MSc International Tourism and Events Management

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so I was looking for a career change because I did something different from my undergrad and when I still tourism in events obviously I come from the Canary Islands so terrorism is really big back home so I went to live with cords I was like oh I really need to do this I loved international aspect of it first even with students from Nigeria nice chain email Korea like I've made so many people from across the world and that's been amazing because they obviously look at everything from a different point of view a lot of cultural differences that we maybe not consider before so that's been my favorite things I think it's a really good way of combining both tourism and events because all of the a lot of these courses tend to just focus on one or the other but this is a really good mix of books when we were doing assignments or if I was doing research for projects so whatever I would say and maybe looking at things and think oh that no you can't look for keywords and you think oh that's good they wouldn't have a look at that it's been deed usually Kanak get all my notes storing it and then go to reference it and it was actually one of my lecturers that had written it well we had a few field trips we went to st. Andrews we were able to visit Hampton Park as well and we were able to to look at food tourism in an island setting so we went away a little bit and those really helped with understanding how the industry work we were able to to look at how professionals do it and I was really interesting it's as a lot of work and I have been in this library more than I have been in my own house I think this year but it's been so good and I have genuinely probably still the benefits of it so and see if you're doing yourself don't just come and give it a try but be prepared to actually work for it because you're not going to get results if you just try you

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