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Hey, guys. I’m Nicole. My dad and I have recently found ourselves
in a terrible living situation. The thing is, we had to leave our previous
house because I almost burned it down. Ok, I’ll tell you everything. I used to live in some not so great neighborhoods
with my dad. He changed jobs pretty often and we’ve had
to move regularly. But recently he was hired by a very prestigious
law firm, so things have been improving. In addition, he even started a relationship
with someone. Oh yeah! When this happened I was like, “Wow, dad is
back in the game, cool!” As it turns out, he had started dating his
boss – Amanda. And then I was like, “Umm… is that even
allowed?” I was just thinking that their jobs could
affect their relationship, and things might fall apart fast. But a few months later, we moved into her
house. And I have to say, we’re starting to have
a great life. It was not just a house, it was a mansion. And for the first time in my life, I had my
own room, and the house had a swimming pool and a gym. I was just so happy. Until that fateful day… I was just wandering around downtown when
I walked past a restaurant window. I glanced inside and then I was like “Wait,
what?” I took a step back, looked through the window
again, and was very surprised. Dad`s girlfriend was sitting at a table and
she was kissing another man! Then she looked up and saw me staring at them. She got up and walked to the door. Oooh, I was so angry at that moment. I was going to say a few choice words to her,
but she immediately stopped me. She’s the kind of woman who dominates, you
know. She asked me what I wanted in exchange for
not telling my dad about what I had seen. This made me even angrier. I started saying that my dad loves her and
accusing her of cheating on him. And then she gave me an ultimatum. If I tell my dad what I saw, she’ll fire him
and kick us out of the house. I knew how much my dad loved this job, and
how much he hoped it would help him get on with his life. So I agreed to keep my mouth shut. But I obviously felt very sorry for my dad. He worked very hard. Even when he got home from work that day,
he was still sitting at the table through the night, sorting out a giant stack of papers. She gave him a huge amount of work, so much
so that it was like he was doing the work of two people at that time. I have no idea where he found the time to
sleep. But dad loved this job and he put his heart
and soul into it. And he didn’t even know what his girlfriend
was doing. Because of this, my relationship with her
became strained. I knew what she was really like. And she knew that I knew. And we kept our agreement in silence. One day my father came to me with good news. He was chosen to be an assistant in some negotiations. This was a big responsibility and a big step
forward for him. So he had to fly away on a business trip for
a whole week. Dad was incredibly happy about it. So I took him to the airport and watched as
his plane left. Then Amanda said, “You see how well we’re
doing. You keep quiet, and your dad will get a promotion. Keep up the good work.” Oh, damn. And I had to live with her alone for a whole
week. She started having fun from day one. Amanda would come home very late, and some
days she didn’t even show up until the morning. You don’t have to be a detective to figure
out what she was doing. The last straw of my patience was one morning
when I went down for breakfast, and a strange man sat at the table with Amanda. They smiled and giggled at each other the
whole time. It was then that I knew I couldn’t take it
anymore. She was not even shy about doing it in front
of me. It’s not just disrespect, it’s more like mockery. Dad works 24/7 while she cheats on him. No. I was going to tell dad everything. Even if Amanda fired him after that, my father
didn’t deserve to be treated like this. The first day he came back, I told him everything. I told him about the first time I saw her
with another man, and about our arrangement, and of course about the last week when she
went completely nuts. It was hard for me to upset my dad, but he
had to know the truth. This information puzzled him. He thought for a few minutes, and then he
said that he was not going leave her at that moment. His future in the company depended on her
decision, and now is not the time to start a fight. Oh. My. God. I started yelling at him. I was trying to prove to him that she was
just using him and that she was keeping him close just so he could do work for her. I tried to tell him not to let other people
use him, but he decided to keep the relationship going until he got promoted and moved to another
department, and he asked me to remain silent. Dad had made his decision. And I agreed, even though I think it’s stupid
and that he’s disrespecting himself. And life continued at the same pace. Now dad knew everything and he kept working
like crazy. Amanda was polite and kind when she was with
him, but I knew that an hour before she might have been on a date with someone else. But then there was hope that everything would
change. Their company was planning a corporate party. This was an event where employees were promoted
and where they received their bonuses. And dad and I were really looking forward
to that night. I was helping my dad get ready for the party. I pressed his suit, tied his tie, and of course,
I gave him a little motivational speech. I said, “You will get promoted today, I believe
in you. So let’s celebrate and have fun tonight, and
tomorrow you’ll break up with this toad, and we’ll live a new life.” Dad and Amanda left, and I stayed and waited
for the good news. I wanted to congratulate my dad somehow. And so I decided to make our favorite pie. He always loved it when I cooked for us. So I was working in the kitchen and I was
in such a good mood because soon this nightmare would be over. As I was in the midst of making the pie, I
heard a car drive up to the house. But it was too early – something was off! This was clearly a bad sign. And I was right. Dad came into the house completely stone faced. He said he wasn’t promoted and he didn’t even
get a bonus. Amanda just used him to do her job and promised
to help with his career, but she tricked him. Oh, I was so angry at that moment. I was ready to tear Amanda apart. We told her everything that night. I didn’t censor my words either and I can’t
even repeat them now… Dad and I went to pack up and get out of that
damn house. But suddenly we heard the sound of an alarm. And after a second I remembered: “I forgot
about the pie!” While we were talking and fighting, I completely
forgot about it. When I went downstairs, the entire ground
floor was engulfed in smoke. It was too late to do anything so dad and
I grabbed what we could and ran out of the already burning house. Firefighters quickly arrived, and the house
was saved. Well, except the ground floor. Oh, Amanda was furious! She threatened to sue us, and said we’d pay
her for it for the rest of our lives. But now it was time for me to give her an
ultimatum. I told her that if she went to court, her
superiors would find out about her affair with a subordinate, and how she used it to
her advantage. She definitely didn’t want to lose her job,
so she kept her mouth shut. Yes, we now have to live in a small apartment
again, and my father is now looking for another job. But it is definitely better than selling ourselves
and our pride. The only thing I regret now is that I didn’t
do it sooner. I hope you enjoyed this story. Would you do something like that for your
dad? Write your answer in comments. Be sure to share this video with your friends,
and remember – do not try this at home!


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