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Howdy, Travelers! This is Toni Gatlin with It is a brand new year and we have brand new sizes and brand new colors to bring you this year. I'm so excited because we've got a really
big variety. We are going to have ten sizes and a dozen
different colors, plus undyed leather, so technically thirteen
colors, if you want to count that as a color option. I am really thrilled to be able to show you
one from each color and one from each size so you can get a really up close view of the options available and figure out what size works best for you. We're also going to look at some of the customization options, different things like eyelets and elastic
colors, things like that. Let's just start from the smallest notebook
and we'll go to the biggest. This is a new size for us this year. This is the Tiny size with Turquoise dye color and Turquoise elastic. This is the very smallest one that we've got
this year and it holds these really little Moleskine inserts. It would also hold a credit card or business
card size organizer if you had one of those little plastic inserts. This size is really popular as a wallet because it is so small and it can fit in a purse or even in a pocket
pretty easily. Because this one is so small, it does have
some limitations but we're going to talk about that later. I need to show you some other things first
and we'll come back to this one at the end. Again this is the Tiny size with Turquoise
dye color and Turquoise elastic. A note about the Turquoise dye color:
you can see how it shows a lot of the natural grain of the leather in there. I find that that frequently happens with the
Turquoise dye. Some of the other colors we're going to look at are very much more opaque and do a really good job of being a solid
color. This one does often end up with a lot of variation; you can even see some of the tan leather coming through
a little bit on this particular piece. If you are looking for something that's going to be absolutely consistent and very similar every time,
if you wanted a matching set of notebooks or something, you may want to steer clear of this one. But if you do like the natural variations,
I think a lot of times, it really does come out really beautiful, but it is a little less predictable than some of the other options. Each piece of leather is different and so
sometimes it comes out more bluish, sometimes it's greenish, it really is a little bit of a surprise every time. You can see on the inside this one came out
on the flesh side of the leather it's actually quite blue. That's just something to keep in mind; I think
it's really beautiful even with the variations, maybe even because of the variations, but
it's something I like to make clear up front because this one definitely is not as opaque
as some of the other options. Let's continue on. That's the Tiny size; we'll set it aside for
a little bit. The next size is Passport. This is a classic size. It has a pretty standard size insert that
you can order online or even find in stores occasionally. THis is another popular purse or portable
size. This is the Marigold dye color. It's a nice golden yellow. This one has the Espresso elastic. It's a brown. You can choose any combination of dye color
and elastic; you don't have to go with the combinations
that I have here. I just matched up what I thought looked nice
when I was preparing these as samples. Again this is the Passport size with Marigold
dye and Espresso elastic. Just like all of my notebooks, it's got three
holes in the spine so there's four elastics inside. You can fit at least four inserts, probably
one or two more if they're thin and you piggyback them in. The next size up is what's called Pocket size. It is probably a little too big to actually
go in a pocket, but that's the name it's known by and this
is also known as the Field Notes size. It holds any sort of 3×5 kind of insert there,
so Field Notes or anything of a similar size. These don't happen to be Field Notes but they're
the same size. This one is undyed. You can see it's just the smooth natural grain
of the leather. It's been treated with a leather balm so it
is smooth and a little bit shiny, just a little bit. That's an option that you can choose if you
want something that doesn't have a dye color built in but will be able to take
on a natural patina over time. As you handle it, as it's exposed to light,
as you use it on a regular basis, it will change color and it will get to be–
depending on how much light exposure and usage it gets–
it can end up a really beautiful sort of a cognac color,
kind of a darker brown so this can be a really beautiful option. It's also a lot softer. When you dye leather, it does stiffen it quite
a bit, but you'll see that this one is a lot more pliable. That's just a natural characteristic of the
leather. This is going to be a lot more bendy. If you like something that feels really soft
in your hand and you want that color change over time
and you want it to get kind of scuffed and "personality"
and little marks and things over time, undyed can be a great option. Something else this one has is eyelets. Instead of just having the holes punched straight
through and having elastic run through those,
these have eyelets. It doesn't especially reinforce anything;
the leather is really sturdy enough on its own and doesn't need that. But it does add a more decorative aspect there. So if you like that look, you can add that
as an option on your notebook. Again as all the others, three holes, so four
elastics on the inside. And then of course that one around the spine. This is the Cream elastic. Undyed leather, Cream elastic, and this is
the Pocket size notebook. Another color that is new for this year is
called Pine. It is a really lovely green– at least I think
it's lovely– and this is a Pocket size notebook as well. You can see that's the same size. This is a really nice green. This is a color that I've blended myself so
you may not find anything similar to this elsewhere. It's one that I'm not using straight out of
a bottle; this is a blend just for me. There's another video that you can look at
that explains the Premium Spine option here and we'll go into more detail on that,
but that's something you can add if you want to have a more book-like appearance
and hide those elastics in there. I just wanted to show it here because it's
one of the new colors. It's called Pine and it's dark green. The next color is also going to be a little
special notebook. It is again a reinforced spine that you can
see in another video. This is a two-inch spine so if you like a
really chunky notebook, you can do that. This also has a Premium Closure Tab, rather
than visible elastics on the spine and around the outside. This is all leather; the entire notebook is
leather, metal, and then the elastic straps. Again this is the Field Notes size and this
is the Cardinal dye. This is red and I'm showing you this because
this is one of the colors that we have available this year. This is one that we've had for a while, so
not a new color, just wanted to make sure that you see that. Be sure and watch the other video about the
spine and extra tab. Another new size for us is the A6. This holds a 4×6 insert and these are from
Eccolo and I just picked these up at Office Depot or something; these are easy
to find. This is a size that you can pick up in a lot
of places, so it's very handy. It's also small enough to fit in a purse,
so those 4×6 inserts are really handy. This is the Hot Pink color; it's one we've
had for a while. Hot Pink elastic and same setup on the spine
here. That's your A6 size notebook, and it'll hold
at least four inserts there. Next up is the Personal size. This is in Espresso dye with Espresso elastic. It's a really deep coffee brown. I think it's really classy. This is a color that you could carry with
you to a professional office, into a boardroom. You may not be as comfortable taking notes
in a bright pink notebook, depending on where you work,
so if you need something a little more conservative, maybe a little more polished,
this is a really fantastic color, sort of a neutral if you wanted to go for that. This one also has eyelets. These are the Brushed Brass eyelets. We've got two finishes; this is the Brushed
Brass and there's another we'll look at in a little bit, the Brushed Nickel. So those will be a little more silver toned,
and this is more of a gold tone. If you want something more yellowy, this is
your choice. If you want a silvery, a cooler tone,
the Brushed Nickel will be a better bet for you. This size is a little unique; it can be a
little hard to find but some people really love this size. It's similar to the Midori Traveler's Notebook
except it's a little shorter; the Midori comes up a couple more inches and
I think it's a little bit wider. You can find inserts that are this size on
Etsy or you can print your own. There are some options there but it's one
that you may not find readily in a store. Consider that when you're choosing sizes. Next one is another new size for us. This is B6. This holds a 5×7 insert; these are some Punch Studio inserts that I picked up I think at TJMaxx or somewhere. I'm buying inserts all the time and I just
save them until I have a notebook that fits it, so sometimes
I don't always remember where they came from. I thought these were really pretty, and they've
got gold foil on there. This is Purple and Purple elastic in the B6
size that holds a 5×7 insert. Three holes along the spine for four elastic
cords inside. One, two, three, and there's still an extra
cord there and you can always piggyback more inserts
as well. That's Purple in B6. The Regular, the classic Midori size, the
size that started it all, is this one. This is a blue, we're calling it Midnight. It's a really dark, dark blue. It looks kind of bright here because of
the way that the light from the window is shining on that
but it really is very dark. This is another on you could carry very easily
into a professional setting. This is Midnight elastic as well. Same as all the others, three holes, four
strands inside. These inserts are from Paper Penguin Company;
you can check them out on Etsy. They're really cool; I'm impressed with the
paper quality here. The covers are really nice, especially this
wood grain one that's quite beautiful, I think. It's textured, it feels great. That is the Regular Midori size. Next is what is commonly known as Wide. This is a big notebook; we're starting to
get into something that you could actually use for taking class notes if you're
in school, anything like that, or using as a planner. This is a hefty size notebook. These are Moleskine inserts that were painted
specifically for me by Amber Thomas over at Amber Thomas Makes
on Etsy. Look her up and you can customize ones just
for you as well. I told her that I love cherries and so she
painted that for me. Flowers, snapdragons are some of my favorites. These are all handpainted on the cover, very very fun, I really love having those. This is the size that fits in the Wide notebook cover. They're about 8×5; I'll have specific dimensions
on my website so you can have exact inches there but just
off the top of my head they're about 8×5. That fits in the Wide size. This is Black with Black elastic
and here are the Brushed Nickel eyelets. Let's compare them;
the Espresso has the Brushed Brass and the Black has the Brushed Nickel
so you can see the difference there. This one is cooler and more silver toned. This one is warmer and more of a yellow tone,
a gold tone. There's some differences there. Of course you can add them to whichever color
you like, whichever combination suits you the best. We've got two more sizes. The A5 is one step up from Wide. If you like to use a Wide notebook but you
want to have a lot of inserts, you could always just jump up to the A5 size. That would allow you to put a bunch, maybe
6 or 7, maybe 8 Wide inserts in here. You would just piggyback them in and it would
end up being really chunky. This is one of my favorite dye colors, Mahogany. This is one that again plays very nicely in
a professional environment. It's sort of a reddish brown. I think it's a really rich, kind of sumptuous
looking color. It's definitely one of my favorites. The A5 inserts are about 8 inches tall but
they're wider than the Moleskine version. You can see that even the notebook is narrower
in the Wide version. If you like to have lots of room, the A5 is
a wonderful choice and it's a size that you can find, you can find those inserts a lot of times at Office Depot or craft stores like Hobby Lobby or Michael's or discount places like Marshall's or TJ Maxx, or any sort of
stationery outlet you can find that size. It's also a very common size in Europe. Keep that in mind as you are choosing inserts;
you want something that you can actually refill and not have to hunt all over the world
or all over the Internet for that size. One more size, and one more color. This is a new size, and a new color for us
this year. This is a Jumbo and this is the Charcoal color. This is similar to the Turquoise in that it
does show a lot of the texture of the leather coming through the
dye. It is not opaque like some of the others. The Purple really covers everything; the Charcoal
is going to be a little more sheer. I think it looks a little bit like denim,
and the same with the Turquoise. If you can think of the way these colors might
look if they were jeans, if they were kind of a crumpled-up sort of
denim, that's the kind of feeling that I get from
these. It can be a really beautiful look, especially
if the leather underneath is pretty. This is the Jumbo size and I've reinforced
this– again it doesn't need it for durability but just for style, not for function– it's got eyelets on the side but rather than
having the hole punched for the elastic that goes around the middle, I've
added the Premium Tab Closure instead. You'll see that in another video in more detail
there. I wanted to be sure to show you this color
up close and personal and also this size. This is the biggest one we've ever offered,
and this is new for us this year. It holds the Moleskine, the very largest size
that they've got. It also will hold a composition notebook,
which is super easy to find and they're very very inexpensive. They're usually something like 99 cents when
you catch them around back to school time. You could stock up and last yourself all year
long. These are a little thicker so you can probably
only fit about 3 in here. The Moleskine are thinner so you can fit 4
at least of those. If you use these you'll probably max it out
around 3 just because they're thicker. These are all the sizes and colors for this
year. I am super excited to have so much variety. Some of these sizes are ones that people have
been asking for quite a bit, especially the B6 is one that I've had a lot
of requests for. I'm really excited about the reinforced spine
option and again this Tiny one, having something that's so portable is really
fun. Another new thing that we're going to offer
this year is the ability to set up a matching set. If you want to have a smaller notebook, say,
a Pocket size or a Passport that you can throw in your purse and have
a portable notebook with you, but you also want a bigger one for your journal
or your planner, something that kind of stays on your desk
and you don't want to cart around with you, let's say A5. So you want a Passport and an A5, we'll have
the ability for you to order a set like that with a discount over ordering two separate
ones. That way you can kind of build a set for yourself
and they can match; choose the same dye color for each one. Keep an eye out for that if you're looking
for a kind of two for one deal or if you want one for yourself and one for
a friend, that's always an option too. Let me know if you've got questions; I'm super
excited to bring you these this year. I'm excited about 2017 and we've got good
things coming for you. Y'all have a great day. Bye bye.


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