nails, packing, and coffee oh my! SUMMER VACATION PREP 2!!

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oh my gosh so in a little bit I'm gonna be going to event called Claire Macomb which is basically an event that basically a bunch of youtubers can go and just hang out together it's really really fun so I decided that today I would vlog because I'm gonna get my nails done I know I've literally just gone done but I got them white and matte they're already like coming off because I've only had them on for two weeks but because they're still letters they get caught on everything and I keep bumping them like this one is already coming off a little bit there Matt and they turned literally Brown they just be like pure white like the white of like my background also I want to get yellow nails because I'm going to glamour and so clam akan is kind of like it's an event that only youtubers go so it's really chill there's a risk going to like a huge resort it's in Palm Springs it's like basically like vacation 101 Palm Springs nice empty resorts you're gonna wear whatever you want like it's just like such a fun freakin time it's gonna be perfect that's why I decided to launch my March on May 11th because I wanted it to be out so I could wear all around clamor con show my YouTube friends about it those videos are gonna be coming out I'm gonna be giving away free much to all of my YouTube besties and it's gonna be such a good time also my toenails polish are is chipping off and so I just didn't get my toast done because I love having my toes done I feel so like fun and fresh so we're gonna be heading down to that area and I'll be near a target and the Starbucks you know probably going to target you guys give me everything everything that I have it's because of you guys and it's just such a surreal experience and I'm getting to in a clamor con I'm gonna have all my so much fun like I get a reunite with Ryland and Kesley and hope it's gonna be there and all my best friends and I just feel so loved by everyone and it's just such a good friend and fresh time here's my hope for going out I know I look like I hope I look like that like hipster girl that always believes that she's at the beach and she's just like down-to-earth but since I am getting my toes done I really just wanted to wear slides and it's kind of like an errand running – wanted to be comfortable got these shorts from I believe Hollister my shoes are from Hollister and my shirt is from my merch line I would have guessed here is my current pop socket and kay summers just around the corner and I'm going on vacation okay I actually changed my phone case because I like to put my credit card in my phone case and I didn't want to risk of the fact that maybe I'd be like okay guys so bla bla and show you guys because that phone case was clear so I just changed to this one so you guys can't see my credit cards and here's the second pocket by the way it says hello summer show cute and it's like more neon and I love can I want to get coffee okay Laura I'm about to start recording you need to just say hi I love a nice merge it's so good don't you just love my merge is so good bye now Lincoln bye oh we love the earth it is our planet this is the before before of my toenails so they don't look awful alright guys so in a recent vlog we went to a new nail salon it's called Malibu nails that's where I got these nails done that turned a brown really gross and they already they're already coming off it's really like so we're just gonna go to the original nail place because that's been the place that this worked the best and people that they like the best are so nice like I walk in and be like oh honey it's so nice and I feel so special so yeah I just want to keep y'all updated still going to the nails in America and I'm out my nails and a refill on my toe I got them I got my nails you could say they're pretty adorable then I'm at Target because my sister was shopping here earlier and my mom is getting a rental car actually long story why my mom is getting a rental car our car is all messed up in broken one right opening so this is what a current car looks like here's the adorable mantle that's so freakin cute time to pack for Claire makan I literally cannot wait for this event I went last year and green nails so I mean last year and the event was pretty small because it was only their second year doing it and now this year so many more people are going and I can't wait to see my so I'm gonna pack all my stuff together alright so I'm not gonna be packing my like toiletries I'm just packing the basic clothes then I know I want to bring my hair so dirty right now but look I figured out everything that I want to wear and we are done I cannot wait this is gonna be the trip of the year well actually that's won't your miracle lots of trips this year and all of them are gonna be come better and better and better because that's just how yours the trips go but anyways um I love you guys know that I'm really cold right now cuz I had my Frappuccino so I'm like and I'm like all jittery and I have to be and um yeah so oh let me show you my toe I didn't have time to like redo them I kind of wanted to but we got that til I'll see you guys in my next video

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