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I was 14 and tripped out I started wiping stars out the sky I was touching them the tree started grow it was so fucking foot what's up YouTube dope is you're hoping I'm gonna do Ben's day first off before I start shouting you guys we're almost at 100k I fucking appreciate you guys so much it's insane I get to lead up Instagram all the time so when I came to you to is hoping please let me stay then you to verify me then you guys are fucking with their gaming thank you guys so much you guys are making my fucking day for real thank you shout out to you guys huh ok today's that was so guys another story time you keep asking non-stop so fucking here it is and one of my favorite topics we're gonna go it over today mushroom trips I don't know if everyone out there has done mushrooms but for those of you have done mushrooms if you haven't had bad trips aren't they fucking awesome so yeah this is probably up two and a half grams should be a good little story joint I got some other shit to smoke too we'll get into that in a minute so now that we got that going let's start right up so doesn't get that little first time ever guys 14 years old just started high school I think it was early September so my birthday was about to happen so you know smoke and drink up like football everything's cool and these guys they start chillin with like they're a little older ones a couple of older brothers she has more drugs and Shandling oh she's got mushrooms and me my close friends like Anthony and g2 Joe we're sitting there like woah sure that's a big step dude a lot more than weed and fucking beer so we're thinking if you do it I'll do it well if you do it I'll do it I'll fucking do it I want to try it so Friday night we've got a Ryan my friend Ryan's house right by Bear Creek River the high school and we eat them I take about a gram cause I'm nervous my god take a grab and then I'll try another grant and I'll try another gram in half an hour until I feel okay I don't wanna eat a bunch of freak out and be a little scared of mushrooms right I'm not gonna do and everyone thinks I'm going to flip out plus I was with a bunch of dudes I haven't really chilled with that much I mean my close friends yeah but the other guys kind of know – I don't want to freak out buzzer in front of a bunch of strangers you know to me leet the mushrooms nothing happens about it about half an hour already grandma nothing the other half an hour eat a gram I'm starting to feel like like I forgetting what I was doing almost like that was it doing oh shit am i trippin say I didn't know what what the feel so I'm sitting there is that it his house was built is that what you must feel some sit there I'm a kid I'm 14 so about half an hour after I finished the last grab and a half at 8:00 I just start feeling like like more intense like a touch touch I don't know about you a mushrooms but when I'm on mushrooms touching shit is weird I'm like what is this why does this feel this way I start questioning everything that's mushrooms are crazy make you think of the crazy shit so we decided to go get our friend three blocks away cuz he's a loon with had a job so he couldn't do much in here with us until after he's gonna meet our friend at the park three blocks away and walking back to the house all I felt so far was like everything touch wise all the touch all the feeling sensation was just weird I never felt that before I've never experienced that before right I just remember men we're walking his three blocks away we get to the end of the cul-de-sac and then we're looking at the truce tree right here across the street my friend Steve's house and I just never been looking up it's nighttime we're looking up and the moon's that way so whatever's in front of me is gonna cast like I'll only be seen I can only see a silhouette right so this is the moons this way there's a big tree in front of me so it's a silhouette all black and I'm hearing you know like when wood breaks and movies you that's what I heard I'm sitting here industry and strict black silhouette I'm looking at it and it just starts growing by the branches to start going climbing up the sky by the time I know what I'm just doing this looking straight up because I'm watching this thing grow and I'm just smiling and thinking this is the best thing I've ever done in my entire life I'm gonna do mushrooms every chance I get and I'm sitting there and my friend Spencer just yo did you see the fucking tree he goes bro he didn't do yo you're tripping come on Hey look my friends are all the way to the part them by myself is beside Spencer he came back to get me I was by myself like 3 and 1/2 minutes just staring watching this tree grow it was the best experience of my entire life so we go to the park we could never hold me I'm sitting there just telling ya I don't know if your friends everyone on mushrooms but they're not the same as your normal friends their brain opens there's no feeling weird about shady just talk about like yeah that's how I felt like normally you wouldn't talk is openly but mushrooms just like make your ego go away make your like insecurities go away it's very weird we're at the park you start walking back right only three blocks away the only three bugs wave I start walking across the street with everybody in a group and I'm just and they said never smiling and thinking oh that's all I could think like damn dude this is awesome because somebody got older I thought it was cool you know I was younger we're walking about Block in I look at the Stars and I just stop it's about like I could lay down and just let the world spin as fast as I could I would just sit there just be smiling I start walking about two blocks then like I said look at the Stars just start thinking I wonder if I could grab so I know I'm supposed to look at the camera but I'm imagining like what I was doing I'm looking at the Stars I'm looking straight up the Stars I think I grab them I remember reaching my hand amber feeling like did I just touch it I spent a questioning Did you touch a star should you tell everybody what's going on should you record this dude how much I was tricking my brain was not working right so I remember thinking I started doing this I just see lights moving he's gonna thinking – holy shit I'm moving stars I just started like wiping the sky I was trended I knew it wasn't real but I know I'm looking at it thinking mushrooms these are mushrooms Wow we get back to the garage of finally after I know the stars you get back to the garage we're sitting there smoking bowls that have a little shitty pipe I mean remember the metal pipes isn't really metal pipes at the metal hole I mean the metal bowl sometimes they have like a football helmet or like a little something stupid you buy to the liquor store for $5 we're smoking out of that I don't you guys have ever seen pagemaster we're gonna call it coconuts animated movie but you have seen pagemaster do you remember the same reason the library at all but colors all like their water the colors wash down and all cascades down he tries to run I'm sitting in the garage just like our three and I'm sitting there and I just remember seeing like I felt like everything started melting down on me and then the walls kind of started breathing in it huh that's like pagemaster yeah I don't like this I started getting kind of nervous I got kind of nervous and it's like the only time the chair might feel like uh-uh okay hold on I don't like this and I marched it up start talking my friends start smoking I was fine it was just in the corner I was sitting there like in my own hands so if you do mushrooms you know sometimes you get stuck in your own head and it's not positive completely it can be bad so I was 14 I tripped out I started wiping stars out the sky I was touching them the tree started grow up it was insane it was so fucking foot but before we get to this next story let's get into a little smoke break Oh magic so let's hit this gravity bar real quick and then we get back into the story so guys how you like the story so far little kids taking mushrooms God isn't that just like the story of all of our lives pack a bowl this is intermission intermission time back up Oh guys cuz I'm a smoke smoke one two so cool all right there we go fuck yeah all right guys so I'm not gonna talk about every single mushroom trip I'm just gonna talk about the really fucking funny ones a ridiculous one so this next one it's one of my favorite ones so I'm about 24 around this time I cooked a Washington a little pasty I know right before Canada right I'm gonna this have a hash of it if you ever go back way back deep in life in my page i posted a three-pound joint that's the same day that this happened so I'm at this event do the event it's all good cool at the end of the night about 8:30 8:30 one of old friends gives me mushrooms because yo here's a half ounce of mushrooms for you and Rosie thank you so much it's amazing I take about 5 grams in the shrooms cuz they didn't look very good they looked look I know shrooms look old already these ones look kind of old so I take about 5 grands Rosie takes about 5 grams and I cannot remember who else was with me I feel bad please to help I cannot remember who else was with me and it's in the forest it's like it's like in a big field but there's hell the trees like a forest next door so we walk almost to the forest mean Rosie and I cannot often Lakshmi cannot remember closing with me so we're sitting there and I'm thinking damn these mushrooms are not hitting it's been about an hour to happen I'm just fucking like come on dude so we're sitting there just waiting for these mushrooms I can hear the music from the hatch event still it's nighttime it's pitch black we're past we're past all the lights or past the event we're like by the floor it's just laying there and I just hear like it's walking in a forest and I'm not from before so I'm like what is that is it a fucking animal and I'm sitting there it's hear it but in my head I'm internal that but I hear it I'm going down it's creepy over like with my eyes I don't see a silhouette like 40 feet away Oh big-ass silhouette thinking holy fuck it's down bear and I love it go what the fuck is that and I look at Rosie what is that we sit up and we sit up and this fucking giant bears coming toward us walking like a human and I'm sitting down I look at that man go do you guys see a bear and thinking are these mushrooms hitting am i tripping somebody verified and I am NOT fucking tripping like I need a third party verification that this is real do you guys see a fucking bear and they go oh I see it and it's just walking with a person I'm thinking what is happening it's coming and I'm thinking oh my god it's a guy in a panda suit cuz I can see the white and they can see the arms from thinking oh my god some fucking guy in a panda suit it scared the shit out of me know where the guy stops it just goes with this flashlight boom out of my face you don't busy look and I look at him I look at it with the light yeah big fan turns it off and kept walking no nothing no expression just like I kill people big fan that's how he said it to me like you're lucky I don't kill you I'm sitting there in the woods this thinking oh my god I just want to go back to California man this is here the shit out of me so I would sit there and he walks away you guys all saw that right it's not just me no that guy just said are you don't bazzill and you said yes all right man so these mushrooms fucking suck because if we all saw the same thing these mushrooms haven't hit and nothing's happened it's been two hours we all start walking back if we just start dining laughing about 30 seconds later with thinking did I just fucking happen you know would is this recognized to you in the woods what the fuck was it was mushrooms in he really hit they hit me a little bit a little woo like a little dizzy later he like got lightheaded I started to feel feelin him a little for like 15 minutes I was 85 grams I felt it for like 15 minutes anyway so yeah I just wanted to tell you the time that panda recognized me in the forest it was very it was hysterical actually smoke break alright let's hit this real quick and then we'll get into my third story I'm just gonna tell one more alright for those of you out there that never charges you guys out there you gonna let your bold joy do it all the time it's fun try alright guys let's give into something more serious a way more crazy mushroom trip all right so now we know never roll less than three grams cuz this thing is almost out let's get into this third story it's fucking intense man and I'm just gonna tell you what I saw what happened you take it as you take it but it was fucking insane it's before I moved to LA it's like three or four years ago so I got all these mushrooms from this guy he was telling me all about this guy that grows and how he's like yeah man he grows all this fucking shit organically well I don't know what that makes a difference with mushroom produce are they bomb he just tells me these ones are different so the caps were like that but they were literally at least eight inch long stems right so there are giant fucking mushrooms like this big and I'm thinking damn Rob never had mushrooms that big in my fucking life but they were bright blue and I'm thinking the stem bright blue and I don't know much about mushrooms and it's fucking even and I remember thinking I can handle AIDS I handle five grams let's fucking step it up you guys I don't know about you if you guys ever watched a certain movie when you're on mushrooms or when you drive a task that you like that I always watch the wall because it's such a fucking crazy movie to watch but I always get too fucking nervous and anxious when he's in the hospital they have him on the bed – it's so fucking scary so every time I'm tripping I was gonna go ah and I turn it off and I know I know that seems coming every time I've seen the movie I know it's coming the scenes always gonna be there and I still watch it I don't fucking know I can't help it so I get the shrooms and I look at Rosie and I think you want to go crazy you want to try like a lot I'm gonna try eight grams oh you won't try – she's down dude she caught she messed it she ate eight grams – and wait him out I haven't looking at her thinking this is gonna be crazy so we eat the Buster for eat eight grams or sit down to couch and I were sitting there thinking all right man let's watch the wall I know you're gonna watch it but the wall up get the blanket I'm watching the wall and the fucking hospital scene comes on can we please go in the room is that cool she's like oh shit and I like that saying I know are we still doing every time but me every time I'm about to start peeking it sucks but I always feel like I'm gonna throw up I know a lot of people feel the same way but I always know I'm gonna start peeking in tents cuz I get hot I get sweaty and I feel like I'm a puke I know it sounds like damn dude fucking you're gonna almost throw up to feel good and let me do my thing much everybody feel sick what I love them so this this thing this rest in peace go into the room I wanted to just sit there that movie fuck me up I'm sitting there I remember starting to go to the toilet mirror I'm like oh man was throw up I never actually throw up when I'm a monster because it's always feel like I am I start tripping like start getting gagging should I hate that shit but that's what I know I'm gonna start fucking because that shit's just like hitting hitting me I don't know what it is I don't know the scientific shit I just know all right me and Rosie are in the room the sick feeling goes away I lay on the bed there's no music I have no legs on it's just pitch black no noise and if you guys have you guys ever tried to try this expensive mushrooms go into a pitch-black room no music no sound no lights and just lay there this is the crazy experience I've ever had in my entire life I lay there and they hit me I start peaking I started feeling it I just started feeling like I get like floaty feeling when I'm a mushroom I know everybody feels different but the walls feel like they're starting to breathe with me when I breathe the walls come in I love that shit and I started to feel like my clothes on my body like I could my clothes start feeling weird like I'm like what the fuck what is this shirt all my shirts always stretched down the next day I'm more like fucking ones claws touching the weed smoking Jules like what the fuck we lay down it's pitch black no lights no nothing so imagined tripping on mushrooms when you're really peaking it your brain starts going crazy so imagine hallucinating but there's no there's nothing to see there's no lights or no nothing so everything that you're seeing it's just coming out of your brain and so it's like your fucking eyes are just projecting what you're seeing so when you close your eyes you can see shit like you're imagining stuff imagine that the pitch-black room it's like your eyes are closed the whole fucking time imagine sitting there with you know your eyes are open you're laying there and you're just seeing what you're fucking thinking I just remember standing there floating I felt like I was floating look down and I could see myself on my fucking bed I could see Rosie lai-him and I can see myself move and I could feel it and I could see my own body move it's like I was at like that out-of-body shit and I remember sitting there going oh holy shit I could see myself and I look up and it's just the sky my roof isn't even there anymore and I just start going alright forget my feeling myself push and I just like shoot the fucking sky I'm looking down at my house you know I don't know what happened but this is what happened I mean I've told I told a few of my friends I have crazy chirps like that I'm dead DMT my friends do DMT and shit like that and they're like oh I've done that before I see myself I'm flying around going to fuck another dimension whoa what the fuck like yo I was just doing mushrooms what the fuck happened anyway I'm like fucking floating above my house I'm looking down I can see my fucking house then I just start shooting like I feel like I can just push all the way up to the stars and shit I just go up and I just never looking down and I just see lights like the world and I'm thinking in my head thinking Thomas you are fucking fried you are it's all good though have fun I spent a feeling like don't be scared man you're laying on your bed you know you're laying on the bed you're not really flying so have fun it was like you know those lucid dreams you have where you're just doing whatever you want your dreams that's how it felt it felt like I was asleep but I knew I wasn't I knew I was just peeking in my room I've never done a grander than once before ate them all at once so I know we're thinking bro you're about to do some shit that you have never tried let's do it and then go into the room pitch black I've never done so that like opened up something else I don't know what happened guys if you have an explanation for me into what happened but I'm in the fucking sky I just remember looking and I can see the Sun and I'm this it man I look down and I can't see my body and look I feel like I can move my hands but I can't see my body at all and I just go like it was scary but I knew I was safe if that makes sense it was I was scared it's fuck but calm because I knew I was okay let me hit this real quick nice mushrooms I fucking love you so much I love tripping since I was young if you like mushrooms yeah you can relate don't take them if you're scared don't take him because of this video just letting you guys know this is this shit that happened it was fucking awesome I loved every minute of it I was 14 took mushrooms went to my friend's house had the time of my fucking life saw the trees grow the stars are moving it's wiping him away it was insane such a fun night the next story we're going I went to the Hajj Festival and that panda scared the shit out of me and then the mushrooms hit for like 15 minutes and that was it the next one oh the most intense night of my life we took 8 grams each and just man it was crazy I was flying around my house looking down at myself oh my god so for mushrooms this is my advice have fun be safe but my saying go buy mushrooms doing this is not what this video saying I was talking about the times I did it so when I like to do whom I like to be around people that are cool positive people make me laugh I wanna be around people that piss me off that someone being that headspace I'm just thinking negatively I want to be I want to have fun so I'm trimmin I want to have as much fun as possible so if you have some crazy-ass most your stories dropping with the comments below also guys I just dropped on pushed trees calm my new drop actually is all mushrooms check it out I like I said I love mushrooms so this past couple months I've been working on this collection with three different designers so we Morgan on this for like five months just want to get it together trying to get the prints right but you guys gotta check it out push trees calm or follow us on Instagram push underscore trees underscore go peep it WWE trees calm the link will be in the description thank you so much guys this has been storytime I appreciate you guys so much for watching all the likes all the comments you guys are the shit man we're about to hit 100k you guys are awesome I'm planning something crazy 400 K please give me some time but it's gonna be insane I'm gonna get it done this week click that little bell the notification right by my name on YouTube they'll let you know every time I drop a new video or any update anything like that if you like this video guys share with your friends give it a thumbs up leave a comment what do you guys want to see next more story time refuse weed reviews buy reviews blogs you let me know so this has been storytime mushroom trips thank you guys so fucking much for watching this is dope Azula have a dope-ass day


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