Minecraft Xbox – Trip To The Moon [85]

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hello this is vampy and welcome to a minecraft let's play video another video inside of stampy's lovely world and i got a very exciting video for you now because this is the day in which i'm going to go to the mood I'm gonna finally launch my rocket and I'm gonna go to space I'm gonna go to the moon and I'm gonna have fun exploring you're up there so yeah we'll see how that turns out and I have actually finished the rocket since the last video and I finished the interior which I got a very small amount done in a very unpredictable last week if you saw that oh yeah I finished it off now and it's now equipped and ready for launch and I'm gonna take a dog with me what's this there's a moose here a flippy flopper apparently I think Lee has started a trend of going around putting a moose in all of my rooms or something I've seen a few of these scattered around the place so okay looks like the air the dogs have some company anyway in this video I'm gonna take the arbiter and I'm taking the arbiter because the arbiter should be set for going to space there's actually a character from Halo which is a sci-fi game so it seems like a very fitting dog to take with me right in this video if I I'm gonna do my normal beginning video ritual and I'm gonna go to my love garden and I'm going to give someone a shout-out I got a very good reason for giving someone a shout actually wanting to move very quickly showed the rocket look at it check it out a hundred percent completed umm it's not the best rocket in the world it is probably still a bit chubby it needs to go on a diet and the blade things at the bottom are probably a bit too big I don't know I'm happy with it I added some glowstone so it sort of gets lit up at night like this so um yeah it looks quite good in all different weather conditions and I'm kind of happy with it it's okay could have ended up worse so that's the way I'm gonna look at it if anyway today I am adding I can't even see them me put a torch down I'm adding drag Chris key and a story for pronounce that name wrong that's actually their twitter name if you want to follow them and that they actually drew a picture of me and ballistic squid combined basically a squid cap they drew mean it looked really awesome and it made me laugh and is actually because on my quest to kill the Ender Dragon series I mentioned that we went both went through the the never portal at the same time would we be sort of combined to be mutant people and that there's another moose up there yes so he actually drew me that and there's gonna be a link to it in the description if you want to see the drawing that he did it's kind of like a Squidward from SpongeBob and a cat body kind of bit like Garfield's body or something and yeah I thought it was really awesome so I decided to add them to my love garden anyway here's my spaceship was going over the door I covered the orbiter will you do stop playing with the door like that it's gonna stand on your face come again here I'm on game side is he scared are you scared to go to space you don't want to go oh no I can okay yeah he doesn't he wants to stay here okay the arbiter you can sit there I won't take you to space if you don't want to go that's fine anyway here's what my my rocket ship looks like completed this is my storage area where I got my cobblestone but apparently I need it got some code basically some basic supply some weird I got some food there in case I get hungry also to put in the engine I got some were there any repairs if I need to patch up any of the other panels I can use their my wall as soon as my ship is made out of wool and some plants as well if I want to sort of I don't know cultural eyes some other planets you know plants and trees down there and I also got my equipment any tools I need like fishing rods if there's a lake on the moon I don't know if there is also my weapons I got a sword a bow and a flower in case I want to attack someone with hippy power this is my control room up here which you may have seen me build and I built this in my last video and this is the view you get when you're obscuring the ship I also got some other control panels and some computers and stuff up here and up here is a an empty sort of useless space which I haven't come up with any idea that's just like a room of no requirement but if we go down here we go to the living quarters a nice yellow so far there I got some cake which I'm going to eat now so I forgot to have my breakfast these are the sleeping quarters that's Lee's bed there there's squid slippery bed and his stampy's ninety dream activator of sleepy happy times which is how I decided to name my bed I got a nicer item frame there were some cake in and down here at the very bottom where I'm I've got lost so there's a a seating area there as well but if we go down to the very bottom we have the engine room where we have all of the engines and all of the mechanical stuff that makes it powered and because my ship is powered by food over here I have a nutrients energy power fuel converter thingy machine and I put the food in there to power it for when I want to go to space which is what I want to do right now there's enough chitchat there's enough build-up now is the time for launch it's time for takeoff I'm gonna be the first cat in space and I'm very excited about it so here we go I guess I need a big countdown don't I so we will launch in five four three two one liftoff liftoff right one more go liftoff come on come home which puns won't press to make this thing launch oh come on don't tell me Rockets don't work in Minecraft I followed the man you I built it perfectly why isn't it working I'm off not pony fuel in half I I need to put some fuel in I need to put some food in the engine to power it I wish like flashlights high-power with cake to this beer a cake powered Lords My First Lord I wish I didn't eat so much of that cake there I can bake him of a cake no worries I would I need I need wheat sugar eggs and free milk okay so let's go let's go make myself a cake as they're a crafting table right here's one here where is it there we go right here we go this should hopefully power me for when I go to the moon is the plan so all I need to do is go and put that in there it might take a little bit of time just to sort of warm up and get ready then that should light up and then that should power the thrusters and then hopefully or take off so should we do this again shall we go and try and have another take off right here we go at n number two we will launch in five four three two one okay here we go I can hear the engine start signature thrusters that we've taken off we have launched goodbye lovely world I'll see you soon mr. stampy cat is finally going for a trip to the moon I am here riding through space on the world's first-ever cake powered rocketship I feel very honoured right now and this is amazing look how beautiful it is of all the twinkling stars ahead of me and we're going to descend we're just about to land on the moon and we have landed among the moon look I've actually on the moon on the first cat on the moon one absolute honor I believe they've sent dogs for the moon weather send dogs to space I know I don't know if they've sent cats to space but I know I've now gone to space let's cover look out the windows down here let's see what the moon looks like ok I kind of wish I headed some some bigger windows oh it doesn't matter I can go outside in a second anyway look at it as place is massive look at it ok so what do I need to do ok I need to I need to build a flag I need to add a stampy cat flag I also believe let me just check yeah I'm gonna have to go get some fuel at some point I do have some more food on board but I need to kind of ration it so I eat some and know the rest I can put into the engine so we have to find some sort of food to power it ok what would I get if I get some some orange and some white wool and then if I make some fences and then I can make the the official mister stampy cat flag and I can I can mark the moon I can I can leave my mark that won't like forever be up here and here then I can just go explore it and just gonna have a look at home the moon this is actually really exciting ok let's go let's do it onto the surface and if you're wondering how I'm gonna be able to breathe out there as seen as I don't have much of a as spacesuit I've only got my space boots on that's gonna weigh me down so I don't have low gravity and the way I'm gonna do is I'm gonna hold my breath and I'm very good at holding my breath so here we go I'm actually also very good at speaking while holding my breath as well don't look at it look at this place I guess this is the the time for my inspirational speech this is one small step for mister stepping that wasn't one small step those one giant leap Hey right well I'm here this um wasn't the most elegant landing on the moon but I've made it I'm on the ground let my feet are on moon rock look at this place this is amazing right let's go exploring let's go and see what there is to see um it doesn't seem to be much dizzy it seems to be a lot of similar looking rocks within again I don't know exactly what I expected if I go up here this is quite a nice a nice elevated perch for me to go and build my um my flag so if I put down my fences and I got my wall here as well and yeah I can build the the classic orange and white stripe for the mr. stampy cat flag so here we go if I just pile up some fences like this I need to go a bit higher I think uh you know I can build my flag and this will be here forever I'll forever have a mr. stampy cap flag here on the moon and not many other cats can say that can your cat say that can your cat say that it's flags on the moon right if I build this out about here and then do my white stripe that's kind of like the same as my fur like orange and white and there we go there we have the flag I'm gonna put some torches under it as well just to light the place up and look at that how's that for an epic view my big flag on the moon and look at this place it's huge I like my rocket as well my rocket looks awesome from here I wish like I've been I look at that it's kind of like a massive massive mountain or like hill over there a massive mound and there's all like craters and there's all like random rocks everywhere let's let's climb up to the top of there should I go and do some some rock climbing on the moon let's do it let's go and explore up here it's very dark it's very dark upon them and I don't know really what I expected up here to be fair and look I know then if there's my lovely world that's what my lovely world looks like from the sky it all looks shiny and silver look at this place and we put down some torches so I can see it properly what is this weird moon rock up here I thought the other moons meant to be made out of cheese I actually believe it is made out of cheese but not on the surface I think that because of all of the UV rays and all of them horrible space stuff it's kind of made the outer shell all hard and crusty by belief if I dug down deep enough the inside would all be made out of cheese I could use that that's why could use to power my ship I need to go find some cheese and look look a look can you see that in the distance there's two figures are the astronauts well they are the aliens are the moon aliens hello GUI can you hear me hello over there but they didn't just wandering around here on the mirror are you lost I feel pretty lost myself and I should offer them something would you like would you like some bread hello can you can you hear me or maybe I are definitely can hear me in space I don't think sound travels in space um hello would you like some bread er are you friendly are you going to attack me what you're just gonna stare at me I let this two of them hello they're kind of just looking at me this is a bit weird they're just following oh they're following me they are interested in me well what do you want I suppose I'm intruding on their land I suppose I do do just want to look at me is that what they're doing okay I'm just gonna kind of leave them there just there just follow me after me I don't think you wanted my bread maybe they don't eat bread maybe they can only eat Luna cheese speaking of Luna cheese I better get some pretty quick because I'm kind of running out of breath here I could hold my breath for about pretty about five minutes but when I'm speaking I think that goes down well I need to do I need to find some sort of crater like where maybe where like a meteor has struck and there might be there we go here this is why need and there's some cheese down here I let's gather up these cheese blocks and then hopefully I can use these to power up my rocket and then yeah then I then I can go back home I mean it's very exciting going to the moon I'll give it that but there's there's not much here to be fair is there it's it's kind of a Laura I got my new friends though friends oh my boyfriend dog have left me I thought they were following me I think they lost interest in me okay well then let's go have another quick little wander round and then I start heading off before I I start having to take too many deep breaths I can't believe the size of this place it's massive whenever I look up the moon from down low it always looks like just a little like speck in the sky moving across but when I'm on it's absolutely huge and I look at my flag up there and my spaceship right now I'm gonna go home I'm gonna go home before I lose my breath and yeah then I'm gonna go back to stampy's lovely whoa because it is nice here if I miss my dogs and the arbiter and Henry and Esther my chicken and everyone so yeah I don't I don't wanna leave her I don't know build a home here and I am running out of breath so yeah I need to get back in now I guess I suppose if I just sort of the newb pull my way up to the top up here where's the door the doors here right if I just pile up some dirt here I know it's not the most elegant and futuristic way to get into a spaceship maybe I should have planned ahead and had a ladder or something baby we go it should get me in and I believe I'm just gonna have to break down the door am I going up the right side here we go it's a lot taller than I remember and yeah if I just if I just blue look this up for now with just some some orange wall there we go good as new so hopefully hopefully we can power it with the cheese that I gathered so if I shove the cheese down in here hopefully that would be enough to power them the rocket ship and then I can go and return back home but yeah that there that's the end of my time on the moon it's time for me to now go back to stampy's lovely world so I've had a good time with you moon we've had some fun times but I'm afraid I'm gonna have to love you and leave you so let's take off once again in five four three two one right here we go let's lodge is it gonna work was the cheese powerful enough to launch the rocket ship yes yes it is I just took off from the moon how incredible is this I'm going back home this is never gonna get old I don't see how I could ever get bored of flying around space in my very own rocket ship in the future I want to travel everywhere in my own rocket ship this is so much fun and I've had an amazing day on the moon but it's kind of nice to be going back home now I can get the dirt underneath my paws again and sleep in my own bed if sending are gonna be arriving back at my lovely world here we go I can see the lighthouse on the horizon and here's the rest of my land and I've landed and back here have safely just touched ground down here on side stampy's lovely world yet again that was an incredible day and why is my door fixed I'm sure I broke my dog didn't I who fix my door for me that's weird anyway the arbiter the arbiter doggy where should I put the arbiter I'm sure the arbiter was sitting right here oh well it doesn't matter I'm sure he's just gone back to the dog house and I can go to love my other dogs again and say hello to them that's just gonna be nice lying in my own bed again but it is night so I do want to be careful just in case there's a bunch of googlies around and I love this fret over there my friendly Enderman hello Fred were you there waiting for me just for when I landed to greet me back to my world like all of my farm animals here as well hello Moo Moo's how are you doing today hello Woolies hello piggy wigs all of my slightly weird named animals over there and I'm back and back at my house it's nice it is nice to be home it's been an absolutely amazing trip out on the moon and such a fun video to make but it is nice to finally be back where I belong inside of stampy's lovely world and that is the thing that got me to the moon that is my trusty rocket ship which got me all the way to the moon and importantly back as well which is quite crucial there sadly though where we have just about run out of time on this video so hopefully you enjoyed it was great fun making it and there'll be a link in the description to the next part of my let's play once it's online but that's the end of this video so I just want to say thanks for watching and I will see you later bye


A Australian · May 14, 2019 at 6:17 pm

Can somebody explain how this madlad landed on the moon?!

A Australian · May 14, 2019 at 6:17 pm

Where legends cried

Eeeeeeeeeeee · May 14, 2019 at 6:17 pm

Omg! So much memories! I can’t believe this nostalgia I’m crying good old times

Braden Smells Good · May 14, 2019 at 6:17 pm

the first stampy video i watched.
Rip child hood memories.

Alex Zamperetti · May 14, 2019 at 6:17 pm

My cat cannot say “there’s flags on the moon”

DrSkelly · May 14, 2019 at 6:17 pm

2019 peeps

MUSTAFA MEHMOOD · May 14, 2019 at 6:17 pm

I don’t think u can survive while no space suit

Great Scott · May 14, 2019 at 6:17 pm


Aster Kist · May 14, 2019 at 6:17 pm

Says it's Cheese
It is sponge
It was the good days when I believed this

chelsea25k18 yt · May 14, 2019 at 6:17 pm

Anybody here for the memories

Lorenzo Vergara · May 14, 2019 at 6:17 pm

who else noticed that one of the aliens was inside of stampy's rocket?

Dylan Beed · May 14, 2019 at 6:17 pm

12th May 2019I’m gunna look back on this comment in a few years and see what happened to stampy

Hansen Haugh · May 14, 2019 at 6:17 pm

Even though, i didn’t understand a single English Word, back then. I was always happy watching his videos <3

Holden B · May 14, 2019 at 6:17 pm

Such nostalgia……

battlelands go play · May 14, 2019 at 6:17 pm


Zarchkee · May 14, 2019 at 6:17 pm

8 year old me trying to make the same thing as Stampy… The boat moving, spaceship, and many more! Never knew it was a mode or an edit😂😂😂 I kept trying things before but never even work😂😂😂 I miss the old me😂😂😂

Copycattoast576 A · May 14, 2019 at 6:17 pm

I just realized that it’s the ender and all the blocks are ender blocks and that “alien” that you saw in the moon is the skin that I use now

Mastersquid 2 · May 14, 2019 at 6:17 pm

As soon as I heard his voice after so long,I started crying.

MOON DOG · May 14, 2019 at 6:17 pm

my childhood is all coming back

Ultra Instinct Omen · May 14, 2019 at 6:17 pm


Vxrtex · May 14, 2019 at 6:17 pm

Did this for memories-
May 9, 2019. 10:18 PM central standard time

ben walsh · May 14, 2019 at 6:17 pm

I love watching your old vids XD

ben walsh · May 14, 2019 at 6:17 pm


Shrek Brothers Entertainment · May 14, 2019 at 6:17 pm

As a little 7yr watching this I remember believing you could go to the moon in mc lmao

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