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I've been the Donaghy's remember government only could type I wasn't going to record myself so I got on the plane but it's lighting right here so it's telling me to record myself I'm waiting for my plane and I've to take this plane for an hour from Miami I get to Colombia I did these flights because I can't stay on the plane for eight hours long so yeah this is perfect at least I get to get off the plane stop and say grace because lord knows I can't sit on that maybe I was I'll die I still look like last night so busted I threw up this morning honor for my nerves or me drinking last night so I have my hair curly and then I straightened it I don't know why I did that because I left my Flatiron home I didn't bring with me and my friend said she didn't bring hers look at my hair I might just have to wet it and put it back to Kirby when I get out there my phone is dead so I'm so mad because I was so snack last night hazard drinks and then I knocked out all morning passes that when I wake up I could be like really sleepy what I got is plane I could knock that off cause no gum no nothing this is hotness plane number one this is only an hour so I should be I for now this is long as I've ever been in the airport I don't mind any airports I like to be in an element I look a hot mess I'm sitting here like I'm cold and homeless and hungry beat-up and all waiting to get on this max flight I'm in North Carolina this is my first time flying out the country and I'm by myself look at this shit ibi sacrifices I'm grown now right huh I'm here can't believe I do this year by myself this is my first time I'm alone Wow so I just want to give what was I to say a quick note one on one New York people and people from my year it's all two different Spanish like it's so different it's so hard in the airport I felt dumb as hell and I know Spanish very well but I feel like I cannot understand nothing they're saying so I wasn't even gonna record myself because I'm crying because I'm fucking man I feel like I'd be easy but I'm only crying because I feel alone I'm just here about myself and I had nothing to cry about but I'm crying because I'm alone and I feel alone – fuck I don't even feel a flogging anymore not even happy because I'm so fucking mad that I'm alone I'm trying to be happy but every time I keep trying to be happy I keep thinking that I'm alone so isn't making me cry I don't know who cries just good they bunny self me cuz I promise here cuz I mean come on Mia and I don't know nobody I think I'm crying more because I have no fucking body I have an appointment tomorrow I'm going to get my teeth done and I didn't really tell anybody about it because every time I tell you what I'm gonna do I have so many haters and so many wise it never goes right for me like it'll get done but the process won't go right or it was just go terrible like you know so I just kept this work to myself and this was chest my birthday gifts for myself this year for my birthday I'm really not even worried about like a birthday dress or shoes I really just wanted to do my teeth for myself even though I'm still gonna get my birthday dress and shoes you know but that's not something that I'm looking like putting my all into last year I was putting my all into it like I was going hard for the dress like that was the that was a D it was the dress in the look now it's my teeth I want to get it done and I'm not too worried about a dress and he'll put something simple on basically this year this is what I'm going to just a dr. Montoya and hopefully he does a good job on my chief because I got Brad the chief so I want to see how he's gonna do this he's pretty known doctor for doing this Eve shit and I came all the way to Columbia I'm staying in the fucking room by myself crying alright the meantime let me show y'all my hotel room without being a fucking cry-baby I'm singing in the Intercontinental whatever the hell it's called you oh I just got out the shower and my friend lands at 7:00 in the morning by the time she gets here I'm gonna be sleeping I'm gonna take my crybaby ass to sleep I'm trying to think about you order some room service because I really be wasting food so I'm trying to think if I should just munch or food right now I'm about to put a movie on my laptop I'm mad that I can't edit that was my plan for tonight my plan for tonight was to edit my YouTube video that I did for y'all just a regular daily life for me a vlog and then from there I was gonna hitch out with the Columbia vlog room no I can't do that because I have my motherfucking USB course or not have to do everything I have to put all these videos out at once and that's wack that's tacky and then it's just not the same timing phrase how I wanted it to be like nothing ever works for me like this I tried to make it work so hard get understand I just can't wait to go to sleep and go to my appointment because that's really what I came for and that's really all I want to do like if I can fly back the same day Android but the only problem is the flight is too long and I'm not doing yet so I'm gonna get my teeth done tomorrow and I'm gonna fly back the next day after which is Tuesday guys hopefully I look pretty let's look at me now yeah they've been a bit late I wish I could take all this money and just go shopping because my birthday is in six days I don't even care just my birthday gift sir myself and you know this is what's going on right now I look so ugly I brought in a suitcase for like three outfits because I'm not gonna be here I don't plan on being here yeah that's about it for now I'm about to just go to sleep because my friend out here and I'm panicky by the moment so I need to just go to sleep and wake up so it could be daytime bye guys tomorrow it's a big day for me guys I just woke up I'm feeling a little better because it's the daytime so I'm not crying I need to show you how a kilometre it looks looking kind of nice now still scared my friend is here she's losing fruits in the lobby and she's coming up I have my appointment I had one I'm about to just go to the po area in the mean time to my appointment any full-time definitely okay my people asked me and my friend is going to the pool and let me show y'all again Oh cute but we look better when I'm down there this shit empty nobody did that's what I like I guess what Columbia is very empty I landed yesterday nine o'clock and I see nobody look honey be Ryan over here on bikes and shit I was in the car yesterday and some guy came up to the car that I was in they hit the tire with some fucking with some metal pipe she and the guy told me how they do that cuz I don't know they be helping people with a car some shit this shit is just weird yeah yeah go choice I can show you going down to the pool I look so crazy that's how you know I didn't come here for vacation I came here to do my teeth bitch cuz a bitch here it looks a hot mess like I'm not trying so wet my hair because I just straighten this year when I get back to New York I know imma be hot with that curly out here and I'm not sitting in the hair salon so I'm out here coming to me looking like this I don't give a fuck I have no one to impress it also come back with my beautiful white teeth I we're in the lobby oh we could eat down here maybe hello what he doing let me see hi you okay yeah service isn't good so this is our hotel I'm gonna go down to the pool how do we go to the pool this is my first time being out the country and I'm not with my sister so I feel mad funny because I go everywhere with her as it is now could I look at the right yeah they might say a whole lot ha I feel way better now I'm a fucking crybaby all good fun look I need to cut it up so look at that ass eh-eh let me keep smiling for my last mouth look at this scenery palm trees a window now we're gonna go eat before dinner y'all having a 248 outwards I don't know cuz I was in the airport and I was saying I'm not gonna eat til I get out here and then when I got here last night I even want to eat I was just crying I was mad so I went straight to sleep and I'm ready to eat and ready to eat drink I'll do everything and I've been sober for 48 hours people so they had Kirby chicken y'all you didn't know I had to get curry chicken fire not to fall in shit kind of like minds either you don't like my food daddy you know 24 hours I'm about to just go stairs to eat everything in that room the Pringles a chocolate everything like anything that's like normal to me cuz it right now I don't like this they put to the same rice and peas brought 8d top I'm just dipping the rice in a sauce I'm still hungry I haven't ate at all uh since I've been here oh no I don't like this I can't eat this I'm not to go to that buffet right there see what they got there I just peed on over there this taste is different as well a normal thing the tastes are different this sucks ass I'm hungry and sober I'm ready to go home I've been ready to leave since I got here they say doing it for me this shit empty as hell what is that for cute but guess what in New York I live in a mad excited cuz I'd be mad should I eat there's a whole bunch of I don't know what beats gets all I don't know what this is onions oh my friend Katie would enjoy this right now she get a whole bowl of onions Seiichi guys barbecue I'm gonna take some fruits on Paco mayonnaise yeah come on being food is not my type but all right you getting something Nina we have the breads over here what is this all these are desserts oh they're your look most immoral cake everything you so different bro but I'm gonna pick something cuz I'm starving this looks bad wait this looks super valid what's in here oh I don't know what's in there stay at stake yeah we should get some steak with potatoes yeah I'm about to do that bro good I'm sorry but this is some rice oh that's it he's letting me try soup Oh Lord oh no I don't think I like that so yeah no I'm really picky on food and the main thing I eat is so foolish it like that and I thought this Spanish food would be legit but it's very different everything is real different the Spanish is different the food is different everything is just completely different went to the buffet and I got these little bit of fruits here and I got this steak and these potato because it's already 9:00 those will taste normal everything is hitting for me oh I'm so hungry I've been hungry for 48 hours now I'm just beat me to get home I just want to eat I never once eat so much of my life I'm legit starving out here I know it looks like five pounds legit I know I lost five pounds me where's Rebecca now hotel imma show me other Street View and sub lattices this just really looks like Columbia it looks like Columbia like a lot of people ride on motifs like within the year they do it's crazy I'm in Cali Colombia by the way and I heard this is in this part so imagine the bad part I'm scared my Tommy get ready I'm back at my hotel and it's time for my appointment and I'm so excited but I'm more excited to go home gets into my teeth on god I don't know why I'm just everyone sick all right let me get dressed and I'd be back guys so I'll have a make our bad guy that brung with me but I don't have no hair products so I'm not putting nothing on my face with my hair isn't done so I'm staying like this I think I might hit a party anyways I don't come on it a little cute I came here to get these teeth done and go back home I'm ready I'm ready to go let's go Nino baby it's time hi yes look at this shirt baby let's get done I look crazy No yeah look at a young couple so honey right over here on the motorcycles oh the Wi-Fi is Wi-Fi he does yeah you lying yes why I find the car yeah yeah I was coming this is just so different I can't believe I'm in Colombia all the armed buildings are so small the stores are so small after no people here because I feel like I'm missing the liveness somewhere it's some weird week is not in it it is lit out here somewhere so now that I'm out the car I'm gonna record and show y'all Barney okay my peoples I'm here I'm here here we are Wow let's do it I can't believe I'm here I can believe I'm doing this hi Madhu is he cleaning worse that's what I'm doing my team is so bad a lot of weak okay my peoples I just finished doing my teeth cleaning and okay get a glimpse of my teeth now I'll do it now here this is their office I don't know what we do here I think so and yeah we're just waiting you made this is so funny this should make stops and they just jump on it I wanna ride in that my mutant guy okay I have anybody how many years really we're going to make their perfect is my for you are you ready for the billion dollar a smile yes I mean it right let's get it on yeah let's do it are very good they're teachers of the Bette Davis the task of here so they I want to start a possible for you up video we do it with you a they are going to place for you to 12 in years contrary the whole night to talk to about billions and after that I'm going to continue contouring my gum and everything so just see this this is all messed up and I'm doing top 12 I'm do it's over the top and so up in the bottle because I don't have a big smile right see it it will really nice they will realize I cannot wait to be like that trying to start oh my god that's my real teeth hello and I'm back their funerals buddy's done I'm so happy I did very nice and the most important tip is that winter vegetable UT and you wanna decide the size that shave the length of the color what are you waiting for I so I just got back to my hotel room and as you can see I'm done and I like how the teeth look out of the results but I don't like the feeling and I feel very funny and you I must have just take a shower and go to sleep so I'm in the airport and every time I'm in the airport I stopped to get a souvenir I'm trying to think what should I get these as candies and stuff I wish I knew what kind of candy this was I don't have any Colombia friends so yeah I would have brung them back mash it I don't know what all this is really how much to just give me anything I really want an ashtray that's my favorite thing on the ashtrays are so cute like it is it southern astral I'll use it as an ashtray I'm just gonna get me a keychain and go about my business what it really got me Columbian candy or something but I don't know any of this tastes like and I'm very picky they have a lot of stuff Wow what really got me Columbian candy or something but I don't know any of this tastes like and I'm very picky they have a lot of stuff Wow myself because I look very ugly I feel like every time I'm like consistent and recording for like a week straight I look ugly when I look pretty I never have my camera anyways long story short I didn't get me nothing because I don't see nothing that made me like wow I need that I want to take that home with me but my friend did so I may get a shot glass I got her this whatever what are you problem okay tell me about your experience with this by design and this is nice for the you know me it's amazing Dan's got a cystogram ancestry to be Zooniverse if to Logan Carles I know because my true

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Nellie Jones · July 26, 2019 at 3:28 pm

I’m dead how you look cold homeless and hungry Gucci down? Stapppp it lol

Ebony Roberts · July 26, 2019 at 3:28 pm

Wow…..they did an amazing job thanks for sharing your visit to Columbia and showing how it’s done your teeth look great.💞

Nay Writes · July 26, 2019 at 3:28 pm

I love the natural hair thick and long

IheartLolaTV · July 26, 2019 at 3:28 pm

I was about to say girl you crying cause you don’t have no bud 😂😂😂 I be like that sometimes

Sheila85_ · July 26, 2019 at 3:28 pm

U are so pretty sis before and after the new teeth

Yarissa Sosa · July 26, 2019 at 3:28 pm

Awe don’t cry 😢 your teeth look GOOD GIRL😍😍

spazz gray · July 26, 2019 at 3:28 pm

You need to smoke that's why you crying lmfao your beautiful no matter what.

Witney Bulenga · July 26, 2019 at 3:28 pm

Guys mella was only crying cause of them weed withdrawals 🤣I be going through the same thing

Diamond Cepeda · July 26, 2019 at 3:28 pm

I’m dead rolling at 4:25, this is so me 😭😭😭

Monica Monroe · July 26, 2019 at 3:28 pm

very happy for u .what's the cost for his services .

Z'Dhanne Williams · July 26, 2019 at 3:28 pm

A double upload !!!💣💣💣

Zel Lewis · July 26, 2019 at 3:28 pm

Man I wanna get my teeth whitened 😭😍😍 im up watching this video and I’m about to act like I just came home from Columbia in the morning 😭😭

Derrick Vargas · July 26, 2019 at 3:28 pm

And this is why people hate American tourists, ignorant af about other cultures

Bajan Barbie · July 26, 2019 at 3:28 pm

😂 you lost 5 pounds? I hear you I’m super picky I don’t play with my food

Dolly Dari · July 26, 2019 at 3:28 pm

Omg yesss girl every time I tell ppl my next moves it don’t come out how I wanted it too that’s so true keep ya next moves on the low 💯

Chayann Severe · July 26, 2019 at 3:28 pm

I love how happy you look you've always had a pretty smile and now it's even more beautiful!!

Shanaii Joseph · July 26, 2019 at 3:28 pm

you had me weaaak when you was crying cause that deadass be me 😭🤣

Lola Rodriguez · July 26, 2019 at 3:28 pm

Girl you gotta remember god is right there with you too dont forget about him now. Chin up be happy be confident when you go out alone so that no bad things or bad spirits come your way. Be happy to explore be smart and always keep an eye on the people around you and just know in your mind you aight. Its the most freeing feeling to be confident enough to go out in the world alone cause people gon fail you and make excuses you gotta enjoy life! its a gift. What you sad your alone for? You got you😘😉

Chulah · July 26, 2019 at 3:28 pm

He did a great job 😍

Melanin Barbiee · July 26, 2019 at 3:28 pm

Stunt on these bitches mella

OhThatsAshley · July 26, 2019 at 3:28 pm

They look bomb 😍

Avian Washington · July 26, 2019 at 3:28 pm

U look so cuteeee babyyyy😍😍😫

Mariah Garcia · July 26, 2019 at 3:28 pm

Btw your teeth are fuckin goals they look so bomb!!

Mariah Garcia · July 26, 2019 at 3:28 pm

Omg bitch your me crying cuz I'm sober haha I missed your vlogs❤

Shanell Hyman · July 26, 2019 at 3:28 pm

Your never alone you have so many supporters that love you including me, it’s gonna be ok love 💗

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