Making It – Ep3 – Location Lockdown (Shot Listing & Location Scouting)

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– So to recap where we are in the process
of our production is I wrote a script,
it was too expensive. We had to go back,
rewrite the script. We broke that script down. We found that it was
within our budget. Herman than created
our production calendar and we started a crew up. In our search for crewing up, we were able to find a first AD. Thank you so much, Cary,
we’re really excited. – Yay!
I’m excited this sounds fun. – And we were also
able to pull in a favor and get one of our StudioBinder
and filmmakers here to come on as our
cinematographer. – I understand that
the budget is limited, I’ve dealt with that. So, what I can
offer you guys is… I can operate the camera myself, so you save your camera operator.
Okay. You cut my rate to zero. You don’t pay anything
for me to come on. Since I liked the script, and my objective is more to
work something for my reel and put that money that
you originally would pay me to get a better camera, and three crew members.
– Absolutely. – I hope we can make something great
together… – Yeah, absolutely. – … and I will take care of
making the project look good. – Great.
– Well, thank you very much. – Alright! ♪ ♪ – So Marvin made some requests all of which were
very reasonable. He’s waving most of any
fee or anything like that if we need equipment, you know, we’ll toss them some bugs
here and there but generally, he just wants it all
to go to the project. Specifically he wants it
to buy him one or two crew people for the day that are
going to help him shoot. Sounds like he’s onboard which is exciting. So at this stage, you’re going to want to create
a preliminary shot list. So what is a shot list? Well, a shot list is a list of all the things you
need to shoot on the day. The document that has all of your
creative goals and visual goals laid out for you. One of the things that you put on your
shot list is all of your shot specs. You’ll describe your shot. Then you talk about
the shot size. Angles that you
might want to decide whether you want to shoot from
a high angle or a low angle. Other things that go in there
would be any camera movement. It’s something that you
really should do on your own. The cinematographer
should probably do theirs and then you should
compare them. So I’m doing my
shot list right now. One of the things we’re
going to try to do is we’re going to try
to have obscured views. So we’re going to
be like filming them but from around a corner so that it adds to
that feeling of, you know,
this is a secret meeting. F***ing thing, dude. Jesus f***ing Christ. The first step of your collaborative
process with your cinematographer is your shot list. So, Dr.Bell enters and paces, it’s an over-the-shoulder
two shot. I’ve kind of wanted this
to be on a gimbal, right? The door is in frame
behind in the background as we move out from
behind Billy’s head we see Dr. Bell landing in the
room, right? – Okay, so what we have right
now we staying on one set up from one angle. You have to take
under consideration that we do need to change the entire
lighting setup on the other side. Otherwise,
we would see the lights and… – Now you need to start thinking about
bucketing then into what we call setups and a setup can be
either a camera set up like, you know, dolly tracks or you know, a tripod for instance or it can be a lighting setup. So if you have multiple scenes
taking place in the same room throughout your script
instead of moving locations and shooting all in order, which really want to do is
light that side of the room and shoot everything you need that’s going to be on
that side of the room. – Building a gimbal it will cost us more
time for each setup. Gimbal also does require a wireless follow focus. We’ll probably have to
calculate an extra 200$ just for the wireless
follow focus. The dana dolly for $50. Maybe a cheaper solution
for a similar effect. – You need to think strategically if you want to get
everything done and if you want to get
it all done correctly. Because every set up you do means they have to
set up the lighting, they have to move the camera. They might have to put it
on a dolly or on a tripod and every time you do that that is chipping
away at your time and your time on
set is everything. – While we shooting
out the scene the gaffer is not needed that we double up with a grip how we talk about he could
build the dolly, the slider in the room already. We will work simultaneously while we’re shooting they’re
building the next set. – Perfect. Okay. Well,
this is good stuff to consider. – Put those shots in there that you need to tell
the story in your head. And then once we go
on the location scout, we, of course,
will revisit the shot list. – So now that you’ve got your
preliminary shot list done you need to start
thinking locations. Let’s talk about locations. Now, I’ve been fortunate enough to
work with some pretty big productions where you get a location manager and the pretty pictures
fill your inbox and you don’t have
a care in the world. But I was also been fortunate enough to work on some
small bootstrap production where I had to find
my own locations. But now we’re living
in a golden age where companies like “Giggster”
offer you amazing opportunities for location scouting. These are really useful tools, especially for independent
filmmakers because we definitely don’t have a
budget to pay a location scout. ♪ ♪ You know, this is a perfect
day for location scouting. You know why?
– Why is that? – All of our location
necessities are indoors. ♪ ♪ – So what was great about
“Giggster” is they met us down there with what they refer to
as a location concierge. – So this is the
main room right here. ♪ ♪ They are super open about you
guys moving anything around. The biggest advantage for
independent filmmakers is price. You don’t need to hire
a location manager. – Here we go. – Here’s production area. – In fact, this area here might
even work for that scene, right? Like he brings her around
the corner they land here. – But we also know that sometimes
you need a little bit more help. That’s why people like Alison and our other agents were
brought into the team to actually set up
scouts set of visits. – Thank you so much. – Yes. Thank you so much. We’re making progress. There’s a lot to work with. I think that we’ve got at least
one of our days figure it out. You know now we have to go ahead and start thinking about
our other locations. I think it’s going to
be a great location. The pictures looked
fantastic, but let’s just say the
pictures can be deceiving. So…. ♪ ♪ You know, take whoever
you can with you when it comes to your
crew and your team members because they are going to look
at different things, you know, Marvin’s going to be looking
for places to hang lights. – Will all this be
blocked if we get it? Okay. That case would have to
change those lights up there. – I’m going to be looking
at the actual space and whether or not I
think it works creatively. – Is this dressible
as a common room? – It would be really pushing it. It’s a lot smaller,
but it’s okay. When you’re searching
for stuff online, you’re never going to
know, right? It’s the same as I’m sure using
Tinder or anything else, you know, you see a photo and you go, oh looks great and then you get there
and it doesn’t look great. – Those two rooms are the biggest
rooms you have in this facility? – For film, yes. – Okay. – The thing that bums
me out the most is the fact that it’s tiny. – I mean there is, of course, the possibility to shoot
in certain locations there and break it up
to the second location. So let’s check out
the other location and see what we can grab there. ♪ ♪ – I guess now we’re talking. – Dude, this is sick. – As good natural
light falling in here, which is great. – The amount of space
you actually get here is I would say almost 10 times the
size of what the fryer building has. Theoretically,
we could set the camera right there and have him walk up and then we cut
to him at the door it could be a different door. – We can take those things out and there are usually plays
it’s like rods to rig things on so I can have quino’s
rigging on the door so to get some bounce
here. – The dressing wouldn’t
take nearly as much. It is a nursing home which can double for a health
clinic pretty quickly. I mean this would be great. – This location would
perfectly suit our needs but for 500 $,
there’s got to be a catch. A few of the red flags,
you might want to look out for when your location scouting the site reps. Are they attentive? – Hello *Unintelligible*
Beverly Hills. – Oh yes, uh… Brocka? – Oh yeah, sorry…umm– let me
try to call– *unintelligible* Can you call me
back in two minutes? – I sure can, thank you so much.
– Thank you. – That was sketchy. The producer hairs on the back of
my neck are tingling a little bit. The site rep never met us there. She was on the phone saying
she was going to meet us and she never showed. – Hi, sorry we missed your call. Please leave a message… – They’re not communicating
with us enough and the fact that they’re not
communicating with us enough concerns me. – It’s confirmed. – I’m declaring it official we have no location as of now. – Our location dropped out. They made a typo and that in fact, it is 10 times the
amount that they had originally said. – It’s 5,000, not 500. – The amount they’re
saying now is ridiculous. It’s actually kind of laughable. because for that amount
of money you could get an entire sound stage. – I have a litany of worries. So let’s put our nose
to the grindstone. If we’re going to find something,
we gotta do it in next two days. – This is Geneva. – Hi, I was just calling to
see what the availability for your hospital set was. Oh… those days are booked. – Ok, well, I believe I have
all the information I need, so thanks so much. – Ok, you’re welcome. Bye.
– Bye. – I’m a little
worried right now. You know when you have
setbacks like this, you’re just not sure if
you can fit it all in time. ♪ ♪ So we’ve been searching
all around calling people and I happen to call a friend
who worked at this one location called Pamplona 89. ♪ ♪ Carol the owner he heard about
our behind-the-scenes thing and he was able to basically work out a deal for us as
long as we shouted him out. So Pamplona, thank you to you. – We rent the space for a
seminars, workshops. We do classes. And then also we rent the
space for film shoots. – We also give the opportunity
to come the night before to prep so that you have a
little bit extra hours, or to come the day
after to wrap up because we understand perfectly
that timing is very crucial. – It’s conducive for filmmakers. It’s got a lot of space for
lights, dolly tracks. There’s space for staging,
the crew and the gear. It also creatively takes
off a lot of the boxes. And if we’re smart
about this we could get, I’d say 75% of the film
done at this place. Now that we have location
all taken care of, now we get to move on to
the casting and the actors. I’m very excited about this. So check out the next episode. Hey everyone. Do you have a great idea for
a film or a television show? Want someone to
help you produce it? We’re looking for writers
and directors for season 2. So if you have a script
that you want to direct click the link in
the description and submit your project
to StudioBinder today. Thanks for watching and we’ll
see you in the next video. ♪ ♪


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