Malcolm in the Middle Reaction Season 1 Episode 8 "Krelboyne Picnic" 1×8 REACTION!!!

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what's the brownie sitting here and welcome back to yet another reaction today we're hopping into malcolm in the middle episode number eight as always if you like I do here mister make sure there's like comment and subscribe to the channel head over to patreon for the full uncut unedited reaction remember for one dollar you can get this at the sitcom tear the sitcoms here essentially gets you episodes when they jump on YouTube for the office market in the middle and scrubs I decided to put those two together because their sitcoms are the pretty ones students it comes I'm doing them together when the episode shop on YouTube you hit them fully uncut unedited over there on YouTube you actually get a couple days in advance as well because um every Friday I'm trying to put them up over there or you guys so you guys get next week's episodes on Friday so you'll get essentially about three days early if you want them if you don't don't worry you get the episodes here when they come here and if you want um extra extra early and extra episodes does it's here for that as well oh yeah I don't really have much else to say I'm curious pubs gonna happen I actually enjoyed last episode which was Francis I'm Francis escapes I should hop the overarching story of that one was actually pretty good this one is about a picnic I don't know how to say the name it's like something with a a this thing rail or Niang I don't know I'm thinking that's to place the the home how is how the name of the husband I'm thinking that's where he works I don't know nonetheless we're gonna find out pretty much like comment subscribe here we go it's too early for this bullshit are they both gonna pretend to be sleeping [Laughter] go to your stupid crib on picnic today you think I want you to go boil what is that luckily I've got a brilliant plan to get out of this No you're grounded for pouring perfectly good vegetable soup in the toilet and you owe me 49 cents up your plan sucks you better understand why you don't want to go – oh man – guys as your parents that house is God beating dudes paradise nervous I had a dream he didn't come and I was being chased by something but invisible I'm gonna kick so much krelboyne ass today yep there we go damn it Malcolm you're on your own well no one in this class specifically but you can never be too careful you shoot in the arena take a little more for you Oh My Jesus what is that looks like I got here just in time you brought me didn't you gentlemen is that he has no intentions of leaving he can make out here this is going to beat up the Nerds or according to them what do they beat you up a small pack of crayons has ventured out of hiding to bathroom bitches – they're an easy target for nearby predators oh no y-you in by yourself a little boy never mind kick his butt Alphonse you look way you'll akhirin a senior whose idea was this fair I mean this is like a science fair that's not the vocabulary I'm in it seems that he's taught several of the children be our word the R word I'm sure it's just something he picked up off the street certainly not at home see our word it's Jody all right it's so great I'm so glad that went well oh my god these Swami's I give to you the Nixon electromagnets no what does it do wait a minute you can't decide that you didn't even vote I was only going by the general tone of the group general tone I haven't heard a peep out any of these other women all day but you will agree with what mrs. control-freak here is saying Oh Phyllis oh my name isn't Phyllis no I don't feel that way I don't I never like stand up to you using that failing the difference was his stink bomb in the level 3 toxic biohazard is apparently two extra jobs so for tetroxide I'm totally suing that website did you miss me so who's that girl with her hands all over you propose a paramedic she was making shredded inhale any toxic fumes I'm sure you left every moment of it you quit nagging me me more attention well it's really a simple function of the tensile strength of the elastic waistband miss France is gonna help mmm I'm going to see to it that you never serve on a school committee Holden officer even so much as set foot in a PTA meeting as long as I can help it is not a promise lady I should have expected as much from the mother of a foul-mouthed thug what he's doing in this class I don't know friend yeah come on we're going shopping for shoes academic circus well you certainly got the circus part right this is the biggest debacle I've ever seen I guarantee you principal little Deb is going to hear about this hey jackasses when my man brought to me you guys were all for us the PA is online this cuz Malcolm's not socially awkward and his act is probably gonna be fun she's like really Markham is like her project there what's he gonna do are they gonna treat them weird I mean not be like dude like your smartest oh shit cellular mitosis what are we paying your tutor for Jimmy brothers very very very very very very smart welcome how many fingers am i holding up this is better that they're like they didn't say they were probably just treating like normal you well that was episode in number eight a crane boy boy boy picnic I don't know um I did that episode I was pretty good I had some funny moments I up the characters were really established well I mean we got to learn about what Malcolm's like we knew Malcolm smarter but we didn't know what mountain Mustaine was and I don't know if it's gonna be always this thing but like this showed off like his math skills again he's kinda like a photographic memory maybe or he's just really good and could really think on his feet when it comes to numbers and multiplying or all that but I was really good I mean I bought the whole France the situation was funny just the way that they started off went on this crazy high of love fell down to the point of breaking up I mean all in the span of one day and then the ending where he just walked by one another oh man it's been on Wow thought the year beginning was pretty good I probably give the episode like an eight honestly chuckle laughs enjoy the story that's a little bit of like sad moments for the teacher where he felt really bad and you talk to her like how much he cares about mahkum I enjoyed it um the able to source off with on fighting the parents but pretending to be asleep as the kids suck Malcolm trying to get out of going to this fest this festival thing he does not want to do it he is not happy he does not want to show off his skills because he knows this his family will look at him differently but they don't think they actually chewing the same let's see Francis is here he's in town for they say why he's just in town um Francis I should help him get out of it so Francis of course he's a girl which is predictable the teachers super happy to see Malcolm Malcolm is like the leader of this school of like the class everybody loves Malcolm and they're all like he's like their leader let's see we meet her annoying mom lady who essentially wants to take over take control we see the dads grilling but they're grilling tofu and veggie burgers which is severe for that cool but in force the dad here at how brings uh I think his name is how brings meets hot dogs and a burger I don't understand at the end why the kids are all freaked out for a number from not having meat that's mean I was weird I mean I get maybe they mean ah maybe I've never had me um francis meets this girl she's very similar to him what kind of rebels in their own right Stevie doesn't want to go he's scared about going after Malcolm because Malcolm is like he knew what Malcolm Zack that was and he's like well that's gonna be really intense so he didn't want to go right after Malcolm Rhys wants to go pick on the Nerds this chasing scene was crazy then Rhys meats told brother who essentially chases Ries it becomes a whole thing very boring acts of I mean maybe not boar I mean they just didn't do a good job of like showing off or anything like they showed off but they didn't really do the job of making it entertaining for anybody mark I made it entertaining he when he got the crowd involved I mean it was fun oh we got Rhys doing his restinga got them cooking burgers more of that magnet thing a teacher freaking out – Malcolm deciding to make us decided to make a stink bomb freak out about the meats for reasons Malcolm adds too much of one thing essentially makes an explosion where fuck which brings in the hazmat suits these guys break up he said speed up this part here where the teachers I see crying maka feels bad cuz you know she really cares she wants to put on a good impression for the pants she wants to make it fun for the kids she's a teacher that actually cares and she loves Malcolm like she likes Marcum isn't like socially awkward like a lot of the other kids are and he's also really smart so she like really what kids about Malcolm wants to see him succeed um Malcolm feels bad cuz he's enough so she was part of the reason for the reason for getting my stop pants are all yelling even though the parents you know let's be real my homeboy run the meet they were off for the meets so to you know be giving her shit is a bit of but an upsetting you know is you know they were off for cooking meat Malcolm goes on to me the teacher feel bad he kills that he does he has a memory of the numbers that he does every kind of mathematical equation with those numbers he's insane kills it with the numbers um he poor jealous of Malcolm Rhys punches one of the kids because he needs to get it out of him of in that whole situation with the girl and Francis and like oh it's been a while he'd been but that was interesting and then I liked the ending where Malcolm was so worried that they were gonna treat him differently I think he was a freak or anything but in the end they just treated him like no I want to feel like he's really really smart but then they went back to being who they are which I guess shows like a good heart of the family and how no matter what you know who you are what it is they're gonna treat you the same to them to come your your is the same Malcolm so I thought that was a cool little thing and yeah that's especially the episode hopefully you guys enjoyed if you didn't like comment subscribe to the channel I don't pay charm for the full uncut unedited reaction you can get episodes extra early if you want them if you don't don't worry but one dollar does get you this full unedited uncut reaction over on YouTube it's called the sitcoms here you get this the office and scrubs but if you don't want that don't worry the episodes will come here when they come here but yeah I'm gonna get out of here I'm gonna talk to you guys later


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i love this episode ! nice reaction !

Rlynn · July 30, 2019 at 12:30 pm

I found this on a malcolm in the middle fan page. Even though I've seen the show multiple times i never knew what krelboyne meant:
Q: What does Krelboyne means? A: "Krelboyne" it's the name of the gifted students class to which Malcolm belongs. It is taken from the name of the nerdy hero of the movie "The Little Shop of Horrors" (1960).

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