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hey guys and welcome back to my channel so today I'll say something to you guys might flatter you guys at all or my flat so excited because like you guys know what I went through like before the flat and how I had to get the flat or was it something that was planning for a long time it was so quickly too abrupt but with that good we went through it and we made it and now I've managed to furnish my empty it was empty by so yes let's get through so let's talk about the law yeah so the one we talked about the stories the fact that there's a peephole I can see who's trying to get any who's at the door and what happened and one thing my flat has which is this is a contender comping so it basically when people fall I don't think he works now but you have to actually cause you see the screen you see the people who they are and then you can be say I hope you know sometimes we want someone who you and then our alignment like a news so isn't it is they're so cool and I've always learned that I know it's coming out the door okay guys so now I'm taking rise to the sitting room and the kitchen this is my fave one I know is my favorite one for unlock palette on my bedroom but this is definitely early something that I love I've always wanted like a cozy time – living room I wanted to look really glamorous and very clean and just somewhere where like my friends and my family can come round and it's not that yeah this is how me I wouldn't it to look really early as well it's a little bit up there everything I brought myself I'm gonna show you guys but my let me go so first things first I'm not fully finished I have 98.5 percent done in this room so I still need to get on the chair because when I brought the chair I realized it wasn't actually really long effort was gonna be you know don't air that you can have a little bit exhale coming down it wasn't like that so I'm gonna have to have it as an l2 spine so I'm gonna get better I'm a check ER so I'm really moved this keyattr this is perfect this up there I want to get like a laughs to go over behind that corner I like to edit my videos in that corner so it'd be nice having a lamp there and I feel like once I've got the chair there I feel like it's gonna be bland so I might put like you know ornaments like a little like on myself to go with that make more photo you just want I don't know too much business just on its own and I love but definitely I'm gonna put some ornaments or something here and whatever okay starting to show you guys my rule at first because that's my favorite part of the room but I was kind of gifted these amazing photos by ksenia they are so beautiful they have so many different types of bow ties I have so many different types of posters for you guys to use they have so many themes and I went with this theme is like a plush pink white and gray and I feel like why wouldn't that because I can add a voice when I'm on a pink in my sitting room hence why I've got the flowers hands up with pink in it so I felt like if I wants to add pink cushions or like trash Christians I could hence why I went with thee I don't know what it is about this bitch I've I I love this picture if you read for anything said says she's designed alive she loves and I love this because I designed a nice I love be nice cut my fate in you know that some heels here perfume beauty begins the moment you decide to be your sour dream I think a little bit of some sort of pattern work so I'm so so grateful I'm so happy with this so I'm gonna put a link down this discount as well guys so make sure you guys use my code when you shot my from dicenio– it I promise you get in some sort of wall art makes such a difference your room whatever room you're in because when we're done in I just knew something was missing and luckily I was able to get these but you can get the frames in dicenio– they do do frames and you don't get any sets the audio posted and then you can order your frame so you get to pick what size post as you want as well so if you want this one of the big one you can have as a big one so it's cool and it just makes me much but I've got these frames from bnm these ones but the ones in my room from this ennio I'll show you obviously I've got this in the range and I don't know why I really wanted them I think you this is format the range as well this from Dunelm obviously everything's quite new so I haven't had the chance to put a photo on there I feel like it has to be black and white now because I like how this is black and white so get a photo I'm gonna link I'm gonna put a link down for everything don't worry I'm going to list everything for each room from where I put it but this chair I couldn't get I weren't a big big one like a big one but I had to be realistic because my scene room is in a big sitting room and I didn't want to get a big so far for a small city room so I had to be very very smart about it so this is the so far work floor and it's nice it's comfy all my cushions I've got from Dunelm and I've got some stuff from the range so I know this expensive like I'm not going to like I'm a demon I've had splits as it was but I was in a very good position to buy this stuff from there so it was flying to but this time I'm really nice this is so bad guys so I thought I'd just look really really cute and just cozy warmed to have it because I couldn't find any throws like this I'm gonna dock tomorrow that was like this pure white I couldn't find anything so this is just so proud it was like 15 quid and honestly when you just put it on your chair it makes such a difference this is a little bit old now I had this when I was living in Gloucester I thought this was a Gloucester for old furniture but it's getting Mackie and old by just alike it works so well for this room and also from Dunelm so I'm definitely gonna get a new one I think it's good that I'm mixing max textures glitter a normal fabric it just I think it just adds to the coziness of the room and so basically what I'm planning to do with these curses is these are all from Ikea and they're quite short so they can like stretch out as far but I like it that is creepy like this there's about 1 2 3 4 like single curtain whatever and what I've done is I've got some fairy lights and these have pearls on it and I've just stuck it underneath there so at nighttime when or London is lik Northup on bit when I'm that lit at the nighttime and this is on I think it's just gonna look sorry beautiful one so cozy so I need to just make sure I get it all here and death but yeah actually it's quite good when I just have that they open that big open and that it's closed so that is the flower I feel like things like this make such difference for your home you've got something to store stuff in but also you can add decorations on the top as well so all of these this is from the range the range the range the range and I love a candles I think even it could not do loads of home decor having that songs of candles making it so cozy and so nice these lanterns I've got them from the range this one's one from this one is from Darnell so this one was slightly more expensive I think this was like I'll put a link down so you guys can see this one's done out and all these arranged and it just makes such a difference if you guys do something like this in your flat as well it just makes it so cozy and even if you do it for Christmas oh my god little snowflakes on your theme but yours fake snow he's gonna look like winter heaven like honesty it's gonna go to the base of you I thought I didn't know what I wanted to do with the window sill because it's quite low it's not a high windowsill so I brought this my first ones up this is cute it's like a little elephant and it goes in the theme and I just leave it yeah and yeah this is TV is a 50-inch but I kind of want a bigger one but I don't think I could because of my stand so I can only have this one I can only go fifty I can't go bigger than 50 I added this little dog I thought I popped two over by you bought one and I never really liked these because I get scared or catch on the curtains I try not to look like them and I will never like this is actually possible for this to start a fire so and this I've got on the range I don't know how I feel about it but I feel like I just put it there because I've had it I'm not too keen on it I definitely know when Christmas comes our gonna have a Christmas tree PR because this is how be called it really nice and all the presents like here I've got stuff like this I think this might cut makes your house looks cute and I wasn't sure about going to type dining table for this black you know I I was thinking oh I don't know if it's gonna work but I feel like it works this is from Ikea I love flowers we'll put it over death will he are the freight and also I've got these for if I'm doing I've got this I can take the flower up and have these candles on and have dinner I thought this added a little bit of extra –mess for the table make it look a little bit pleased in and these tears as well I've got them two days ago they're from my furniture Philadelphia so this is the kitchen and got washing machine that has a dryer in it but dishwasher I've got a stove a fan style I got a up then I've got a microwave I've got fridge cousin to my friend just take away and there's no other so I definitely need to do a shot of doing it on Sunday don't worry and so I'm run not feeling a little bit this is my snack sure that when we when I bested my first Mutual guys this was filled to the brim like honestly in here we've just got all my tools guys I've got so much little little Odessa rhino oh I'm sure like I don't be there's nothing exciting any of these all my life I love guys I love a curry like I love a buna I love doing a full mark I passed this picture come tomorrow Savannah make jollof rice I'm one thing a little price I hoping that that this is Mike Copps and star very very bad minimums just me there's no one else follow me five yeah I was gonna put a dining table young but I just didn't want to see behind the door I do like it best if I don't I'm gonna pick a moment it's just the bin recycling a lot and a lot so let's go into the back room alright so this is a guest bar in this the bathroom where I let my but my friends cannot use and I try to make it very homey and coming unlike only there's two praise to them they stay over there there's hand wash hand cream there's tampons as razors to them I've got this trade from Tesco's I think it's really really good for the dual bathrooms especially if you have guests around all the time style just so that they have a little bits and bobs so is toothpaste in here for them I know I only use this once but this bar and everything but all my friends Jesus I don't really use it and in the towel rack TR I always have time for them so ya know I've got this plant from the range I felt like it makes such a difference for the bathroom it just makes it look a little bit more alive and fresh and these are also from where these for I think these are from the range no these are from Dunelm that's one element that something L so young so I did that this is the makeup dressing room this room for me is my least favorite just because I haven't had the chance to really do it well one okay so okay so I want me to do I think I'm just gonna talk to you and walk you through the parts of my room and whatever cuz it's kind of my setup as well I don't you guys actually know what my setup is like so first things first is these drawers I've got these from Ikea I haven't really got the gist of organizing my makeup because I don't think I have so much where I've got all these drawers does that make sense I have enough or not like I'll burn beauty bloggers ways and like it's insane so I'm sorry starting to fill it up and put it up so this looks like most the messy jaws got my receipt my notepad this is just I don't I didn't know what to do it ready for this mirror cuz I still need and this floor has is meant to be my with drawer so it's got extensions whatever most of my wigs most of my wigs have gone to my family my friends about four of them were in that suitcase that was like lost whatever so I need to reach up my word game but I will lip glosses here is just like some lipsticks that are insects anyway we've got my lashes I don't have as much as many people down here we have like just bits and bobs our electrical stuff all my stuff a lot my recording so this is what I clip for my backdrop I said all here is like like lip glosses where people sent me them recently this joy once again it's got more lip stuff so these are lipsticks and these are my go-to lip glosses and news that these things are grabbed straight away here is that my ice I stuff so my brow and gels eyebrow pencils eyebrow like teeny bra has all my highlighters my yeah this is all highlighters of contouring and this is my eyeshadow palette like jaw it's not neat a cold but I just got it out of this tight whatever alright so on top of this drawer I have my hair stuff so these are my go-to hairstyle so all here's all the stuff I use and I'm curling straightening whatever my hair so I'm putting a little clear box I've got this one from PNM and once again I'll put that my scissors like combs this one is from Amazon as well so this got my clips and stuff in Kolding my hair more hair grips and my hair bands and stuffer in here and this one is from Ikea I've got my face fan for my hair protein hair brushes and yeah that's really much it for that this I absolutely love this like organizer so I got this from the glass makeup organizer I'm gonna link let's leave the link down in the description box but this is a life saver and a life changer because it's like being the space you get in this one close this one is a man but what I put on here is all my go to start use it when I do record it and I also use if I'm not recording I'm getting ready it's just so easy there's so much room and I just absolutely love it so in this section or less like here so this all my skincare style all my highlight I'm going to the sucker in here here is like some face oval powder and my iconic ice eyebrows are really good and these are all my go-to favorite concealers these are the ones that I always thought I'm gonna work for me in here is my favorite Muscogee matte nude combo but again this is like another one I might like an easy lip gloss combination I'll go for simple either and I'm gonna work and all of my eyebrow mascara suffering here everything here I pretty much choose either start essentials to me so if that's how I've done it and I just love this is amazing money love it this was originally this but the Royal what this so this I got from the range I think was like 20 pounds in the range and why put in the output my bronzers but my contouring is after I'm I go to this mirror from Ikea and all my brushes in here and granted my brushes are messy I wear makeup everyday sorry this is them I've got these pots from Ikea they're actually flower pots but I definitely want to change them I just don't think no work I merely more like these pots person in these so this bit is my my shoe collection I've got more winter shoes because I go out and more in the winter and that's all in storage so that's all this this is my bag collection once again I'm very very simple in my bag I'll shave this because I never like splurge on designer sapphic Li like I've never been that kind of person so I thought to myself let me treat myself to the Christmas your bag backpack because everyone had the handbag like the little bag and I was like now I'm gonna be different I'm gonna get the backpack so I got the backpack and it's a life-changer on honesty I went all the time.however like it's worth it so I just pray to God as his irons gonna be here for a long time because it wasn't a cheap bad I've got copper design stuff and so you get in there got like a to you Mike I'll be on my tea or so I started I got this from um leak and it's so cute it lights up and it lights up in the dark so this drawer was actually meant to be like pushed in on the side behind the door which I'll show you it was just way too polite way too thick and it's such an important tool because it has my pair staff my my own belts or things like that in it but let's start my show you guys my perfume collection so these are my perfume these are my favorite ones so we've got Bryce now give me two Chanel we've got I never know it's um Santeria this is the best perfume you want more ever purchase is an investment it is investment but it's worth it it smells so good so I've got a lot of doubt about ghosts I love goes back to you because they're so inexpensive and they feel so good phrase this is my favorite all-time Terry's right guys this the Jedi way if you guys are interested it smell so nice like this one's so good I've got to show you guys I always have a box of like new stuff that I Eve upcoming collabs that I need to like keep an eye on so I'll keep it in there and I'm a ghost everything you show them in this drawer guys is it to show you this so this is my like skincare drawer so this is all my skincare this is all my skincare star um this is all my my primers room here skincare zinnia or things like that this is my foundation draw have as much money people but this is my friend a simple all like and I'm quite easy and simple I keep my colored web but isn't Michael I give it away there's no putting new home at holding there's just wasted space and as you guys can see I love NARS Elf Laura Mercier to face they they are my go-to foundations and I've got them on my drop like drugs like my concealer so these aren't my go-to ones or these espares is ensure that grow too often if I'm be honest I only go to like get moved off a bronze are coming back so this is like pretty much bits and bobs like I said I still haven't finished this room the way I bought it so this is the first time ever seen my beauty might definitely do like an updated Beauty room but this is just like things like creams only this anybody just dumped in here that I don't know what to do if that's what that is and the bottom one is a fresh new stuff that I really want to try some of these things are a lot of like brie ups of like backups of things that I do you ok so inside this table I'm going to tell you guys what tell you why but as you can see it's got glass in it inside it I just is not there's not much for you going inside it all my makeup wipes I try to fit here my little mirror is doing here I always liked hat I always like to have like a towel talking like wipe my hands or make sure I don't get stuff on my clothes my mom why it's just always good to have it and if I'm doing a makeup video and I'm I've got water and I've got towels just dabble in my face all my life I patches masks and stuff are in here the biggest palette that I have my beauty blenders in here and like I don't force and I was like you need to have so much of something to get overwhelming so yeah and it's my little change plot so if I'm about to head out on to any change it's always on the table you know okay so this is my wardrobe as you can see this room I'm very very great because this room is really big and spacious at the moment so I might is very bare like I don't have much clothes and I haven't closed the news I haven't been doing loads of styling vigorous I gave myself time to really revamp and stop so it's quite there at the moment I have loads of coats and those things but cardigans and in storage just because you don't have that there to the tank I just didn't want to take up so much and I kind of want to new autumn wardrobe so I'm wait in ID residency I've got spikes here so once I put my dresses and my job suits and then my baby just and it will draw down here to put other things in so all of this is closed under stuff and given away like all their boxes I don't look like I'm get rid of them so that's a lot so yes this is it like these are my going to use my favorite part of this wardrobe is this fear like I could just put my jewelry somewhere I used to hang my jewelry on this thing so now it doesn't get tangled everything's separate into these are my fresh fresh stuff you can see what's been worn like look about basically green so yeah so this is all my jewelry I've got this section here as well for sunglasses I don't think I have I don't have a load so I've got loads of room to add more which is what it's all waste which is always good so all in here will be my fries my underwears are my socks and staff guys this is my gym draw do I go Jim so I go Jim did you okay I have so I use my gym gear is like chilling in the house stop and I find that when I wake Jim stuff they forgot I'm growing out here this is so funny so when I go out yeah I always made do and stuff and I have my headphones in so people think ah she's going to gym let me not stop fussing all right he knows that five six I want to get caught that bad that's why so difficult do stuff and I did work with Mike so that gives me Olaf starts I'm very very grateful says all he all up my winter jumpers just because they were in boxes and I just wanted to get the boxes out but just put more winter stuff together my Blazers and my jacket these aren't the heavy stuff these are the light stuff that I can just square I've got some of my big bags at the top here I think as wouldn't cut autumn comes I'm gonna definitely have bigger bags up there mainly my head scarves and hats we'll see but I think always to my definite to your updated video so like all to me time it'll be just done and some more like track suits and stuff in there I'm not really a track eager like that so I would get it if I might have no comfort day my sexy lingerie soccer here this is the and past 10 o'clock draw yeah yeah a lot no husband a future boyfriend you ready and then like these are all my life vet t-shirts and stuff my denims are in here I do drink on what my my denims hung up I just need time I don't think I want the same hand is but it all happened in time and that's pretty much it so this is my beauty room guys like it's getting there hope this is the first one I've ever done this is my workspace is where I get ready where I do my snap where by just waxing I'm going to put my laptop there I have to use two cushions to sit on my chair before I'm sore and just because I like to be quite level with my family so yeah that is it guys let me show you the next room so this is my favorite room because I agree to be lucky and I think he just looks very elegant and that's enough problems to go for and for my bedroom so you guys enter in the bedroom and so this is my bedside table to the room so I've got this stuff at the helm so I know throw down and this is also from Dunelm this is not the actual head bit that came with this stand basically I brought this I brought the whole down but then I brought this back what would look better and I really like here the crystal just makes it look quite like a little bit luxurious so yeah and I got my bed from love living UK they kindly gifted me they were like the only company that gifted me and I think I remember asking certainly a better company because obviously the the mood wasn't something I planned or anything he was drastic so my fat was on furnace my message company see if they can cloud with me so I can get that blows explosion right the YouTube videos do you like post for them and they'll very much like I can't even fit their audience I'm so grateful that love live in UK gifted me this bed I hope that I've shown how nice and bed is for them and this is a king so I brought the mattress they gave me discount I did buy the mattress but the actual bed frame they kicked with me so if you guys will like this bed and you guys with a person I've got my family love live in UK and the links are down below my actual bedding the bedding set is from Dunelm this burrows also from Dunelm and yeah it's feel like it goes with the room it's a nice theme though this mirror I've got from the range and I really really like this mirror it's so beautiful as heavy and it gets a full length bowtie which is why one tears this jaws from Ikea I've put in here I like my bed sheets their towels and stuff I think in my guest house here's my PJs always in basements have the PJs in here I'm probably gonna have a TV here just a little nice / TV so when I'm having them day so I'm not recording I'm actually taking time off work I could just be in bed watch TV do my emails or whatever this is from Amazon I was like 12 pounds delivers it next day and I really liked it I did have an allowance in here but once I put this in place there was enough rooms I had to move the London this throw is from a let's get cozy she's so lovely lady I wrote sushi Haley made it for me and she posted it quite quickly as well they give you samples he gets time for the color and the material of your wall so I always use assassin the Royal this wouldn't be perfect for winter as well I have long been constantly warm in my bed and yeah a lot of this trade just and it added to tell me a little bit extra to the room but obviously I don't shape with a try opt in it on that on that drawer but I feel like it's nice and this is what my room smells like it's um lavender and chamomile chamomile chamomile it's so nice obviously I haven't used these hangers yeah I'm gonna say I think I'm gonna use I can't even win top its cause it makes the room Walmart and kroy's yard Bernard I mean to use them and this these flowers is but well into the room so on my windowsill I've got two candle stones I fall out this looks nice once again they will never be lit just in case it captures by hour but it just adds that little bit extra Ness to the room so guys I've got this kitchen from Darnell I remember when I paid I but a white the my shopping is so expensive I didn't look but this was 30 pounds for this cushion but guys it's so soft it's so comforting so we're not when I'm going when I'm lighting my feelings I'm gonna have my music in the background and I'm going to be looking at all like nothing out there haha do don't you mean about that lamp bitch we figure out though don't you so I'm yeah so I added this for deck or and this little bro I think this was wrong down Elm as well it just it just looks really nice in it again and then I've got this big lantern from the range guys shot in the range like I'm not even premiering them cuz I believe in myself but their stuff is good price and you get so much nice deck hole I added this photo this is from the set Ksenia as well and it's just finishing touches and it just makes a difference to the room I got this from Amazon this radiator cover I feel I can make such a difference like just by having a carbine and having these candles and the flower just makes it look so much more better and just add something to your room once again this cocoa fashion is by dicenio– as well so this is this I really like this and I spend you know everyone's at this in a sitting room or in my bedroom but Sophie I thought because it has so many paintings there's no post-it there's no need to have such a big one so that so and then this is from the range I feel like it's good to have something above the headboard so I'm moving I just hooked it up yeah same thing on this side this is pretty much the same thing one thing in my room is I have on sleep so I'm so happy so when I wake up I let you just go straight you can't brush my teeth Charlaine start my day it makes it easier sometimes I throw it I go sitting room and chill so this is my plan for this hope is neat pretty room it's a shower bathroom so I already mmm a shower I've got another trade laughs I put my tampons my spray my hand wash my things like that I'm not keen on this pan when I brought it up with knife I don't think it goes with any room so spit in my bathroom I always hook I picked my a little sexy and Mike gallons you just never known it that's my bathroom I'm obviously gonna lick everything down below so yeah guys that is it that is my flat like it's not obviously a big big flat but it's my flat and I'm so so happy I'm so grateful to be able to do this my friends have been so amazing like I'm so grateful for them they will go for black viewing to me whilst I was away they will send me links that they did so much I'm just moving in they did so much this really showed me how lucky I am to have such good friends I kind grateful once again like my just so you guys know that my poster I them to send me oh they are amazing they make such a difference and such a statement to the room so it makes you guys a shot I make sure you guys are shopping for money I didn't think I'm able to do everything like I thought don't think I've done everything but I make make sure that I said I want to make sure that's a priority and I made a priority and I'm so happy with it thank you so much love living UK for gifting me in my bed if I could descend over gifting me my um my posters I'm definitely gonna update my flat I'm definitely gonna try and maybe do something just before Christmas like autumn theme if you know I'm definitely gonna get out for Christmas and it's gonna be like Santa's grotto and I'm going to show you guys how I done it this time I'll stop the camera to show you guys what I'm doing yeah that's it for me like let me know you guys thing on my flat rate at 10 like let me know and yeah thank you so much for watching and I see you guys my next video


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Edges · July 27, 2019 at 1:34 pm

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