#LongWalkToSchool: The struggle for scholar transport

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in funda Scala Havana's within even Windemere's Colleen inafune Daniels with each solution Chilam bilam infinite Consuela for us : cappella manicotti a terminus yeah dairy or more modern technique in front of Nina Valera cool I have dreams and it's difficult for me to go to school and get education Sam banging ow tsk tsk lane fatigue une inguinal angeline magnet restoring transport Allah snipers and Ivar Kreuger be over nothing does not attend orphanages their idea there is the police in total each others say if the elena's look Melinda Cromie tell should get it transported [Applause] we need to get a few stories from a few learners okay our is Julian we want to write to the people in power and tell them they must help you clean up coffee including me we could always include live without power this is fine permission so we want to get this much as much statements from learners and to see how it affects them the purpose of the visit is to find facts but also to lay the basis for litigation if needs be so you say you in the morning for about one and of course out that one hours of business and what time you get up in the morning we want to design when I already Hamlet but you walk through that I hear very much different kinds of drugs with his bicycle okay so what shada transfer to us maybe buses school buses okay the knock-on effect of of not having a proper scalded transport is multiplied that puts pressure on teachers which in turn get pressures from the reporting to produce certain results so scholar transferred although it can be seen in a small part of the whole education sphere there's a very big impact on delivering access to learners if it needs be that litigation gets them to capacity at ultimately in the base increase of the learners MOBA song is classic light energy policy macabre Google Alert on his truck Alicia on Lucifer no Simonton open but managers rabbinical wonky transport amoled amoled frail young Kim Dobin I responded to mention the best digital media mobile suna Balan Imam of a systemic I in Malaysia Brisbane boots and maybe citizens ambush inches and legacy Angela benzoate sorry mum fiscal information for Casa been messin we have we are conventional musical Chicago six personnel cooking your particular shoe a new jeans and with experiments aka me Elijah we come then to both sides is my control washing clothes football and then the albeit for cooking and muffled I'm looking after nan da Mesa and Nell see my sister by rusty she was looking after us after mom died in 2009 and others died in 2010 to solution cutter the naming cylinders goalie none of us remember Lucas on a case of the different abilities and when this is big and generous mami tomoe would say whenever tunneling app engine application vanilla sorry our Castle Sheikh bahjat lon baboo clan members name is Maggie LNG in Lebanon and Ava's number brothers record with navigator build oh sure – Sierra women with a deep pocket man extreme yes up I write super veterinary school in Arizona suspend vampire geological – pen dimensional monsoon in Bunnicula open electrophoresis person Savannah just cuz I wanna be a journalist marucho O'Malley chamber no me gusta el reloj Putin Robin ah Rosalind ocean Templeton's namunyak on a remote island or she drew from 93 Ludemann funa something you can say no family ally with my mother and my little brothers well give 800 s funda called another pajama : so in return I shoot an elephant is fun enough Nastya yahan jee loke along with cecil sir my sister is staying at school the Americans that live at school with hey it's for our to to get to school oh that's why she's at school I don't my mother do not feel well if my my sister is not here young coupe illegible all right I'm gonna shed book you looking over a funder game passenger kanji I am i close Nolan Bunco party planner bubonic a mellifluous vomit jumper from the one-mile course I'm Samantha you're young a akiyama's the natochannel I don't you don't know them well I forgive you for that oh-ho creamy summer movin on a little bit but it is a cool animal of octopus Oh Porsha baka boo boo is in general cool mmm and smile with him and Jane for cafe is funding them through the pathology salicylate Chi and condescension to miss abandonment of the terminal core ninja with love ever plunging and it's not because I'm trying to do to not dress I mean I the icon with a album particularly one equal education organization Ivana Vanessa in fundo South Africa given engine jam jelly look we are a machine I think a global corner a defiant muscle submit a memorandum me vodka la Luna del cobre coalescence economist a community qualification game special fund al-din my life yeah with injure in fundo in Ellen and foot injuries resulting doubt I would ignore economy show for example L Department of Education with my [Applause] [Applause] so in return here we represent students in Emily elected if I can move to this my complete Sonya with Moodle I said Obama that I was pleased as people I'm about whom national school Cooper go Subaru track minima para like to publicly commit ensuring the competition and we reassure you that we are going to work together with the leadership equal education the statements that we've gotten from learners is very compelling and would lay a very good factual fantage foundation for us to go to court for those of us that went on the site visit we know that the distance that they covered the environment that they're covered in is is of great concern one of the learners I gave us a statement talked about the situation where she was she was raped and that was very distressing to year and also one of the principals informed us that one of the boys at her school had also been a victim of rape so the mode of transport needs to be very carefully analyzed for for in the new to area what would be the most effective form of transport so that we can we can advocate appropriately nimbin an accident mahakasyapa traction Jimmy Trezevant a new movie or the mistress and clergy sanitization J in general where am I the useless and chicken Nathan Jamie finishes the same man and omec Appling gentle a gas it was a listicle 99 Ben has been estranged husband Allah not to say too dangerous Marsha we have general riesen gigantic mobile map area in Philly accordance is for mrs. discuss we need an adjustable strongest information – Colleen Lopez ram kapoor ashima panel focus of London mobile Musa see you go in from the Jana Jana initial ISM optimism category agreement Jana is a ligand on we're just here to find village and finalize a statement that will form the basis of an affidavit involved that's easy to read it on one paper but to see the the distances in the terrain recovers from what has to feel for this key to give you a sense of urgency ready now a loss cycle is absolutely intense oh there's Wow but you imagine doing this every day so lucky we found in them stuff make the person emotional hey spill lru I'll give you a lift oh wow Venus slight thunderstorms and lightning you have no shelter yes I do initially and then what do you do turn around go and like I just walked just continue on walking there is nothing nothing after those last days to be cool you can come in here by our cinemas and we can go home and then we can talk a little more so the last time you spoke to your right you gave us a statement so this is older all the information that we had we took from you so we just want to update this information okay and our things going at school and if I go in earlier you have the exam screen and limit Li I didn t do it because I feel my to subject a metal science hmm why do you think that happened and I think it's because I am mister did le classes because every morning we are studying mathematics and every morning I'm late do you have any questions for us and okay yeah did you hear that when and will the government give us the bus because we have a match I don't know I cannot give you a definite answer I don't know when it will happen or whether if it will happen this long journey is having an impact on your studies it's stopping you from being the best learner you can be and we don't think that is right yes okay so thank you so much you your station will be very well thank you it landed it's my 50s scrutiny manager and laughing so excited because with my last year or so I have to pull up my Elna boutique Nevada – well Buddhist holy – Benanti is very holiday to ending this banana : una nota llama body gülen's and bond with Angelina party the schools have the budget now but the other 11 schools do not have buses even when we have the party that doesn't mean we stop struggling you you you

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Ntosh ntlokwana · May 16, 2019 at 9:41 am

this is incredibly hurtful in a country that allocates 15% of its total budget to basic education and yet children have to walk in such horrid conditions. as the adults in this country we have to account for allowing such things to continue to in our watch. it is shameful that black leadership would allow for this to take place to its own children and any other child. total disgrace

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