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Hello guys welcome back to my channel in this video I will review my teeth in the 16th week but before this video started don’t forget to So first of all I already changed my braces, so if you haven’t watch my last update on the braces my teeth my braces had been changed with a thicker wire and shaped so different with the first wire I used so if you haven’t watch the last video about my braces, watch that one first so you’ll know what happened here it is the video I when I use this braces there is no significant change to my teeth everything’s normal and where the teeth used to be aren’t so visible like this one isn’t so visible that’s the only change I know the other are still normal maybe what happened is the new braces pulled the upper part of my teeth because I feel like my teeth are like this and now it’s like maybe it’s already like a normal position so my teeth was like that and now it isn’t so abnormal so this is my teeth now it’s better so when I changed to this new braces, it hurts for a night but it isn’t so bad and because this braces is thicker than my old braces so that’s why there aren’t so many changes just a little In this 16th week I didn’t have many changes So tomorrow I will go to the orthodontist and I will make a new video about my braces update and that’s it for today’s video

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