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boy the things I do for my people I'm loaded I just want y'all to know that I'm loaded and boil we stretch the time I got to tell you better I got at it let's roll come on man let's go we on the shoulder man boy those guard out I'm gonna tell you what's going over come on let's get in the truck real fair way I'm gonna tell you guys man melih fat I'm gonna play him tell y'all how about bin not do you better Greg get you one you know they hop up in there is my boy this is my boy yeah i'ma tell y'all something man i'ma let y'all know something man this guy has been following me dude I wasn't day one almost day one man he he didn't know me when I wasn't like then how like a fried about a hundred subscribers you know but he was right up in their little mix so he been day one yard and my freakin people dumped my freakin people yeah i'ma tell look we on the shoulder we are honest all night for real for real we on the show look I Maggie out of back story I'm a key out of back story man no I was just freaking 20-miles their way and I was on the phone we was talking you know I'm saying and I'm like look give me 30 minutes yeah I told him where I was right I like give me 30 minutes man I'm I can stop now I'm gonna be a real child he right here here I heard now I'ma be real child I was not for the stop I was not looking look at my clock i'ma tell you I have two hours i'ma show y'all two man would be real child 2 hours and 30 minutes to get down to Olive Branch Mississippi we're in Missoula right we're in Missouri man this is my freakin guy dude I have only I had a 15-minute buffer at first because I'm like you I cannot stop now y'all can see he can see it's gonna grant pop up at the top and I've been driving 13 minutes since I pulled up I got an hour and 55 minutes so somebody tell me am I gonna make it tonight let them know what's going on what you do let them know your journey right now cuz I was gonna tell them to let you let them know tomorrow test tomorrow I got driving part the driving part do and that's the preacher pastor on the back 0 pull look there you go there you go there you go there you go you better do it tomorrow do the finish going tomorrow how old are you bud 21 I'm tell you Ansan man if you don't matter I'm gonna tell you we got to be our thing to do you know I'm saying there's no shame you know it's all good i'ma tell y'all man he just 1021 bout to get into trucking y'all you know what I'm sayin now like this like he like the first person that got in my truck like this support me you know what I'm saying like he a partner so you my god now you my god look ya'll we made our sense of God this is his third time taking the test his third time he passed he passed the pre-trip he passed all the back now he's gonna do the drive he was having a little problem collision it's all good but guess what he's sitting right here y'all so I got my people man I got love for my baby semi-nude I'm telling y'all dude he's gonna pass tomorrow and he ain't giving up he is not giving up dude I'm tempted he will chant talk to me on the phone and I'm like little dude keep pushing through keep pushing through it you got this you know I'm saying and you know you gotta have that confidence about you said that's what I was telling here's a guy your size he telling y'all what's going on right now cuz he's with me but he kind of said when I first met him he was like you know that he called me you can tell he shot it's all good it's all freakin good this is my freakin guy he can stand out tomorrow you say ten o'clock ten o'clock Central Time ten o'clock Central Time y'all wish him look dude it's all little by the way dude I'm telling y'all dude we got these dude you know that he said look wait oh look I forgot what he's saying he going to what company say you want to go through but unless I know what you going through right now know what's going on man y'all freaking know we offer you know we say we growing we're going to do you know I would look up look I swear to god y'all I'm not lying to you guys I'm not lying I was about to keep going you know say my time I'm out of town really like I'm not out of time but I do I have listened and I'm saying I got our pinch two minutes on my clock and I got two hours and 30 minutes to get there so y'all know look we are outlaw baby we're look I'm gonna chop it over him but i'ma let y'all know what's going on oh my freaking God dude come on now come on y'all do I just got freaking stopped up man it's freaking nighttime dude it's night time y'all you know what I'm saying I just know I just got her to this truck stop no I was not an outlaw I couldn't do it you know they watched my channel with a fine-tooth comb you know they the negative Nancy me read it potatoes do something man but let me tell you guys some man do I would tell you guys as you guys see when I started this video right I was at the freakin truck stop y'all my buddy called me you know and um he was he was basically like you know saying I test that tomorrow Friday you know and I need some advice and I'm like look dude you got this man just have some confidence dude he shy shy sound like I said when he was sitting right in that seat over there you know what I'm saying like he shot me just know just know man you got this dude you got that look he my people do he been rocking with me he always support me dude he look look he freaking follow me on snapchat he followed me on Facebook he followed me on YouTube hey follow me on Instagram come on now he my frickin people man he my frickin people do you know and I show him when he was right here I saw him do it's possible it's really possible to come out here and make good money dude I showed him and he gonna be in the comment section dude I will pee in his frickin coming to the top of the comments I'm telling you guys he would confirm with you guys I show him that man it's possible to come out here and make some good money and my buddy is only 21 years oh dude 21 years old dude he had that fire burning in him he want to make some money he want to provide for himself he won't survive for his mother dude he don't have a family yes oh dude he is freaking golden golden doo doo I'm gonna tell you I'm a I'm honest with you guys man I'm bringing home to the house after taxes and everything do $2,700 as we do my buddy he's testing out tomorrow he's testing out tomorrow man and I'm telling you right now and dude I was not about to stop I was not about to stop dude dude I even went to the point of like my blade you want to see me imma stop I stopped I'm tell y'all the truth now we being real right now right we being real dude I stopped at a truck stop first man because I've been driving all day and I did a live load I was sweating I like like dude I ain't smelling the freshest you know what I'm saying so I stopped at the trucks I do I took a shower man and do they freaking took forever so I'm running low on my clock I don't like yeah I got home time tomorrow man and you know how truckers is with home time but dude this guy been rockin with me man sitting right over there right over that man he's been rocking with me man you know I'm saying I said the least I can do the least I can do this young guy he's trying to better himself and he support me to the fullest the least I can do is stop and talk to this man for about 30 minutes 30 minutes do it if I if I'm gonna be you know I'm saying a little late you know I'm saying I gotta get up early in the morning thank you Emmanuel I gotta get up early in the morning now I gotta get up early in the morning and I'm like an hour away man I'm an hour away from my delivery hour wait man but look me stopping me stopping for those 30 minutes man dude then Mike gave him the extra push to pass the city air tomorrow there might it might it might just have done it and look that's all I need to y'all know we do come on come oh oh come on dude god is good job god is freakin good too we Chuck we Chuck so it's the next thing yeah that's what they call me promise that you're not alone

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Emanuel Williams · July 26, 2019 at 3:30 pm

This made my day mane and I’m ready for the test now‼️💯

Herbert Chow · July 26, 2019 at 3:30 pm

Good luck 😁👍

Cameron · July 26, 2019 at 3:30 pm

You'll get it bro. Stay focused. You got this!

DreadHead _Rasta TV · July 26, 2019 at 3:30 pm

✊🏾 you got it… Keep motivating the people…

Just Mario · July 26, 2019 at 3:30 pm

Damn 21, that’s A1

Jonathan Esters · July 26, 2019 at 3:30 pm

You could tell that meant alot to that dude .keep trucking mane

David Ward · July 26, 2019 at 3:30 pm

Keep supporting them young driver bro. God bless!

MrSanman1025 · July 26, 2019 at 3:30 pm

This was so motivational.

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