Locations Across the Coast Benefits of Walk-In Clinics

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Music [Title] Locations Across the Coast Benefits of Walk-In Clinics I’m Dr. Barry Willbrandt. Patients ask me to explain what a when a walk-in clinic is appropriate for the care they need. If you have a minor illness or injury such as fever, colds, flu, ear infections, rashes, insect bites, sore throat or other minor conditions. A walk-in clinic is less expensive and usually means much less time waiting compared to the emergency room. Memorial has many walk-in clinics across the coast. Several are open late and on weekends and you don’t need an appointment. You can’t predict when you’ll need medical attention If you can’t get an appointment with your regular doctor or need assistance finding a primary care provider. We can help. [Announcer] You can go to gulfportmemorial.com on your mobile device to find Memorial Walk-In Clinics hours and locations convenient for you.

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