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good morning everybody it has been a while but we are going to Cancun Mexico and I figured what better time to is that is ethnic tea something really good the mint tea and Mexican I do so for those of you who don't know Jay and I went to Tulum for our honeymoon now we are bringing the little one and we're bringing Christy who just got married right married she's American she's a married woman sorry fellas no chance there we're all spring Taylor my brother as the seventh wheel and we're going to Cancun and we're driving down to Tulum where we spend our honeymoon it's going to be amazing I hope to be able to show you guys some pretty cool stuff and we'll have never a school forever my brother no the hardest part of boarding is now the waiver getting Hensley on yeah actually someone sitting advices oh really I'm sorry man I'll take can you can Adam everybody up to see all that can we be in Aleya CO and cumin surely not much to show you right now we're just at the airport that's all go whoa Kenz you're standing on Mexican ground yeah go baby girl wait for Mama to come up with a stroller great for Mama you're excited to be here in Cancun yeah Doolittle 360 whoa Jen's mom is a NASCAR driver Jenny can you say bienvenido al medical Vito on it nailed it Kim's you're so happy in a little chair we decided not to bring her huge stroller I think it's gonna be the best decision of our lives was lugging that thing around is not fun all you parents out there sure you know that she's gonna find her cheek meditating with mommy Josh let's see how big of tourists we can look like so that everybody asks us for ride so I don't know where our car is I think we're okay ha ha there yes we will go with you sure everybody you need car I mean who doesn't alright so we just uh you know got done with our little trick and I wanted to show you guys this house you can use any one of the six inside no this is all us hey come on oh I should probably help I got too excited baby happy honeymoon part 2 do they have caged birds Oh Chris you just got married by the way so she's a newlywed kiddo are you okay it's the thirties trip to see the birdies up there chirp-chirp that's so hey birdies alright let's enter this thing oh my gosh this is crazy aa week on us Louisa ah hola Louisa holy cow we are in Scarface's house hola mijos yeah and this is my baby whoa look at that oh holy I'm not gonna say it but shizzle look at this Louisa you are awesome it's that's awesome no big deal just infinity pool with some turtles Oh kids look the turtle yes and it is a jacuzzi yes yeah look at the things look at the jets well I'm in well Manuela Luisa have been awesome they like comb the beach they cleaned everything we have like little seats and cabanas for us this is amazing and then I think that's Jenny nice room up there and Josh and Christy are staying in that side of the statement Taylor and everybody else is is insane whoo all right you guys ready yeah we're here for eight days sounds of staircase I haven't seen what it opens up to but everybody that comes up here is like oh my god oh my god yep yeah what's just hang out here ah that is dangerous why would they do that to us no you guys I doubt you would which is why I won't so we drove in from Cancun Jenkins like 60 miles that way or something Tulum which is where Jenny and I spent our honeymoon is great there if you can see that little like inlet area I'm like drawing it right here I don't know if the housekeeper's know that we're just going to be climbing over everything oh look at this okay what do you think Kym's what do you think look at this this is literally like we're as high as you can go in this part of the town come on up here come on Devon do Wow can you see over some of the things that our money our poor baby girl has had a little bit of a fever no you don't feel good the water will feel really really good she's got a fifth tooth coming in and I don't think it makes but we are here sometimes you got to realize that by working hard actually what I've just realized is I think I work so hard to not work at all I think it's all backwards we are headed to Jenny from the vlog Jenny from the law Travis just hand me the camera so I took it with water and Parque Nacional Tulum weirded material we're going to judgement arrows yeah we are going to the Mayan ruins in Tulum taking Kinsley for the very first time and her cool little stroller that we don't really know how we got or maybe it's Jamie and Gabe's stroller for Holly and Blake anyway I don't know those anyways we have a stroller intact and she's gonna go see the miner it's we just started realizing how many places that she's been she's gonna have such like an awesome travel story tried the way Travis handed me the camera to talk and did you see what happened he just closed it away but there is any call now on it it's an iguana dude good eye oh wow here we go can you see it it is it just met it a slow zoom get up in there easy to get in there quick you see it oh the greens I just wanted am I going that 90 is it still in it I think so Christy just let her let me know I had a a booger and a green thing it's a tube of my hair and then I think I'm again I think this is the best footage our vlog Riverhead okay so we just got to the Mayan ruins however we went here for our honeymoon so you've probably already seen some footage so we'll try and make it different and cool a lemur and accidently filmed this last time a lemur there's the lemur that's so cool kenzley learned how to say dog so she goes dr. V here so anything that looks remotely like a dog is now a dog so a lemur cat squirrel raccoon feral dogs cans yeah God he's he done that done look at her new shoes hey cute is that phase one go so we're going a different way than we did last time we went through these arches and this time we're gonna see where this leads us we're adventure this is his first adventure starting anyways cuz the other one was like out no like flats yeah so we got burnt by we I mean me kiss is nice because it's like a shake everybody looks like a jungle babies she's a cute baby you look like a jungle baby she is so Tarzan Betty Christy I think you might be the only person that can actually fit through this tunnel without squatting down nope Jenny we get knocked out maybe all the Mayans were like your size baby all right here we go Kenzie's first time through a mine tunnel you do an awesome baby girl alright we can go now she did it whoa that's cool this is kind of like Joshua Chrissy's honeymoon a little bit so you've decided to add a couple wheels to that does look like Jurassic Park danten danten danten danten done danten danten to the dead didn't dent it alright say what do you think so far oh I'm in of Joshua shirt not the view anything tell you get it just keeps eating better hi better or that does this is one of the best vacation I've ever been on really on day one and one of the many beautiful beaches right here at the Mayan ruins we're gonna see how far taking go can see how far Josh can go we're gonna see how far I can go we're all via Melissa's there's a very clear distinct rope that says do not go it's yeah your reasoning is just so super sound quante I'll film it so that it's proof that you've broken the law you don't want to go to a Mexican jail okay they may think I'm pretty serious traffic they probably do she totally loves that baby girl look oh my god she's so cute hey you are the first Robinson Clark family member to go to the Mayan ruins at the age of 11 months you've been or please that's true oh by the way Christie just got married like I said before he's very proud yeah wife for lyin he's got thee oh that is not a hubby shirt that is Ken's kids you have daddy's blood I'm sorry you have to wear that it's just safe oh yeah and she's done with it here baby girl look looks like that yarmulke dad that's got it gotcha hey buddy hey watch it he's kind of just enjoying his time right here kans do you see that the doctor I know doc doc can't be was dead that kimchi was dead hey hi baby girl you look so cute today so a quick update Kinsley has taken about 7 steps in her life hope that is not one of them she's dance break dancing she's taking seven steps in life she went from the love sack to the coffee table all by herself and we were freaking out I didn't even feel me because I was just like so in the moment and wanted to just really embrace myself in that moment that brace myself hug myself yeah I did and then she started like getting more comfortable with letting her try out and some of our friends who have two kids say for your first kid you're like oh my god they're walking gets to try it you try to get your child to walk for the second one you try to push them down so that they don't walk because you know how much harder it gets when they become mobile and fast shake your booty shake your booty shake your blow she just putting her hands in there and waving around like you just don't care Oh what are you teaching her what are you teaching her kids me you got mamas dance moves I know it yeah break on knees I'll break your legs break your legs don't break any like that can go Kingsley hey show us your dance moves we've got some dance moves what's that one song uh can you get down low yeah how low can you go can you get to the floor so we're playing that out and Christy and Josh's wedding and Taylor went facedown and just laid there like a dead fish as low as you can possibly go hey the girl oh this is a thoughtful of you so we found a spot and we just reenacted a photo from when we were here on our honeymoon right in front of these beautiful trees except except now I got kids like why can't you smile close the pictures right now walking through the jungle games look like that notice that we got to her got her to wear the hat I was huge because you have daddy's blood and you might get sunburned sometimes even though we hope they have a mama skin we water baby just exuded a pity baby sock they do like those teeth like those chompers baby shakti fitted into the baby talk to do to do that's her favorite song hey guys about a donkey hey come on so I decided when in Mexico just might as well get a donkey so this is my doggy his name is Ernest okay Ernest all right Ernest he likes the shade so we were just walking down the street with Ernests I don't know whose dog it this is it was just it was on a rope and nobody was touching it so I wanted to hold it by Ernest and we're a little parked in the street I know oh let's get back in our car Oh such tourists right dad Ernest give me our car back oh sorry but I didn't see you there oh she's giving her kisses what I want kisses Kim's first they're sweet then there's our what I want all right I'm getting in there this is the very first hotel that we stayed at when we came here for our honeymoon and I remember everything about it this cool Sam thing I'm not sure I'm going to go back on some of those vlogs it's so cool and it's Jay's birthday in a couple days so I'm trying to book a yoga massage cooking class dinner like the whole thing for her as a kind of surprise but it's tough because we have a baby now getting away to go ask for these things it's a little more difficult because you notices that I'm God versus me being able to stay away dude this was our view from the restaurant we stayed and like one of these villas right on the water is beautiful that dude just checked out the girls I went to go get the welcome frescas you look like a movie star sweetie yeah I can't get that mojito oh you look so cute right now cap beautiful this under set is don't even see the sunset cos it's on the other side I got to be careful because this is a topless beach and they just kind of like walk by and I think I had to cut out whoa no watermelon for you there's alcohol in there baby girl you try this one if you want right straw whoa it's tough walking in the sand hi hi sweetheart you know we love you so much right yeah okay mama yeah how much do we love Kim thank you for that she's finally feeling so much better we were worried because she had a fever and we wanted her to feel awesome but she had gas trio and sure itís like that that four out of five kids get from six months to 24 months where they have a fever for like two or three days diarrhea and a bunch of gross stuff that'll spare you the details but your parents out there probably know what I'm talking about just kind of getting an idea of how much everything is and we see this Gatorade that's half gone so we just decided to drink a gator and Lena on the show 78 cents for that 78 cents for a Jag a trade that's good grab some knees we might be drinking a little bit alcohol I feel a little hungover might need some of this restore those electrolytes draw yeah we are ready to feast the day was off – Krypto we're back at the house and Lewis are prepared and amazing not to say Anna not oh Cinna that's dinner I think that's finish it off pronounced my right so we got chili rellenos chicken churros there's no line in the not microwave hood Madrid wok moly that's really all we need here like a little bit of red wine and rice yeah four kids she made it to the top of the Scarface stairs Kinsley say buenas noches buenos noches – no Jax yeah she said for the first time today she said I bet that so clear a little choked up love you guys hope you enjoyed the video more to come Oh young man Hey and I'm vinegar


morgan evans · May 15, 2019 at 6:22 pm

Is their a vlog of their wedding?

Claudia Martinez · May 15, 2019 at 6:22 pm

yo soy de México los amoooo!!!!😍

Marilyn Melendez · May 15, 2019 at 6:22 pm

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Anyone watching in 2017 and Jenny is pregnant go on there Instagram

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Carlos Pineda · May 15, 2019 at 6:22 pm

Carlos Pineda

cryssa30 bb · May 15, 2019 at 6:22 pm

what a beautiful vacation. kinsley is just too cute! such a good baby too.

Terry Kecxon · May 15, 2019 at 6:22 pm

omg Kinsley is adorable,she was so young in the old videos and now she is becoming a beautiful toddler

Shelley Adams · May 15, 2019 at 6:22 pm

Travis or Jenny did you catch Kinsley giving the finger ? I believe it was when daddy was trying to get a kiss. lol.
miss watching your vlogs:-(

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nancy reed · May 15, 2019 at 6:22 pm

Love the video, So glad you are enjoying life and just smiling and appreciating Kinsley! I hope yous are coming to Lancaster PA, or close to here anyway so I can come see you for the first time. Love yous!!

sierra dickinson · May 15, 2019 at 6:22 pm

when babies teethe they will normally run a low fever and have diarrhea also

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