Lobina Helps Transport Derbyshire Athletes to Become World Champions

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DIS has helped with that and my kind of coaches, have helped with that as well that I’ve learned about how It you need to look at your power. I think their Support areas have been enough to get me through it with the S&C and with the nutrition and feeling supported is enough for me I mainly use DIS for strength and conditioning training which has helped my speed Agility and balance which are all key for my sport Derbyshire Institute of sports was set up on the back of 2012 to inspire and support for Derbyshire athletes to become champions what, we offer our athletes in terms of a complete package to make them high performance athletes something really unique Chloe came in explained what the is was about their vision and their mission and It pulled at heartstrings in the company It did a bunch of young athletes pushing to be the best that they can be on the flip side Mentally in Lobina. We are pushing to be the best we can be so we have a really excellent team strength and conditioning coaches physiotherapists sports psychologists nutritionists Athlete Support Manager and a whole team of people that have even been X performance athletes our X performance coaches And the reason why we connected and when Chloe came in, it’s similar values. Why not? Try and help push them to get to world class when we’re trying to get world class together the challenge for us as an Organization is to generate enough money to keep everything going So we don’t charge our athletes any money to access the support that we have in terms of today It’s a really important milestone for us because Lobina Are a new sponsor and we’re really keen to be working with it with a firm that’s got exactly the same type of family values If we have as an organization The idea is we have to support each other. It’s not about targets. It’s not about How much money we can make it’s about train somebody up to be the best that they can be that’s at Lobina But Derbyshire Institute of Sport, they’ve also got like this family vibe about them that they’re all caring about each other So I suppose for me, I was born with cerebral palsy, so, It’s been challenging at points from day one so my parents were told that I wouldn’t ever walk Finding a sport that I enjoy doing and Can kind of work alongside my disability rather against it but now DIS really are like a little family my name’s Will Pretty much. I’ve done karate Taekwondo and I’m looking to go to full-contact fighting with the aim of getting into a promotion such as the UFC Or Bellator in the future one of the program managers Andy Wood Had this vision for improving Derbyshire Sport, I was lucky enough I was young and he saw something in me and a few others and I got on the got on the program and Immediately. I just realised how special it was and how much it could improve me as a person and as a badminton player so I joined when I was about 12 and a year later, I won my first national title , its just believing in yourself Surround yourself with a group of people that believe in you as well, because that’s what I’ve done now I feel part of a community When I am at the DIS gym But not just that it’s given me a broader understanding of what it takes to not just be a badminton player but a top-level athlete They’ve helped me again with psychology So when I have lost and then we sat down and spoke about and analyse things and it’s matured me as a person win or learn , you never lose many athletes at DIS, they will have bad days, but that “go to” attitude that all of them have is so to where Lobina are its how you deal with the problems and push forward if we’ve made a mistake The owner of the company Simon has always taught us put your hand off say you’ve made the mistake Don’t dwell on it You made a mistake move forward. How’d you get better? One of the first things I do is sit and analyse the fire thing, right? What did it what did I do wrong here? I’m never gonna allow that to happen again positivity and giving off positivity and receiving positivity is what’s What’s helped me the opportunities still there for it to continue the Taekwondo And if if that is where the road takes me it will be for the 2024 Olympic Games Compete in the senior Europeans and hopefully you get picked for commonwealth’s in Birmingham the home Commonwealth side B I am in a in a group that’s focusing on Paris 2024 the opportunity you saw is common with the support of DIS those opportunities came and they were crazy crazy, we dig deep to find our solutions and We dig deep to be the best Mmm, so does DIS seems like the perfect partnership


donus13 · June 25, 2019 at 10:08 am

Very nice video, nice idea to support young generations ! 🙂

Simon Lobina · June 25, 2019 at 11:31 am

Wish great success !!

Susanna Lobina · June 26, 2019 at 6:36 am

look forward to seeing their progress next Olympics not that far away 🙂

MD ARIFUL ISLAM · June 29, 2019 at 7:27 pm

Excellent video.

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