New ATL Airport Shuttle Locations and Mobile App Coming Soon!

Published by Darron Toy on

Happy Thursday everybody! This is Nate
with EconoRides shuttles. I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to share some
great news with you, we are looking at two new locations for parking one up in
Ball Ground, Georgia and the other in Canton, Georgia. So we are getting close to
solidifying those lots. We will have more information as that happens. Thank you
for your prayers and support as we try to push up the 575/515 corridor and
we’re looking forward to serving those areas much better than we can today. So
looking forward to that if you have any questions, you can give us a
call our phone number is (678) 218-7170 Thelast bit of information is also very exciting. We are having our mobile app
available for you in the next month! We are absolutely stoked about this. A lot
of work has gone into this a lot of hours and it’s going to be a 30-second
check out. It will remember your information, so when you are making
repeat reservations it will have that information there for you and will be a
just a very pain-free reservation system for you. Stay on the on the lookout
for that and we will have that here for you shortly. Thank you so much for your
business, we love Cherokee County and are looking to do better and better every
day. Please give us a call when you can or visit us at
Have a great day!

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