LOL DOLLS & BARBIE Go On Vacation To The Ocean! Barbie Movie

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I've got some exciting news do you guys want to go on a vacation what's a vacation so much some people have to pee when I wake up but I have to burp ah like I'm good to go yeah what's a vacation mom these girls are really weird but you're my daughter so I have to love you a vacation it's like when you go somewhere super awesome and you stay there and you don't work or do anything hard or crazy and you just vacate well just like you just party and have fun and enjoy the world around you what do you guys think about that does that sound amazing to you doesn't doesn't but about school and our friends and our teacher well they'd be on vacation no they won't be on vacations but that's that's the point of vacation you get away from normal people that you see every day so yeah what about you guys think about that vacation vacation doesn't it sound amazing I don't know Mom you sound really excited about it maybe you should just go that's not the point um have you guys ever been well I know but you guys have never been to the beach and I think it'd be really fun oh my gosh the beach where like all the Sharks and the creepy fish and a seaweed and everything is all gross I don't want to go to the ocean that sounds so absolutely horrible yeah that does sound absolutely horrible mr. Skell will stay home well we'll take care of ourselves oh my gosh girls no that's not what it's like the beach is like beautiful sunset and the ocean breeze and sand between your toes when you're walking and you get to eat and drink and and just splurge on yourself and just ah fill the ocean uh your feet it calls to me oh my goodness I can't help but just ah freak out so you guys want to go you want to go come on you know you want to go anyone anyone sparkles sparkles I know you'd want to go you love something you love being a mermaid and all this other stuff that you said about being a dolphin I don't even know what you're talking about but come on don't you want to go ah to tell you the truth mommy it doesn't really sound like a really fun thing you sound way more excited about it than we do all right well that's it you guys are going I try to make it fun and give you guys a choice and make it sound like it was your decision but nope you guys are going give me mother um you're gonna make us go away from our school our friends our teacher our everything let me know our beds just to go swim with creepy fish and sharks and see we even give you a choice whether we can go or not that's just wrong yeah yeah yeah I'm sad with Harper on this one mom sorry um I don't really want to go yeah me neither kinda sounds horrible you and dad should just go no we're not going on vacation without our baby girls so you guys are coming you all need to practice your piano and get packed do your laundry get everything done that you need to get done for the next few days I have a lot of real errands to run so step on it and oh sorry Harper okay anyways um yeah step on it and let's let's get a move on I hate it when she lacks a look at ponytail rude well guys what do you think should we vacation I definitely don't want any sense it sounds not fun by the guys we have to go we don't have a choice if we don't go mom will call babysitter Vicky and don't wake her so we might as well just suck it up and do what mom said we might end up liking the vacations we don't know we've never been on one so I guess we should get our chores done and our piano practiced always full of wisdom Harper always full of wisdom what can I say I'm the wise old owl of the family I'm gonna go practice the piano first what dear what is it there's no bench for the piano is there no cattle ranch so I can't practice it control of your life cutie you can figure it out figure out how to make a piano bench you can use a chair or bench from wherever just go get one oh yeah okay I'll go look for one all right what are you talking about then toilet what is she talking about a toilet hi mom yeah you said to find my own seat so I did oh my gosh thought I told my kids better than this oh my goodness I need to go see my therapist toilet duty really a toilet sparkles I'm glad someone appreciates some good humor oh girl you know I got you oh yeah I know you got me hyper doesn't get me all the time but that's okay well you guys as much as we don't want to we should probably start packing up for our vacation and get on it I don't want mom do crazy and freak out on us it's never a good sign yeah very true good point heartburn she gets really crazy and mad when she freaks out on us it's insane all right well we should probably go up to our bedroom so we can start packing our clothes or whatever what in the world are we even supposed to pack probably our first aid kit yeah but I'm not planning on getting hurt Harper no one ever plans on getting hurt you silly goose huh yeah trip well if we're going to the beach um we probably need to pack our swimsuits okay go mine yeah got mine too well that was easy um I don't know what else we're supposed to pack we're pretty low maintenance maybe you I'm not a little maintenance I actually brush my teeth once a day yeah we brush my teeth twice a day well one of the best plenty for me I'm good all right well I guess we'll need a toilet reason and stuff and towels for when we get wet and shower and go swimming we're gonna need a comb to comb our beautiful hair after we swim I don't need a sponge to clean ourselves I guess yeah this one a toast a toast but in the world I don't know what you guys are planning on eating but I'm bringing my toast ah true good point yep we can't go sitting without our swimming gear that's for sure let's do this I'm actually getting kind of excited about this whole vacation thing it'll be the first time we're on vacation but hopefully it won't be the last I'm just hoping we like it look at this Harper of course we're gonna like it I know but if we're bringing the babies and might be kinda difficult to enjoy it I kind of hope I don't know I love the part those so stars but I kind of hope that they're not coming yeah I know you mean yeah I think it'd be fun if they came but at the same time it'd be kind of difficult to fictive come because it'd have to be in lifejackets and we'd all have to be watching one of them and it'd be maybe not as fun after a while yeah that's what I'm thinking yeah let's go see mama for bringing the babies hi Harper what what is it Hey everything the baby's on the vacation um I actually don't think we are we're gonna have the babysitter watch them I think I'm not quite sure yet but we'll bring them on another vacation just not this one I just want to spend quality time with you girls that's so sweet of course I love you girls I just haven't been able to spend a whole lot of time with you guys this year so far we're just been so busy and I was pregnant with the baby so it was really hard like feeling good and being happy and yeah whatnot so yeah mom I like your dress it's very elegant oh this old thing Thanks I don't think it's elegant at all Thank You cutie it's very sweet of you that's not what I heard I didn't say everything I wouldn't even make sense as you said an elegant don't worry about a sparkles mom took it as a compliment anyway yes sparkles yours you're funny she said elegant elegant means like fancy and pretty but thank you thank you cutie and thanks sparkles for a half of my back and and making sure weird things weren't being said anyway look at keep packing girls we got a lot more to do come back yes dear um are we bringing the boat so that we can go on the boat and float float in the boat on the water yes we're bringing the boat it should be a lot of fun so yeah pack up your swimsuit um swimming things that you are gonna want to have sunscreen towels all that stuff and as soon as you guys all are packed up we can actually start packing up the car and get ready to go oh are you okay sparkles yeah mom I'm fine I'm just smelling the ground weird okay all right have fun girls sparkles why are you smelling the ground you're so weird come on guys we know we all smell the ground from time to time well I think we are all packed what do you guys think yeah I think we're packed for the most part I don't think we're gonna need a whole lot more we just need to grab some towels and I think we'll be good to go I'm really happy that the babies aren't coming I like I'm sad to leave them but it'll be super fun yeah it'll be great parent-child bonding time out in the ocean in the middle of nowhere should be good yeah you elephant it should be good hey did you call me elephant huh yeah I actually did that time we rode don't call me elephant doesn't mean yeah it's funny no it's meaning now you're ready nursing I'm sorry forgive me okay I forgive you let's go on vacation okay girls we're all ready and packed for our vacation we can now hit the road you guys ready yeah we ready Mamba first what do you mean by hit the road cuz uh don't take it so literal they don't really mean hit the road they just mean we're gonna start driving to that our vacation place uh-huh okay yeah we're ready okay let's go oMG I'm so excited ah this is gonna be amazing I love driving and driving in traffic this is the best day yes girls we have snacks here's a bag of chips can how much longer do you think we'll be it depends ah there's a lot of traffic it's uh it's like everybody's out going on vacation all of a sudden so it's gonna be a little bit longer maybe like two more hours plus I go to drive a little slower cuz we're towing the boat behind us so yeah okay girls we've got a couple more hours to go just hang tight and just try not to bother each other mom I have to pee sweetheart you're just gonna have to hold it we can't pull off to the side of the road right now there's no side of the road so it'd be dangerous we'd be like stopping traffic so just try to hold it Harper alright I'll do my best I can't wait till we get there it's gonna be so beautiful and awesome and the weather is gonna be nice and cool and beautiful light cheese traffic is literally crawling right now add another five hours on top of the two hours that I told you we're going so slow Jase get out of the way slowpoke I'm drivin here ah really calm it down honey our tempers not gonna get us there any faster these people just don't know how to get out of the way uh why is my seat wet Piper I said I had to go really bad my gosh oh my gosh that is disgusting I can't sit here that's so gross sorry guys I told mom that I couldn't hold it what Harper did you just pee yeah mom all right it's okay we're almost to the bathroom weekend we can pull off now absolutely disgusting cutie I need you to get in your seat belt cutie it's more important that you're in your seat belt safe then being wet I'm sorry it's really gross but what if we get in a car accident you have to be in your seat belt you don't know what could happen she is right cutie we just have to sit the bathroom okay once might just figure for a minute enjoy myself yeah me too cutie it's just gas memory I'm good Oh Harper that smells gross then don't smell it I can't not smell it you're in the stall next to me oh yeah good point you're welcome sorry not sorry okay I'll just wash my hands now Oh finally yeah yeah why is the ground a mess we're the people everywhere oh yeah I don't know who's like that when I got here disgusting I'm sorry Harper but I'm not sitting makes you again I cannot chance that you appeal all over again gosh what is taking Sparkle so long to go to the bathroom she's a girl honey girls just take a while sometimes it's okay it's not not when I wanted sons hey take that back we can't control whether we have boys or girls all right you're right my bad my dress what do you mean my dress I don't know what you guys are talking about oh my gosh – get off okay no more toilet paper – that was so embarrassing hey are you girls ready to get going again they're ready Oh finally okay guys let's go all right kiddos we're finally here that was a long drive home again don't tell me that don't even dare thinking about pink don't worry I'll hold it oh my gosh this place is beautiful girls let's go inside and check out our new beach house well where did you think we were gonna stay at some hotel I don't know what's the beach house no the beach house is like the house on the beach it's super cool because like you're right by the water so awesome spin your water I can see the water from here it's so beautiful so cool here's the front door you guys this place is beautiful okay let's go inside wow this is gorgeous holy smokes you weren't kidding beach houses are awesome this is so amazing and even better everything is our size the sink but up in the fridge it's so cool wow this is the kitchen table let's go check out the family room this place is off the charts it's amazingly care you guys this is gonna be such a fun weekend it's gonna be amazing I know I'm actually getting kind of excited about this vacation I'm glad we listen to mom and we actually came yeah and I'm glad that the babies aren't here because it'd just be it'd be enjoyable but just not as enjoyable yeah I definitely agree hey wonder where our beds are where we're gonna sleep yeah we could probably go upstairs and look yeah let's do it come on guys holy cow that's a lot of beds in one room I call the top bunk go for a Harper there's a lot of beds for one room that's pretty funny this bathroom is pretty cool I like the bathroom it's nice yeah in this premix and wait a second I didn't see a bed for mom or dad there aren't two extra beds but they're way too small for them maybe they're sleeping somewhere else yeah probably hey girls what do you think doesn't this place look so fun it does mom the way you and Dad sleeping well we're actually gonna sleep in the lodge just above this one it's so this one's a little too small and it was cheaper just to get two different lodges so yeah rather than a big lodge so yeah where's Harper now on the big bunk bed on the top oh okay I'll go see what she's doing Harper are you up there yeah I'm um just laying down in my bunk bed okay you doing all right yes mom just react you'll amazing to the new environment that dog all right they're just checking on you what do you think about the beach house Barbie um I think it's pretty awesome hey as long as the girls are happy I'm happy yeah I feel the same way mom can we go see what you and Daddy sleeping things oh yeah sure beauty sparkles do you guys want to come see where we're sleeping at you know it yeah I'd like to come okay it's just right above this condo that we're staying at just come follow us up on the hammocks mom sure Harper how do you get up on the hammocks you have to climb this this tree trunk sticks coming out of it ah best day of my life oh yeah this is awesome hey I wanna get up there you can't right now cutie there's only two hammocks oh no fair uh Barbie honey yes sugar bear is this the bed were sleeping in yeah so tiny sorry honey I asked for a California king oh I'm sorry well next time make sure you say we need a California Barbie queen we're taller and bigger than most people I know honey I'm sorry I will I'll get it right one of these times I hate girls who's ready to go in the water can we go in the boat mom you sure bet we can you guys get your swimsuits on okay mom we're ready to go me like that dorable oh yeah girls you look very adorable yes girls we do need to go over some rules and some safety things about being in the ocean and being around lots of lots of people we are all ears Adam first of all being in the ocean is a lot different than being in the bathtub or in a swimming pool girls I don't want to scare you but the ocean can be very very dangerous if you're not careful it can it can kind of suck you in underneath and drown you can suck you in girls no no that's not my point I don't want you to be scared but I want you to be aware of what the ocean is like the more that you can know and under stan the better off you guys will be one very very very important thing though about being in deep water is wearing a life jacket and floatation devices as long as you guys think about what you're doing in the action that you're about to do or you know as long as you think about it and think about the consequence or the effect that will happen you guys should be okay a lot of people end up getting injured or even died if they're not thinking ahead so whenever you do things that could possibly be dangerous you just have to think ahead I always wear my life jacket mom and my floaties I don't want to risk drowning because that's just creepy yeah no matter how strong you are or how brave you are or or things like that you should always wear some kind of a floatation device because you never know what could happen now even a big strong hairy man could drown yeah hairy guys can John mom hey guys you guys crack me up it doesn't matter if you're Harry or not or strong or weak or big or small anyone can drown ah okay okay girls well let's get your life jackets on in your floaties and we'll head to the beach and have some fun yeah okay good mom thank you for enlightening us about the dangers of the ocean mom that definitely will um help us good I'm glad cutie you cracked me up let me go choice the water mom now that we have our floaties on I don't really like wearing my floaties it's like super in the way and annoying but I guess it's important to wear these huh yes very important Harper I actually like my mind helps me so safe like I won't be sucked into the ocean forever are you gonna swim mom and are you gonna wear a floatation device yeah of course I am Ellie's dad cling to floatation device um I'm not sure well I'm not I'm still trying to teach him how important it is to wear it but we'll get there dad doesn't wear a floaties at all ever no Harper he doesn't you just did Harry guys can drown – no Harper I know what I said your dad has just kind of stubborn sometimes and no matter what he thinks he's stronger than then he really is but I think with time he'll get there and that mean were smarter than dad yes Harper we are much smarter than our old aheri grumpy dad really um not really maybe in some ways but your dad's pretty smart apparently he doesn't wear a floaty lingo swimming who doesn't wear a floaty when they go swimming you dad yeah you're right I do need to get a flotation device I'm definitely wrong for not wearing one you girls are very very smart and I wouldn't even let you go swimming in the ocean or anywhere if you didn't have a flotation device shame dad shame on you you need a floatation device then if you make us wear it you need a way we love you just as much as you love us we were very right kiddo I'll I'll have to get one thank you honey yep after all these years and me trying to get you to finally agree to wear linen it takes our daughters to tell you that you need one all right it's hard sometimes it takes a while to come around all right but I'm I'm warming up to it okay Kyle see who's ready to head to the ocean let's go in the water I've never been like this before I know pretty crazy I'm freaking out a little bit right now this is so amazing honey I love this yeah it is pretty nice cool yeah this is awesome best day of my life a little bit rocky yeah because it's windy honey yeah hey dear his mind if I get on my search board for a while no go ahead can we don't mind Archos I will take the lead you sweetheart look at me oh yeah surfing the waves oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah surfing is my life I love it so much yeah well guys if you look down this you can see the bottom the bottom of the ocean uh-huh you're right hey girls I'm gonna go hitch the boat up to the side so I can do some sea doing um you guys okay with that come on that's okay thanks girls I won't be out too long just for a little bit hey mom have fun don't be too long don't worry [Applause] Annie bunny just floating around there pretty much it's so beautiful here I'm glad we came here on vacation ah I just want to get out and float yeah it's super nice here I love it little boat I'm cool cuz I can lay in it whoa I wouldn't get in that boat Harper that looks dangerous and the leaves are getting big don't worry Curie you're always such a scaredy cat the waves aren't getting that big and fine Plus this boat is tied to the dock so I'm fine [Applause] we should probably head back to our girls honey yeah okay and I'll get all my seed you you get on your your Searsport honey okay I'm so cool yeah why is cutie on top of the boat hey cutie what no you've gotta be kidding me wait cow we gotta go get her ken we gotta get the lifeguards involved we can't do this on our own oh sure we can it's our daughter we're gonna find her the ocean Ken she could be anywhere all right let's call the lifeguards well are we gonna find Harper yes we will sparkles don't worry we'll find her we sure hope so okay um hi lifeguards um we need we need some help my daughter is gone and she floated into the ocean and I'm trying to calm down I can't I'm freaking out we're over in the ocean on the beach okay see you soon bye gonna be okay Barbie they're gonna find Harper don't worry freaking out oh my gosh I'm freaking out hey we're the lifeguards did your did your wife did you guys call and say that you needed help finding your daughter we sure did thank you so much for showing up hey every life matters yeah so we'll start searching we have two other lifeguards with us hi sir um we're gonna find your daughter don't worry um did you did she go out this way I believe somewhere out in that general direction okay we'll start looking for her guys are in really good hands we have the best lifeguard staff on on call right now so don't worry yep don't you worry we're gonna find your daughter what's her name her name is Harper okay Harper okay good to know we'll find her sir color here does she have it's black and white and is she wearing a life jacket yes she actually is yes there was a good chance she's still out there then still still floating and still alive just because of her life jacket yes just because of her life jacket people often underestimate life jackets and inflation devices but really they are very important all right sir we're gonna start looking for her stay on the shore with your family keep track of here your family and make sure they don't wander off cuz we don't need another person yeah floating in the water you got it [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] huh no sign of her yet what did the lifeguard say honey they said they're gonna do the best that they can to find Harper and there's a good chance that she'll be okay because she's wearing a life jacket oh I'm just freaking out right now I don't know what to think this is possibly the worst day of my life kid come here honey okay everything's gonna be okay Barbie don't worry we have four lifeguards looking for her and she has her life jacket in arm floaties thanks to you for being a good mom Harper's gonna be okay I know it sure hope you're right King I'm always right sweetheart yeah funny Ken QT do you think we're gonna see heartbreak again I think the lifeguards will find her I really do that's what they do for a job they're super good at it yeah I sure hope so I can't imagine our life without Harper yeah me too it would be horrible I'm super sad can I feel so sick to my stomach this is the worst feeling ever I feel like a horrible mom all I wanted to go is deuce in the sea doing next to you while you were surfing and then honey I know it's so hard not to feel guilty but we told them to stay in the boat and Harper didn't listen I don't know what else to say don't worry the lifeguards are gonna find her and she's gonna be okay you are the one that told them to wear a life jacket maybe something inside you told you to really make sure that they knew the importance of wearing a life jacket and arm floaties and floatation devices in general because because you did it's gonna be okay it prepared all of us for what could happen and like you said you never know what's gonna happen oh geez can you always make me feel a little bit better about myself thank you it's okay honey you can cry it's gonna be okay you sure all right let's head back can I see the lifeguards way out there do you see Harper with them I can't tell quite yet they're coming though slowly but surely I don't know I can't see any little people on there yet but I bet you Harper is on there I'm so glad he made a safe harbor I think the lifejacket and floaties definitely saved you and helped you stay above the water yeah I think you're right dad thank you so much you guys you don't know what you did for our family today you're welcome sir I think we've got a pretty good idea we're out a saving a lot of people even children pretty often if not every day every other day hey I think if they weren't for the parents you guys your daughter wouldn't have survived that a lot of kids and and parents don't realize the importance of lifejackets they save your life they really do yeah it's not very often that we go find people that have gotten swallowed into the ocean and they're still alive so it's oh my gosh it's so sad when we find little kids or even adults that don't survive and they end up drowning it's very sad so thank goodness you told your kids the importance of lifejackets and thank goodness that your kids listened yeah yeah you're so right a lot of a lot of kids don't even listen to their parents and they don't really see the importance in listening yeah so we're really glad that this situation turned into a positive one are we gonna be bad did I just think really scared for you we didn't know what was gonna happen so we were like freaking out and we told you not to get on that little boat speaking of which where is the little boat that you left on yeah about that it's it synced into the bottom and went down to the bottom of the ocean it wasn't even our boat lose book that was yeah I don't know I guess they're not gonna get it ever again my bad good guys will we we gotta go so uh we gotta go save some more lives but I'm glad you uh you have your daughter back I'm glad we could find her for ya Wow thank you so much you really don't know what you did for us today thank you so much lifeguards thank you so much you guys saved my sweet Harper thank you problem was our pleasure just remember how important water safety is see you guys later we'll actually hopefully we don't see you later if that please like you later that means that we're saving one of you again so stay safe maybe I'll see you at the grocery store or something All Right see you guys later thank you so much again thank you bye guys bye you scared us to death Harper I can't believe you got out of the boat and you are supposed to I am glad that you are safe now and in out of harm's way and I'm very thankful that those lifeguards were on call and that they were able to go find you but I think mom that's something I will never do again it was absolutely terrifying I felt very alone and not in control at all well yeah I could see why All Right girls well it's getting pretty late and it's been a really long day so I'd like for you girls to get ready for bed we forgot our PJs daddy can we just wear a swimsuit stupid but no I'd rather you didn't your swimsuits are you just put on your guys's overalls or something no okay yeah however you need to start getting ready for bed okay mom All Right girls good night have sweet dreams good night Harper good night dad all right honey it's time to go to bed all right Ken is it just me or is it super cold it feels extra cold probably desert by the water it's pretty cold sparkles you can put a beanie on them my help yeah good thinking helped a little bit still called though hey I wanna put my beanie on now he doesn't even fit me hey hey guys I know I'm dad told us to go to bed now but I'm gonna go back to the ocean what you can't go back to the ocean it's getting late the Sun is starting to go down farkles I don't think you want to get sucked into the ocean like I did well no I don't but I want to go find Barbie mermaid she's super cool and I'm sure this is where she lives I know there's gotta be some mermaids here or at least just her I love I love mermaids and I'm gonna go I'm gonna go find her that doesn't sound like a very smart idea sparkles you don't have to think so I mean I'm gonna go find her peace out Girl Scouts hopefully shows at least by morning time she doesn't get swallowed by the ocean is this place amazing oh my goodness I'm sorry dear I can't remember if I know you who are you Emma sparkles you probably don't recognize me and my awesome beanie and you probably don't recognize me without my sisters um we signed it one time and you turned us into Little Mermaid yeah you guys are so adorable your sparkle is then right yes Michaels I asked my dear I do remember you so what is this place Barbie mermaid let's be cool well this is actually where I teach baby mermaids how to be mermaids and how to swim and how to build their muscles up as you can see there's all sorts of ladders and slides and things like that you know so yeah this is where they learn can I learn how to be a Barbie mummy to tell you the truth you weren't born a mermaid so you know it wouldn't be the same but we could run through some different things okay okay well do you have your swimsuit not exactly it's at home oh okay oh well are you okay with swimming and your clothes like that well yeah that's planning on okay well first things first we'll have you go down this yellow strip slide right here okay dear you didn't know how to swim all right well let's get you back up I'm so sorry sparkles I at least thought you knew how to swim if you were wanting to be a mermaid yeah well where are your sisters anyways and why don't you have your swimsuit on if you were wanting to come swim sisters are at home sleeping did you sneak out yes I did sneak out why what's what's it worth to you shouldn't sneak out sparkles it's dangerous well yeah if I was going somewhere like to meet a stranger but you're not a stranger I mean your parents don't even know where you are and if they find out that you're gone they could end up being like worried sick and sent up police and stuff to look for you baby mermaid if you were cool I didn't act all like grown-up on me and stuff don't worry about me I can make my own decisions I know you can make your own decisions and choices and stuff but I am just looking out for you who's to say I'm not a bad mermaid you know there's bad mermaids out there right there is such thing as a bad mermaid me and you know I have daughters of my own and I keep really close eye on them and I make sure that they don't swim places that they're not supposed to and I make sure that when they're home they really are home when they say they are and I make sure that they're at the places that they tell me they're gonna be just wanting to come and hang out with you I didn't think you're gonna get after me I'm sorry sweetheart I just know how I would feel if my daughter we're out and about and not where she said she was gonna be so I'm just looking out for you and why didn't your sisters come with you I don't think any think it was a good idea so and I just stayed home my parents told us to go to bed so they went to bed but I just really wanted to come see you that's really sweet and I'm flattered but you need to use common sense if your parents told you to go to bed you should probably just go to bed and listen to them alright we'll always want somebody to know where you are I know your sisters knew you were coming out here but you always want at least a grown-up to know where you go like that okay if it's so dumb let's say you you go somewhere and you get picked up by a stranger they kidnap you no one knows where you went no one knows where where you're gonna go you're stuck here you can get into a lot of big trouble if no one knows where you are yeah that's a good point then it's pretty serious now you always need to listen to your inside what your what your heart and mind are telling you to do all right Barbie Marley I'll go back home all right sparkles I didn't mean to scold you but it's super important to use common sense and you really should never go out in public by yourself it's not safe all right I guess you're right huh okay I'll go alone we'll see you later Barbie mermaid all right we'll see you later sparkles Oh back so soon sparkles what happened Oh what happened was Barbie mermaid got after me beauty it's not funny actually it kind of is you got scolded by a mermaid mermaids don't scold people or kids but she knew have wrong you were to go out in the middle of the night to go into the ocean I you're right I guess that is a little pathetic are you guys it's probably time to go to bed let's just go to sleep good thinking oh what a beautiful day it is what a beautiful day glorious alright hey girls you ready to wake up and go boating yeah sure mom hmm so I'm sparkles Harper you you ready to go boating yep I'm ready mom let's do this you girls get your swimsuits on and we're gonna go as soon as you guys are ready okay ready now you sweet girls okay wait where's sparkles at why isn't she up Oh probably because I tell her it's up to sparkles to tell her um well we don't know all i know i should just stayed up really late doing something i'm not sure what yeah i don't know what she was doing judy don't burp that's really gross in like rude all right well uh I'll go wake her up again it sparkles wake up we're gonna go boating again mom you go boating without me well sparkles knock it off this is our last day on vacation you're coming with us come on sparkles come on let's go ah this hot cocoa is so good hey it wasn't my cocoa it's cold out here I'm not used to it being so cold can I have some no my hot cocoa rude sparkles I want you to wake up and come downstairs as soon as possible okay I'll be waiting for you downstairs okay mom all right what do you want from me holy cow sparkles you look like you got hit by a bus actually another estimate you look like you got hit by a bus chewed up by a tiger mauled by a bear thrown up by a dragon lost a name Egyptian pyramid stuck in a coffin for 25 million years and then dropped off into your bed from a helicopter ride then almost exploded tweet hora what is wrong what did you do last night the winter said bananas get to get the fire deep down bad um no and they do do yeah you know a lot of trouble farkles come here yeah okay come okay hi mom lady what's going up Oh Rose do you know what's going on with sparkles I'm not allowed to say she'll get mad at me I'll get more mad at you if you don't tell me oh okay she snuck out last night mom what where did she go I went to the ocean what you went to the ocean last night sparkles no mermaids how come you girls didn't tell me that she was sneaking out oh well we thought that you wouldn't find out fish stick fishes in the ocean and stuff huh moms find out about everything shame on you girls for not looking after your sister sorry mom we didn't think this would happen you didn't think what would happen getting caught you guys always get caught mostly because I'm a really good mom and I know what's going on all the time well most of the time Oh whales and barbecues and chickens of the thing we're really sorry mom we didn't know it would be this bad always gonna be bad no matter who sneaks out you guys are gonna get in trouble swimming Turtles sorry mom why did she sneak out where did she go I went to Barbie land where the mermaids are on earth Barbie land mermaids what's going on she went to go look for the mermaid no such thing as mermaids when are you guys gonna wrap your heads around that actually mom actually what actually they doing with it I saw a Barbie mermaid last night what on earth you guys are so you're missing the point the mermaid is on point um one of these times when you're wanting to we'll take you out so you can meet Barbie mermaid she really does exist I promise yeah she really does mom you got to believe us we're not always making stuff up this time we're telling you the truth yes so whenever you want to come out with us and and you want to actually meet a Barbie mermaid you should come yeah but if you don't believe she exists she's not gonna show up she can tell she can read your frequencies yep you have to definitely believe in her to be able to see her what is wrong with my children you guys didn't teach her to be this way turkeys can't swim actually mom you did you taught us to believe in ourselves and to use our imaginations all the time yeah and you said if we can think it and we want to be it we can we can achieve it right imaginations you're using your imaginations to see this mermaid Barbie it's not true it's our girls I can't handle this I think we need to enter vacation right now you guys are driving me crazy and sparkles isn't even able to function enough to go boating and you guys are just I'm upset that you guys didn't tell me that she snuck out of the house last night that's horrible and she went to the ocean how dangerous can that be and we need to pack up and go no I'm sleeping here in this super comfortable bed not this is the most uncomfortable bed I've ever slept in all right well if we go maybe I can get some good sleep once we go home sounds good dear let's pack up