MY SPIRITUAL BALI TRIP | Sacred Monkey Forest | Water Cleansing Ritual | Uluwatu Beach | Ubud 2020

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Hey guys, what’s up? Welcome back to my channel. It’s your girl, Anh. I just got back from Bali a few weeks ago and had the best time in my life. Bali has always been on the top of my bucket list of places to travel. My soul feels content after being there. I’m still riding on this energetic high for my trip. I’m still feeling cute for my island tan. Hmm I took a solo trip because I wanted my own space and alone time Where I definitely feel like I evolved and elevated into a brand new person I took a 2 am flight to Bali where I didn’t get any sleep on the plane I was quite restless, but once I got off the plane… I immediately had so much energy and I felt alive because the air was so refreshing and clean there. There was this floral fragrance scent in the air that you can smell all throughout the island. It’s actually their island flower, Jepun I think as you call it, but It smelt so nice there What I was thinking in Bali was trying out a bunch of yoga studios to see which I like best because I do plan on doing a yoga teacher training there I also wanted to experience their culture and spirituality, as well as see a Balinese healer do a water cleansing ritual retreat back to nature and actually be able to see the stars at night You know…. do simple nature stuff go to a bunch of temples and hopefully find a moon ceremony I can attend. Overall, I was seeking spirituality and wanted to unplug from my life. Originally, I was going to plan out everything and book all my accommodations for my whole trip But this thought kept popping up in my mind Travel with a childlike spirit which I think it was my intuition telling me to be in the present moment because I’m so used to over planning and over thinking, which kind of sometimes gets in the way of everything What I did was I booked my first few nights then I would let my heart guide me to where I wanted to go next. Which means Be in the moment and go where it felt right then and there. I’m gonna talk about my spiritual experience in Bali and with that in mind I’m really excited to share my adventure with you guys It was just me, my phone, my gimbal that I’m still trying to get used to, and my experience. Let’s get started. Shall we? Before I dabble into my spiritual experience I do want to give a little background on Balinese culture just to give you guys some reference Balinese people are mainly Hindu. They have daily rituals, where they give offering three times a day. In the morning, afternoon, and evening. They make these offerings out of coconut leaves They put their offerings on their altar, shrines, in front of their homes, their neighbor shrines, in front of their business, in the middle of the sidewalk, at the cash register at work… pretty much everywhere They do this as a way to show their daily gratitude for what they already have such as their family work, good health, having a roof above their head, and so on and so forth When you’re walking down the street you have to be mindful not to step on the offerings especially the ones with an incense burning as it’s considered not respecting that tradition and culture Besides They also believe when the incense is still burning It means their wishes are still there. Their creator will hear it because it will go to the universe I personally think it’s really nice to be in an environment where people aren’t constantly glued to their phone It makes you be in the present moment and appreciate what’s around My first few days, I stayed in a traditional family compound in Ubud. I was in kind of a guest house But there is many of them on the same compound It’s a common housing structure in Bali I wanted to experience a traditional Balinese home. Every morning The family would prepare their offerings and go around and give an offering at each shrine. I would wake up to the sounds of birds chirping and a rooster early morning and the family would place an offering on my shrine. Good morning. I just woke up. Well, not really… I finished my morning meditation but I woke up to the sounds of roosters. I had a really nice sleep I just felt alive. One of the things I noticed is there’s a shrine outside my room They lit incense for it and have offerings Isn’t that nice? And I could smell the incense still burning. It was really sweet to wake up to The statues for the temples and holy sites are distinct. There are two statues in front of the entrance Representing good and evil, having a balance between the two. They can range from a variety of different statues such as an elephant demon with long things to scare off evil and some more elaborate ones, such as tigers You must wear a sarong before entering as a sign of respect. It’s temple etiquette. There are two triangle pillars as the entrance that look split in half The split triangle represent an opening into the spirit world. When you’re walking through the triangle, you’re entering a holy spiritual world. When my tour hosts first told me this, I literally felt I was having a Zelda moment in a real life scenario Unlocking a whole new level. This is the gateway to the spirit world I spent a day for spirituality and booked a tour host to take me to see a Balinese healer and experience a water cleansing ritual. I wanted to experience Balinese spirituality and rituals Luckily, I was the only one booked It was just me, my guide, and our driver My tour host picked me up early morning and we went straight to the healer at his family compound When we arrived, She dressed me in a sarong before entering his home The reading was done in a separate room, and it was just me and the healer I was allowed to voice record reading, which I like because I like listening to it later It was done in a small room with a huge altar covering a whole side of a wall The healer prepped the session by burning incenses and performed a prayer to open up the reading We sat across from each other on the floor He began meditating on my energy to check if there’s any major health issues I should be concerned about He then checked my chakras, which are the spiritual energy centers in our bodies After scanning my body and checking my energy levels and chakras Overall, I’m in physical good health He didn’t detect any cancer or illness in my body He did push me to do more exercise or yoga for more energy Because I’m around people so much There are negative people around me who drained my energy Where I can’t tie it in easily. I like to call them energy vampires. He did a palm reading He did recommend some career paths based on my palm reading and the visions he saw The first he mentioned was he noticed while reading my hand was that I’m a good writer and that I could write a book which is spot-on when he said that because I’ve been reading a lot of self-help books the past year which have really transformed and motivated me It has sparked my interest of writing a book to help others like how it helps me He pretty much hit the nail on the head with that one Another career path He said was if I were to pursue yoga he promised I will be a yoga teacher with my own yoga studio or yoga center Which is interesting because Yoga is one of the reason why I’m in Bali I’ve always had visions of having my own yoga studio space overlooking the mountains or ocean where I could also hold moon rituals there I already knew I wanted to write a book and become a yoga teacher I didn’t tell him anything about me before the reading. He pretty much confirmed it. He spoke more about the visions he saw focusing on my love life career, family, the blessings of my life and what my area of strengths are then gave suggestions The reading lasted for about 20 minutes. This was the beginning of my spiritual journey for my trip My host took me to a spring water temple in the jungle to experience a holy bathing ritual which is meant to clean our body, mind, and soul The spring waters are believed to have magical powers for healing and spiritual purposes People come from all over the island to purify themselves in these crystal clear pools My host dressed me in a special sarong for the water ritual and gave me an offering to give in the pool before the water cleansing. I sat in the pool for a moment thinking about my intentions while meditating I could feel the little fishes touching and tickling my feet When I was finished with my wishes I slowly walked over to the rock altar in front of the fountain gave my prayer and placed my offering on top of the rocks Amongst the other offerings from previous seekers I held my hand in prayer on my forehead and proceeded to dunk my head under the fountain and bathe myself in the running waters There, I thought of my intentions what I’m grateful for and drank the holy water coming out of the walls I continued the process under each water way I imagined the water washing away what I intended to release while cleansing me. I felt clean, crisp, and refresh I swam around in the pool for a while and occasionally dunked my head back under each water way I floated in the pool without thoughts felt free and elevated After time spent in the clear waters, I went out and changed Afterwards, I saw a butterfly fluttering by me which caught my attention As we walked back up the stairs I saw a couple more butterflies towards the exit I pointed them out to my host who said seeing butterflies means there’s a spirit around She mentioned she has never seen butterflies here in the jungle especially in this temple before It’s rare and it was her first time seeing them here For me, seeing butterflies at the temple was just the beginning of seeing them as signs from spirit Signaling good signs and pointing me in the right direction here Bali Bali has some of the most beautiful and best yoga studios I really love practicing in the open air listening to the birds chirping and feeling the outside breeze I tried different types of yoga where I fell in love with hatha yoga Which focuses on breath work I’ve got a greater stretch for my body where it was more challenging for me I do like a challenge. I tried a handful of studios in the jungle & near the ocean Going back to seeing butterflies at the water temple. I now started seeing butterflies during yoga classes I saw butterflies outside the window during my hatha yoga class also during shavasana You know the part where you lay down in the end with your eyes closed Chill out and sink your body into the earth In my Kundalini class, I started seeing visions sort of like a picturesque old film I remember seeing a huge cliff in the ocean during the sunset. The sunset was a vibrant warm orangey red color Then I saw my great-grandparents faces in a indigo color One of them had the arms wrapped around the other both embracing and smiling at me They were supporting me from the other side and it felt good to know that I am loved and not alone After the class was over, a huge butterfly flew through the window and started circling the middle of the room I was the only one who noticed and pointed it out to the yoga teacher who then noticed himself Then the butterfly flew out the window After seeing butterflies during yoga classes several times in different classes It’s a sign from spirit to pursue my yogic path. I absolutely loved trying the different yoga studios I practiced at Yoga Barn, Radiantly Alive, Body Works Which is also a healing center why I had the best deep tissue massage in my life. I also went to Sannya Yoga Studio on my last night in Bali but not for yoga but joined them on new moon ceremony Which I was hoping to attend during my trip. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to try these different yoga studios I definitely feel doing my yoga teacher training in the jungle feels best for me One of the things I look forward to was retreating back to nature and having time to myself I just wanted to unplug and detox myself from my regular life Staying in the jungle has been one of the best experience in my life I love waking up early morning Feeling refreshed by the sounds of birds chirping and a rooster being welcomed each morning by the locals with a daily offering on my altar I was surrounded by good energy One of my favorite places was the Sacred Monkey Forest The monkeys roamed openly in the forest It’s their native home, their land. It’s not a zoo where there’s a glass barrier separating us and the monkeys Of course, there are some rules and guidelines to follow such as don’t look them straight in the eye because they are still wild animals Be wary of your belongings Especially if you have a big backpack Wearing sunglasses and a hat because I did see a monkey hop on a human trying to unzip his backpack. They don’t play around It was really fascinating to see them up close and personal seeing them be their true selves I also stayed in a hut in a rural part of town in the middle of a rice field There was a path in the rice field that I walked down The rice workers smiled and greeted me, which was genuinely nice There were ducks swimming in a stream of water Getting all muddy Running around like a gang and all running away from me. Also, I saw a bunch of butterflies on the path. What a coincidence Okay, so I’ve been seeing a lot of butterflies just walking through the rice field I guess butterflies are my thing here Speaking of butterflies The door handle to my hut is a butterfly Nighttime was beautiful Being able to actually see the stars at night and hear the soothing sounds of nature It was definitely a scenic nature experience being able to stay in a beautiful rice field Watching how rice is tended daily and seeing the rice workers. It made me appreciate rice even more staying there. I really felt a peace being there Of course, being in Bali I have to see the ocean, beach, and sunset I stayed in Uluwatu my last couple nights which is the southern part of Bali known as the “Island of the Gods” It’s known for having the best surf spots in the world for its surf breaks When I saw the image of a cliff during sunset and yoga I knew I had to go to Uluwatu It has epic cliffs on the ocean and the best beaches I went to this beach where you have to enter a cave to access the beach Also, depending if the tides are low you can enter a secluded part of the beach when the ocean water levels are low It’s truly a hidden gem The ocean water is crystal clear I remember chatting with a new friend in the ocean during low tide and seen little tropical fishes swimming around us Of course, I worked on my Island tan there The water feels really nice It’s a bit warm. not too cold. I’m gonna go take a dip in the ocean and one more thing…. once I get my island tan it’s over for all you hoes. Life in Bali is a straight up dream There’s something about the island that is really magical The hospitality of Balinese people are genuinely friendly and welcoming I really admire how they practice gratitude with their daily offering for themselves and others I also worked on my spirituality I would do morning readings with my oracle cards on what my spirit guides had for me for the day I would pull the right cards that confirmed what’s been on my mind as if it’s the right place and time to hear the messages My ascended master deck acted as my spiritual cheerleader Whatever I’ve been thinking a lot about I pulled the exact car that translated my thought What I came to realize was I trust myself and I was able to actually say that to myself where I never did before That was a lightbulb moment for me Also, I fell in love with riding on a motorbike in Indonesia. I felt free and open and loved the fast speed and thrill on riding on a motorbike It’s kind of like a real-life action game This makes me want to learn how to ride one I mean, how hard could it be? There’s some traffic right now *beep beep* Thank you guys so much for watching my video I hope you guys enjoyed it and learned a thing or two about Bali Let me know what you guys think or if you guys have any questions, let me know down in the comments So even though my trip was short and sweet I did experience a lot during my stay I have definitely spiritually grown in Bali There’s something really magical about Bali that has really elevated me from the inside out. Even when I got off the plane I instantly felt at peace Overall what I discovered was trusting myself even by traveling solo I learned so much about myself And also letting my heart guide the way and following my heart as well as letting the universe present gifts to me through synchronicities Such as butterflies Butterflies are my signs in Bali I also fell in love with spending quality time in nature and riding on a motorbike It’s so fun Who knew? I’m gonna learn to ride a motorbike Trust After exploring Bali and their culture it has definitely sparked an interest traveling to other countries and learning about the other cultures because I am curious and I love learning about other people’s culture and meeting new people making new friends I’ve definitely met and learned other people’s point of view and how it relates to me I would say Bali is my heaven on earth It definitely holds a special place in my heart and soul I will definitely be back in Bali And I’ll talk to you guys later Ciao

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