New Toledo Restaurant at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort!

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[Applause] and we're here at the grandest Dino's how're ya Coronado Springs were brand new yeah it smells very new and we're gonna go get dinner at Toledo here we go it's on this couch oh you can keep those ubi you see it yeah like that snowy spot there this is the menu split up into three sections we have the tapas she's then we have the beverages there's a grand gentleness specialty cocktails then there's also a separate wine list and then we have food menu which is also separated you have an appetizer two entrees I'm probably gonna get this okay so I was kind of boring I just got a Coors Light nurse I got a wine she uh Spanish wine today they helped us pick out nearly nice yeah yeah they let us taste a couple different ones so I have a little bit of like the sample we had we reject it yeah they're both really good so we yeah we had a hard time picking one out we have a nice table to know if you can see much it's kind of raining but it's clearing up ya see the lake and then like you can see the pool that's the Coronado Springs pool there it is the waterslide Oh oh yeah they're cool coasters yeah that's really cool coaster oh all right so this is the potato omelet they're really cool not at all when I grabbed one here we go no yours fell apart kind of said to imagine like a KitKat to imagine the size and I kind of see what he means now just go like that but you know it's good yeah we got two of them so if you got one tapas it would only be one but since they got two that's why we have back and again not fish it's really subtle yeah there's neurosis drying herbs yeah it's gonna the hamburger yeah it's nice right it's not overpowering like I thought it would be it's very kind of Stella good cool all right so here's the pork chop it's really good I'm excited for it the plates really pretty too so I got the hanger steak damn it looks really good I feel that it's like pretty he actually liked oh I was like yeah looks good it's really nice yeah looks really interesting Oh yours looks really pretty – yeah wow they didn't really pretty dishes okay so here's Marissa tasted yeah my name is piddle – I don't know if I I don't know if I really pointed that out – like kind of a match and yours is like kind of hole like fried or roasted potatoes thumbs up that's pretty cool and I didn't notice it earlier okay so this is the dessert menu they have various items but I think we're gonna do this one the cholito are the Toledo tapas bar a progressive dessert tasting with the flavors of Spanish poppy crunchy chocolate and raspberry mousse and lemon curd sounds good now so these other items you might get some coffee as well this is the topless bar the first one the white one is the cheesecake then it goes lemon zest then raspberry then chocolate and then the one with a little cap that is coffee they're really pretty yeah it's really pretty and then yeah that comes for yeah yeah just gonna do an order that first was the cheesecake yeah know what the bar yeah [Applause] how is it go it's our pet overpower the Cheesecake though yeah yeah yeah she's good we didn't visit oh yeah now this is the kind of answer yeah Toffler fires really good yeah jaren the lemon one Simon it's a little hard to share this one delivers overpowering better light the best yeah we're thinking this is where you might be the best yeah although I have little time for the coffee yeah taystee yeah let's try in the last one is you happy I think so the raspberry was good

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Happiness and Sweet Tea · July 27, 2019 at 3:53 pm

The restaurant looks so nice! Dessert looked delicious 😋 😀

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