection so we're not even going to try to do the to do the videos so we just want you guys to know that so we think that next week you're not gonna see us live but the week after will be back life and then we think the week after that we probably know to be live and the week after you're gonna see us like so it'll be basically neck in the next month to come in August we probably only going to be here twice but don't feel we have actually prepared some extra videos for you guys some more tips some links your third videos to watch and everything so we haven't left you with nothing but just don't be too afraid if we're not here on next and they are descending afterwards and you can still leave us your questions we still go through them it just may take just a little bit longer and it's all for the best it's just because we have someone exploring – do we need to come back to you guys some new guide with some new information you know if we were not traveling it would be quite irrelevant for us you kind of keep on giving you tips on traveling in New Zealand so we have to be on the gone quite regularly and usually we try to always have connection on the Sundays but of the grid yeah so that's just basically basically just lets you know it's exciting though you know it just means that we get you cover some more places so don't funny too much guys don't panic we'll still we still cover everything and yeah if you have some short questions we also just reply yeah we can always reply to your comments on any of my videos as well and but if you do have any lengthier questions that we definitely will be able to add them to our pool of questions or all these sub questions yeah so as soon as we do get connection on the net while on the next Sunday that we do get connection while we're traveling around in New Zealand we will definitely be going through more of your questions so keep in touch and also and there is a little bell icon below our videos which that's the best way to basically get notifications for when we do go live because if you just click Subscribe it doesn't do what it used to thank you darlin abd al-rahman says how much does it cost to buy a small house in the green nature area and cross the city man you are specific so most places in New Zealand will have a bit of green Amis around because it's not the super like you know really industrial kind of places there's no like skyscraper everywhere and everything on that so most places will have some nice enough green name is everywhere and and city is what we mentioned you said does have that much cities per se so you know if you want to be close to a city that's gonna be Christchurch winning turn Oakland and and that's pretty much it there's a bunch of other cities where they have more terms yeah so if you only buy yourself some houses in those areas it's actually quite expensive nowadays a you know you put need to have between the half between 500,000 to 1 million New Zealand owners to get yourself a house and mortgage and all those companies I think that's that's what it would be obviously we're not property experts we know and property prices change over time it depends how big of a house you want depends on the location it depends on how new of a house it depends on so many things I mean this is such a generic question right here so I'll say between half a half a million to a million I said this is what you need you could get yourself something for but the quarter million then you can get yourself about 10 million you can definitely find anything in the wrench so hey not really no no Charlie says how much are houses in oakland's well as I say probably medium probably more auckland's therefore being one of the most extreme friend that that's sold his house in Oakland that he sold it for 1 million but it's close to closer to the city center so yeah the property price are going going crazy but I think it's all wrong I mean nowadays properties is just insane and you know you prefer traveling we don't like big expensive houses I think we prefer traveling you Saul about expenses rather than things I mean you know yeah we want we are those kind of people we know we had one of those annoying people we one of the hashtag yeah yeah that's more kind of a philosophy to be quite nice so yeah we don't really know much about housing and everything but yeah I think that assembly mission as well and you kind of need some ignition of the who can buy housing in New Zealand as well so you kind of think you have to have the right fit as well to be looking that so yeah and this isais why New Zealand have weekly rent houses and other country have monthly I don't really know listen I've got travel quality I worked in traveling about 16 different countries around the world right in Canada it was every two weeks I was living in Vancouver everything was in between no wait that was even worse I think my rent was every month but my pay was every two weeks I mean it was complete nonsense then in some places its weekly I guess Sheen Australia I do every two weeks for my rent hey you have to pay weekly it's just it's just really weird and sometimes it's really weird because you're gonna have you know like when you calculate your cost of rent and everything you cannot okay I'm gonna have my rants my power my internet right so you're gonna have your power and you internet are both gonna be monthly you're gonna have your runs which is gonna be weekly and you're gonna have your wage which could be and it's New Zealand right sometimes weekly sometimes every two weeks sometimes every month it is you just have a name so you asking why we don't know yeah but we've noticed it and we think it's a bit crazy so yeah you may have to do some math around that but the good thing about that is that when renting a place let's say in Canada that you have to pay every month you usually have to give a bond right about is the amount of money that you give in case you trash the place or anything at that and you know can keep it but if you give the place back in the nice you know in a good state then they give it to you back so if you do that in Canada you sell that how to give one or two months worth of bonds which is the whole lot of money but I'm using unusually you could give two weeks which is half a month of bond so you're going to give you know between how to quarter of what usually you have to give in Canada so it's actually played to your advantage in that very scenario but yeah that's pretty much it as for why would you have an idea why they do that Ashley oh yeah maybe it's just the inability to forward plan maybe it's just like I can only deal with two weeks at five I don't know if I can make the whole mug yeah I don't know if I'm gonna have the money so maybe it's great if you are a reliable person you're sweet yeah that's that's yeah I don't know why I never thought about what why it is but it is true you would find a lot of different kind of yeah habits in New Zealand and for for those type of payments and and yeah it's a lot of reasons to say why yeah lot of reason to say why let's say you buy and I can know sometimes you can buy it you know some people can buy like a TV you know if you're like really expensive TV air you cannot fall you can pay you know you can buy it with part paying you pay a little bit here there and then some of them melissa is like you know pay $3 a week and some of them and I pay a hundred bucks a month it just depends on the shop be defensive there's just so I need like it's not it's not clear-cut yeah it's not a general every sort of company has their own for your bank fees you pay every quarter which is every three months oh yeah okay yeah for four yeah it's just weird for for your taxes as well actually every quarter yeah go figure it's just that yeah you've got to keep track of stuff good thing is that we won't have smart phones now and you can put everything in yeah put everything in your comments our minds yourself when you need to pay your rent and when you need to do this and that and this and that your phone is and your phone also can have weekly oh yeah that is true that is true actually on the phone even that we're whisking you right and you can go on their app and you can choose like when like you know what kind of cowboy you want even if your prepare you can buy compost right and these weekly and monthly cobbles and you also have combos that are like for like a few hours make at that time two hours it's just odd but listen exist as well yes it's a yeah why we don't know but it's all over the place yeah yeah so there you go we don't know all right so miss you guys oh we miss you too but we've gained unity gonna know cs4 week that we back next week let see us four week so we're not gonna be too far and and then after after that we'll be back in that a normal schedule he also asked are you into sports some spots into can you cuss hiking is a sport we're into hiking there's a snowboarding yeah and but in terms of we like whitewater rafting whitewater rafting but in terms of maybe like you know team sports the sort of spots you play in school not really we're not into rugby we're not into cricket so yeah about that yeah once when the old blacks are playing obviously we've gone with our mates and we go to the beer and we yell on the TV like everyone but classify you has been into sports when you are drinking alcohol and stuffing yourself with greasy food while some other people being into sports but yeah anyhow guys we are off to explore the amazingness that using and has to offer we are off to check out what is new in the country to be brought to you guys that means that you're not going to see us next week where we'll be back the following Sunday as well that it's 8 a.m. New Zealand time using a telescope that is on a Saturday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. est or 12:00 p.m. PST if you're in the u.s. that's on a Saturday evening UK 9:00 p.m. France then d'azyr and in India that is 1:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning but we will be putting a handy little link in the description below and – time and date comm which you can actually type in well basically you type in which could for your in then it will tell you what time it will be at and 8mm New Zealand time so it's gonna be quite heavy for you guys and yeah in the meantime if you guys have any questions of your own make sure to put them in the comments of any of our videos that we make sure to pick them up and write them down so we can cover them for you guys during our next live session thank you very much for watching guys bye bye later


James Scotney · July 28, 2019 at 1:58 pm

What are some of the best housing agencies in New Zealand? Any recommendations?

margaritaMAMA · July 28, 2019 at 1:58 pm

Aloha!!! I missed your last few lives..I just wanted to say thank you for all your advice before my trip to NZ. My husband and I had a great time and can’t wait to go back 🙂

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