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(upbeat music) – Oh, hello. I was so into my drawing I
almost didn’t see you there. What do you think? I know, I know, it
needs some work. But it’s not done yet. Luckily for me, I’m at
DreamWorks Animation, and I’m getting help with
making my own cartoon from the awesome people
that make my favorite show, “Spirit Riding Free.” (upbeat pop music) And today, I’m going to see
the actual cast of “Spirit” record the voices for the show. Let’s go! (clears throat) – You ready for
your voice session? – I believe so. – Nice. – Amber and Bailey are
waiting for you in the studio. – Thanks! (horse neighs) Hi, I’m Izzy. – Hi, I’m Bailey. – Nice to meet you. – Hi, I’m Amber. – Nice to meet you. So what’s your favorite
part about playing Lucky? – Every time I read a script,
I’m so inspired by Lucky because she’s so fearless
and she just reminds me of my young self, and
I love that about her. – What’s your favorite
part about playing Abigail? – That you never know
where she’s gonna go. You never know what
she’s gonna do. It’s always a constant surprise. One second she could be
breaking out into song, and then she’s trying
to talk to a dolphin in dolphin language. – Never drop a snail. – So I’m actually
voicing my own cartoon, and I was wondering if you
guys have any tips for me? – I mean, for me, I always
jam out to my favorite songs on the way to the record–
– Karaoke sesh. – Definitely warms
up your voice. Don’t be scared. – Don’t limit yourself. – Yeah, don’t limit yourself. – ‘Cause you have to express
everything that you would be normally expressing with your
body, with only your voice. – Don’t be afraid to look crazy. – Yeah, use your body. Try not to make noise,
but use your body. ‘Cause it’ll definitely
help with the projection and all that. – Bring more personality
and life to you. – Yeah. – Cool, well I’m going to
watch you guys record a scene, so see you in a bit. – Yeah.
– Cool. – We’ll see you in
a little bit, yeah. – Hi, I’m Izzy. – Hi Izzy. I’m Katie, and I’m
the voice director on “Spirit.” – Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you,
too, sweetheart. – So we’re going to
start with a scene in episode 302, and the girls
are gonna do it together. Okay, we are going to
start with Lucky, Q1. – Hi, I’m Lucky,
and this is Spirit. – Fantastic, let’s do one
more, a little more of a smile in there. – I’m Lucky, and this is Spirit. (horse neighs) – That was gorgeous. I love it, moving on to Q2. “He’s a beauty. Where’s his saddle?” – Oh, (laughs) he
doesn’t have one. He’s a wild horse. – Great. Pick it up from the top
of 31 one more time. – Oh, he doesn’t have one. He’s a wild horse. – And I’m– Who am I again? – [Lucky/Amber] Uh,
this is Abigail. And Boomerang. Come on, pals, let’s unpack. – “You call yourself the pals? What a coincidence, we
also have a nickname made of our initials.” – Let me guess, you
call yourself the Dubs because those are short
for your initials, and Dubs is also short for
W, which is the first letter in the word ‘wonderful.’ – Honestly guys, that
was a fantastic pass. I loved it. – [Abigail] That’s
what I always say. But not in those exact words. – Okay, Izzy. How do you feel? You think you’re ready to
record for your cartoon? – I think I am. – Go for it. – Doo doo doo, just a normal
day in the life of Izzy. – Okay, Izzy. Try it one more time,
this time I want you to be a little sillier, okay? – Doo doo doo, just a normal
day in the life of Izzy. What the? Those don’t look like my hands. (Katie laughs) Mom, Dad! I woke up and I’m a horse! (snorts) – I believe she’s a horse. – I believe it, too. – Horse vibes, yes. – I have horse power! – Sounds good. – Yeah. – I liked that.
– Yeah, I loved that. – [Amber] Hey! – Hey, girl. Izzy, you did so amazing!
– So good! – Thanks so much. Did I do a good horse? – Yes, yeah. – Super believable.
– 100%. – Okay, because I really felt
like a horse in that moment. – Yeah, I could tell. – We felt like you were a horse. – I felt the horse within. – Loved it. (cheers) – Wow, voice recording
is so much fun. Make sure to check it
next week when I debut my very own cartoon. Hey, just be a cartoon
and animate yourself. – Okay! – Ah!

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