MY Basement Has a Ghost! Heel EX Wife Guilt Trips Grim

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yes oh dude last night I'm all tucked in bed it's like 2:00 a.m. it's pitch black down here and I just hear click click look and they'd pull and that thing lined up on the floor no that's Brock not vaulter Luther no a boy we're gonna add a little too many french fried taters and whatnot down here in period mode and smash everything up here she comes I didn't think that you'd mind well maybe we can get you your own sponsorship for your own channel you're not supposed to be on mine yeah I have fan mail there for you from your boy Google I it's here in these letters somewhere there's the less I'm left taste the butt chips remember how bad the butt chips are as if you didn't see yesterday's video go check out the disgusting but chips they were bad listen there was nothing good in it anyway you missed nothing yeah it was gross chocolate right we hated it we hated the cookies listen the cookies tasted like scrotum the chocolate tasted like but it was like like a crusty crack I swear those gummy candies those gummy candies I don't know why like when I ate those those those gummies you know it in my brain all I could picture was a crusty crap crack and I don't know why I kept thinking about this crusty a crack that I see my brain as they ate them they were like no that's what it that's what it was I literally went outside and shoved a handful of dirt in my mouth to get the taste out of my mouth you miss nothing nice like all right enjoy try to kill trip me hey where we not supposed to eat those treats well we have done them historically together but she's were split up we're done she does her thing I do my thing I'm not gonna sit here and feel guilty it's discount code Grimm's Toy Show saves 15% of try treats calm not discount code doc at City I'm try to kill trip me right welcome to Saudi Arabia welcome to the WWE super show where we're gonna have old bird vs. the unti taker oh you're next you're old you just crapped your pants oh I love this wheelchair Undertaker now neither one of them talk above we're old we can't bump brother you got him good I don't know if he's gonna get up now maybe hit him in the head with the gun and see Undertaker has got old bird he's up he's up my god ow oh what a chokeslam he almost drilled anal dude you know crazy stuff like Manson remember the Jimmy Granger thing yeah but dude dude I'm telling you it's probably a blow-up do not do it in front of em please Ohio me bro dude I'm positive what about this I want to open this for Uncle Dave oh my god just asking for trouble he's trying to get me to monetize some kids excuse me their coolest dude goat off the top fan mail yeah that one getting Darryl W I don't know I can't pronounce see the rest of you please not stand on that thank you I here look like Oh get in there oh cool this dude what's in there pull it I swear to god it back good job Uncle Dave that's his fan mail yes wonderful it's the most wonderful fan mail we got broken man coffee my head great your face with it how about that oh here taste the but chips I don't want my chips these chips are delicious now I don't believe you no he's right the but chips are in the blue the jinder mahal flavor I better write hydrides boy hi dries good God Almighty what's that what's that stand for penis it's the penises yeah and here you're gonna have Oh retro fatness oh wait we maybe have lice yeah but they were wrapped up we got a koozie bees daddy hold on we were watching movies Ric O'Barry yeah excuse me little mr. cameraman he's gonna watch the teddy bear movies they're kid-friendly dude that's the same line I'm kaki you like to tell your daddy you know what they were singing here yeah give me singing dope come on sing it he's ever heard it you know we're not gonna do you want to learn to the Ted Thunder buddy song wait actual weights solid steel kids and I dropped one on that dude Jeff's head you know he watches my favorite twizzle ease look you put the plates here you know he would be in Leeds texting me we gotta go Marlene's texting me Vegas for you you don't think it's haunted or anything do you like why would that fall on the floor out of nowhere at all the night do you think it's haunted down here look at the fucking make it a block are you making a vlog when he broke it go ask daddy a question daddy hold it up hold it in my face and ask me questions so flogged daddy yeah say daddy why do you smell like poop not gonna freak him out right now oh all right so so the TV just turned on by itself and we can't find the remote I didn't sit on it you didn't sit on it it's not here it's not here here it is it's under this box nobody was near that box goddamn what I don't know if I want to live down here anymore I don't know I want to live down here anymore my bed is haunted now yeah we never open the big box open the big box cut that one open they're from PB you know look at this it's healthy food eatin time we got energy mix sunflower seeds raisins you know this is for degeneration we're will Redenbacher's grimmy you Oh give me give me organic giving him roasted seaweed go ain't eat seaweed you know who actually do Fran this is my gift to you I'm sorry for being dirty in our shoot interview the other day make it up to you please accept this rose to TV what's a slice of ginger I mean we all know you had ginger [Applause] my heart no no absolutely not taste that Zack L you liar that's what I know see a Polish take a fucking fight disgusting birds win that right yeah barely else it's good though except for these so give them to what's-her-name bend your girl what you know what tell you I don't save let me give them to myself but if you're not down with that we got three words for you yeah

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