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what's up guys in today's video I'm gonna show you how to fight chip number 64 for for bite so make sure to leave a like and subscribe you Scott nobody forty let's go alright guys welcome back to another for tonight video subscribe to the channel if you're not already because we're crushing all the four bites here first as you can see chip 64 is currently corrupted data and it's probably gonna lock in 13 hours but you know what guys I know the mission and I know how to do it so basically the mission for this chip would be accessible by rocks on top of a stone mountain and how do you do that so basically first step is you go to your locker this is really important otherwise you cannot collect the chip you change your Marshmallow skin because we know everyone likes marshmallow will you change it to the rocks outfit which is the first battle pass outfit as you can know if you didn't know guys over here in the name it says rocks this is the entire thing it doesn't matter which style you choose so you hit save and exit and then you got a queue in this video we're gonna just go for a Reno because I got a rank up right guys some division 6 so I gathered and come but I'm gonna show you the exact location super fast it's gonna be super cool and really easy to find actually that's not even a hard location but as you can see it's still not unlocked over here and there is the missions for 72 for some of these other ones as well and we will be getting the entire picture here really soon guys because for tonight are not very good at keeping these secrets as you guys know and yeah basically we're getting of this leak like left and right but here today we're doing 64 which would be super cool what's happening come over joining the server let's go and yeah contrary to everyone thinking that I'm bad at fortnight I am division 6 and if I get 100 more points I can actually play for the fortnight world qualifier so now because we're getting a set game that's kind of nice actually the wait time is guy because it's to 2 a.m. where I live and it's in my region so I assume but ever got far some and then I'm gonna show them the mountain distant Mountain location and this is not really on the og rotation it's been here for a while it's not it's an easy location in my opinion so we're gonna go there our yeah the borough was actually not too bad but or that location so we gotta we gotta hit it up and it's gotta be super cool but I would pay the bus fare to two tickets to hype anyways okay so this is the map where you wanna go is this over here is the stilt Mountain we had a mission last season there and it was the highest elevation mission if you guys remember we had to visit the highest points of the island which used to be the volcano which is now power plant and completely destroyed and this mountain over here as long as well I mean with the other month next to it but this is the mountain where we're gonna be getting the chip and this 100% confirmed all my videos are correct no click but it's always on the exact same location so my guides are complete and nice and it's already we did chip what is it we did the one in haunted hills before it was released and that was the exact location so easy-peasy guys always getting it right but all right so what you gotta do is hop right down here guys right now here and I'm just looking around because this is we're in a game and the chip would pop up exactly this this way exactly over here so we're gonna put rocks spray over here you don't have to put the rock spray but you would see the chip and you would be able to collect it only if you're using the rocks outfit which is the one I'm rocking so guys that's the chip that's chip number 64 and what we're going to be doing now for the rest of the videos I'm gonna play this arena game guys because I honestly I need to rank up so I can play and qualify maybe play with ninja so I mean how we that would be quite interesting right because if you do qualify you can play on the World Cup and I mean who doesn't want to be a World Cup fourth night player like come on let's video here so we're gonna look this chest and it's actually so interesting I actually really like playing the game now even though this season is a bit weird I was just getting used to last season and they changed the season and I do get why a lot of people are complaining about this season but I mean it's not too bad I mean I think the baller is the biggest competitive change for that has ever made to the game but yeah let's go alright so we're gonna be hopping on this one as well so we can grab set bowler hello and let me end like come on I hate this glitch that this glitch is just outrageous they need to fix it all right here we go getting the baller best addition to the game look I even learned how to like bounce it faster and I just I just messed it up a bit but ever gotta go to one of these Skylands and if you guys missed it there is a challenge to visit every single Skyfall and it's one of these locations over here so yeah you might want to you might want to visit all of this as well but oh a chick joke that my look is amazing let's go to a chick joke first item in the game almost amazing one chest equals one chick jerk let's go alright so we're getting a good circle here as well did I actually like really like playing for tonight even though I probably go for the limbs and you know get eliminated and rage but yeah okay there is loot underneath as well so we're gonna grab this and just break it oh my god alright I didn't expect this Cup listen guys I'm not bad at the game okay I promise I prefer I mean I did really bad whatever okay so we're just gonna go here we go no chest no chest bro no chest we're getting like extreme unlucky RNG what do you mean good come on we gotta get that we gotta get that w and for the W we need items we need definitely need a shotgun and an SMG of this maybe the drum gun let's check out this pirate camp cuz no one goes there literally like who would go to the pirate camp what is it seasons season 8 of course of course it's not seasoning all right here we go come on this is my worst gameplay ever oh my god all right let's just do I don't even want to leave the bar honestly too much but yeah here we go let's go let's play like ninja dude I've been watching a lot of ninja lately ninja and if you they're great all right here we go so we're gonna get this and this and we're gonna have did my loadout is so bad oh we gotta get some better items like this doesn't work okay here we go already upgrading I'm just ditch the Diigo I can't play with this or let's take the Flint well knock but I mean Flint knocks not good either we need to grab this Oh another baller that I knew there was the bullet yes I knew about one in front of the house here we go taking that gonna leave the dynamite and get the jars dude I don't think we're gonna be able to use this many items this many healing items I mean all right no OOP got him let's go all right so I assume we're gonna just go I think it's time to just go even though not we didn't really get the loot I want to dude I need a shotgun like how are we gonna play for that without the shotgun and also why is there tea ammo boxes if you're like I'm a definitely get it get the metal then break this also get the wood there we go because we definitely need materials you gotta have the 5 5 5 which is 500 500 500 otherwise it's not very good guys oh look at this it's surely even though it's the new one and I'm really not good with the new shotgun here we go now we have some some sort for better a kind of you know items so that's not bad that's all better oh but here we go all right so now maybe we should go and fight people even though I do want to get top 25 at least because that's how you get points that's how we get promoters by camping but as you can see I'm like not even bad with this okay whatever hey I need to stop saying I'm not bad at things because I keep failing maybe I'm joking I don't know all right so we're gonna leave the bulb here in the front yard you just open up this thing yeah we don't we what we don't want to break the ceiling here okay because that's that's where the chest is that a king yep okay here we go smart smart cool slowly guys let's go BAM Mini's and assault rifle okay we're probably you would just not gonna take any of those actually we should take the minis because we have the Slurpee even though honestly I need the mobility item of this I need like a reef to go or something and it would be very nice but it would be very nice indeed let's go break through the ceiling and grab some more items ooh that's not good at all are we getting too hype already guys got our bus fare back foot reaching tip top 25 so this actually look this is a guide how to rank up and play with ninja yeah actually I can I'm definitely positive I can get to the tournament and play well ninjas on a different server but I could still try I can do a temp guys all right here we go sniping ninja in real life all right can we like maybe go get some action now that we reach top 25 we shouldn't really be worried about getting the action we want it all so what's happening with the zone I should check a mic here yeah I know I'm not doing it exactly correctly with the ball but I feel like this is better because not people are not shooting at me so it doesn't really matter if you do the moves exactly the correct way but yeah all right here we go maybe we should get in this in the split strip what do you guys think of the split stays like what all right that was so many G dude that's actually super glitchy let's just aim it again drop it's like perfect aim and it goes through all right here we go all right there we go now we're talking all right let's find travel guys oh hey hey no no go back go back go back I wanna aah hey come on that's probably my potential Q or my def whatever guys whatever break the ball got him I mean even breaking their bow is just so so dirty he's horrible all right so now we're gonna go chase them with my ball I reloaded my guns and we're good to go all right here we go now did I thank you feel good let's go Hey Oh we're building we're building with doing the build battle wait where did he go what is this who are you building you know not the explosive ball okay see ya let's go fight the other guy I should have kept building I should have definitely kept building here oh my god he's bad too and you know what guys out is good definitely this kid why is he not shooting you should be shooting at me oh my god what where did he go oh my god dude all right let's just you know jump out got him all right let's build so we don't get you know director on e in front of these did you have a big jar I didn't see any incision see all right let's just you know just just do one of this and get the Slurpee as well the TAC shotgun cuz I think I'm better come to me please oh dude this guy should have definitely gathered me like oh my god did he break my ball no did he either broke it or it's somewhere we just go die to the guy with the ball guy with the ball can definitely get me all right let's go oh look the circle that's so interesting that the circuses mo all right here we go let's go let's let's join the split streams lip streams the team that that's not the one there my dude I like this traveling system thingy because you can always encounter people just flying around because everyone's just using it all the time and it's kind of safe I mean you can kind of use it without really taking much damage like people just shooting at you so it's a risk-free it's actually overpowered but here we go right after this drink we're gonna pop up did I do it I almost did it correctly I still can't get used to those your water skeptic good let's go alright there is so much come on I what is this that what is he doing what is he doing sitting in the corner oh my god what do you how is this rank boys how is this ranked highest ranked by the way who has one of these the drum gum I mean we have a free slot so why not drum guns overpowered all right here we go let's just load the shotgun anyone else anywhere else will join the fun did imagine getting convicted oh yeah and just like a video where I'm like yeah let's find the challenge or something I just saw somebody build to this slipstream split streams lips let's go do let's go I think they just put this already just read oh hello alright let's fight – forty does this shotgun is overpower or I'll just get high ground okay we can get high ground yeah this surfer No okay let's chase them I won't be annoying I will be annoyed seven on with my shotguns pretty good alright where is he going where is he going it's getting is getting yes I'm here oh no no no no no come back come back let's go ah he has an OG skin and he's just gonna pull this off where he just runs away okay I'm gonna use our and for he's gonna come back oh what a nice shot dude even with the 2020 blue let's go dude it's actually so much fun I love her today I'm not even gonna be modified yet eliminated now well I mean he must have felt some work on bro he's here if you see in this house yes yes all right good oh my god that's a new that's okay we're destroying this house look at this oh I have scoped eliminations perfect perfect okay so what we're gonna do is we're gonna take suppress sniper oh my god we need to keep them for for sure he has a blue drunken zone is gonna be small and I need the healing I need the healing glider II deploy would be nice too boy oh boy oh boy can't can't take I don't have mobility all right we're gonna get great glide that I deploy instead of healing I was probably a mistake I don't know what weapons ninja takes but I do need my limit with the sniper so ya got a got a trend you know go for that we have a lot of materials so that's not a problem and glad that he deploys nice if you have a lot of mats just look at this now we can just come here and get out my sniper my sniper dude let's go and I'm really bad with it so that's a disclaimer what he rendered out of my screen all right all right so I need to shoot a little bit of both him in order to get him is he shooting with my building dude are you really shooting with my building it's okay because we have the glide very deploy so it doesn't really matter but if I can find somebody that would be the best somebody that I can shoot and they don't see me if I can get a clear shot and maybe actually hit I feel like I'm gonna get sniped because I'm bad at it bro wait the sun's coming alright and see ya alright we're gonna go straight to the low ground and that's a huge mistake so I'm not sure why I'm doing all right here we go this hasn't even been looted oh boy I wish I had the other sniper that destroys the buildings with one shot but it's not that one where the people there is six more people okay maybe we get the victory oh you know what maybe we do get it and it's so stupid to just come on this build but I don't want to waste all my mats and that's definitely gonna happen and I'm not even good at this oh boy look at that oh no I'm ashamed I am okay I'm actually ashamed how do you even do this ninjas so good all right and then you lose that oh I'm good at this though look I reset it so fast I know that doesn't take too much skill guys but I'm trying okay leave a like you still watching the video let me know in the comments I wonder if people would watch the entire gameplay honestly because a lot of people just come to my channel for the challenges but I want you to come for me but that's not happening so whatever you can't give you can't pick you know Oh a care package dude six people left like I'm just gonna wait it out like at this point it's not worth dying though five gives you more points I think as well so I might as well just wait a bit you know tree limbs three limbs not bad considering I didn't even play early game did you really try to watch all right so there is a fort over there nodes in the fourth though my strategy would be to just glide that I deploy when the zone starts coming and maybe go to that thing I also have a gym pad right I think I have one yeah one jump at each game I mean gym pads are super powerful even though I mean I always just get messed up with them can't really use them properly are we just gonna go with like sky means dude are we just gonna do sky for me oh my god I mean somebody's gotta destroy it I just I kind of wish I could just get a second to snipe somebody real quick this would count as the mission for six floors or above – that would be like double nice all right well whatever let's just go I have nobody just me now I'll be upset if I get sniped now like a minute ago I would've been fine but there is only six people so I'm taking a mass affair with somebody does that think and they're probably that shooting at somebody from that wind move over there alright we're almost in the zone bro why did that were built I was holding the button okay alright now be mad ok this is super unfair why am I getting cheese dog come on stop stop stop stop stop stop stop I got cheese by the stupid game oh my god no I don't I don't have healing key oh no stop stop stop stop this software okay let's just be like whatever guys whatever oh my god oh boy what's pushing Oh legendary shopkins for me and please give it you come on boy rocky doesn't stop oh no horrible bad idea bad idea bro dude I could've done it I'm so bad so bad so bad but anyways guys thanks so much for watching that was cheap number 64 accessible by rocks top of a stunt Mountain I had fun this guy was fun guys it was fun so I should leave a like subscribe I also gained some you up fucking I don't know like six points seven points maybe let's see we were number four reach top five to three I'm getting a lot of points to three like that's like minus two so scratch that eight points for one game so that's that's good that's decent but thanks so much guys for watching I'll see you next time bye bye


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