Marijuana – The Jesus Trip

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hey there guys this week I am transitioning bit from big-picture theology stuff to a more topical issue something a bit more pastoral and it's a topic that I I don't really make a big fuss over in life although I am often asked my opinion on it and I think topical issues are important though I wouldn't go trying to trigger somebody over it especially if it's their baby so that they stick their fingers in their ears and they can't actually hear the gospel anymore because they got triggered over their sacred cow but today's topic man it's gonna be a hot one and you're gonna you're gonna see some smokin hot comments down in the old feed today because I'm sure this is gonna set a few people off look yeah the gospel does include a call to healthy holy living the gospel should inform our views on important but polarizing societal issues like abortion even the economy gender dysphoria whatever it may be whatever people are currently arguing over and the gospel doesn't always fit the box of a right-wing or left-wing ideology so just because I am covering the topic of marijuana today know for starters on the big scale of things it's not a huge deal for me there are bigger fish to fry we need to be careful harping on particular sins but Paul addresses moral issues all the time from the place of identity he says your holy you're not a sinner therefore live like it now I have not on a crusade for or against pot it's just that it is a hot topic today and I may even be too liberal for some and I will be too conservative for others do I think this is a sin in itself no everything has its place but I do think it's a sin to live in a constant drug induced altered state of consciousness that leads to moral dissipation and the dissolution of your personality sharpness of clarity and thought and decision-making an overall numbness an emotional depth perception from constantly dulling your mind and feelings to the real world around you absolutely that's not good pots not in the Bible neither is crack ak-47 Donald Trump or Nazis drugged wine is in the Bible in proverbs 20 says that it's unwise to use it if marijuana is your particular idol then I would encourage you to remember you were able to listen to me on other issues without just tuning me out I love you or I wouldn't even be opening myself to criticism over this and I'm not looking for Pat's on the back from my conservative followers today and I'm not just in 1980s just say no ideologue who is just spouting propaganda today see sometimes our knee-jerk reaction after facing criticism from religious folks is just a right off anybody who disagrees with our lifestyle so if you are smoking right now and you're paranoid about me about to attack you just hear me out and you may see that I'm quite charitable to your disposition you don't have to agree with me but don't typecast me as just a judgmental prick you know maybe just listen and hear another viewpoint I actually have a lot of experience in this area I was a pothead who smoked from morning waking baked that the Sun went down part of my deliverance story was the god-given ability to lay it down in asking God to change my taste for it because I absolutely loved it as a teenager I was self-medicating over depression religious PTSD insecurities a broken home a lack of identity and a host of problems common to the human condition I understand using it as a coping mechanism but it's just not the answer it only compounded my problems as an escape mechanism I actually don't fall into a polarized category over this I think marijuana is a god-given blessing particularly for those facing severe your medical issues who don't want unhealthy witches cauldrons of pharmaceuticals and their bodies with damaging side effects and I would use it myself god forbid if I ever really needed it my own mother-in-law who was dying of cancer got relief from her pancreatic and abdominal pain from it but even that extreme case I mean she was blazed out of her head it was really tough for the family and towards the end she stopped smoking it just because she wanted clarity with the family around her in her last days it was a very sweet spiritual clear time of communication that my wife Lily and her sisters were very thankful for and her mom was glad to be coherent in her last days I do think a lot of people abuse the medical excuse even in states where it's illegal I mean anybody can get a $50 card from a pot doc just go in and tell them somebody hurt your feelings on Facebook or you've got dandruff and voila you've got a prescription suddenly everybody needs it where they didn't need it before I think for many people it is a fabricated dependency I get that folks are in tremendous pain and there should be no guilt over using it in that situation but you have to weigh out the benefits over something that doesn't ail altering your conscience in ways that fudge you over and your personality and your reasoning abilities and also on the legal side of the issue with recreational legalization the best completely irrelevant to me if we're gonna have an obey the laws of the land argument I don't believe anybody should go to jail for smoking pot that's ridiculous legality is not a primary issue for me and I see both sides I never preached politics on here I personally I lean a bit libertarian anyways I don't much like government telling me anything to do that I can or can't do legality rarely ever equals morality for instance it's legal to slaughter unborn children yet it's illegal for me to decide whether or not I want to wear a seatbelt but I've got zero faith in government one way or the other the legislation question is a different altogether different issue okay libertarian I may be in some ways I also do see a place for government and in curbing the deleterious effects on society of certain damaging behaviors this site of kingdom come III I don't think we'll need laws against murder in heaven but we do now cuz you got a lot eddie 'it's out there so that's not a political conversation that's for this show i'm just saying there are complex questions there are lots of angles to this over how much certain behavior can harm society when it comes to law so we're not talking to law today but despite all the propaganda for or against pot i've seen family members destroyed by it my own life would have been destroyed if not for the grace of god it kills our ambition it turns people into blaze doubt deadbeat parents not emotionally tuned into their kids there's a reason we're called to be sober minded yet intoxicated on the love of god whose end is not dissipation but righteousness peace and joy i know that a very well can be a gateway to harder stuff and some people will say that's a false argument well maybe not for everybody but for a lot of people i know it's extremely detrimental to young people whose frontal lobes are developing and even older people there's medical proof that it tweets with your memory and stuff and for those who say that it's not chemically addictive my god it's emotionally addictive for sure i mean that's the thing you rarely see people who just use it occasionally we all know the vast majority of people either use it all the time or not at all but i am not just here to talk science cuz this isn't science platform either but i know I'm gonna get accused of of not reading any science and somebody's gonna say no but it's natural oh it's better for your body than alcohol well maybe like if you're talking about an alcoholic who needs to shape up his life anyway his livers all rotted out at the end of the day moderation is our standard no matter what vice you know the occasional trip to Vegas now and then never hurt anybody but if you're gambling your kids college funds away that ain't good anyone with a lick of common sense knows that you can have a little bit of alcohol in moderation be elevated be cheered we not even crossing the line into hammer drunk okay but you can have just a little bit of pot and you are blazed out of your head once you smoke you're high with pot it's more like an on or off switch you're higher you're not now of course I realize you can get really high but but you get my point it's an issue of extremity and effect and this is where reasoning goes out the window because you know people say well you know coffees a drug and it's like dude you've lost the the argument you're on extremity of effect and I agree yeah it's natural sometimes old pots natural yeah but cyanide is natural it doesn't mean you should stick it your body your neighbor's wife is natural she may even offer a pleasant sensation but it doesn't mean you should go stick your privates Center okay it's not like pot if some more natural incarnation 'old if dove God just because it grows out of the ground look getting high is escaping the natural world numbing the pain to be incarnation amines to actually be present in the world and there are healthier ways to cope and deal with stress I mean so the holy ghost get high on God there's no moderation needed when feasting at his table that's what you're craving my brother you are looking for satisfaction that only he can bring and with the things of this world we do need to exercise some moderation or they will consume us now with all that said okay I'm not demonizing a plant but there's a little you know a Nephilim spirit riding on the back of the weed or whatever where you demonize something you empower it anyways okay but it's a faulty comparison and logically fallacious when you compare pot to coffee you know that's now people it's crazy the lack of rationality and somebody said well that's a drug too okay the only person who finds that intelligent is another note smoker who's trying to justify their usage again it's an issue of extremity and effect okay and this is not reefer madness paranoia that I'm talking about because you're on the devil's lettuce okay I'm just saying common sense did it it is absurd for me to think that one of my kids is gonna face no more detriment in life whether he drinks coffee or smokes crack oh because it's all drugs look whether he sometimes you know doesn't turn his eyes from the TNA on Netflix versus sleeping with crack whores every night there are degrees of detriment and ramifications to our lifestyles okay so I'm not against pot but okay with moderate alcohol use just because alcohol is more traditional or culturally acceptable I don't care about culture it's an issue of living clear and clean but the thing about in sobriety whether that's a life of alcoholism or being a pothead is that it opens you up to dissipation and that's an old-school biblical word but this is important what happens is that your moral compass and your grid starts to numb over it's the old term slippery slope I mean I hate to use the old-school charismatic terms like this like open doors but man it does tend to open you up to poor decision-making in life choices that you wouldn't ordinarily make an abandoned dissolute life prodigality though the word the root of the word dissipation is actually so-so salvation safety but it's the inverse of that an unsafe unwholesome life you don't even need to be a Christian to know that alcoholism is unhealthy well the same goes true with marijuana abuse and this is a far cry from just the the physical bodily effects like liver or lungs we're talking about a soul issue here your mind your will your emotions you lose your bearings your grounding you become emotionally unstable you lose focus you lose stability you lose wholesomeness like an alcoholic the more dependent and numbed over you become you lose that emotional depth perception and you rage over stupid stuff where you obsess over irrelevant issues because your mind and emotions get jumbled when you're high as a kite so so let me back up for a minute here okay though I'm talking about this I'm actually I actually personally and like in life in general I don't make a big deal of this I have not talked about this hardly ever in 15 years of public ministry unless somebody really asked my opinion I've been asked to do Jesus trips on this forever but but for so many people who smoked up this is all they talk about and all their crusading for because the issue consumes them I'm talking about it but I'm not consumed by the issue okay see for them everything is a pot argument and pot is the magical panacea that will cure anything and look I myself I was not I was that way as well I was not just a casual user I was on the cannabis Action League in college okay I know all the rehashed pro pot arguments that have been around for decades they haven't changed since the 90s God gave every seed-bearing plant for us to smoke man I know all the quack science the agenda based research and propaganda that makes marijuana out to be that snake oil cure-all that helps folks justify using it all the time the big issue that I'm dealing with you the main issue I'm doing is addiction so for many it's not really about the health I'd say for most it's not real about the health benefits come you you just like to be high if pot is not potentially addictive again why do most people who smoke it do so daily or multiple times a week can you stop for three weeks straight look sure man I can but I'm not gonna because I don't have to play your silly game prove anything but where is somebody who drinks several times a week without even being impaired enough to legally drive they can do it in moderation they can have a couple drinks let me ask have you ever driven your kids somewhere while you were stoned if so I would say right there I do believe you should be locked up for endangering the lives of your own kids and being a deadbeat parent you need to go turn yourself in you need to make a change my friend and when it comes to moderation trust me I am NOT a prude there are indeed times and places for a little overindulgence where it's called for but that's the exception not the precept Jewish feasts were a time of rat celebration we're a few times a year they would go overboard okay you have a few too many drinks at Christmas that doesn't mean you got to repent and sackcloth and ashes the next day now we should go up trying to get hammered but there's a place for the occasional party Martin Luther an avid beer drinker whose wife was a brewer he called that the occasional wrong okay there's a place for a rump maybe having a few more than normal with your friends here and there but this is not the same as what the Bible warns drunkenness drunkenness as a habitual lifestyle activity even Luther he warned about sucking it back like a hog at the trough all the time he gave sermons against drunkenness but he loved beer okay this isn't summer camp nobody's sit here counting your drinks nobody's policing you with a rulebook and again these substances aren't evil in themselves in some superstitious way but we're talking about when wisdom flies out the window and common sense when you make that altered state of consciousness a lifestyle that's where there are problems with your ambition in life how you raise your kids you're emotional and mental stability all these things we've talked about the scripture actually says do not be continually drunk with wine but be continually filled with the holy spirit there is a vast difference between the occasional romp and continually sucking it down like Daytona Beach Spring Break okay there are far more Church Fathers who would agree with the allowance of an occasional celebration and they would say that that is far better than the heresy of outright prohibition so again nobody's a prude here okay so I'm not gonna give some advice that the that's just dumb but I'm gonna give you some advice you've probably never heard from a preacher okay let me say this if you're a daily smoker I would encourage you to do this maybe try it once a quarter or twice a year instead of a strict legal no instead change your mind and say hey this doesn't own me this is not a good norm that's good starting point for you and I'd say the same thing for anybody who's getting hammered on litter every day now if you can quit cold-turkey cuz you know that you don't have an ability to manage in moderation then by all means that's great and if you need some professional help or counseling there is no shame in that but just don't kid yourself if you know you have a habit okay if it has become a crutch you need to be honest about what you're dealing with but you also need to know the truth of your identity that you are not a slave to sin and you do not have to be owned by that thing man there is deliverance for you okay and if you don't smoke pot don't go read in reverse what I just said Oh Crowder saying I can go do it twice a year sheesh man that's not what I'm saying I'm saying the law of self effort isn't gonna fix anything so if then somebody's in bondage you don't just go demonizing things it's about living in your right mind and experience in life to the hilt without that fabricated haze of an escape mechanism and living in the joy of Jesus and the fulfillment that he gives but really my main theme here is that the bliss and satisfaction that you were longing for the pleasure of God Himself that it that's what it's about God who is not against natural world pleasures but only cautions us against a life of overindulgence on the things of this world because it's harmful yet radically he satisfies us with the overindulgence of his inebriating presence because that river of pleasure flowing from his right hand is the thing that all of us are really looking for you know I got in so much trouble in 2008 for saying that we should hope the Holy Ghost that there is no high like the most high and you'd be amazed at how many testimonies we received from people who were radically freed from drug abuse because they recognized that God himself fulfilled their deepest need for spiritual transcendence and satisfaction that they were looking for in substances but the substances could never ultimately provide now I may not use that phrase hope the ghost all the time like heresy hunters think I do I didn't want to like you know revolve my whole ministry around one analogy and nobody here anything besides he's the dope to those guy but trust me my friend I never recanted I am as high as a kite on the love of God and don't just give up man and don't just justify your drug use and try to rap some homemade theology around it all things are permissible blah blah blah and don't take guilt onboard either you've struggled here don't walk away from this message feeling guilty this isn't about just gettin up and living the rest of your life that you're called to live thinking about others thinking about your kids thinking about your family thinking about about others being grateful coming into a greater awareness of God sustaining grace in your life maybe you don't need pot you need pals who can help you relationally fill in some gaps and your thinking or belief areas or insecurities or some herb so you have it that you aren't trying to medicate maybe help with your self-worth or the process through some hard stuff you've been avoiding so that you can experience this satisfaction and be fulfilled in the glory of life and the abundance of living and on a practical level there is so much that you can fill your time with that you'll realize you had just wasted away so much time sitting on the couch eating ice cream man hobbies service exercise higher pursuits to help you build in new habit patterns and new ways of living listen sobriety is way more dope than it's cracked up to be and life in Jesus is way less dreary and sober than religion paints it out to be all right go for it attack me on the feed I really don't care I love you and it's all gonna be okay check out what I got coming up here listen guys announcements actually are the best part of the Jesus trip because when you visit one of these little web links that I mention here today it could land you hammered drunk in the Holy Ghost at some event or traveling with me to some exotic land they are like hyperlinks in the greater glory so do not turn me okay just because I got loud and happy all of a sudden even if you've heard these things before you've got to hear these things a couple times for them to sink in anyways listen right around the corner here is our UK event in Bristol England it is a three-day conference on the nicene creed and it's coming up right away August 23rd through the 25th when dr. C Baxter Kruger and Godfrey Myrtle and then Baxter and I are bringing the Creed to the USA in October it'll be in New England specifically in Massachusetts we once had an entire denomination put together a whole presentation to their leadership team conference about how it was dangerous for me and Baxter to be doing stuff together and they titled it Kruger and Crowder doctrinal gunpowder absolutely this stuff is gonna blow your face off also I figure many of you have spent 10 to 20 years listening to non Gospel so it also wouldn't hurt you to spend at least two years detoxing with a real deal in our upcoming online course Cana new wine seminary where myself Baxter Kruger Francois de TOI Matt Spinks dr. Eric Wilding rut Williams Lilly Crowder we are gonna throw down we have so much fun with this course it is an easy course but it is mind blowing and heart expanding and you study at your own pace it's one session week check out the promo at the end and keep in mind it's very spirit feel very experiential supernatural and Theological okay what else I've got a free event in Poland coming up in September the 20th through the 21st I have a German mystical school it's our only mystical school in Europe for 2019 it'll be September 27th in the 29th and my next mystical school in America will not be until January 2020 when I come to Detroit Motor City but it is my only Midwest event so I encourage you lock in a spot super early because this one's gonna pack out and the first weekend of October I am in Seattle I'm in Seattle revival center with Godfrey Bertil and Darren Stott and also one more Northwest goody I'm in my own home state of Oregon in the dials for a free two-day event in January you can find all this stuff at the new Mystics dot-com slash events and in December I'm gonna have my week-long seven-day gospel intensive in Sydney Australia called Telos so you can check out the promo at the end of the show is a whole week of crowder Down Under and finally one last thing I have a nearly three-week mission trip internship opportunity in March 2020 going to Russia and seven other nations in the caucus mountain region this is our only trip currently open to applicants who would like to join the team rub shoulders with me have some personal time get a taste for missions and itinerant ministry it's gonna be a small team so visit the new mystics dot-com / intern and lock in one of the handful of spots because you got months to pull your stuff together get the details but lock in a place and before you go check this out plunge into the depths of the gospel of grace and sign up for Cana new wine seminary explore the heart of the Trinity the ancient faith the finished work of the cross it's supernatural and presence oriented the online format makes it an extremely affordable theology course and it's a rare opportunity to drink from some amazing teachers once a week catch the early bird discount rate at Cana CEO tell us the end objective purpose or aim Jesus Christ is the consummation and summation of all things the objective of the cosmos the world was created that Christ may be born the way we think about God in the Western world needs to be restructured from the ground up whether liberal or conservative fundamentalist or postmodern we meet our ways of thinking realized from the bottom to top some folks are aimless when no purpose others are religiously Purpose Driven humanistically striving for God but Christ Himself is the message not faith not repentance it is Christ and his relationship with his father in the spirit which he vicariously fulfills in us created in and restored to the divine image the fulfillment of the law the end of religion and by the spirit Union and adoption are ours in him he is the restoration all things the completion in the eschaton the Omega the earth the very logic of God the ultimate goal the purpose of all human history the intention to tell us pull aside for a jam-packed week-long intensive course of butchering sacred cows and proclaiming a straight unadulterated gospel of grace that is unfiltered by the pagan concept of separation that have infected every stream of the Christian Church and all of this saturated in a supernatural miraculous atmosphere I would like to invite you to a very unique opportunity called Telus is seven days of non-stop gospel glory this is a destination event we will pull aside world we can fly in and in Sydney Australia December 1st through the set it's a seven day foundations course it will be challenging and it will be intoxicating tell us the in objective purpose or aim Jesus didn't just bring a message he is the message he doesn't just invite us into this union with God but he is the living breathing incarnate union between God and our humanity any theology philosophy or worldview that is not summed up in Jesus Christ and His finished work as one says it throws men back upon themselves and their own religious efforts hello's is about making christ the lens by which we see everything he is sons of thunder runs on partnerships and generous contributions from people like you if you've been blessed by the ministry and want to participate in sharing the gospel and reaching the poor with us consider becoming a monthly supporter at the new mystics dot-com / partners


Jared Showers · July 29, 2019 at 12:39 pm

Glory bro!! I was a big time pot dealer 15lbs plus. Got robbed 50k worth of money jewelery and clothes.. Jesus rocked me and set me free from drug addiction money addiction alcohol addiction sex addiction, all the so called good stuff… Jesus saves!! Glory to God in the highest!! Love your perspective in this.. Holy Ghost fire!

Alex Gordon · July 29, 2019 at 12:39 pm

first of all… love you John Crowder!
i grew up in church. tried and/or sold almost every drug during a very bitter rebel time… started with weed (knew some jamaicans and made good profit…then they gave me loads of ecstasy to unload and that branched off to other things etc…) grateful to be alive… anyway
weed was the last to go… after fasting, reading tons of word, etc.. i was completely ravenous for God and His love for me.. .completely freed me from all kinds of stuff -a victim/vengeful/lusty mindset to a conqueror/forgiving/noble mindset… aka freedom in Christ!
I have to tell you, i agree with John here! for me, i could feel thc in my system for almost 4 days after I smoked one joint! if i drank too much, i felt awful the next day so i could never do that! in a way that is a good thing ha! for years i was all about "it's natural"… but i was still praying and reading and seeking to follow Christ…
but then things got weird quickly after i got serious about Jesus! … for me… everytime i would take a hit from a friend who passed it to me after a show or something, i would hallucinate i mean hear dogs talking to me/ hear folks think bad about me/ paranoia ….to the point that i had to run and hide until it wore off 12 hrs later… that never happened before i got serious about Jesus… it was like God saying nope… and it was awful and embarrassing. i think i smoked to be cool and it did the opposite ha! like a bad trip -awful. and before, i was the guy who could take tons of lsd and walk around crowded places like the mall with people's faces melting and their eyes cut out and all staring at me and the walls pumping and the ground waving etc… and still function. i think me getting off of weed was the holy spirit guiding me out of that crap and into His light and truth and real clarity and real relationship with real followers! real feeling! and confidence… etc real family

to summarize. before taking any drug, think about faith please… jesus basically said if you have tiny faith and perseverance in pleading etc… you tell that mountain to move and it will…. now, i don't know about you but i have had prayers answered! very clearly! very powerfully! For me, i would say to myself " why would you want anything to come between you and Christ?! if anything had the opportunity to demine your relationship with Christ or your authority in Christ why would you entertain it?! i mean… life is short… be powerful! do you really think you are more powerful in the holy spirit when high on pot? seriously?! for me, just like jesus said lots of prayer and fasting gets me those breakthroughs… and lots of good relationships with awesome fellow followers of Christ too (honestly probably the most important)… i mean i LOVE THE HOLY SPIRIT!!! NOTHING CAN COMPARE YALL!!!!! seriously praise Him continually and see your life change! see the adventure of your life more clearly!…. but you be the judge

ok i wrote a page.. just notes for myself for the future i guess ha! 🙂 Thank you Jesus! thank you for guiding me out of slavery and into adoption… thank you for making me a co-heir /son/ an extension of yourself on earth! so cool. so grateful.

hope this helps somebody. 🙂

Cellar Door · July 29, 2019 at 12:39 pm

Sobriety is more dope than its cracked up to be. Aw yeah!

Ray Catlett · July 29, 2019 at 12:39 pm

The Libertarian platform is pro-abortion unfortunately.

Brian Beasley · July 29, 2019 at 12:39 pm

You are really right on this one. When I do marijuana, although God is never separate from me, it further separates me ftom God in my mind, mostly because for me… I know in my heart that it's not right, in other words trying to go to some secret super fun place that is apart from God, and it never turns out to be fun, it certainly isn't Secret, and it just gives me a guilty conscience.

John Smith · July 29, 2019 at 12:39 pm

Well look at John all mature, proper, reasonable and deeply understanding, appreciative and pastoral!!! It’s like he’s morphed into a super logical and coherent Ravi Zacharias! lol just kiddening this was a great well thought out and articulated video, loved it and def a wonderful vid to share with friends struggling in this area. Keep them coming!

rob christensen · July 29, 2019 at 12:39 pm

always liberating

MichaelDisciple · July 29, 2019 at 12:39 pm

I became a pothead for about 5 years, and the Holy Spirit told me to flush it all one day, and that was the end of it.

Brian David · July 29, 2019 at 12:39 pm

I wish all where prophet's… "Black and white"… LoL Sin is Sin…where sin abounds there Grace… I being prophtic wish everyone was black and white…

EightyFiveMillion · July 29, 2019 at 12:39 pm

Love this, i think a lot of it is sound wisdom. As a cannabis user and lover, just want to offer a few thoughts worth considering.

1. There is a reason why we dont smoke cyanide – namely it will kill you. Cannabis however offers a handful of benefits that make it reasonable to think that it was made for human consumption and enjoyment…

2. I actually believe there is a space called moderation with cannabis, and knowing your limits is key. With so many ways of consuming available, its possible to dose yourself in a way that could equivalent to the reasonable “couple of drinks” described in this video – in an intoxication sense. And also, if you do overdo it and have a “romp” martin luther style with cannabis, at least it will be more forgiving the next morning😄.

3. I really do like the getting high on God concept, i can honestly say its not something ive experienced at will yet. Maybe im not receiving it or understanding it correctly. I could see how this would be a