Little Red Riding Hood & the Big Bad Wolf! A Babyteeth4 Mini Movie

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once upon a time there was a little girl
named Little Red Riding Hood hi I’m Little Red Riding Hood Little Red
Riding Hood lived alone in the forest with her mother and her cat mommy why
did you call me Little Red Riding Hood because you’re always wearing a Red
Riding Hood but it’s not like I was born with this thing or was I let’s not
question it too much dear Little Red Riding Hood also had a grandmother who
lived far across the woods mommy why does grandma live so far away
we got in an argument a long time ago can I ask what the argument was about
and I’m not gonna tell you sometimes Little Red Riding Hood worried
about her grandma living all alone does grandma have anything good to eat of
course she does I don’t know the last time I was at
Grandma’s her cooking wasn’t very good and what can you do about it I am gonna
do something about it Little Red Riding Hood had an idea she was going to bring
her grandma a basket full of goodies to eat I have a basket full of goodies for
my grandma to eat what’s that dear Red Riding Hood I have some goodies here for
Grandma I have some potato chips pop-tarts and Hamburger Helper you’re
bringing your Hamburger Helper you’ve had grandma’s cooking she needs all the
helping hands she can get but Little Red Riding Hood’s mother was worried I’m
worried about you walking all alone across the woods with that basket full
of goodies what’s wrong with the little girl walking through the woods
completely alone some people say there’s a big bad wolf in those woods the Little
Red Riding Hood didn’t believe her big bad Wolf’s only exist in fairy tales
mommy I really feel like I should go with you but I’m very tired well I guess
grandma won’t get her basket of goodies today then
and go for it if a wolf gives you any problems you can throw a rock at it or
something best mother ever so Little Red Riding Hood set out on her
way but first she sang a song I’m going over to Grandma’s I’m going over to
Grandma’s I’m going over to Grandma’s to bring her some food whoa whoa whoa and
when I get wait what’s that music Oh what I thought we agreed that there
would be backup music no we’re doing this part as an acapella we talked about
this no but like the music it adds all this life to it see it’s and then like in like the electric
guitar comes in like remember that we did this whole thing that’s not an
electric guitar that’s a little plastic toy guitar well yeah obviously it is you
know plastic but I mean you have to use your imagination I mean this is gonna
add a lot of production value to the video no you’re ruining the story just
go alright anyway where were we oh yeah and when I get out to Grandma’s and when
I get out to Grandma’s and when I get out to Grandma’s I will be good well
whoa whoa so are you going to your grandma’s or what yes I believe that’s
what I just sang about and that’s what I’m going to do so Little Red Riding
Hood one walking away to her grandmas and so Little Red Riding Hood went walking
through the woods she walked and walked until she came to section of woods that
look just like a hallway in a house Little Red Riding Hood stopped she saw
the big bad wolf she had never seen a big bad wolf before are you the big bad
wolf do I really look like a big bad wolf no you really look like a cute
fluffy animal thing that’s exactly what I am what are you going I’m going to my
grandma’s and I’m gonna give her this big basket of goodies hmmm goodies those
look pretty good no no these are for my grandma and where does your grandma live? In a
little thatched cottage by the meadow all alone totally defenseless probably
no one could even hear her screaming for help huh oh yeah no one lives around her
for miles if anything bad happened to her nobody would find out for a long
time very interesting well I better get going unless you know some sort of
shortcut to my grandma’s house oh no I don’t know any shortcuts well then I
guess I’ll see you around you little white fluffy thing I too must get going
on a completely unrelated note and so Little Red Riding Hood went skipping off
through the forest that looked like a hallway suddenly Little Red Riding Hood
stopped there before her in the forest was a panda hey what’s up what are you
doing in this story panda you know she’s gone through the woods she sees the
Panda everyone knows that there are no pandas in the Little Red Riding Hood
story yeah but I mean pandas bring like this whole international vibe to it I
think it could be a real hit daddy is that you under the panda mask panda mask
no what are you talking about I’m really a panda these are woods I’m a panda I’m
hanging out in the woods in Little Red Riding Hood seize the Panda
whose daddy daddy I can tell that you’re wearing the same shirt that you were
wearing just a few minutes ago what oh this shirt yeah your Daddy lent
it to me through the panda clothing lending program he’s a really nice guy I
really appreciate it I’m not buying that one daddy just take
off the mask fine guess I’ll go back to my keyboard so Little Red Riding Hood
continued on her way Little Red Riding Hood stopped there was
your grandma’s house grandma I brought you a basket of goodies now who are you
it’s me Little Red Riding Hood your granddaughter huh well I haven’t seen
you out here in a while mommy said that you guys got into an argument or
something I don’t know family drama well let’s see what kind of goodies you
brought me well I got you some chips some pop-tarts some Hamburger Helper
Hamburger Helper it’s there when you need a helping hand that’s a lot of
sodium in those products did you bring me something to drink. a drink? that would
have been kind of heavy to carry through the woods I suppose you’re right
wait what was that Oh what are you doing here I’m supposed
to get here before you good hey I know you you’re the fluffy creature I saw
before yeah so soon do you mind stepping out for a bit
no problem I’ll step out I suppose you know what I have to do it now are you
gonna eat me up then pretend that you’re me so you can trick Little Red Riding
Hood Wow it’s like you can imagine something
you know she’s right outside the door all I have to do is scream so they began
to fight but grandma could not fight off the powerful big bad wolf are you guys
done yet hey where did the fluffy animal go grandma your face looks a lot furrier from whenever I saw you a few seconds ago on your face you just can’t keep up
with trimming them all the time grandma what big eyes you have grandma what big
ears you have all the better to hear you with my dear
grandma what big teeth you have. All the better to eat you with my dear
no grandma why are you doing this I’ve been fooled by your clever disguise just
give me those treats and I’ll leave oh you mean these treats go get up the
Little Red Riding Hood slammed the door shut. grandma where are you grandma
oh no the big bad wolf must have eaten grandma it’s that big bad wolf still
here grandma you’re alive Oh grandma
I thought that the big bad wolf had eaten you no I was hiding the whole time
well wait a minute you must have heard me struggling with the big bad wolf
um no I didn’t I was fighting for my life grandma you could have came out and
helped me grandma’s hearing isn’t what it used to be
I thought you’d went off running into the woods Yeah right grandma sure so
let’s let bygones be bygones and eat that goodie basket I had to throw it
outside to trick the wolf into leaving oh well I guess you’ll go get me some
more goodies then right seriously grandma I just fought off a
big bad wolf and all you can think about is your stomach ahoy
I am the brave and handsome woodsman who has come to save the day
you’re too late mr. brave and handsome big bad Wolf’s gone but this is the part
where I come and I defeat the big bad wolf and save your grandma I’m good why
are you holding a pair of scissors well my mommy won’t let me use an axe or a
hatchet or a chainsaw so this is all I have pretty lame woodsman yeah you’re
too late to rescue us and all you have is a pair of scissors come on man well
fine I’ll just find someone else who needs
rescues ahoy so what’s next for you kid I’m going back to my mother’s you’re
gonna sing a song about it or something as a matter of fact I will I’m going
back to my mother’s I’m going back to my mother’s I’m going back to my mother’s
to get some more food well fine I’ll let it slide you can keep
playing I’m going back in my mother’s I’m going back to my mother’s I’m going
back to my mother’s to get some more food well grandma grandma grandma
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