Making the Perfect Picnic Space

Published by Darron Toy on

now that the weather is warm I'm so excited to play hostess check out my tips for setting up summer parties on a budget on this dbl decked out by decked out presented by standards our Ordnung dpr nation the sun is out so it's time to get social I've got some ideas that can save time and money first you want to build your base pallet boards are an affordable way to create a table set up in your backyard just be sure to measure ahead of time and then purchase prior wood for a stable top then you'll want to arrange your seating pillows can be great for a picnics I'll event or if that's not your thing stack pallets and bring out dining chairs mixing and matching your seating adds character and adding reusable decals that any occasion gives your space some style a classic table runner and some lights will last season after season for all of your outdoor events cool sunset awnings at one eight hundred five oh seven three one five two Maya looks amazing and now I need to decide which party to host first

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