Midori Traveler's Notebook for Travelling

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hi this is chatsky Bell and I'd like to share with you how I used my Midori travelers notebook as a passport and boarding pass holder for traveling I don't use the Midori travelers notebook for journaling because I used the hobo Nikita Chow cousin for illustrated journaling and the a 6/10 show for my written personal journal and I don't use a Midori travelers notebook although I really love to as a personal planner because I already have the Filofax personal planner so since I was looking through my stash I found that I had I discovered that I had bought quite a few things from the travelers factory at naka-meguro in Tokyo while I was there last year I got this a while back this is a charm from the travelers Factory and it says Japan on it and then I really like it I have a few other charms but I don't want to change it out because this is my favorite and this is how my setup is like right now when I was there at the travelers factory in naka-meguro I've got this little pouch this is like an insert I'll pull it out straight at sea so it's from the travelers Factory and I don't know how to say the word but I'll put the name of this brand on the in the description bar below of the video so this is how it looks like it's sewn in the middle so whatever you put inside this pouch or the in this pouch it won't ship through the other side so I quite like that so that one goes inside like this so this is what I've got put the monkey fists bookmarks from my life mix and I really like it so this is what I have I've got this cotton pouch I'm going to call it that I don't know why it's called I've got a craft paper insert also from Midori and a blank notebook so for traveling this is what I will carry I usually put my foreign currency in here I'll be traveling to Hong Kong so I've got Hong Kong dollars inside here and it's quite deep so it won't like you know fall out or anything like that plus I've got this secure it and I like to put it in front so that it's easier for me to access it then over here I've got my frequent flyer cards and also the Octopus card for Hong Kong's subway or Metro line I'll switch this out depending on which country I go to so if it's so I've got the other card remember what it's called if it's Japan it but it's weaker possible card yeah so I'll switch it up s and where necessary and then I have this craft insert which has got a I think this is the Kate Spade bookmark I got this as a gift usually what I do is I will put either name cards or receipts during my travels I'll put them here as well as here so that I can do the expense account balancing at the end of the trip for at the end of the days so that's very useful I like that a lot and then I've got this black notebook which is not a travel journal per se I'm not going to use it as such but it's I've got a blank notebook so that I could just write anything I want write notes if I've got fresh ideas for my projects I could just write it down shopping lists things like that so it's blank and I've got this piece of paper wrote paper because I am OCD like that I need to write in straight line so if I put it behind I could faintly see the lines and I could write accordingly so it's not like crooked or anything like that so yeah this is the back part of the craft intersects and the back pouch of the cotton pouch that I got from travelers Factory and it's it so this is where I keep my passport today what doesn't fall out because this is very important and I've got a pen as well just in case I need to fill in like customs or immigrations form immigration forms and also to like write notes and things like that so this is all in here and it's secured at the zipper and I can just close it and this is how I would be traveling so it's it's I really like this craft no sorry travelers factory pouch it's cotton its sturdy it's light and although it's it's a zipper I've only got like one bookmark sorry one booklet a craft insert and this cotton thing and yeah there's no overhang to it and I really like it so I hope that was useful perhaps they'll give you an idea of how to use your Midori travelers notebook you've got one lying around not doing anything thank you for watching my video and I'll see you in my next one in the meantime take care bye bye


Kyla Durie · July 26, 2019 at 1:25 pm

I checked the website, and it says International shipping isn’t available. Any idea where I can find something like this in US?

PeiWen Takie lim · July 26, 2019 at 1:25 pm

i've got 2 standard size and a pocket size laying ard not doing anything πŸ˜‚

spirit noodle · July 26, 2019 at 1:25 pm

You are so awesome! What bag do you take with you when you travel…we are almost under 100 days and I'm starting to get a little tooooo excited.

meDawdles · July 26, 2019 at 1:25 pm

Bon voyage, Chotski. ✈️

Lindsey Johnson · July 26, 2019 at 1:25 pm

great video!!

palestblue · July 26, 2019 at 1:25 pm

Thank you so much for sharing! What a beautiful setup, I love all of your videos so much!
Wow, I love that pretty pouch you have, I have been eyeing the turquoise colored one for my blue TN for a while πŸ˜€
Again, thank you so much for sharing this wonderful video! xoxo

vivscrapaholic · July 26, 2019 at 1:25 pm

love it! safe travels πŸ™‚

John Rush · July 26, 2019 at 1:25 pm

I have one of those fourouf inserts and they are wonderful. Actually I have one in my passport and one in my regular Midori. They are so wonderful!

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