New Adventure Travel Comedy Series Fierce Traveler Show Open

Published by Darron Toy on

– Move, move! – It’s called a live volcano
exploding behind Scott. I’m Scott Goetz, luxury
and adventure journalist. After 15 years of choosing
the world’s top hotels and creating ultimate dream trips, Wow! Welcome to Bora Bora! I’ve learned one thing. None of it matters if you don’t connect. (crowd yelling) Namaste! Gladiator school. I gave an elephant a kiss today. I’ll do anything. I’m gonna rub hyena anal gland on my lip. As long as it tells me about
a place and its people. Ow! Is that a body? Just don’t expect me to get you out alive. No! Whoa-ho! (volcano rumbles) Shhhh! Fierce Traveler. Go big, go now. (elephant trumpeting)