National Transport Commission (Australia) Who we are and what we do

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It’s easy to take for granted just how quickly and seamlessly change can occur. In Australia, like the rest of the world, there is a constant and growing need to evolve our land transport laws and regulations to keep pace with these changes. Here at the National Transport Commission that is our job. We develop nationally consistent policy reforms for the land transport sector, designed to improve safety, productivity and environmental outcomes through responsive regulation so that all of society can benefit. In Australia, responsibility for road and rail rest with each state. When the federation of Australian states was formed in 1901 each state set up its own transport legislation, and they were all very different. Thanks to the work of the National Transport Commission, Australian states and territories adopted a model set of uniform road rules in 1999. And in 2013, for the first time ever, Australia embraced a national approach to rail safety. We are accountable to all state, territory and commonwealth transport ministers. We also work on changes to heavy vehicle laws and regulations to ensure a safe and productive land transport sector that benefits all Australians. While the National Transport Commission develops, reviews and monitors laws and regulations, we work with the road and rail regulators. standards boards, Austroads, state and local government, and the Australian Road Research Board who administer and enforce them. We are responsible for drafting the Australian Road Rules, the Heavy Vehicle National Law, the Dangerous Goods Code, rail worker health standards and the Load Restraint Guide, to name a few. We ensure they are nationally consistent, and align with international best practice. We’ve seen a lot of change in the past 25 years, and we’re about to see a whole lot more. We are looking at how innovations in technology may affect transport regulation and safety and developing a uniform approach to the introduction of automated vehicles in Australia, based on a safety framework. At the National Transport Commission, we are leading change through national land transport reform. For more information, visit our website