*NEW* SECRET LOOT LOCATION in Fortnite: Battle Royale!

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looking good looking real good, im dead (girl scream) ahhhh Welcome everyone my name's ali-a today is the second video of today because it's update day We've got a new town and also a new weapon earlier today. We had some fun with a brand new hunting rifle It's an unscoped sniper. very very cool That's my fortnite playlist down below in the description it has all of my fortnite videos, but in this video here We're gonna be covering multiple things We're gonna be landing and checking out the brand new town lucky landing And we're also gonna be checking out and finding this week's secret battle past leveling up Item that is hidden in the map and show you guys exactly where it is It's gonna be an awesome video first of all let's talk about that secret item last week We had a cryptic map that was in dusty Depot this time we just got to go off of this hint that we get in the challenge menu search between a pool a windmill and an Unpleasant you know where this is it's fairly simple for those guys who don't know there is the umbrella? Alcove with a few caves and chess towards the north side of the map the windmill is actually in the farm And then the pool is actually in the motel Just in the middle of that point is a tree With another battle parasites when you can pick up but level up your back to pass nice and easily So that's where it is this week guys go and Grab it now for this video's actual gameplay. It is point one of the most intense games I've ever had I've been playing fortnite obviously all today with this huge update I am so tired because so many of the gunfights I've gotten in today requires so much more thinking and just being so we active It's been very very tiring and this game is so intense Especially at the end you must stick around it is absolutely crazy But it all kicks off in lucky landing as we explore this brand new point of interest this brand new town See what it's all about See if it's worth landing that and obviously ultimately go for that big queue way out if you guys knew and teammates you subscribing turn Notifications on to make sure you never miss a video and you guys are excited without further ado give it a thumbs up let's jump into the action and plays and fortnight bats were out and We're a little bit sure, but I am dressed for the occasion We're heading towards lucky landing But the wukong skin on I've got the crazy Dragon skin on and I'm heading into this brand-new point of interest. I honestly really really like it. I love how it looks unfortunately because it is so far south the bus if it goes over it pretty much straight away or Last so is there is either a lot more action in you one or not much action This is a tough guy to get all the way here and funnily enough the reason it is an epic shotgun here They've actually increased the spawn rates of a lot of weapons the blue burst for example is a far highlight You would have been bound on the map and also the epic tactical shotguns another weapon That is a lot more likely to find out so you see them on who travels Epic games have helped you out and made them a lot easier to find. This is lucky landing. I do really like it I'm starting to get to grip to where everything is where to check there can be a chest in here I am literally going shotgun only right now this middle part. Here is really cool There's a giant tree and you can knock this down Sometimes there's a chest inside. It's not one in here unfortunately I can't hear it But if you're covered to attend to always check that giant tree get yourself some wood and potentially some loot oh Yes a launch pad. Oh my god. You'll understand what that makes me so excited in a second Here anyone here not quite yet. Definitely people landed. Here is I said it was a long jump to get here. I think There we go there's a long time to get here, so I think I look there won't be too many people luck It's a new point, so People want to check it out. You know what I mean you always getting some people landing here sometimes. There's too many sometimes it's not quite as much as put on both of these shields and Say hello to them with a little shotgun Hello, you know what I mean you start with a pump Where are they at? Is that her? there She is. Hello!!! Does she see me Definetly has after I said that oh That's pumpin tactical to good But no matter how good it is to be really honest with you. Nothing beats the SMG. Honest to god I've done a video on it like last week or whatever talking about how good the tactical SMG is it is disgustingly good I've had games like in the last few days where I've always only used a tactic lesson chief the whole game and the number of times. I can't begin to shotgun all beautiful and It's just noted them. Do not underestimate it all right even the green one. It is so Freaking good. I love it now. I was saying about the launchpad so obviously uses mmm. Still got a cough I need to go to you. Don't experience with you I will do it, but um mmm is so far south getting out of here once all the action is over Someone else is here I Need to be more than just these people popular spot, what can I say I? Mean What can I say? Unless you've got a direct headshot with maybe the pump now things can beat thing with the SMG I'm even dropping the epic shotgun for it. That's how come for the now It's pretty much to hold of lucky landing apart from This little like temple almost I guess you call it someone may have landed here, but it's always worth checking Because it can be chess in the bottom floor mid floor and lots of loot on the top floor. It's a really cool Place if you will and a little bit short sometimes. It's worth running I Was known pick that up. Yeah – Sheils a backup son section for your chess and a bomb floor. Yeah I'm afraid under the stairs. Oh let's not forget that there. We chose. It's a beautiful spot go and check it out Can you break this down easy I reckon? Honestly, breaking that down would be pretty cool, but we ain't got time for that looks like on huge missions goes with you we are probably just gonna go ahead and Launch pad out of here I made go and see if anyone's chilling if any was chilling in fatal you want people to be near here There's a nice momentum. You get some kills in You get some kills in like landing you come in – babe – maybe go to salty Really the place if people are landing at the moment are Lucky tilted because it's it's tilted what can I say I've been it was a whaling woods again going to the challenges for this week Wherever this chest to go and collect chests with certain place people land there especially for the first few days So it's busy busy busy. I've got a question for you guys alright I don't know if you guys caught it. I feel like I put it in a video Crossbow, okay, thought maybe another shield never know I feel like I put it in a video. Yep. You see that guy over there SAY HELLO TO MY SMG He's no idea what's about to hit him. This is potentially dangerous, but I'm going for it. Oh Hey, buddy, oh, you line up headshot you ready for this So close he's only got a gray AR 30 damages poor guys not looking great God okay Thank God you can build anywhere now drink coming up Wait Hey, go. See, I dropped I've dropped hmm the epic shotgun he used the epic shotgunning game out on top it with your boy with the SMG. There's a blue burst oh for those weapons having increase in sport. He's happy about that I've got him a love of a good load at least for a few minutes at least Storms coming in I gotta be careful here grab the ammo for sure Mini ammo actually I look forward to finding so much more now because of these epic SMGs I never want to be running lower or numb mini ammo – before he came along and interrupt – I interrupted him to be honest with you, but You may have heard. I think I mentioned in a video at least tweets out. He got a lot of attention. It was a potential or um This is just no way to earning. There's a potential for Fortnite to add in skill based matchmaking or some sort of skill based matchmaking into fortnite That means you played a lot more of a game. You've got more wins you're generally a better player You'll generally be put with better players if you're not as good if you're brand new to the game. It'll be a completely different experience and Recently since the last update especially I'd say last week update 3.0. I Just knew that if shotgun. I knew it via the shotgun it increases for us I hope he is gonna be an epic SMG not quite unfortunately Um good things since us to update a lot of people speculate and they may have rolled out those changes released tested out those changes Personally I find lobbies to be a Harder overall like I finally come unlock more. I have to think a lot more. It's a lot more intense Throughout the Bofors start the middle and the end all parts are just as crazy whereas, maybe jump back a few weeks and You could sometimes go to whole game But there's no one really know what they're doing so base what I'm saying is do you guys think the lobbies gotten harder since last week's update if it's something you've Noticed or even just thought about in the back your head a little bit. Let me know so here we go This is a gal blocky landing guys. I know we've got to avoid in fatal and salty but Any wants to get a long-range night? Anyone at all Anyone know people built around if I can't really see anyone This would be quite a big a big sniper I pulled it up who is a Chesham now. I'm not going for that though hmm Some wolves down there Hmm I no one's here, they would've all left they didn't join me lucky me they were they've gone How cool is that there cuz it going back and tweaking things potentially an enemy here 10 surely an enemy here Hey, you does not look good we good We good someone's gone to the power bus they're always tweaking improving things and a loud dragon roar. I like it It's worth it. It's a legendary freakin glider. It costs like twenty fifteen dollars or something or twenty pounds And I think it deserves a little change it I'll have to make it even bigger and better to be honest with you the first ever legend if you guys win the game actually Pretty good kind of like pretty good Alright, so tilt it is still in the next ring Which means you just know someone's chilling around here, and apparently was just hasn't been looted, okay? Okay double shield now. That's what I'm talking about Doesn't look like there's anyone up there, but go and chef anyway Let's go Hey Mikey stop the slut, oh my gosh Huh The that's a good example where I could have jumped with a shotgun and just maybe I would have won Maybe I wouldn't let the cable feed someone is literally on fire I think that's if you kill yourself with an RPG I saw that earlier whilst playing of rich I think that's what it means was a few issues like someone took an L You're literally on fire I basically think it's different words of suiciding sofia if yeah you get that in the kill feed you should be mad can't like It's person anything good medkit, beautiful There's a tactical shotgun surprise surprise Yeah, man SMG. I can't say enough good things about to us with you i'm gonna take your position well his position whoever it was a qg Taking everything you were Left in yard make me up mine there. We go little dog beautiful beautiful beautiful gay Boar kills with eleven people left, I mean can't light Star Sydney lucky is a bit of a 50-50 thing through anyway, so I'm just happy we're alive. We're good were rockin Luke on skin another thing. Let's feel like I'm winning things off here if you in mind recently I think the Wukong scheme should have been the t100 skin first season 3 I don't think the John wick the you know that like the black sooty character is cool enough Like you know what you see me be with it isn't it's got nothing on the black night This guy should have been here. Honestly. This guy should have been there Let's get yourself down safely let me know if you guys agree And then when I saw his skin for the first time I actually saw was leaked first I'll say you know I won't go and talk about quite yet Just to just see what I do with it now sure it's gonna be a season to be skin when it didn't I was like Come on, man. It's this guy's too cool. His skin in the game right now I'm building loads of flats and bridges just to get up to where I want to get to at the right angle He says failing the jump great job great job with that mini ammo Okay three set here, or do that as shooting Anyone in there nope but if it's on here My gosh you were so lucky he's two of shooting each other oh Gee thank God he doesn't do 200 damage for a headshot Wiped off was a hundred and eighty-seven damage my shield gone My hair is almost gone She's moving at all the right times right now She's that almost hit me in the face that I don't like this I've had enough of your games Done with it Stop firing freaking bows at me Oh Mini's come on ska RPG How many people are around here Louie here is just insane? There's gold stuff on the floor Over there as well Actually motivates us to dirty areas there is sim I was pushing Melted scar you absolute God Whoa look at that six kills already seven people left. I think there's someone else over there I think that's a personnel sniping at those bow and arrow in me. Sorry like crossbow me What you shot a person? Oh when she came out down it to get there see that see that? That's her. I knew it Why is with all the action? This is too fair the loot late trope point? rich ruler Is the place of all the action as a jug jug here jeez Louise? Oh, it's poor person. There's no idea what they're doing. What are you doing? How did you get alleged reece.carter let you weaken a launcher She's been looting everyone else and I got two launch pads are buzzing oh, this is beautiful Because I see I salute the other legends you selfish so up from the top of the hill as well To supply drops in the lake. There's a spare Midgard there as well. Can't forget about that Let's go and see what else is up here just in case Oh blue tactical honor. They are oh? Definitely thought I was gonna be a trap. This is why one baby epic chat class ng this thing is beautiful Never ever ever underestimate it just saying we've got the Spare med kit up here as well March was another one in there geez geez mom I've got two launch pads. I can definitely make boy over there Please no one shoot it down all right dope this mountain This is the mountain to be your man Force it be someone up there Your shoes gone Missus this is a tough one. I'm actually the worst position but He's got a spoon down he's from down Where are you running to oh? My god, it's gone, so good Laughs it's perfect. Oh my god. I forgot to put on the other chug chug completely forgot so good 15 second chills that time eight kills four people left This is looking good. They're going real good Some them Someone's right next to me. I won't pass the key back Serious person is Swear the right here. Oh my god. Oh My There's two people on me This is this is gonna be a Bilbao Uh-huh, oh my god, this girl is so smart I don't know. She's doing this on purpose, but I think she knows I've got an RPG. She wants me to shoot myself. Oh my gosh This is a good player. This is a good player. I'm telling you now This person knows what they're doing. I don't know if they did those RPG blocks on purpose, but I'm gonna have to assume they did Swear to God the number of games I played today It was not easy getting a game play about hunting rifle. I'm telling you aah So much yesterday If we come fight like guys just is intense it gets your heart going you know what I mean There's a matter how many games a fortnight you play? When you're when you're in gunfights like that. This is a1 b1. We made two 1v1 Where is my tat girl? There you are So much Okay, we're in a 1v1 mmm. We made out of their life That was serious intense GG's that guy Let's just be careful, if there's someone up here now, I will cry Here we go even with turbo building on Okay, okay, Ally chill Okay, okay your boys your boys choking right now. Give me a second There we go oh My god. Yeah, you can you can build your way out of a gunfight, and you can Hipfire scar someone while a shotgun you down to like 10 HP, but you can't end it all great job mate Okay, let's let's make this face proper I don't know. How good is final guys gonna be I feel like endgame is a 50/50 play It's like the person is either really good and will build up to your base and will RPG you and build all around you or They will have been camping in a tree at the whole game Let's see which one is this with a lot of places this guide to be actually Still a lot of mountain space down the bottom lot of mountain space Space is looking good though. Looking crispy real crispy I Can't see him This is one of my favorite songs in the game Sorry, just in case we lose. We don't get a chance to do that I have to do it I Love it so good actually originates from like a halo video guys dressing up as Spartans going around a convention years ago I can't see this guy Cannot see us guys can see that building them. Just what we went through during the fight by the way guy oh oh my gosh We bush this was I say a tree, so you either get the world What are you doing? Buddha Okay You're wander you know which part at the end you like stay any minute Another dragon war why not? There we go guys brand-new lucky landing Definitely a lucky especially after we RPG ourselves We got fucking crossbow didn't hate that game had everything if you've enjoyed doing a big fat thumbs up You haven't seen my gameplay earlier today covering a new hunting rifle. It's in the fortnight play this which is in the description We're all about the fortnight videos ours to go and watch it right now. Thank you for watching I've got some awesome videos coming this weekend to keep an eye out for them, and I'll see you guys then bye bye


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